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Anime Cinemas kind of a product of becoming sucha huge big part of my modern day society and pop culture and although there aren't as nearly asmany anime movies as regular movies out there there are still a lot of amazing films outthere that I believe everyone should watch so quick disclaimer cried really hard I've triedreally hard to make sure this has a decent amount of variety in it because this look could haveeasily been Dragon Ball Studio Ghibli so here are 20 anime movies to watch before you die let'sget straight into it number one Dragon Ball super Broly I mean this one's pretty obvious right it'sliterally one of the first movies anime fans think of when they think of anime movies Dragon Ballsuper Broly is basically a Canon rewriting and redesign of Broly's character that is way betterthan the original don't add me this features some.

Of the best action sequences in all of animewith one of the more unique Enders to a Dragon Ball film there are clear reason why this filmget talked about so much and it deserves all the praise it gets number two Naruto road to ninja I'mnot gonna lie to you this one this one's kind of a surprise to me because how unique the conceptwas Naruto roll to ninja is a film that turns a whole the whole plot of Naruto on its head afterToby uses his great value tsukiyomi on Naruto and Sakura they get transported into a worldwhere their lives are completely reverse Freaky Friday Style and there's a lot of changes in theworld they know too like there's some really cool moments in this seeing Naruto come come home tosee the lights on in this house and uh the reveal sequence at the end showing who the main villainis and seeing that Koski as a group of the good.

Guys this time around like this is what havingfun with your Source material looks like and it made for a really Pleasant watch and a really goodmovie I really love what they did with this like this is one of the more Shockers like the firsttime I watched this I didn't expect it to be this good I'm not gonna lie to you but it's definitelya really good watch number three cheating a little bit here but the Fate heavensfield movies thisyear I had dog y'all gotta watch the fake anime so y'all can enjoy these phenomenal ass moviesthese movies are done by you foldable so you already know what to expect from the fights butman the story in these movies aren't anything to discredit either stories in these movies are crazythese movies are some of my favorite anime I've watched ever of all time they put so much contentinto these three movies and if didn't even feel.

Like that I spent six hours watching them thesewere amazing please get these a watch these movies look and sound amazing I have zero complaintsabout any of these three movies number four Spirited Away there's a good reason why this thiswas the highest selling anime film for all those years for being honest Studio Ghibli makes themost approachable anime media like anyone can watch these you don't even have to be an animefan to enjoy these movies these are movies the whole family can enjoy too Spirited Away isa really cool too of a girl named Chihiro who gets transported into alternate world wheresupernatural beings take breaks from the earth and has to work there for free to free her parentsthis movie has the the classic Ghibli recipe the supernatural beings the love story and the reallycool explorable world you can damn near close your.

Eyes though and choose a Ghibli movie and it couldbe on this list like that's how good those movies are number five bubble this is a really good onetoo man made by which studio the people that's behind Attack on Titan Finland Saga and spy familybubble delivers some of the best visuals I've seen in anime as well with the with a pretty uniquestory as well bubble is set in a post dystopian Tokyo after bubbles called structural damagecausing the city to be completely evacuated the current inhabitants of the city now are allinvolved in these parkour teams in these parkour teams race for resources like food and water BigUps to hiroyuki sawano for the music initiative the music added a lot more to the visuals of thismovie The visuals to this movie are all right master class this movie is beautiful number sixDragon Ball Z coolers Revenge this movie is just a.

Classic man this is one of those Dragon Ball filmsyou gotta watch some of the most golden moments in the Dragon Ball series aren't like actually inthe show they spread out throughout these movies and there's many movies in the Dragon Ball Z likefranchise I think Goku vs cooler is one of those ones you just have to see I think Goku vs coolis just a really underrated fight in the series and I think bro this movie like all the movies gotdecent music right this movie has the best I think it's like it's it's really good the music in thismovie is really good not to mention that the fight is already good but there's a music that matchesthat intense energy that Dragon Ball has I really think this is a really good pick number seven myhero Academia Heroes Rising now out of all the My Hero movies I feel like this is just like thisone is just the most memorable in my opinion I.

Feel like the end of sequence of this move wasreally well done the fights that Deku Todoroki bakugo and tokiyami had were really well done andthey end up part with Deku and bakugou was really hype it was a cool little twist on the Norms ofmy hero if you know you know it's not canon but it would be cool if it was it was an interestingplot element that they altered I really appreciate them for doing that number eight fairy tale Dragoncry even I was surprised I put a fairy tale movie on this mode I'm not gonna lie this movie is justsuper solid to me even though the show disrespects my intellect every time I watch it I genuinelyhave no complaints about this movie nasu's transformation is cool the villain is okay there'seven a scene for you super horny [__] you you will love them to make you want to bite yourmonitor this movie solid I really like this movie.

Number eight Yu-Gi-Oh the movie it was a periodof time not too long ago when my brother will play this [__] every night before he went to sleep soI've seen this [__] about 20 times by now and I remember watching this when I was way younger andit was super hype especially with me being a big fan of the anime in the car game at that timeand as an adult it's still great in my opinion the door between Kaiba and Yuki was fired theSummoners of fire the whole gang is pretty much there and the ending was good and this movie looksgreat for a movie that came out in the mid-2000 this is a really nice watchful show the Yu-Gi-Ohmovies are really slept over number nine Dragon Ball Z resurrection of F I know Battle of guyscame out before this one but this is the movie that made me realize that anime films had a futurein the box office I remember going my brother to.

