2hrs PUPPYBOY ASMR │No-speaking gentle version 😴│Moist sounds, tattoo and ear rub down, damage no-speaking

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Hey, everyone. As the summer season of 2023 has ended, I've made a compilation. Based on your comments, I cleaned up the audio and adjusted the brightness. All background music has been removed. The next season (fall 2023) begins in September! However, memberships continue regardless of the season! Join the membership to see provocative and new experimental content! Good night! Love you all!❤️ Jelly Shaved Ice : 3000 Gel- Sweet and chewy!.

Lemon Flavored Ice Pop : 2800 GelRefreshing and cold! Jerry: Whoa… jelly… That looks delicious! Lemon: …yum. [RADIO] “We will now beginthe World's Best ASMR Competition!” ” World's Best ASMR Competition quarterfinals, Group C!” “Jerry the Yorkshire Terrier” “verses Lemon the Maltese!” “Write in the comments which Puppyboy you are cheering for!” “Every vote is valuable and has the potential to change the results!”.

“Vote for me!” [Lemon(Maltese)] [Jerry(Yorkshire Terrior)] [RADIO] “(Tsk-Tsk…Buzz) You've all beenwaiting for a long time!” [RADIO] “Haon vs. Dia. Let's see the result for Group B!” [RADIO] “The votes are going up on the display board!” “100, 200, 300…!” “Oh, it's such an exciting moment!” “And now, the Puppyboy who will advance to the semifinals is!”.

“465 VS 257! Amazing!” “Blue Merle Border Collie, 'Haon' advances to the finals! Congratulations!” “Please give a round of applause to the twocontestants who showed an impressive match!” “Haon, please prepare for the encore stage!” “Now, for the battle of Group C,we hope for your warm support and votes!” Jerry VS. LemonPlease start voting “Check out Group B quarterfinals winner,Haon's encore stage as a membership video!” It's the last quarterfinal match It's the last quarterfinal matchGroup DCoco vs. Yuni.

In The World's Best ASMR Competition!You decide who winsand proceeds to the next round Here's how to vote!Write the Puppyboy you supportin the comment section Please vote! Coco (Chihuahua) Yuni (Japanese Spitz) Group C's quarterfinals had Lemon vs. Jerry!Let's now check the result! What is the result!?Drumroll please!!! “441 vs. 255” That means Lemonproceeds to the semifinals!!! Congratulations, Lemon!!!Please give a round of applausefor Jerry as well!.

Who will win the last ticket to the semifinals!Please vote right now! And don't forget to checkLemon's hard-prepared encore performancein our exclusive membership video Preview (Woof!) (Nibble nibble) (Grrr) (Grrrrr) (Woof!) (Gong…).

(Shrugs…) – It's spring already… (Emotional…) Codename : KPUPPYBOY ASMR (Heat Wave News) – ”The heat is getting worse and it’s so sticky” “The discomfort level is unbearable..”Master… Will he be okay in the heat… – I'm gonna make some fruit punchafter buying a watermelon later Master!! I told you to remember!!You must have forgotten… – Gotta be a bit more thoroughwith today's healthcare routine for Master Master, please be careful!!.

That evening (Master) Tssss(Yann) Master!!! (Sizzled)- Oh my, you have a fever!!Are you okay, Master? (Yann) I need to lower his temperature!! – Splash- -Splash- (Yann) Quickly, to Master's private care room!! (Yann) I bought some sweet plums (Yaan) How do they taste? (Yann)Aloe is great to cool down your skin.

(Yann) Hmm.. Fortunately, I managed to soothe your skin (Yann) For the time being, I will give you a soothing pack every day (AC) Froooom- Haaaaaah – Yann! Come here and sleep – Okay… – ZzzZzzZzz (Yann) Good night, Master!.. (Become a channel memberand check out the hidden ending!).

I'm dizzy, What's going on? Strange… When did I come this far… (Aaron / Newfoundland / 5 years old) :Ah, you're awake I'm glad you woke up… Me:My body barely moves… It's surprised, but it's okay, take it easy Try breathing slowly Let me take a look for any injuries As you can see, this is where the jellyfish stung.

You also hurt the bottom of your foot Maybe you stepped on a sea urchin or a sharp shell Other than that… Everything's okay Take your time to recover,I'll bring the first-aid kit for your wounds Let me take your temperature first Your temperature is fine It's slightly below average Me:Phew… My body feels way better now Aaron:That's great, you're recovering well.

Me:Is that anemone cream? Hmm? Oh, yes, it's great for jellyfish stings Me:A starfish…? Me:I've never heard using starfish for treatment… Aaron:Compressing heat can help relieve pain I'll take out the thorn, so it's going to hurt a bit Me:Do you put seaweed on wounds here? Aaron:..Be careful not to get the wound area wet I'll take a last look at the wound.

