(2) She Used to be Purchased Out Of Slavery By A Prince Who Observed Her As A Handsome Princess And Fundamental other For Son

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Hello friends this is the second part of avery interesting story if you haven't watched the first part you can do so by clicking onthe link in the description of this video in addition 87 of people watch ourvideos without subscribing to the channel this upsets us very much please subscribe tothe channel and like the video to see more of our content enjoy watching The Carriagehas already arrived at its destination our heroine slowly comes out and immediatelystops from what she saw all the servants are lined up in front of the carriage bowingand saying in chorus welcome young lady Cato gives a towel to the Butler and asks himwhat toast is doing since he didn't come out to meet them the Builder tells him that by orderof His Highness toast is now rewriting the Bible.

After that kadel passes a little and looksat the butler with a dissatisfied face telling him that this is too easy a punishmentfor running away the buzzer turns to face Kato and smiling says that steak is also bannedkadle tells the butler that this is too much our heroine blushed from the fact that so muchattention was shown to her she says in her head that it's just amazing kadel has passed a littleand says that image align is a member of their family from now on our heroing is a little shockedby the words said by Kato she put her hand on the middle of her chest and repeats his words in herthoughts she is already beginning to imagine in her head how she and toes are playing togetherand how kadel is on one knee and looking her straight in the eyes says to her will you becomemy little sister while our heroine was flying.

In the clouds kadel interrupts her sayingthat she will become an assistant to Elias our heroine stands in a stupor and says in herhead what elus Elias is a young guy with a dark blue shade of hair and he is also a brilliantAlchemist recognized even by the Imperial family our heroine looks at the maids and saysin her head that she will become his full-fledged assistant after which she saysthat the maid's eyes are full of disbelief the butler approaches our heroine and pointingat her has kadle is she also an alchemist cadill turns his gaze to the Butler andtells him who knows take her to Elias first prepare a room for her and introduceher to Mrs spill after which cada leaves our heroine watches kada leave and says in herhead that she thought she would become a lady.

After that our heroine clenches her fists andlooking down sits in her head no whatever it's more important to hold on to this place now thebutler looks at our heroine and putting a towel on her hand says my lady I will accompany youour heroine is a little worried and looking at the butler she says to him my lady what are youthat's too polite and a dress for someone like me the butler hearing the words of our heroinesmiled and said to her not at all this is the first time a young gentleman has personallyescorted someone into the house after that the buzzer turns around and tells our heroine that shewill understand everything soon this way please our heroine along with the butler went to theestate and she sees a guy with long green hair a man with green hair covers his space withhis hands and says are you also Evangeline.

Our heroine looks at him and asks himif he knows her the man with green hair removes his hands from his face and sayshow can I not know you because you are our heroine Jillian reaches out to him withher hand and shouts what did you just say the Builder is worried about our heroing andasked her what happened to her our heroine points to the man and says here then shesays in her head and where did he disappear she looks at the place where the man was and saysthere was definitely a green-haired servant here then she looks down and says she's a little tiredand she's just imagining things the boulder looks at our heroin and says it's not surprising you'vecome such a long way then they come to the room and the butler opens the door to her and saysthat he hopes she can have a good rest here.

Our heroine comes into the room and is surprisedby its spaciousness and Beauty the butler looks at our heroine and asks her if she likes the roomour heroine says that she likes it but it seems to her that something is wrong here Mr Butler thebutler holds his hands behind his back and tells our heroine to call him Hans our hero insiststo the butler Mr hands it's like a princess room the butler tells her that in fact theprincess really stay here during her visit our heroine gets angry and ask the butler howdare I stop here the Builder Smiles at our heroine and tells her that everyone in theduchy will be grateful if you use this room our heroine touches the teapot and with a sad facesays in her head that she still feels guilty then she says wait a minute guilty stop that guy ourheroine turns to the door near which there is a.

Man with green hair who holds his hands to hismouth and tells our heroine that he is really sorry Miss Ryder I didn't mean it I didn't knowthat your soul would get into evodeline's body how could I not know you after all you are theauthor of the novel yesterday's slave became the Crown Princess our heroine stands in a stupor andlooks at him saying in her head he knows who I am our heroine looks at him in shock and saysin her head How can I then she touches the teapot and says in her head who the hell is thisperson and will we meet again the man with green hair grins maliciously our heroine says athome that it is unlikely they will meet again our heroine accidentally drops the kettle onthe floor it breaks suddenly shout is heard Miss our heroine steps back a little andsees the butler coming towards her.

