(2) He Made Her Angry Appropriate to Defend some distance from Marriage, nevertheless Ended Up Falling for Her – Romance Manhwa Recap

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Let's rewind way before this all went down. So, Julian had this meeting with her majesty,and it was pretty clear he wasn't thrilled about it. Her majesty wanted him to tie the knot, andshe revealed a portrait of his potential wife, Isabella Riveron (Leah's big sis). Julian didn't seem impressed, even thoughIsabella was supposed to be the belle of the kingdom. He came up with this idea that he'd join somewar and asked her majesty for a three-year break.

He said he'd come back and do whatever shewanted after that. On his way back after meeting her majesty,he was annoyed that she kept pushing him to get hitched. He believed people should know there's nothinggood about marriage, especially considering his own family experience. His dad was a tough and heartless soldier,and his mom was a royal descendant who couldn't do anything on her own. It was a sad situation with a woman cravingaffection and a man ignoring her, leaving their kid neglected.

After growing up witnessing all that, Juliannever even considered getting married. He wanted to prioritize his work and not bebothered by marriage. He thought it would be way better to staysingle, so he needed to come up with a solid excuse for the next three years. Time flew like a freaking bullet train, andthere he was again, meeting her majesty. She had this big smile on her face and droppeda bombshell on Julian, she wanted him to take a three-month vacation to Riveron island. He was totally caught off guard by that! On top of that, she expected him to come backwith news of his upcoming wedding.

It made him so mad, but he had to keep hiscool because he was stuck in a carriage with other suitors. He reminded himself that just because he wasgoing to Riveron didn't mean he had to tie the knot. As Julian sat there, he couldn't help buteavesdrop on Antoine and Rosemond's chat, and it was crystal clear that her majestychose them on purpose, wanting Leah to pick Julian over those guys, no doubt about it. It had been three years already, and Isabellawas married to someone else, so these suitors were probably competing for the hand of thefourth Riveron daughter.

In Riveron, Julian was venting to his buddy,Edmond, about how he got dragged to a place he didn't want to be and had to attend theball right after arriving. Edmond asked if he'd seen Leah, and Julianmade this snarky remark, saying she looked too thin, like she starved herself for daysjust to fit into a pretty dress. But, to be fair, Julian admitted that Leahwas charming and beautiful, but she just wasn't his type. Edmond was curious and asked what Julian'stype was. After thinking about it for a bit, Julianreplied that he liked a woman who was a bit calculating like him, drop-dead gorgeous butalso cold and cunning, smart but not too bright,.

And definitely not obsessed with getting married. He believed he could get along with someonelike that. Edmond said that Leah seemed to fit the description,but Julian quickly shut that down, thinking she was probably too assertive for his taste. Plus, he didn't want to be tied down by marriageto Duke Riveron, whom he saw as a shallow man for basically selling off his seven daughters. Out of the blue, Leah stormed up to Julianwith this angry look on her face. He was totally caught off guard, but then,in a flash, Leah's expression switched, and she greeted Julian.

And that's how their first meeting went down. Pretty crazy, right? The day after the ball, during morning teatime,Leah and Julian found themselves in an awkward situation. Leah shot Julian a mean look, while he triedhis best to stay cool. Suddenly, Leah broke the ice, saying she'dforgive what Julian said the day before, claiming he made rude remarks. But Julian fired back, asking if he reallysaid something rude. Annoyed, Leah insisted he did and expectedan apology.

However, Julian didn't think he needed forgivenessand even asked Leah if she agreed that her father turned his daughters into a business. Although he didn't mean for her to hear it,he thought maybe hitting the wrong note with her could get him out of marriage trouble. Julian didn't hold back and said what he reallythought about Duke Riveron. He accused him of using the island's beautyto make money and treating his daughters like commodities to sell in the marriage market. Leah fired back, saying she overheard Julianbadmouthing her father. Julian remained unfazed, saying he'd apologizeif she was genuinely offended.

