2022 Anime Recap: the Honest, the Gruesome, and the Gruesome

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As 2022 has drawn to a close we have been gifted with a massive hit of anime favorites with a few that are uh questionable so in this video we'll walk you through the good the bad and everything in between in 2022 and to make finding the best shows or guilty pleasures easier we've rounded up our favorite picks from different genres and.

A list of shows to avoid that way you can discover your next anime watch without any regrets to make it even easier we pick new shows over the sequels in most cases to save you time so without further Ado let us begin the year of anime officially kicked off in the winter of 2022 honestly it was a bumpy start to the year with many highs.

And lows but let's highlight the positives first do let us know in the comments if we missed anything now let's start with the fun and spicy anime that's binge-worthy one of the shows that stood Out Among the plethora of rom-com this year is my dress up darling the show focuses on the fun aspect of.

Pursuing your hobbies it follows two characters wakana Gojo a withdrawn high schooler who enjoys the traditional art of making dolls and Marin kitagawa a trendy high schooler with a passion for cosplaying the two come together to help Marin realize her dreams of recreating all her favorite characters through top-notch cosplaying be prepared to be.

Swept away by the heated romantic moments in amusing interactions between these two characters we recommend it for rom-com fans and cosplayers up next we have a big hit everyone has heard about Attack on Titan the conflict between Marley and Elia is coming to a tragic end but the fated Boy Aaron Jaeger deems the world responsible.

For the atrocities against zeldia with the origin of the Titans Finally Revealed will Aaron Yeager play into the hands of his brother Zeke Yeager or will he fight for eldia to The Bitter End no matter what the cost this is a must follow for Attack on Titan fans who have yet to watch this season and the new anime fans looking for a Shonen full of.

Unexpected plot twists then our favorite pick from Winter is heike monogatari an adaptation of the tales of heike one of the oldest Japanese literature about the rise and fall of the once Mighty heike or Tyra clan we have biwa who has the gift of seeing the future and foretelling the approaching tragedy it's.

About to devastate the heike clan the series is full of sorrowful moments as you watch the heike Clan's inevitable downfall in the face of Revenge this show is a must watch for historical Japanese folklore and themes like Pride politics and the concept that nothing is ever permanent even if you're not a big fan of Japanese history or literature.

The storytelling alone is enough to keep you hooked now here's something that's bad from kazutaka kodaka the creator of the Danganronpa series and akudama drive many expected tribe 9 to be one of the year's main highlights with its art style and potential but unfortunately the futuristic.

Baseball show failed to deliver and many fans were disappointed worldwide the lack of a grounded plot and nonsensical baseball with Bland forgettable characters were the major issues that plagued this show leaving us unfulfilled we only recommend it for hardcore kazutaka kodaka fans then it gets worse like ishuzoku.

Reviewers and redo of healer lewd shows have been scarring 2020 in 2021 for 2022 its worlds and harem with its Over the Top premise about the world where only five men remain after the spread of an infectious Man Killer virus and the need to repopulate the planet you can see where this is heading the story follows each of the five men.

As they indulge in women with our main protagonist rato mizuhara protecting his Chastity for his childhood love essentially imagine a world where all the women need your to live a good life this show is only for those after a guilty pleasure however we don't recommend it because you'll be empty and be what the f after.

Watching it moving on let's hop on to the spring of 2022 the season that's overflowing with hits the show that took off like none other this year and is a close Contender for anime of the year is spy family a world of spies and assassins were the two countries of Estonia and West Dallas are on the brink of War posing as a.

Couple we have Lloyd the greatest spy in the world and you're a Deadly Assassin who both have their own agenda while keeping their identity secret then to add another layer to this exciting mix we have Anya the young telepath who knows everything that's really going on get ready to be entertained by all the amusing characters the show has fun.

Adventures multiple perspectives hidden elements and a heartwarming Family theme this is the perfect choice if you appreciate comedic entertainment with a touch of wholesome moments and espionage the next show that rocked this year quite literally is your boy Kung Ming o Michigan.

If you're familiar with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Dynasty Warriors it's based on that suget Liang following the death of our historical tactician he reincarnates into the modern world and becomes a music manager to help Echo realize her dream of becoming a star it might sound outrageous but somehow everything works your enjoyment is.

Guaranteed with this Show's unique combination of historical comedy tactical strategies and blazing performances if you love zuget Liang and enjoy passionate music this is the series to watch next we have a relaxing Slice of Life called the Imon a guy who's abandoned his family for 10.

Years and returns home to discover that his family has taken in an orphan girl itska together the aunt pair runs a family-owned Japanese Sweet Shop itska looks up to nagumo as a father figure but hates his Carefree attitude while nagamot learns the value of family as he watches out for itska the Imon is truly the recipe for happiness especially with.