Afraid that she will be beaten now she coversher face with her hands and says that she did not want to after that she says in her head thatshe is going to be hit for sure after that the buther asks our heroine if she is okay our heroineremoves for hands from her face and lowers her gaze down see how the butler wipes her shoes thebutler looks up at our heroine and tells her that he was worried that she was scared suddenlya woman bursts into the room shouting Hans the woman frowns and says to the butler youdidn't bully her on the first day did you the butler waves his hands and tells her that in nocase did he bully her then the woman turns her gaze to our heroine and imagines that her nameis Phil and she is responsible for the servants our heroine those in response and says that hername is Evangeline Phil puts his hand to his face.

Says oh dear she is touched by our heroine andpoking the butler's shoulder tells our heroine that she is much more beautiful than the younggentleman said about her our heroine was a little embarrassed and lowering her head down she says toPhil thank you Phil takes our heroine by the hands and tells her that she is so sweet and Charmingbesides she conducts the conversation in such an adult way then Phil turns our heroine around andasks her if she likes the room our heroine turns her gaze to Phil and tells her that the roomis really wonderful but too refined for her our heroine lowers her head down and looks awaysaying in her head that she does not suit her at all she then tells Mrs spill that she would prefera smaller room Mrs Phil was surprised at first by the words of our heroine after which she smilesand tells her that a young gentleman brought her.

So it's just impossible the buzzer tilts his headto the right and tells our heroine that he thinks so too Mrs spill pushes the butler smiling andtells him to go about his business the butler was a little upset he asked if he can bring him asnack after dismissing the butler Mrs spill turns her attention to our heroine and asks her if sheis hungry but she thinks it's better to go wash up right in the red quarter no matter how dirty ourheroine got there was no opportunity to swim and in cold weather being dirty is more painful thanhunger our heroine remembers how she lived in the red quarter she quietly enters the bathroom andapproaching the water she looks at her reflection our heroine puts her hands in the waterand feeling the water she kneels down and begins to wash unfortunately for our heroine theowner approaches her who pushes our heroine into.

The water shouting at her that she is a slaveand how dare she imagine herself in aristocrat our heroine is standing on the street in Winterbegging for mercy but the owner does not listen to her from the word at all and splashes cold waterinto her smiling and asking her if she has come to her senses our heroine begins to cry holding herhands trying to warm up a little soon our heroine is sitting in the bathroom at the Manor and tellsMrs Phil that the bathroom is so warm after which she says that she is embarrassed because sheis bathing in the bathroom for the first time Mrs spill roads our heroine and smilingsays that she is glad that she will like it our heroing takes a little foam in her hand andsmiling tell spill that she is like some kind of princess and that she is very happy Mrs spillnotices our heroine's back tears come to her eyes.

She folds her hands and says my God our heroinenotices that something is wrong with Mrs Phil she turns her gaze to her and says to her Mrsspill why are you in tears Mrs spill wipes her face with a towel and tells our heroine thatshe is after which she removes the towel from her face a little and tells our heroine that theolder she gets the more she cries sorry my lady our heroine smiles and Mrs Phil and tells her thateverything is fine and that it doesn't hurt at all Mrs spill looks at our heroine and says to her ofcourse I think it is after which she says my lady you are worthy of praise our heroine looks atmisses spill with interest and asks her praise but for what Mrs spill looks at our Carowinds handand tells her that life was so hard for her that even her body was covered with scars but withoutdying or giving up she finally reached our Castle.

Then Mrs spill Pats our heroine on the cheek andsays that from now on our heroine eats well and grew up and her wounds will heal in a moment she'sgoing to be fine now our heroine has tears in her eyes after which she burst into tears and huggedMrs spill washed our heroine and brought her back to the room she looks at her and is touchedsays my God how can the lady be so beautiful our heroine Jillian was dressed up and braideda ponytail Mrs Phil approaches our heroine puts her hand on her shoulder and leads her to themirror telling her come on lady greet your new beautiful self say hello angel our heroinelooks at her reflection in the mirror and says in her head angel will others think sotoo and if they find out that I was a slave then our heroine remembers kadle's words that noone will dare to call our heroin a slave anymore.