This just made Leah angrier, and she broughtup how Julian had also made judgments about her appearance. But Julian stayed cool and collected, whichonly fueled Leah's rage even more. She stood up and started yelling, declaringthere was no way they'd ever tie the knot. Julian smirked and told her he was glad tohear that. He even asked her to reject his proposal ifhe was ever forced to make one. He made it clear he'd never fall in love withsomeone like her, either. The tension between them was insane! When Edmond found out what Julian had doneto Leah, he was really disappointed in him.

Sure, Julian achieved his goal of avoidingmarriage, but Leah ended up with a raw deal. Her majesty sent two other crappy guys assuitors, all to make Julian look good in comparison and be the chosen one for Leah. And poor Leah had no other way to find a husbandexcept through this whole process. Edmond told Julian that if he hated beingin that situation so much, he should have complained to her majesty instead of ruiningan innocent lady's life just for his own selfish gain. What Julian did was pretty cowardly, and itfinally sank in for him. He realized he was wrong and promised to apologizeto Leah for his actions.

The next day, Julian tried to say sorry toLeah, but she totally shut him down and wouldn't give him a chance to talk. He noticed how Leah was smiling at others,something he had never seen before since all he knew was her annoyed expression. When Leah caught him staring, she asked ifhe wanted to insult her some more. Julian quickly cleared things up, saying hejust wanted to apologize and explained all the reasons behind his actions, includingbeing forced into the whole marriage thing and using Leah to make her reject him. Surprisingly, Leah accepted his apology, whichshocked Julian because he knew he must have.

Hurt her a lot. Then, he made this awkward move by callingher by her name, and Leah snapped back, saying he had no right to address her like that. Julian immediately said sorry, not even understandingwhy he did that in the first place. Leah asked if there was anything else he wantedto say. Suddenly, Julian suggested they become friendsand put the marriage issue aside. Leah was totally surprised by Julian's suddendeclaration of wanting to be friends. He made it clear that despite his flaws, hegenuinely liked her. But Leah pushed him away, reminding him thathe had spoken badly of her before.

Julian admitted he was wrong, complimentedher beautiful eyes, and meant every word of it. Still, Leah said she had a condition. Julian was quick to agree, telling her shecould criticize him all she wanted. However, Leah turned away and said there wasnothing to criticize about his appearance; she even admitted he looked handsome. Julian's smile grew bigger, relieved thathe didn't leave such a bad first impression after all. But Leah was quick to add that the good impressionwas ruined soon enough.

Julian asked what condition she had in mind. Since he had been talking casually with her,Leah assumed he saw her as a friend, so she asked if she could talk to him like she doeswith her other friends. With a big smile, Julian agreed, and thenLeah casually patted his shoulder, saying, “So, hey Julian, see ya tomorrow.” And with that, she left. Julian was totally taken aback by Leah callinghim out like that. Even his friend Edmond had never addressedhim in that way. He hurriedly caught up to Leah and asked ifthe way he spoke made her uncomfortable.

Leah admitted that it did and explained thatshe thought it would be fair if both of them talked more casually. Julian reassured her that he didn't mind ifshe did that and promised to speak more politely to her. Leah happily agreed with Julian's decision. The next day, in the lavender field, Julianwas deep in thought, trying to figure out what Leah liked. Bella had to call out to him multiple timesbefore he finally snapped out of it. He asked Bella what Leah might be into, andshe told him that Leah was really into mystery.

Novels lately. Julian thanked Bella and asked if he couldgo. He then went off to find some mystery novelsfor Leah and decided to write a letter along with the gift. In the letter, he expressed his gratitudefor Leah forgiving his rude behavior and said he got the books to celebrate their friendship. Julian couldn't help but wonder what Leah'sreaction would be when she read the letter and got the books. Excited to meet Leah, Julian arrived earlyat the tea hall, only to find her looking.

Unwell. He asked if she was okay, and she said shecouldn't sleep because of the book he gave her. Julian's face lit up, and he asked if shehad already read the books. From there, they got closer, discussing thebooks together. Leah even praised Julian, saying he was anexcellent listener, and he returned the compliment, saying she was an eloquent speaker. They had a great time talking about how wellLeah could tell stories, and suddenly, Julian suggested that she should write her own book.

