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Spy Family has been a major hit ever sinceit came out and it’s easy to see why. And the anime has only gotten the series evenmore popular since then. And just like many other anime, there area lot of fun little things you may have missed. This video is going to go over many fun facts,easter eggs and references found within the world of Spy Family. So stay tuned for a whole bunch of secrets. Including some interesting facts about Anya’sfavorite stuffed animal. Fans may have known that the Forger family’slast name is a spy pun. It’s a reference to document forging, somethingthat Loid does a lot of in order to build.

His family. But did you also know that Loid’s firstname is also a play on words? That’s why it’s spelled with an “I”instead of the traditional way. See that’s because “Loid” refers toa specific type of lockpicking. However, the pun didn’t originally makeit into the official English translation. When Spy Family was first being translated,his name was spelled the typical way. Several other character names were differenttoo. For example, Yor was called “Yoru” andinstead of Forger the family’s last name was “Folger”.

Yes, like the coffee brand. But obviously this has been fixed now. Another small but important difference betweenthe early translations and the ones we have now are what Anya calls her parents. The official translations have her callingLoid and Yor her Papa and Mama. But the earlier ones had her simply callingthem Ma and Pa. We actually like this change, it makes Anyasound cuter. Speaking of Anya, have you ever noticed howshe’s only one of two characters in the series with an unnatural hair color?.

Obviously bright pink hair is pretty normalin other anime. But in Spy Family, everyone else has naturalhair colors. The only other character with an unnaturalcolor is Fiona Frost with her white hair. But even then, there are conditions like albinismthat cause people to naturally develop white hair. So Anya really is the odd one out. However, its pink color might just be theresult of the experiments done on her. During a flashback in episode 1, we see abit of Anya’s life before she met Loid. And here it looks like her hair is actuallya light shade of blonde.

It could just be the lighting, but we liketo think that somehow Anya’s psychic powers made her hair pink. We have a few more fun facts about Anya too. Since Anya’s very young, she usually messesup her words when talking. Like when she called a bakery a Bakenry. But the way her childish speech pattern isportrayed in Japanese is interesting. See, Japanese has three separate alphabets:Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Hiragana is the simplest alphabet and taughtto children at a young age. So in Japanese, all of Anya’s dialogue iswritten in Hiragana.

Another thing about Anya that you may nothave known is that her design is actually reused from an older manga by Tatsuya Endo. Before he hit it big with Spy Family, Endopublished a one-shot manga called Rengoku no Ashe. The main character, a witch named Ashe, hasa lot in common with Anya. They’ve got the same pink hair, similarclothes and even the same little hair decorations. Obviously the main difference is that Asheis an adult while Anya is a small child. Anya isn’t the only character to share someaspects of Ashe’s design either. If you look at the earrings that Yor wearswhen she wears her assassin dress, they’re.

Identical to the ones Ashe wears. Speaking of Yor, remember that scene in Episode19 where she’s caught peeking through the windows at Eden Academy? Some of the boys at the school called herSpider Woman. Obviously this is a reference to Spider-Manbut it goes deeper than that. The pose that Yor is in is almost identicalto Spider-Man’s pose on the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man. Another reference to an American superherois Anya’s favorite cartoon character Bondman. We noticed that Bondman’s design is verysimilar to classic pulp hero The Green Hornet.

They both wear similar hats, trench coats,masks and neckties. The main difference is the color of theiroutfits. A more obvious reference is in episode 10of the anime. In one scene, Damian imagines himself catchinga giant ball of energy on a certain planet with green skies and blue grass. That’s right, there’s only one place likethat. It’s obviously supposed to be Planet Namekfrom Dragon Ball Z. A series that Spy Family references a lotis the James Bond franchise. Some of the references are obviously likethe scientists who experimented on Anya naming.