Jalen puts her hand on her chest and smiling saysin her head that's right I am no longer a Slave suddenly our heroine holds on her hair andsays in her head why is her face so hot Mrs Phil notices a small black cat's paw onour heroine's back and says wow what is this our heroine turns her gaze to the Paw and tellspill that it's just a mole does it look unusual Mrs though replies to our heroine not at allit looks like a cat's footprint then Mrs spill holds her shoulder and stretches her arm forwardsaying that this is a very nice pattern my lady I also have a mole on my shoulder like a cow bigand ugly our heroine clenches her fists and tells spill that Her mole is not ugly at all after thatshe says in her head that she was branded a slave and constantly bullied the Mrs spill said I wascute she is really kind to me and I want to be.

Sincere with her our heroine says that the patternis like a cow however very cute honestly Mrs spill hear the words of our heroine was very surprisedafter which she closes her eyes and hugs our heroine our hero in blush from Phil's actions sheasks Mrs spill Mrs spill hugging our heroine tells her to call her just spill and that she wantsto become her friend at this moment our heroine remembered her school years then every littlething made her smile and there was a person with her who understood her much better than her ownmother my best friend hijam our heroine Jillian looks at Phil's face and says in her head that MrsPhil's face seems to merge with high John's face our heroine smiles and tells Mrs spill thatshe agrees and asks to call her just Jillian Mrs spill puts her hands on her hips andsmiling says okay Jillian then we are now.

Before he can finish a knock is heard at the doorMrs Bill turns her gaze to the door and tells our heroine that their Butler is just in time thebutler enters the room and tells our heroine that His Highness the Duke is waiting for her ourheroine along with Phil and the butler go to His Highness suddenly Jalen notices a painting by branwith a go the head of the grand duchy of wittigo a hero of the Empire who defendedthe kingdom of Tiberia from Attack but compared to the achievements he hasachieved his character is quite simple-minded our heroine puts her hand to her chin and saysin her head that something else was said about animals but she can remember she needs tomeet him first the maids opened the door to our heroine and when she enters it she seestoes who was delighted when he saw our heroine.

Our heroine sees kadle who is drinking wine anda gloomy Brian is sitting in the mill when our heroine sees him she says in her head this manis Duke Brian with ago toast gets up leaning on the table and looking at his father says to HimFather this is Evangelion about whom I told you When A store owner blatantly insulted you and Momshe sided with me besides she's very brave Brian gets up from the table and goes to our heroineapproaching her he bends down and frowns into her eyes saying so you are Evangeline our heroine wasa little scared and trembling she says in her head so don't be nervous you just need to say helloour heroin bows and shouts hello your Excellency my name is Evangeline the whole family looks atour heroing and says nothing our heroing has Tears In Her Eyes she says in her head yes I'm all onpins and needles what if he doesn't like something.

Suddenly without saying anything Brian liftsour heroine and looks her straight in the eyes our heroine is a little shocked by Brianna'sactions after that Brian smiles and turns his gaze to kadel says to him kadel youhave brought a really Charming child our heroine looks at Brian and says in her headis this really the Duke of withino after putting our heroine on the ground Brian returns to thetable our heroine also sits down at the table Brian smiles and looks at our heroine says silverand purple you were born with Noble flowers our heroine is a little in a stupor and doesnot know what to answer to the Duke himself she asked him your grace why are you not eatingputting her hand to her cheek Brienne continues to be touched by her heroine and says to herhow can you be so cute are you worried about me.

Truly a Charming child gets a little mad he eatsme and says father Brian replies to Cato that he eats without haste after which he tells ourheroine besides I'm worried about your thinness will fatten you up and clean you up our hero inEthan hearing brain as words she says in her head in what sense will they be cleaned Brian shiftshis gaze to the side and calls the butler to him he looks at him and says Hans go to the chef andat this time our heroine is sitting in shock and shouted to him Duke what I have now is quiteenough Brian Taps his finger on the table and makes a sound him K dull is angry because of hisfather's Behavior he frowns and clenches his teeth he tells him father that's enough Evangeline isnot some kind of animal Brian's youngest son toast is also angry at him and knocking on the table hesays that our heroine is not a kitten like men men.