But Leah's expression changed, and she toldJulian that she had written some before, but women couldn't publish books. Her father had told her that when she wasa kid. She knew it wasn't easy for women to publishbooks, especially after getting married, as no man would agree to his wife becoming anauthor. Out of nowhere, Julian came up with this crazyidea: Leah could write a book, and he would publish it under his name for her. Leah was taken aback and said Julian's futurewife wouldn't like that. But Julian insisted he had no intention ofgetting married, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Leah couldn't help but laugh at his reasoning. Then, Julian moved closer and suggested anotherwild idea: they could get married to avoid any objections. Leah took a moment to process it all and askedif Julian was proposing to her. They both burst out laughing together, realizinghow absurd it sounded. Leah turned down the proposal, thanking himbut explaining that he didn't even love her. But Julian shrugged it off, saying, “Love,shmove.” He thought love was overrated. Leah countered that love might not mean muchto him, but it was way more important than.

Her writing a book. Julian noticed Leah seemed like someone whohad experienced love, but she proudly stated that she had only read about it in books. She even offered to lend Julian some romancenovels to get a better understanding. Leah advised him not to propose to someonelike that. So, Leah lent Julian a romance novel to read,and she told him to read it right away. They agreed to meet again the next day. It was quite a hilarious and unexpected turnof events! And so, the next day rolled in, and Julianwas even more convinced that he didn't want.

Anything to do with love after reading thatromance novel. He thought love seemed like such a sad story,and he wanted no part of it. Leah smiled when she heard his thoughts, noticingthat his eyes were still a bit red from reading. She kindly offered him her handkerchief towipe his tears. As Julian strolled around Riveron by himself,he was lost in his thoughts, realizing it had been a week since the day he teared upwhile reading that book. Since then, they'd been talking about thenovel whenever they had a chance. If someone saw them now, they'd think theywere old pals, even though their first meeting was a disaster.

But Leah forgave everything he did and treatedhim like a friend. Julian couldn't help but admire how smartshe was, speaking her mind and all. Though sometimes she could be a bit messytoo, which brought a smile to his face when he thought about it. He found Leah to be quite extraordinary. While walking, he passed by a dress shop thathad this beautiful blue dress on display, catching his eye for a moment. In the carriage on his way back to the manor,Julian couldn't stop smiling as he held the paper bag with the dress he got for Leah.

He couldn't wait to see her wearing it. But then, the rain started pouring down. When he reached the manor and went to theparlor, he expected Leah to be there, but she wasn't. Julian figured she must have gone back toher room since it was raining. Suddenly, Antoine walked in and told Julianthat he had been taking a walk with Leah. He explained that she slipped and fell, soshe went in to change her clothes, and he was waiting for her in the parlor. Julian got worried and asked if Leah was hurt,but Antoine misunderstood, thinking Julian.

Was asking about him. He assured Julian that he was fine, but Julianwas actually concerned about Leah's condition. Julian couldn't shake off the awful feelinginside him. He then asked Antoine if he had a good timewith Leah. Antoine smugly replied that he had a blast,saying it was super easy to please Leah, and she was just like any other girl. Hearing Antoine refer to Leah as “that girl,”Julian's expression turned serious, and he questioned those words. Antoine clarified that he meant Leah, andhe was confident she would probably marry.

Him. He even commented that he didn't understandwhat was so special about Leah's eyes, and how she acted all high and mighty about it. Antoine added that Leah talked too much, andhe wanted to find a way to make her keep her mouth shut. Before Antoine could continue speaking, Juliancouldn't hold back his anger any longer and landed a punch on Antoine's face, effectivelyshutting him up. Antoine got furious and started yelling atJulian, asking why he was suddenly getting jealous just because Antoine had the moneybag.

Once again, he insulted Leah, calling heran easy girl. That only earned him another punch to theface from Julian. But before things got even more crazy, Leahburst into the room and shouted at them to stop. She didn't hold back and slapped Julian'sface, scolding him for hurting others and reminding him that people feel pain when theyget hit. She straight up told Julian to leave, sayingshe wouldn't marry him anyway. All Julian could do was apologize, feelingbad about the whole mess. He left the room, saying he'd get going likeshe suggested because maybe it was better.

