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My name is Lea and this is a story of how mydad saw a psycho woman on the road at night.. my dad was the type of dad who liked to go outa lot but that doesn't mean that he didn't spendtime with us after his shifts. he would hang outwith friends a lot which we didn't really mind because he would spend the full day with us on hisdays off. also our family was pretty big with ourgrandparents living with us. so we didn't feellonely. anyways back to the story. one time, his friend who lived pretty far away was gone foralmost a year visiting his parents. so of course when he was back my dad wanted to visit him. mydad asked my mom if he could see him. but she was a bit hesitant but this wasn't unusual for mydad so she let him go.

My dad soon went out and itwas getting pretty late around 12 p.m and my dadwanted to go but his friend kept nagging him tostay a bit longer. so my dad agreed. once it was1am, my dad would finally go. at 1am he left. and while on the way, he had to cross a road that wasalmost empty with no sidewalks stores or houses. it was just a straight road with a bunch of landon the side. while him and some other cars weredriving, he noticed a girl in a dress on the sideof the road waving her hand like she wanted a taxi my dad looked around. my dad's car lookednothing like a taxi it was a gray Jeep. he slowed down a bit to get a better look thensuddenly, the girl jumped in front of my dad's car. her face became more clear. her eyes were red andher mouth was open wide to reveal her rotten teeth..

She seemed like she hadn't showered in weeks andher face was covered in blood and in her hand wasa sharp knife. while my dad was in shock, the girljumped on my dad's car and started banging on theglass. while screaming like a psycho. my dad quicklystepped on the pedal and drove off. sometime laterI saw on the news that people were being harassedby a crazy psycho girl that ran away from a clinic. apparently she managed to kill two people.sadly they weren't fast enough to drive off. she broke their windshield and stabbed themmultiple times. she was caught and sent back to the clinic. God knows what would havehappened if my dad didn't drive off in time.. my name is Yasmin and I wouldlike to share my story with you..

This happened to me about last year aroundHalloween. I live in the Cotswolds so therewas a lot of dense Woodland areas and I'mjust a teenager trying to look for adventure. it was a few days before Halloween some and my friends decided to decorateour old barn for a Halloween party. I broughtmy boyfriend Ryder and best friend Charlotte it was a 30-minute walk to the barn. the timewas around 10 or 11 when we got there and while we were decorating the barn we heard abig knock and scratching. at first, we thoughtit was just an animal so we tried to ignoreit but the noises just got louder and louder. we all just froze for what felt like five minutes.the things started laughing and a squeaky noise. we all planned to bolt out of the barn. we countedto three and screamed while we ran out of the barn..

I felt like I was going to die that dayaswe were running out, I took a glimpse behind and there was a clown.. it looked just likePenny-wise and it was carrying an axe and a bat. he saw me looking and chased us.Ryder hadrun far ahead of us and still to this day Idon't know why Charlotte did this.. but shepushed me to the ground and I collapsed. all I remember is the clown's face rightagainst mine. and being hit by something. I woke up in the hospital and I found outthat Ryder ran back and called the police. what scares me the most is that on Halloweennight that same costume was worn by Charlotte'sbrother. I don't talk to her anymore and Ihaven't since the incident. I just graduated and I'm hoping to move to America with Ryder.

Ihope I never see Charlotte or that clown again..

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