Me:Sir… Is this a dream? Aaron:You might have been stung by a box jellyfish You'll feel dizzy, but will be fine in time Your treatment is over Until your body can comfortably move, Close your eyes and keep breathing Friend :Hey! Are you okay? When I opened my eyes, I was lying in a seaside medical center.

My arms and feet were treatedwith heat packs and waterproof bands Me : Who put these on for me? Friend :Oh, a lifeguard Puppyboy called Aaron! Friend :He was so buff, too! No wonder, he's a lifeguard Friend :You were so hilarious just before! Friend :You were like, what's with the anemone and seaweed? 'Is it anemone cream?' 'Do you put seaweed on wounds here?' Me;Oh… No way…

Me;…Kill me now Friend :He said to take antibiotics when you wake up, here …So that wasn't a dream? Friend:No, the pills are here! Are you still in your dreams? Friend : I'm so jealous of you! Me: For what? Getting stung by a jellyfish?Stepping on a sea urchin? Friend :Wait, you don't remember? I actually remember it. Quite clearly But I'm too embarrassed to admit it…

Name : AaronBreed: NewfoundlandAge : 5 years old On one drowsy day at the hospital, at 4 P.M. I was waiting to get surgery from my last accident – Your patient is ready! Huh? You're the nurse…! – And you are…! – I can't believe I ran into you like this! – You don't owe me that much.

– It's just what I do… – I'll get you ready for the surgery tomorrow – Could you tell me your name? – I need to take a look at your tag – And the shot you'll be taking, is a test for antibiotics – It'll sting a little bit – I need your other arm too – Yes, this is to check the reaction to the antibiotics – I'll be back in 15 minutes to check again.

– You'll be getting an IV this evening – I'll get the catheter ready now – Open and close your hands please – I can't really see the vessel, hold on a sec… – This will sting – I'll get another one done – This? This is saline solution – I need to check the area for the surgery, it's this one, right? – You should fast starting from midnight.

– Yes, water is not allowed as well – Your dinner will be served around 6:30 P.M. – I'll come back laterto check the reaction – Take a rest now Join the membership to commemorate your first encounter with him! [Homage Papa Hospital] I was hospitalized from an unexpected accidentand had a surgery the next day (Knock knock) Hello?.

(Jhonny/Plastic surgeon)Your surgery is scheduled for tomorrow It's better to see it as…a surgeryto make a bridge under your eyes It will leave you with…a scar I'm going to make a 3cm incision under your eyes I'll try my best, but it'll take some timeto regain your sense of touch OK, I'll see you then 'It's hard to fall asleep the night before the surgery' 'I walked around the hospital late at night to kill time' 'And then the day of the surgery arrived'.

(Doctor)Hello, sir Your name and date of birth, please OK, here's your surgical cap Did you sleep well last night? Oh no, but you'll be able to sleep very well tonight! So what exactly happened to you? Gasp! I see. It must have hurt really bad… I can't believe your phone didn't workHow did you call 911? Oh, really? Jude? One of our nurses?.

Wow, that's like a movie! OK, take a deep breath now I'm going to inject the anesthesia It'll be injected through a catheterlike an IV bag You'll fall asleep as soon as it's in The surgery will be over once you wake up (Me)”Please don't make the scar obvious…:'( (Doctor)Of course, no worries! Shall we count from 1 to 10?.

'1..' '2..' – Anesthesia in ‘3…..’ ‘4…’ ‘5…’ And that's everything I remember (Jhonny)”Let's get this started” “Gauze”.

“Scalpel” “Hold here” “Suction. Can't see anything” (PA)”Got it” “Forceps” “No, a 12” “Forceps again” “…” “Get the stitches ready”.

“This is perfect. Not a lot of blood, either” “Good” “The splint needs to be a little bigger, I think” “Longer one, please” “OK” “Tape” “Good job, everyone” “Wipe this area with extra care” “Thank you for your work, professor”.

“…” “Hello” “Hello?” (Doctor)You're awake! All of our patients wake upwith such pretty faces… (Doctor)We moved you to the recovery room Take a deep breath! You'll be here for about an hour. Get some rest -Back to the ward after the surgery-.

(Jude/Nurse)You did a great job I'll get you an intramuscular shot and a pain reliever I know it hurts.. No? It doesn't hurt at all? That's a relief This is an ointment for the scarApply right onto the scar like this Two or three times a dayGet some rest, then (Knock knock) Hello.

(Jhonny)Oh, you can stay in bed. It's all good Hmm, anywhere uneasy? Look at my finger Head up.. The surgery was successful. Now.. You eat well and rest well All you need to do now is to recover I'll come back around 4 o'clock, so please be here I'm letting you out of the ward only when you get better.

OK, then Name: JhonnyBreed: Schnauzer How does it feel here? Join the membership to checkthe first meeting with the doctor! Good night, master! Ruru: La-la-la! Ruru fell into a black hole! Ruru : “Gah! I'm getting sucked into a black hole!” You little rascal!Black Hole: “Ouch!”.