For him to leave the island soon. Antoine was about to say something, but suddenlyhe let out a loud scream. Leah was totally surprised when she stumbledupon her sisters Jane and Lydia, the Riveron twins, hiding nearby. They were playing around when Julian and Antoineshowed up. Jane and Lydia spilled the tea about the wholesituation, how Antoine made that stupid comment about Leah being an easy girl, and then Julianjumped in and punched Antoine. Leah felt bad for slapping Julian withoutknowing what went down. So, she dashed like crazy to catch up withJulian, who was walking in the rain.

But, oh man, she ended up tripping and falling! Julian rushed over to her in a heartbeat. Leah spilled everything to him and apologizedfor slapping him. She asked him why he even bothered, as ithad nothing to do with him. Julian got all serious and said, “Nah, itdoes matter because you're my friend.” Leah picked herself up, telling Julian heshouldn't even think about leaving. She gave him the classic “It's a friend'sorder!” line. While Leah was chilling in her chamber, lostin a good book, her maid walked in, holding.

A bag and claiming it looked like somethingLeah might own. Leah checked it out and found a note fromJulian inside. She couldn't believe her eyes when she openedthe box, the dress was drop-dead gorgeous! She already had plans to rock it at the bigball coming up in two days. The big ball day finally arrived, and Julianwas all ready and looking dashing in the hall. But he couldn't help feeling super excitedto see Leah. When he turned around, he was absolutely blownaway by how stunning she looked in the blue dress he gave her. He walked up to Leah, unable to contain hisadmiration, and told her she looked even more.

Beautiful in that dress. Leah couldn't resist asking why he got herthat dress in the first place. Julian confidently explained that it was adress that suited her perfectly, and he felt like no one else could pull it off like shedid. Leah, being curious as ever, asked why Julianhad suddenly become so nice to her. He gave her presents, listened to all herstories, read the books she recommended, punched Antoine for her, and even took a slap fromher. But despite it all, he kept telling her shewas beautiful. She just had to know why Julian was actingthat way toward her.

With determination in his eyes, Julian boldlyconfessed that it was because he liked her. Leah wanted to be sure about what Julian said,so she asked for confirmation that he actually liked her. Julian stumbled a bit and said that's whythey became friends. But Leah wasn't stopping there; she wantedto know if he got her the dress because he felt sorry for her. Julian clarified that he got it because hethought it would look amazing on her, and Edmond suggested buying beautiful things fora lady when she's feeling down. Then, Leah threw a curveball and asked howone should apologize to a man.

Julian gave her a sly smile and said a littlesmile and a kiss would do the trick. Of course, he got that gem of an idea fromthe romance novels Leah had lent him. Out of the blue, Leah went for it and planteda kiss on Julian's lips, totally catching him off guard. She flashed a big smile and told him thatwas her way of apologizing for slapping him. Julian's face turned all shades of red, andhe was clearly flustered. But Leah wasn't done just yet; she asked ifhe would also apologize to her. Nervously, Julian leaned in closer to her,gently touching her face. As they were about to kiss, Leah’s sistersbarged into the hall, completely startling.

Them both. Leah quickly turned away, her face now redand sweaty from the embarrassment. She glanced at Julian, wishing they couldhave had more alone time together. But the next day came, and Leah found herselfall alone, with no sign of Julian at breakfast, lunch, or teatime. She felt so bummed out, wondering if Juliandidn't like her anymore. While having her teatime by herself, Leahcouldn't believe what went down. She was convinced that Julian had feelingsfor her, which emboldened her to go in for a kiss.

But all of a sudden, she spotted Julian'sservant nearby, so she approached him and asked where Julian was. The servant disclosed that Julian had caughta bad cold and was resting in his room. Leah was shocked to hear that. Apparently, Julian had been out in the rainfor two days leading up to the ball, which likely caused his illness. However, Leah's maid remembered somethingpeculiar, during those rainy days, she saw what appeared to be a person standing outsideLeah's window, staring intently in her direction. With the servant's revelation, it seems thatmystery person must have been Julian.