Her Subject 007 or the Forger family’s dogbeing named Bond. But one slightly more subtle reference isthe fact that Bond is always drawn wearing a small black bowtie. Throughout all the James Bond movies, fromthe original Sean Connery ones all the way to the newest, Bond’s iconic outfit alwaysincludes a black bowtie. Another famous spy referenced by the animeis Snake from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. When Loid disguises himself for a tennis tournament,he bears a striking resemblance to Snake’s design in Metal Gear Solid 3. If you’ve paid attention to the volume releases,you may have noticed that each cover depicts.

One of the main characters sitting on a chair. But not only that, these chairs also reflecttheir personality. For example, Damian is shown sitting on ablack chair with a sharp design with a bunch of toys on the floor. It makes sense since Damian is a spoiled richkid from a powerful family. So far the only cover to break this trendis volume 10. It instead depicts a young Loid sitting ona pile of rubble. As we write this script, volume 10 is thelatest release. So it’ll be interesting to see where thingsgo next with the covers.

Although, on the topic of Loid’s past, somethinginteresting about him is that we don’t actually know what his real name is. Loid is just the latest identity he’s assumed. Most of his fellow spies call him by his codenameTwilight. But even in flashbacks to Loid’s past, wedon’t learn his name. Whenever his name is said it’s blacked outlike a redacted piece of info in a document. But what’s interesting is that parts ofthese flashbacks are narrated from a first person perspective, Loid’s perspective. So his name being missing is intriguing.

It could mean that Loid has somehow forgottenhis real name or wants it to remain a secret. Loid not having a real name may be a referenceto another famous anime character. That being, Johan Liebert from Monster. Like Loid, Johan is a tall, handsome blondeman from Central Europe who’s also a master of disguise. And just like Loid, Johan isn’t actuallyhis real name. It’s just one of the many aliases he goesby. Of course the main difference is that Loidis a spy while Johan is a serial killer. Another character that Loid may be inspiredby is the famous Lupin the Third.

Whenever Loid disguises himself, it’s alwaysdone through him wearing a realistic rubber mask. He usually rips off this mask once he finisheshis job. Just like Loid, Lupin is also known for wearingthese lifelike masks and dramatically ripping them off. In fact one version of the Lupin anime revealsthat what we thought was Lupin’s real face was also a mask. Our next fact is about Anya’s stuffed animal:Mr. Chimera. If you know anything about Greek mythology,you may already be familiar with the creature.

It’s based on. In Greek myth, the Chimera is a fusion betweena lion, a goat and a snake. Anya’s Chimera has the lion body and snaketail but not the goat head. It’s probably for the best because thatwould make one terrifying stuffed animal. Additionally, Mr. Chimera is also depictedwith bat wings. Something that the traditional Chimera doesn’thave. Instead, the bat wings may belong to anotherlion-based mythical creature: The Manticore. It’s a monster described as a mix betweena bat, a lion and a scorpion. But again, it looks much cuter on Anya’sdoll.

Another one of Anya’s toys is a giant plushpenguin. This huge penguin may just be a referenceto the character Chiyo from Azumanga Daioh. As we’ve mentioned in another video, Chiyois another famous cute anime girl who is similar to Anya in a lot of ways. And in one iconic Azumanga Daioh scene, wecan see Chiyo wearing an adorable penguin costume that looks a lot like Anya’s plush. One more interesting thing about the worldof Spy Family is how certain parts of it are based on the real world. The most obvious examples being the countriesof Westalis and Ostania.

If you’re familiar with world history andgeography, then you’ll know that they’re based on East and West Germany. The city that the series is set in is evencalled Berlint, an obvious stand-in for the real life Berlin. Of course, Spy Family can be pretty over thetop sometimes. So setting it in a fictional country givesthe author more creative freedom. Eden Academy is also based on several famousreal life schools. The school’s entrance is modeled after HumboldtUniversity in Berlin. And other places like the dining hall andthe bridge the Forgers walk under are based.

On Oxford University in England. These 26 facts were just the ones we thoughtwere most noteworthy. So what do you think? Are there any fun easter eggs we missed?

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