15 Thrilling Motion Anime The build Characters Don’t Indulge in Particular Powers

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In just about every action-based anime you find characters with magical abilities ranging from telekinetics to ice beams while these powers can add flavor to a story they can also make the conflicts feel too easy to resolve you may be looking for some good action anime without superpowers if so there's plenty to choose from in today's video.

I'll show you some exciting action anime where characters don't have special powers if you enjoy this video make sure to leave a like And subscribe I'm David with es anime and now let's get right to it at number 15 we have terror in resonance a revolutionary group called Sphinx offensively strikes a nuclear facility.

And Promises to wreak havoc on the rest of Tokyo will the police be able to stop them what is their motives all of these questions can be answered in fascinating detail all while staying grounded in reality terrorism feels a whole lot more terrifying when it is something that could occur in real life at 14 we have Banana Fish Banana Fish.

Follows ass links a young man embroiled in a clash amongst nefarious groups as he tries to uncover the mystery behind a substance called Banana Fish and get revenge on the man who shot his brother meanwhile he's developing a close friendship with eg a former pole vaulter from Japan who has been drawn into treacherous world with everything from.

Action to Secrets this anime is more than exciting enough without having to introduce Supernatural elements and number 13 we have Batum Batum takes the players of a morpg and make the game a reality however instead of transporting them into the world of the game the way most anime do this anime dumps them all on an island which they.

Cannot Escape until they destroy each other in a terrifying Battle Royale what makes this gritty series even scarier than it's otherwise might be is the fact that none of these people have any powers they're just ordinary people who have to deal with a dark and treacherous situation that they once thought was merely fictional.

At number 12 we have monster monster is more of a dark Thriller than it is a straight action show but it does contain enough scenes of high tension and physical confrontations to qualify it follows Dr turnma a high profile neurosurgeon who makes the controversial choice to operate on a young child instead of a high profile politician.

This politically queer wrecking Choice turns out to have an even farther reaching consequences than he could have ever predicted when the little boy he's saved grows up to be a Serial Slayer what responsibilities is Dr Tenma Bearer for the misdeeds of this child has committed there's a loaded question doesn't need any magic to answer.

At number 11 we have door or Row the greedy Samurai Lord Diego kagamitsu's land is dying and he would do anything for power even renounce Buddha and make a pact with demons his prayers are answered by 12 demons who Grant him the power he desires to Aid his perfect growth but at a price when Kim mitsu's first son is Born the boar.

Boya has no limbs no nose no eyes no ears nor even skin yet still lives this child is disposed of in a river and forgotten but as luck would have it he is saved by a medicine man who provides him with prosthetics and weapons allowing for him to survive and fend for himself the boy lives and grows and although he cannot see hear or feel.

Anything he must defeat the demons who took him as sacrifice with the death of each one he regains part of himself that is rightfully his for many years he wanders alone until one day an orphan boy noro rule before forensic than likely pair of Castaways now fight for their survival and Humanity in an un forgiving demon-infested world.

And number 10 we have arslan senki arceland senki follows the young prince of the kingdom of pars as he Journeys to save his kingdom from a wide variety of enemies and Invaders as well as to assert his right to ascend to the throne though the anime does feature minor Supernatural elements the characters solve their problems through.

Reality-based strategy and physical confrontations at number nine we have high school the dead when zombies take over an ordinary Japanese High School the students must flee to for their lives unfortunately the world they escape to has also been overrun by the same monstrous creatures though dealing with a supernatural.

Attack none of the protagonists have any supernatural abilities with which to use all they have are their abilities to strategize improvise devices run and fight and number eight we have your mangond your mangond follows an international arms dealing organization that has an ultimate goal of world peace there are.

Attempts to sidestep the law make deals and otherwise exists in a high stake role carry the story without any need of magic not to mention there's also a cast of strange and compelling non-magical characters at number seven we have food Wars food Wars follows the students of tutuski Culinary Academy the high-stick cooking.

Competition that will help them learn to be great chefs or end their budding culinary careers other medic foodgasms that the best dishes cause might seem Supernatural in their intensity the characters clothes aren't really flying off their bodies it's only a metaphor in reality the characters are just cooking their hearts out.

At number six we have kingdom kingdom takes place during the period of China when States clashed it tells the story of two young slave children Pia and Xing Yin who dream of someday raising to in their stations and becoming a great general of the heavens one day the two boys are separated when Paya is called to the Royal Palace when he returns he's.

A cell of his former self and has a mission for Zen kingdom is based on actual Chinese history which offers such a rich storytelling in vain that there's no need to infuse it with anything Supernatural at number five we have psych pass everything that the cast of Psych pass does that seems outside of the realm of.

Normal human abilities is thanks to Advanced Technology the story is set in a world where people can be punished for misdeeds that they have yet to commit creating a repressive Society the police force seek to take down a revolutionary whose goal is to topple their the system though equipped with futuristic devices that the likes of which cannot be found.

On Earth no one in the show boasts any kind of Supernatural or magical ability at number four we have ghosts in the Shell new technologies make it possible for people to completely upload their Consciousness to machines and exist on the internet to deal with a new kind of transgressions that crop up in this strange technological World Sector 9 is.

Born though the setting is futuristic none of the central characters possess any magical abilities only those imbued by advanced technology at number three we have Samurai Champloo Foo is a former waitress on the hunt for a samurai who smells like sunflowers she hires two Samurai who originally helped her deal with harassment at work Jin and.

Mugan to accompany her on her journey though Jin and mugan are powerful warriors none of their ability to defy the limits of human physicality they both trained hard in martial arts and swordmanship most of the problems they encounter on their Journey are political or interpersonal they don't delve into World of Magic.

At number two we have Black Lagoon when businessman rakuru okojima is kidnapped by a mercenary group Black Lagoon he's abandoned by his employers and ends up deciding to join the group as a full-fledged member Black Lagoon's mercenary work is Risky Business and the members reasons for participating in it are engaging because of their realism.

Ravi's childhood of police misconduct and Prejudice is resident enough without any Supernatural component and number one we have Cowboy Bebop in the year 2071 a group of Outlaw bounty hunters travels through space pursuing jobs that will earn them a big payday while some of what they encounter does border on Supernatural none of the main.

Characters possess any special magical abilities they collect bounties through physical classes Ingenuity and more all set to one of the best soundtracks in anime history well that's it for the list if you enjoy this video make sure to leave a like And subscribe also check out our other videos bye

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