Leah hurriedly rushed to Julian's room, lookingall concerned. She burst into his room and called out hisname. When Julian saw her, he smiled to reassureher. Still looking worried, Leah told him she heardhe was sick. However, Julian's concern turned to noticinga scratch on Leah's face that she hadn't even noticed. She must have gotten scratched while runningover to his room. Julian then invited her to sit on his bed,and while Leah nervously sat down, he took out a handkerchief, gently wiped her scratch,and then gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Leah was taken aback and asked him why hedid that. Julian playfully replied that it was his wayof apologizing for not showing up yesterday. Leah helped Julian lie down and said sorryfor disturbing his rest. She asked if she could leave, but as she gotup, Julian held her hand and told her not to go. He was worried she might get another scratch,so he offered to accompany her back after a little while. Leah couldn't resist agreeing, and she placedher hand on Julian's forehead, saying it reminded her of a childhood memory.

When she was a kid and very sick, she onceheard a noise that seemed like her father entering her room and placing his hand onher forehead until she fell asleep. However, she wasn't sure if it was real becauseher father was never that caring. He wasn't interested in his daughters andwould often yell at her mother. Despite all that, whenever Leah thought abouthis hand on her forehead, she couldn't fully hate him. Julian opened up about his father, revealingthat he wasn't so different from Leah's father. He recounted a trip they once took, stayingat a count's estate. During the trip, his parents got into a massivefight that led his father to storm out of.

The estate while his mother returned homethat very day. Julian was left completely unnoticed and forgottenby both of them. It took a full two weeks for a servant tofinally come looking for him. Apparently, his parents hadn't even realizedthey left him behind for more than a week. Suddenly, Julian blurted out that Duke Riveronwas one lucky guy to have a daughter as amazing as Leah. He confessed that she would have had muchbetter suitors if it weren't for him. Her majesty sent those guys her way, but theywere no match for her. Julian felt bad about it, but at the sametime, he was grateful because it brought him.

The chance to meet her and see her beautifulsmile. However, just as he was about to say somethingmore, his eyes closed, and he dozed off to sleep. The next day, Julian showed up in full healthfor the dinner feast. Turns out, during the stormy night, someonespotted Antoine leaving the Riveron Estate. And as for Count Rosemond, it seemed likehe backed off from courting Leah once he realized things were looking good for Julian. As they strolled hand in hand, Leah suddenlybrought up the story Julian had shared about his father.

She told him that memories could be rewritten,and she wanted him to forget that painful memory from now on. Instead, she created a new memory for him,one where his father, although busy and distant during the day, always made time for eveningwalks with his mother, just like they were doing now. She added that his father would lovingly hughis mother whenever she asked for it. To demonstrate, Leah suggested Julian tryhugging her that way. As Julian embraced Leah, he couldn't helpbut wonder if she was trying to comfort him. Leah assured him that from now on, wheneveranyone asked, he should tell them that his.

Father was a kind person who loved him dearly. In that moment, Julian realized that Leahgenuinely cared for him from the depths of her heart. Leah reassured Julian that he was capableof loving someone too. Julian couldn't help but smile, thinking tohimself how wonderful Leah was. Suddenly, he asked her to wait for a momentand rushed off. When he returned, he got down on one knee,took Leah's hand, and kissed it. With a ring in his hand, he proposed to her. Julian confessed that he had caught a feverfrom thinking about her all day and how worried.

He was when he couldn't see her even for amoment. He expressed his desire to be with her everyday, to hear her chat and even scold him if needed. Meeting Leah had inspired him to become abetter person, and now he couldn't imagine losing her to anyone else. He declared that he couldn't live withouther and pleaded with her to save him by marrying him. Leah immediately accepted Julian's proposalwithout hesitation, saying she would marry him.

But just when Julian felt relieved and overjoyed,Leah added that there was something she wanted to do before they got married. Confidently, Julian asked what it was, andwith a beaming smile, Leah said she wanted to sleep with him first before tying the knot. Dang, she's been that upfront and direct rightfrom the start, huh? Anyway, remember to hit that like button andleave a comment below, thanks for tuning in! hope you had a blast!

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