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I want to change the world we're living in and I wanna just be glorified again if it's something a lot of amateurs do a lot is they try to bring forth Emotion by putting it in their voice and you just sound like you're like faking it in your throat it's really bad it's just so hard and emotional there's no real emotion.

There hello lovely people my name is Emma welcome back to my channel welcome if you are new today we're going to be looking at a little movie trailer I've done a couple of these before I reviewed the God's Not Dead 4 movie trailer as well as the entirety of Eric hoven's night of the Creation Museum most of you will be aware by now that before I.

Started doing uh this thing all the time I worked in movies and films I was a VFX editor I worked on a number of TV shows and movies some better than others I have a degree in film and TV I have a masters in VFX I like to think this is one area where I have a little bit of expertise but a lot of interest so I really enjoy reviewing movies and.

Trailers and stuff and a couple of people have sent me this one and I just couldn't resist this is 2025 by the Wesley Bros it is some sort of dystopian future in which Christianity is outlawed and everything's gone to heck and communism has taken over you know the usual this was made or at least I don't know when exactly it was.

Finished we can look it up later but the trailer came out in 2021 so it's not like this was like a 10 year ago prediction this is in two years Time full communism and religion outlawed or at least Christianity outlawed I don't know if they care about the religion for some reason evangelicals and fundamentalists love movies as a medium.

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Listening and to raid for sponsoring this video and cementing my place as a real influencer at last somebody tell my mum here we go 2025 apparently oh I I see so this apparently came out in January 2021 or at least the trailer the first trailer said coming January 2021 the Wesley Bros.

Life is different now we can't change that it's world as we have 20 does not exist anymore okay right all right first of all audio mixing so far in the trailer not good very bad the way the audio starts on the first character so you couldn't pick up the first thing he said it was really.

And I'll just put it out there I've always said this audio has always been my weakest point in terms of post-production I've always been a visual person I studied VFX like audio has always been my weak spot but like if I was making a movie I'd probably hire someone like who's good at it I don't know it's fine maybe.

It was just the Wesley Bros that did it all themselves who knows we're in La I must change the world communism communism if nobody says comrade in this trailer I will be really upset it doesn't I mean it looks all right we're in New York it looks the same it looks okay a global World Language.

Developed meetings are illegal traveling is illegal so I think what they might have done here I I think what they might have done is something that a lot of filmmakers did at this point do we call the Wesley Bros filmmakers yeah no they are they are let's not be mean which is take a lot of footage from 2020 um you know when when there was like.

Global lockdowns and these busy places looked empty and surreal and creepy a lot of people use that for filming and took a lot of ideas from that I mean the pandemic was like heavy heavy in our minds for a long time so that's perfectly reasonable um it's just funny to be like the world changed and I'm looking at this and I'm.

Like it looks the same like but being reasonable and thinking back to 2020 and 2021 and what it was actually like when lockdown started I kind of appreciate it more if I allow myself to go back to that mindset so fair play to them hold on what was the first thing that was illegal.

Meetings are illegal meeting is illegal traveling and Christianity list of things against the law in 2025 meetings I guess that's like a sort of post-apoc dystopian like you know no groups allowed you know because you might collaborate sort of thing that kind of makes sense kind of weird to be like meetings are bad because I imagine.

Like you know whiteboards and offices and stuff are like band which is weird uh meetings traveling vague don't really get it but okay if maybe we're assuming that there's a ongoing Global pandemic that is still really terrible in this world who knows um and Christianity those are those are the three things let's just talk about.

This for one second I appreciate it from a Christian perspective not as a Christian obviously because I'm not um but you're sort of taught as a Christian that you will be the persecuted group that at some point Christians will be the persecuted minority Christianity will be banned it's supposed to be you know Satan.

Um slash the Antichrist that is uh imposing that and lots of basically every Christian group since I don't know the death of Jesus has said that it's right around the corner you know the the end is nigh I mean Jesus was supposed to come back in the lifetime of the disciples so I guess we've been waiting for her we've been.