Cadell exhales and closing his eyes he says tohis father so please Brian interrupts his eldest son and clapping his hands he says that thenfrom now on he will call our heroine Lin Lin our heroine and her sons are shocked by the wordsof their father our heroine says in her head he's completely crazy Brian is touched by our heroineand asks her Lin Lin you like this name too don't you our heroine covers her face with her hand andlooks away timidly saying well I Brian looks at our heroine and says that they will now livea long time and unable to stand all this kadel gets up from the table and hits it shouting to hisfather father how long can you carry this nonsense the father looks at Cato with his obsessivegaze and smiling says to him very brave son after that he also gets up from the table andapproaching kadle he looks at him and clenching.

His fists asked him are you challenging me puppycadel also looks at his father with an obsessive look and smiling says if that's what you want andyes I challenge you Brian smiles and looks at him says to his eldest son you have completely lostyour fear do you really consider yourself the best in the Empire child kadle frowns and smiling saysto him well am I not better than some old war hero Brian points his finger at Kato and clicking ittells him son don't provoke me you know perfectly well if I want to I will trample you easily cadelstands up and smiling says to his father who else will trample on whom our heroin looks at all thishappening and says in her head what an hemisphere I hope everything will be fine toes approachesher and hands her a bun telling her not to worry after that he brings another bun to his mouth andsmiling says that they perform this every two days.

Our heroine Jillian takes a bun with both handsand looking at these two with apprehension ask toes they won't really fight will they toes choosea bun and shifting his gaze to our heroine he asks why not our heroine looks at toasts with anuncomprehending face and asks him are they going to fight right in the dining room toeslooks at her and says in the dining room in the living room it doesn't matter at all lasttime they fought right in the Imperial Palace our heroin has toes so why are theyfighting like this at all meanwhile kadel swings and starts hitting Brian quicklybut Brian quickly Dodges all of his punches toes explains to our heroine that his brotherdoes almost all the work for the Duke and he says that he has heard that there really is a lotof it that's why his father appointed him here.

Toes watches his older brother and father fightwith a happy face our heroing hearing the words of toes asks what they Brian clinches his fist andlowers his head down saying that all these duties of the head of the family are [__] Kato looksangrily at his father and says to him so [__] Brian continues to stand in the samestance in response to this son of course after that he laughs like a psycho and straininghis biceps he clenches his fists and shouts because there is nothing more important in theworld than sweetness our heroin looks at Brian in shock she's talking in her head my God I forgothow this extraordinary side of the Duke appeared yesterday's slave became a crown princessDuke whitego doted on small and cute animals demonstrating great Charisma but at the same timehaving a boundless weakness for Animals he was.

Such a person clenching his fist Brian turns hisgaze to our heroine after which he Winks at her our heroine sees the actions of Brian she says inher head of course everything is much deeper than I thought after that Brian stands up in his stanceand looking at kadle he says to him son if you obediately become a Duke I won't use force on youcadel stands in a stand and clenching his fists even harder he says to his father I think I'llrefuse you will be the Duke even for a thousand even Ten Thousand Years Brian frowns and tellshis son that then nothing can be done cada looks at his father and also frowning he tells him thatthey have no other way out kadle runs up and tries to hit Brian with his chin but Brian easily Dodgeshis blow mocking him that he has so many flaws after that Brian jumps up and Crossing his handsis going to hit Cato tells him that now it's his.

Turn our heroin looks at all this happeningin shock toes looks at them with a smile on his face and tells our heroine that her fatheris moving much better today than in the past our heroine turns her gaze to toes andsays nothing to him two smiles and gives our heroine a thumbs up he tells her that sheprobably lifted his mood one of our two Brawlers jumps on the table all the food is scattered in acircle and a shoe Mark remains on the tablecloth our heroin looks in shock at what they are doingwhile toast is standing behind her he says all the food is ruined our heroine lowers her headdown and clenching her fists she says in her head that these people don't even know her price ourhero in Jalen is shaking with anger after which she shouts well stop all this right now Brian andKato continue to fight and throw food on the floor.

Taking cadel in a Stranglehold Brian turnshis gaze to our heroine telling her Lin Lin our heroine is very angry she shoutsat them what do you allow yourself don't you see that you droppedall the food even the plates broke our heroine sits down takes a piece of foodfrom the floor and showing them continues to shout is it because you are Aristocratsdo you even realize how valuable it is Mrs spill is worried about her heroine she holdsher fist against her chest and says oh my lady our heroine continues to show them a piece of foodand tells them that sometimes she ate less than that because I had to survive and going outsideshe saw more and more of the same hungry children our heroine frowns and begins to eat thispiece Brian looks at her in shock and says.