How delicate all those sweets look this series is full of wholesome moments and ideal for Slice of Life in Japanese culture fans following that we have good news for Sports Anime enthusiasts spring 2022 has blessed us with our Ashi the soccer anime follows ashto a poor.

Boy passionate about soccer given his exceptional Talent he's invited to join the highly competitive Tokyo Experian football club for the lifetime opportunity to play professionally but the series goes beyond mere soccer explores the financial hardships and psychological obstacles aspiring athletes face as it's rich in technical.

Depth about soccer it's perfect for soccer enthusiasts but you can be familiar with the game to enjoy this series if realism is your thing in Sports Anime then you won't be disappointed with this one next a show that made a name for itself in 2019 the rising of The Shield hero although a popular hit initially the.

Second season failed to live up to the hype instead of the fun tale of Revenge in season 1 we're met with tamble pacing over the top Harem tropes and lackluster villains sorry but small reptilia can't save this season you'll need to push through if you want to continue with the series as spring brought us some noteworthy anime will summer keep up.

Let's take a closer look and find out let's start with a popular hit licorice recoil girls with guns have always been a fun winning combination wouldn't you agree the show centered around two orphaned girls takina and chisato who fight against terrorism under the direct attack syndicates after being dismissed.

For disobeying orders takina meets chisato the young cheerful poster girl at the cafe who's allegedly the strongest licorice of all time the story explores how two vastly different personalities interact and affect one another with a hint of yuri-like scenes while not the most substantial plot the action and Chemistry Between the.

Characters pull the show together with its stylistic Gunplay and cute Slice of Life elements licorice recoiling is an anime original worth checking out but here's where it goes downhill Harem in The Labyrinth of another world is similar to Worlds and harem where it utilizes the gimmick of.

Seductive exploitation to sell itself to the audience to make it even worse it uses the same recycled tropes of any sekai where the overpowered hero machio kaga gathers a harem after buying several slave girls as for the rest of the plot the guy happens to explore labyrinths this sums up all you need to know about the Harem in The Labyrinth of.

Another world with no originality little to no plot and hardly any character development we only recommend it if you're after some adult action next oh God it's back rent a girlfriend we are sure that hearing this name doesn't make you visualize a positive picture and we don't blame you because rent a girlfriend has managed to enrage.

The community with little to no development even though a year has passed since kazuya and chizuru met to no one's surprise kazuya's personality has mostly stayed the same since the start because he continues to rent chizuru as a girlfriend though if you somehow manage to enjoy the first season of rent a girlfriend or it just happens.

To be your guilty pleasure you are bound to enjoy this season but otherwise give this show a miss speaking of disappointing sequels another sequel that accomplishes a similar feat is Devil is a part-timer this season from low grade animation to a change in style and terrible Direction manages to check off everything needed.

For an abysmal adaptation honestly you should steer clear of this terrible second season even if you are a first season fan with a rather disappointing summer let's dive into the most promising season one of the focal points of anime was the adaptation of tatsuki fujimoto's Chainsaw man.

Of course on my anime list the show lived up to the hype and satisfied its fans the story starts with denji a young boy who works as a devil Hunter with a chainsaw devil pochta but his goal is very different from the average Shonen protagonist he wants to get some chicks that's all however the world of devils is much more complex than it seems we.

Described the series as bold Brave bloody and entertaining with brilliant music great fights and good views of CGI it would be a crime if we didn't recommend chainsaw man continuing this hit of a season the show that was the biggest surprise from 2022 is bocce The Rock a series well deserving of anime of the.

Year it's a four comma manga brought to life with great creative Direction and ingenious Innovations to the style making Bocce a modern Masterpiece the anime follows goto hitori AKA Bocce a girl suffering from social anxiety since childhood and looking to find her foothold in life however she found the right people and forged meaningful bonds.

By creating an opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and don't be fooled by appearances if you want to binge to show highlighting social anxiety realistically Bocce the rock is perfect for this up next is a fan favorite show that makes a comeback after a decade bleach the original anime ended and The Last.

Arc was never adapted under pressure from Shonen Jump Tite Kubo had to quickly wrap up the manga's final Arc but with the anime Kubo was allowed to take the story at the pace he originally wanted therefore with a brilliantly talented production team and sizzling animation style bleached Thousand-Year blood War is the adaptation every bleach.

Fan dreamed about if you ask us is an excellent way to finish off 2022 with one of the most iconic anime series ending on a high note we wanted to add so many more names to this video but if we did that the video would easily be an hour long because 2022 was seriously packed still we hope you have found some great titles to explore or take a trip.

Down memory lane check out our next video here if you want to keep up with new anime thanks for watching

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