Expecting it momentarily for all of time and that's kind of fair enough according to the doctrine so there is constantly this feeling that the end is coming maybe it's in two years time in 2025 and uh Christianity is going to be banned if you're purely going on what you've been taught in church as a Christian it kind of makes sense if you think about the.

State of the world right now and how uh difficult it is to do things like that there are countries where religions are banned there are countries where Christianity is bound there are countries where being an atheist is uh illegal and so on and so forth the way you do that successfully is you have a very isolated place right you don't.

Allow a lot of outside influence you don't allow a lot of inside information to get outside and vice versa Bursa it has to be somewhat authoritarian I don't know exactly how I don't know enough social sciences to know how communism Global communism would I don't know what it means here's the thing I wonder how many of these.

Particular kinds of Christians the ones that are quite isolated that are in this very fundamentalist sort of sphere who tend to promote things like having the Ten Commandments in public places and teaching the Bible in schools how many of those do we see petitioning against religious buildings from other faiths or other faiths being taught in schools.

What I'm basically hinting at here is how many of the kind of people that make films like this and watch films like this how many of them would be thrilled to have say Islam banned probably a lot of them the idea of that happening on a global scale in a couple of years is outrageously and it's fiction so that's okay.

But it's fiction that's pursuing an agenda and I think it's just worth noting that it's crazy impossible I can't do the most important thing of my life to believe okay listen look listen a lot of the time bad acting bad performance is really more.

Down to a director than and and sometimes writing than than it is an actor's abilities a lot of the times you will see a great actor give a terrible performance and it's because a director just doesn't understand their onset responsibilities with the actors sometimes you get a director who just looks at the camera the whole time and.

Doesn't give an actor what they need so I don't want to be overly critical of the acting skills of the people involved however I do know that that was one of the Wesley Brothers this is one of the creators of the film if anyone should have known the direction of the performance and stuff like that it's him so I'm kind of inclined to think it.

Might be a skill issue everyone has bad performances This Is 2020 it could be way better now that was terrible I can't do the thing that I love them to want to do the most believe and it's so my God that's some cheesy dialogue maybe the full film's better probably not though to believe.

what was that sound it sounded like the truck just burped hold on hold on okay there's a lot happening this is okay so a lot of the time and I kind of thought this about like the first shot with the police officer where everything was a little.

Bit blue so this look was filmed in the dark a lot of the time you'll get um dodgy day for night which I kind of expect from sort of more Indie uh low budget stuff because uh filming at night means you risk underexposing everything and basically everything turning out all grainy um so a lot of people film in the daytime and then you just color grade it.

By basically I'm oversimplifying but you basically make everything a little bit blue um to signify that it's night time and I've seen it done on a professional scale badly as well or at least identifiably um this is night time and it's convincingly night time and it's in a field and it's scary and it's dark.

Points points for that so there's clearly this is a this is a gathering and that is why it's being you know stomped down on by the police by the military or whoever I don't know what we're kind of a a couple of weird sort of almost Dutch angles their mistake was lighting a fire like I don't know I guess they thought they.

Wouldn't be found out here but that's a big fire and they're gonna see the smoke from really far away it's kind of stupid so I presume they were meeting to uh Praise Jesus or something like that I don't know what this guy is doing just looking up at the black sky and then these little stand around do they fist bump is that what just.

Happened yeah I think they were going for a fist bump and then he's stamping out the fire again weird angle and then we see uh somebody's got a subscription for Microsoft Word I thought this was gonna be the good guys the good guys the Christian minority.

Underground group um doing their work do okay this is a question for anyone who's ever worked in a sort of secretive government agency not really expecting any replies but like would they be using Microsoft Word to write down Christian conspiracy like would that is that what would happen I feel like.

That's not what would happen where not enough information yet all we know is they are starting to something in groups in the city unknown leader mistake it's Jesus why to overthrow the peaceful society that we have I know that they have to think that I know that the Christians making this.

Movie have to think that they're going to be seen as like villains or whatever but why would they think that a Christian group meeting in secret would be because like this is a private document this would say what the the baddies really think and it's like well they I mean they met up at a bonfire and were praised in jeebus they're clearly.