Lynn Lynn kadle also looks at her inshock and asks her what she is doing after swallowing the food she puts her hand onher cheek and smiling says what a delicious thing really delicious although in comparisonthe whitego estate is richer than others but even here not everyone is full it wouldbe good if you remembered that you are both the owners of this land Brian looks at ourheroine in shock and doesn't say anything to her our heroine realized that she had said a lot toomuch she abruptly falls into a chair and says in her head what have I done then she coversher face with her hands and says in her head how dare I teach the Duke even if I get kickedout like this there will simply be nothing to say suddenly our heroine hears evateline's Voicesuch a clever girl opening her eyes our heroine.

Ceased toes in front of her who is sittingand looking at her with a smile telling her my teacher always says that you need to rulefrom the point of view of ordinary people to become a good Duke we would him to followit our hero Lane hearing the words of toes smiles and stroking his head she tells him Ithink your teacher also tells you to always thank for food and not leave anything behindtoes looks at our heroine and asks her yes but how did you find out our heroing laughedand tells him that she was also taught that way after that she turns her gaze to Brian and Katoand tells Toes that apparently these two were not taught at that moment Brian and kadel felt awkwardthey look in different directions and are silent our heroine gets angry and hugging toasts he asksdo adults bite in front of children what will you.

Teach toes Brian puts his hand under his chin andmakes a hem sound after which he laughed out loud wiping tears of laughter with his hands he exhalesand says that he has met many children but no one has ever sunk into my soul like that thank youfor teaching such a valuable lesson then Brian approaches the children and getting down on oneknee he tells them that from now on as the owner of the duchy he will not allow himself anythingfrivolous and also we will stop fighting in front of toes after which he asks our heroine so youwon't be mad anymore evodeline the Builder looks at all this in confusion and says your grace ourheroin hid behind toes and lowering her head down she says in her head he called my name correctlyin addition the Duke knelt he is completely different from the Nobles who constantly talkabout their blood status and ignore the commoners.

Our heroine looks at the servants then at the twobrothers and the Duke she says in her head if I'm with these people our heroin smiles and puttingher hand under her chin she says of course it's a great honor of your grace even if I don't becomea noble lady I think I will find my happiness Brian sits down and hugs her after which he tellsher what a sweet smile Lin Lin Cato looks at this and shouts to Him Father a month later our heroineis standing in her room and waiting for someone kadle comes into the room and lookingat her he asks her how long she waited our heroine looks at kadel and says to him sirkadle they start walking and smiling she tells him from today on I will study Alchemy katel smilesand nodding his head he tells her I'll greet him he even tells her not to expect too much fromElias our heroine looks at Cato with eyes full.

Of happiness then kadel exhales and says noit's better to experience it for yourself when they reach elia's room kadle opens the doorthey see a table on which there are all sorts of ingredients cones and many different books nextto the bookshelves is Elias himself who is reading a book Cato looks at him and says to him Eliasintroduce yourself she will be your assistant our heroine smiles and says to Eliashello Mr Alchemist my name is evigil Elias puts the book with apop on the table and says now Elias Browns and looking at kadle he says to himwhat the hell are you trying to do kadle kadle smiles and replies to Elias that he himself saidthat he was loaded so he replenishes the workforce our heroine looks at him smiling and saying inher head why is he so Fierce I have to get along.

With him Elias straightens his hair with hishand and frowning he tells kadel that if he is going to talk us nonsense then let him get losta couple of days before this moment our heroing is sitting on the street with Mrs Bill who tellsher that she has heard that Mr Elias is a genius people like him are born only once in a centuryshe Pats our heroine on the cheek and tells her I think only the duchy of wittigo can keepsuch an exceptional person in its subordination after all he is the youngest Alchemist toreceive the Imperial seal and he's also incredibly handsome although he has a very unusualcharacter but he will definitely be useful for you our heroin looks at Mrs Phil with aninterested face and asks her is it better for me to become an alchemist Phil smilesand pointing up says to our heroine of course.

After all an alchemist is the best professionwhich is preferred even by the children of aristocrats Mr Elias is also from a noble familymoreover if you become an alchemist you will be able to enter secular society even withoutbeing an aristocrat an alchemist who receives the Imperial seal receives the same salary as aknight with the title of Master since then the Empire of ladies women have the right to inheritthey have many opportunities for social activities besides Alchemists are quite rare here soit's definitely the best choice for a Connor

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