See this one that was a really cool atmosphere sowe had [__] in the Goku gee we had [__] and Super Saiyan wigs I even seen a [__] on a Segwaywith the yellow cotton on it to make it look like the flying nipples that [__] was live she wasRoselle the movie did not disappoint at all too the movie was funny in action-packed like dragonball movies are supposed to be this is the first time that we've seen Super Saiyan blue but beforewe knew it was going to be total [__] and there was even a slight moment for us Vegeta fans sothat's definitely a w of my book definitely watch this one number 10 Demon Slayer Mugen train youfoldable you foldable you affordable don't shoot dare hail taxes no I'm just glad do what yougot to do but keep on making movies like this please you can train was golden this movie hadstory The Sadness the action everything that I.

Wanted I think when I watched this one it was anarrative going around that Demon Slayer was all animation and the story wasn't even that good Iremember after I watched it I was sitting there while the credits was rolling I was like yeahwhat they talk about this movie set the bar high for all these new gen anime films and y'allgot some really special going on over there you foldable just keep doing what y'all doing forsure number 11 Jujutsu Kaizen zero when moving trains set the bar high for Action Cinemaand Anime them [__] over there map was like I bet and stepped up to the challenge with JuicyKaiser zero I think the cool part about this movie was the direction it was a really bold move to doa movie without the actual MC or the show but the YouTube storyline actually works super well andthe fights initial were phenomenal even when I.

Look Gojo that look Gojo beat Dallas was a tinysmidge of the races and Gato will really worked very well as the antagonist and also the principlewas hilarious he only said two words the whole movie and that was probably the funniest [__] inthe whole whole entire film well played mapper you definitely stood up to the Challenger you madesomething really great and I really appreciate that number 12 Dragon Ball Z Super 13. this isjust another one of those classic DBZ movies in my opinion I think this one is interchangeable ifyou wanted to take this one off and put the Broly movie on here the first one I just wanted to havea clean number for the title that's why I didn't include both super 13 was really funny it hadsome raw ass pull-up moments like Piccolo pulled up with Ross hell Vegeta pulling up with Ross Hilland the actual fight between them was really good.

And it was a decent amount of disrespecting thismovie which is always welcome over here I always like to disrespect over here number 13 this mightbe a controversial one time I got reincarnated as a slime Scarlet Bond may be controversial butI don't give a damn this movie was fire to me this was a big ass anime episode so a phenomenalass music good ass fights good visuals and a good story emphasis on the music gang I was holdingup my phone with the damn Shazam app on in the theater like four times on that movie like itwas so many good songs that I had to get on my music library I know some people didn't like theending but my question for y'all is like what the [__] is wrong with a happy ending sometimes dogdude [__] Gotta Die to satisfy y'all see that's what's wrong shoot [__] man [__] Can't Havenumber 14. Ponyo I wouldn't be mad if you replace.

This one My Neighbor Totoro but I chose this onebecause the concept and the characters like based off of those two I think characters like Fujimotoreally get his movie More Death than they actually may seem it has and I think this movie came outa little bit later so of course I have like a little Advantage visually the visual sequences ofthis movie are downright wild half the time you're watching this [__] you got some Majestic [__]on your screen that's why I love Ponyo so much I think this in another movie that I'm going to talkabout in a little bit have this perfect balance of that Ghibli recipe that I was talking aboutearlier number 15 another controversial one Demon Slayer to the sword Smith Village Preposterousthis isn't a movie this is a recap reimagining of the last two episodes of the EntertainmentDistrict art in the first episode of The Swordsman.

Village Art what would that player make sure youuh she hit your head left fix your glasses after that one yes it is that but they released this intheaters and they made something that was already great into something that's better while giving usnew content in a cinematic experience so I'm gonna count it plus this is my list anyway so deal withit want to go see this and this was phenomenal I wanted to stand up in the middle of the crowdand scream wakanda forever during the polls number 15 Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods I actuallywatched battle with the guys after Resurrection F only because I didn't get back into anime untillike years after this came out this is a pleasant surprise when I first watched it introducingnew deities and actually making Goku lose as a switch up for the Dragon Ball series the fightversus beerus was really good but I I won't let.

You destroy my world still one of the cleanestvoice lines and Anime the red super saiyan god transformation is always super clean thisis definitely another must watch Dragon Ball movie sorry there's so many on here number 16Howl's Moving Castle this is the movie that I was talking about earlier Kyle's Moving Castleis another one of those perfect Ghibli movies that had a balance of that recipe this movie hasghibli's best written characters in my opinion some of his best visuals in his best settingsvoice actors really did a golden job on this too house got it the music is super Grand thismovie who was great man I've seen this movie about eight times now I'm still not tired of this[__] this [__] is beautiful number 17 out of the cow Street Fighter Alpha the animation thismay be a little odd maybe a little eye pick but.

I'm a fighting game there I love Street Fightergames and I actually love the Street Fighter 2 anime that released like not too long before thisthis movie was kind of a match made in heaven for me it was actually really good in my opinion itshowed the more brutal side of Street Fighter and actually had a pretty good tournament in thismovie Bros anime and fighting games there's two things that I love a lot of so of course I'm gonnahave like an optimistic approach to this one and last but not least Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn youknow this won't have to make it the fusion is one of the best moments in the Dragon Ball Z seriesthis is arguably one of the best DBZ films so it had to be out here this is a must watch this filmprovided so much character progression for Vegeta me as a Vegeta fan I love to see that such a coolpycons moment was cool as hell he was funny as.

Hell in this whole movie Janemba as a villain wasactually pretty iconic the numbers actually one of the more iconic villains that came from thedragon ball movies this is just a really good movie man it's one of the best classic DragonBall Z films out there so this is definitely a must watch here and that's pretty much it forme man as always man have a great day peace foreign

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