Gonna overthrow our society what the how we have no idea how they are doing this but they somehow how they're doing War meeting up okay I'm sorry I just wanted to read that and figure out what was happening because it seems seemed a little weird our greatly it's like he wasn't quite.

Willing to really commit to the role but or maybe maybe he was playing that way intentionally maybe his character is conflicted and that's why he couldn't quite commit to pretending to be really into it our great leaders uh created a system of United New Year the United Nations foreign.

they didn't do captions for their trailer it doesn't even come up on the auto captions the captions don't know what it is I don't know what it is tell me in the comments please what the hell he said there eat and go is it just is the audio maybe he said it fine and the audio is just balanced badly I don't.

Know do not fall back don't hold back any methods the writing doesn't even it's like like I haven't even quite got a good grasp of sentence structure alone for like good quality action writing oh I feel so sad this is an amazing set by the way of like this is supposed to be like the the great world communist organization's military.

And they're in like a shitty little room with a lamp like one lamp and and why is there a lamp there can we talk about that why is there a lamp there maybe there's a plot-based reason in the full movie but there's overhead lighting and there's like lamps on the desks and stuff and then at the front of the room there's just a standing like living room.

Lamp it's so out of place and it's like taking up half the screen like it's really important I am baffled carry on I Won't Give Up the fight neither will I I want to make a difference I want to change the world we're living in and I want to make Jesus be glorified again.

Bless the uh this woman for having one we've got no idea who she is she's got one tiny line of dialogue in this trailer and she delivers it better than any of the other actors still kind of a little bit like I really want to change the world but nowhere near like much much better than any of the rest of it we've got a little Jesus cross which I.

Feel like should be more hidden if Christianity is illegal like maybe a longer chain I don't know just something and then we throw the dialogue back to this guy the Wesley bro that bless him he can't act for it's so bad I'm so sorry we did look maybe this was just a really bad day for him it's a director's job to see that perform ance.

And go no we need to do that again give it some more of this give it some more of that maybe try it in a different way don't strain it like you're gonna cry because that and that is like this is speaking as an amateur myself okay if there's something a lot of amateurs do a lot is they try to bring forth Emotion by putting it in their voice and you.

Just sound like you're like faking it in your throat it's really bad it's just so hard and emotional there's no real emotion there and people can tell there's no real emotion there you're just trying to encourage it from like your throat and it just sounds like you're not you're not acting you just you don't feel it I'm not convinced by.

This guy's desire to glorify Jesus at all and that's like the core of the entire thing so for that to have stayed in the movie and been put in the trailer that's meant to attract people I have no faith in the director because of these performances and I want to put that more on the directing than on the acting but because I know that this guy is one of.

The Wesley Bros that made it I'm like happy to criticize him more I guess oh it's bad this should go without saying but because a lot of people a lot of people watch content my content but also in Jan General on a very kind of superficial level and tend to guess at people's intentions and beliefs without actually really interacting with them I.

Don't want any religion to be illegal including Christianity I do believe in freedom of religion including freedom from religion I think it's very important that everyone should be able to practice however they please and I think that's one of the things that people who make these kind of movies and make these kind of conspiracies and.

Predictions forget that a lot of people whether they are atheist whether they are of a different religion most of those people would support them a Christian in fighting for their freedom of religion I would absolutely support them in any fight that was necessary to grant them freedom to practice their own faith and believe what they believe.

Which is also why I think it's so incredibly unlikely for a global scale Christian ban because most people and again this is why the kind of places that do ban those sort of things are more authoritarian because most people support other people's freedoms right even if we disagree with what they believe we still want them to be able to.

Believe those things because that's a it's a fundamental human right I kind of think or I wonder I suppose um if a lot of these fundamentalists really think that the atheists would like to ban Christianity you know and that that's how something like this could happen because there are more atheists in power today than they used.

To be um especially when uh it's coming from like a US perspective or something like that I just kind of wanted to highlight that and be like no that's not actually that's not what people are like uh in the normal World anyway um back to this girl we're gonna have to watch the end of this guy's terrible.

Performance again I'm so sorry I want to make a difference I want to change the world we're living in and I want to make Jesus be glorified again maybe okay one tiny other aside look at this hacker screen oh are they mining Bitcoin they're mining Bitcoin I think is somebody who knows more Tech stuff.

Than me are they mining Bitcoin because it kind of looks like that's what they're doing but then there's like a video up there I'm not sure that there's a pickaxe and a load of Little Bees which makes me think they're mining Bitcoin I don't know what is that part of the Christian resistance or is that a villain oh maybe these are Christians.

That are into Bitcoin look at that stunt one more one more it's that guy again I get the feeling he's the main character and I also get the feeling that might be a little bit of nepotism because it's not because of his action skills look at him go he's sprinting.

Why is there a punching bag there foreign s you can make amazing films on a terrible low budget I one of my favorite genres is found footage especially found footage horror really love it I hate this I hate this because it looks like it's had money spent on it and I believe they crowdfunded their website let's.

Have a look at their website for a second so you can understand what I'm talking about here okay so this is the Wesley Bros website I hate their logo it's fine but it's to me it looks like we spent a lot of money on this epic Cinema logo like it looks like something that you'd get a template for on a template website which again is fine use.

Templates I think that's a good idea on saving money but it shouldn't look like a temporary when you're done you know like that Cinema like massive like more exciting than the movie I don't know I just think it's a mistake and I don't think half their website should just be their logo moving across the screen dramatically.

So this is their website um they made this film called a law for Christmas which was a romance I guess um oh no that that's their their next film the next film is going to be a law for Christmas I wonder if it's let's look at learn more I wonder if it's starring the same Wesley burrow as one of the main.

Characters did you introduce people to the true meaning and values of Christmas a Jesus our estimated budget for this project is 50 to 100 000 US dollars for a movie that is abysmally it sounds like a lot of money that is abysmally Tiny for like a if you're gonna make something that is like feature length that is very very small that is vaguely.

Respectable for a an indie movie of this scale they also seem to say they're going to be very transparent about their costs and stuff so in terms of their fundraising completely fine fine by me I think it's fine we won't be able to hire Oscar actors I assume they mean Oscar award-winning actors but we want to hire professional actors especially for the.

Main roles do you think they paid that Wesley brother the same they paid their other actors or do you think he did that because if he fulfilled that role to save money I would be more sympathetic to the terrible acting obviously I think you should hire you should hire actors to work in your things if anybody's working on anything and needs like a.

Like a little British pixie person I'm available by the way I do have a Show reel I'll leave it for you down below just in case I am willing to be a lot more forgiving of that performance if that is what's going on oh wow okay 2025 apparently had a budget of 5 000 Euros which my browser is telling me is about.

4 444 pounds which is a really nice number was shot in the middle of the first Corona winter was a great success although even the actors were amateurs many millions of people have seen the film and a large number of newspapers blog posts podcasts and YouTube videos have addressed the film it doesn't specify it's not like you know 4.1 stars.

Or anything it's just like people have reacted to this movie featured on 90 plus websites oh we're we're adding to their they can add us to their numbers wasn't that nice if you click on them I thought this was funny if you click on the movie 2025 page just directs to a page not found so I presume they like deleted it when they finished the movie.

Maybe but they've just got like the basic WordPress layout still there instead of removing the page and then if you go to the Wesley Bros YouTube which this directs to you've got the Wesley Bros and 2025 just the as because it's the name of the movie and they've got a couple of behind the scenes but nothing since the second trailer for this movie.

Two years ago that being said the full movie is available on Vimeo and you can rent it for 294. so if you want me to react to the full movie I will invest 294 to do so let me know I will have to like make a lot of notes it will be a proper video thing it'd be like kind of like the Eric over night of the Creation Museum one where.

I'll um I'll stand up and go through it and and kind of do it in a more a professional manner rather than this kind of doing it together so are there ratings on here are there ratings on Vimeo I don't feel like there are um but yeah definitely leave a comment if you want me to watch the movie um because I will do it maybe the.

Intention was good I'm assuming but the acting sound light story sucked big time you guys can do better should be re-categorized as satire comedy you did it guys you created something worse than my immortal and cut off a salad isn't that dust potato salad right is that a movie let me know oh you can also watch it on Christian Cinema of course I bet.

I'm betting the reviews are a lot better on Christian Cinema than they are on Vimeo what about Amazon if it's on Amazon we might get some reviews oh two and a half Stars you know what that's not that bad could be a lot worse 371 reviews haters of Jesus hate this film surprising no if you want me to watch him review the full film we'll look at.

Reviews of the film uh at the end of that I I won't look at any more today I don't want to be too mean to them because look making a film and I say even if I uh I feel the same about books even if I read somebody's like moderately terrible book somebody's written a whole ass book that's a amazing achievement and I think.

The same about making a film to be honest it is terrible the acting is is not good in this trailer um especially from the main the main cast member which is a it makes it much harder to watch if you're like main character is not delivering a believable performance especially if you're supposed to be.

Is supposed to affect your your reflect your true beliefs like if this person is dedicated to making movies to share the love of Jesus that should come through and exactly because that should be real and genuine anyway at least a little bit um which shows it might just be something like nerves or unfamiliarity in front of a camera or I don't know.

That does make it hard to watch but they filmed it during covid they filmed it on a tiny budget they edited it real quick um and I think they should get some kudos for all of those things I don't want to be I want to be fair about this because it's an achievement it's really bad but it's still an achievement you.

Know and I wouldn't want to stop them from making other things because here's the thing as well making a movie Under terrible constraints time constraints with a global pandemic you know with limited resources and access to actors and things like that if the next time they get a bigger budget which it sounds like they're going for and they hire.

Professional actors and they're much more learned they've got all the experience from this they probably will make something much much better next time so I don't want to be overly critical and put people off because here's the thing as well filmmaking is fantastic and it's fun it's a really really fun thing and I'd hate to just.

Dump on Indie movies and put anyone off making something on a budget because you absolutely should you've got to have something really unique and well written that's the thing is you can have all the garbage you know when it comes to technical things whatever look at Blair Witch okay you don't need the highest end equipment you can be forgiven for.

Having shoddy lighting and all of that stuff if you've got a well written good idea and unfortunately this film doesn't really have that at the heart of it it seems like they were latching onto all these other conspiracies about you know what Christianity being persecuted in the in the near future this is what it's.

Going to be like and we've got to spread the message right now that's what it feels like rather than somebody actually having a unique idea for making a movie so that is my thought thoughts there's more than one substantially more than one uh on 2025 the um the apocalyptic Christian movie about a communist single World Government which I'd love to know.

More about that I kind of want to watch the movie just to understand the setting a little bit better am I gonna end up watching this just for me maybe I'd really if you would like to see more movie reviews and stuff like that let me know because it is an area I kind of know things about and I get really excited talking about so I am I am happy.

To to do stuff like that let me know what you thought of both this video and of 2025 down below especially let me know know any cool little projects you've worked on any little films animations I don't know voice stuff just I think we are in a fantastic time to be honest for Indie media like Indie video games are taking off in a huge way Indie.

Movies are becoming a lot more mainstream so yeah share the love share your favorite Indie projects as well um because I I genuinely think that the more people make things because they want to uh the more creativity and beauty and stuff there is in the world and that was probably a bit much so we better wrap it.

Up thank you very much for watching before I go I must give a huge shout out to my giant chickens and my colossal quackers over on patreon thank you there are some nice perks over on the patreon you can get access to some extra content some uncut long versions of videos on here we do a monthly hangout.

For giant chickens and colossal quackers it's an amazing way to help this channel I really appreciate it so consider checking that out and do subscribe here if you haven't already go and take a look at my behind the scenes casual Life channel Amazon extra I also have a gaming channel at littleduck gaming it's a lot of fun we do a lot of spoopy games.

We do a lot of wholesome games the whole spectrum and I stream on Twitch three times a week you can find me over there at Emma little duck we also have Channel memberships on this channel now we've got 20 members Isn't that cool and the more members we get the more stupid emotes I can put up you get some little stupid Emma remotes or.

Emotes if you will and I give those comment priorities so I'll always go and check about once a week uh all the comments from channel members and I will look at them and like them that is all of the things plugged so thank you very much again for watching I hope you have a lovely week and I will see you really soon.


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