Ruru:”Wow! Thank you so much!” Bibi getting attacked by a T-rex! (Cat treat) Bibi:”Wow! Thank you so much!” “You are so kind! Let's be friends!” “By the way, you'll look stunningif you wear a little bit of makeup!” “Right, right!””I agree!” “That's what it looks like!” “Ruru, Bibi… I have to go back to sleep”.

“I have to wake up early tomorr–” “We are in your dreams!””We are in your dreams!” Ruru (2, Coton de Tulear)”Are you ready to become a princess?” “I will give you a princess make-over.” Bibi (2, Bichon)”I'll be in charge of the hair and accessories!” “What? You're still tired?” “That's okay! Get some sleep!” “Trust us, we'll make you beautiful!” “First, we'll start off with some contact lenses!”.

“How is it? So sparkly!” “Purple heart contacts!” “This is the most trending contacts,which is why I ordered them.” It's beautiful! Her big eyes make them pop even more! “Now, we'll ahead and apply the base makeup!” “You already have clear skin,so we just need to adjust your overall skin tone!” “We'll start here first” “She has baby skin! I'm envious!”.

“You never forget to wash your facebefore you go to bed, do you?” “No wonder! Your skin is almost translucent!” “Now, time for the eyeshadow” “We're going to blend pink and burgundy, like so” “Then add some glitter below your eyes!” “Sparkle, sparkle!” “It looks so good on you!” We're going to use the shade”Summer Peach” for blush Now smile!.

It's a bit too much That's okay, we'll just pat pat pat to blend it out Time for the eyeliner now! I like when the wing of the eyelineris soft and heading down like this We're going to add lashes now… I highly recommend this brand!It makes your eyes so pretty. We're going to use this for the brows! Scribble, scribble This side too, beautiful!.

Now for the highlighter! Let's add some on your cheeks, chin,and your forehead as well! Your nose is already nicely defined,so I'll only add a little All done! Now, I'm going to curl your hair! Your curls are looking great! Let's brush them out to make themlook more natural! Your hair is so healthy! Do you always make timeto get hair treatments even if you're busy?.

No wonder! These are today's special earrings! Isn't it adorable?It's the new F&C 2023 Collection! It looks so good on you! There's nothing like face stickerswhen you want to add an accent! Hmm… I think we'll go with this one today! Oh my god! It's adorable! For the finishing touch, we'll add this big ribbon clip! You are so so so cute!.

You look beautiful!Now that you're all dolled up, let's go out! What? You're still very tired? Oh well, then! “Should we sleep a bit?””Okay, let's do that!” Let's go to the bed! (Message notification)”The restoration has been completed.Thank you for using our service!” (Business Card)Dream Papa Co., Ltd.-Specialized in Special Photography/Directing/Props We're going to have a good nights sleep toosince we had a fun time with our master! Sweet dreams, Master!.

We love you very much! Special viceo celebrating PUPPYBOY reaching 400K subs! In the damp, gloomy dungeon… There is only one prisoner ! Hmm, it'll be a shame if a dame like you hurt your nails What do you mean, 'What do you know?'As you can see, I've been takingvery good care of my nails Your wrist looks so frail, I'm worried you mighthurt yourself with those sharp scissors I wish I could help you clip your fragile nails.

Oh, I can help you out, even though I'm in here You'll just have to reach out like this! Thank you so much Phew, that feels better… I should've introduced myself My name is Roald, I an an entrepreneur and explorer It's an honor to meet you, milady Your hands have become rough.

I'll give you a moisturizing massage next time Ma'am, nail makeup has been trendingbetween noble women these days I have picked up a few skills by watching them Would you give me the honor to do your nails? This is grass mixed with dye What do you think? Haha, I can make them even prettier Do you have anything small and pretty right now? Hmmm…. great.

Usually people use small 'gems' or petals… Ma'am I have a question Why am I trapped here? … A thief….? Oh my, what a huge misunderstanding I was only there to gather some herbs I had no idea that it was a treasure cave I didn't steal anything…! How upsetting My motto is 'Greed it permanent slavery'.

I was just searching for herbs… Please let your boss know that it was all a misunderstanding… Okay, what do you think? I'll apply another coat to make it last longer Okay, it's all done Oh, you want to give me a gift?I didn't do this to get rewarded… If that's the case, would you give mesome food? I'm hungry I'll just wait calmly here.

!!!! La la la! Heh, stupid humans So naïve, so easy to manipulate I shall get a glass of rumand the finest of cheese with the gold I stole! Mhm, I love the smell of fish! Is this prison close to a wharf…? Huh? I knew it! Cats never sleep at night! The fog looks beautiful tonight! Isn't that so, kitty?.

[Captain Anthony]Welcome aboard, cutie! What is thisssss???? Hahahaha! What do you mean?We're in the middle of the ocean!! Roald: What are you doing right now??Anthony: You have a loud voice!! – Royal embarked(?) on Anthony's pirate ship- -What's the price for stealing a pirate's treasure?- – Next up! 'Encounter with a Siren'- To be continued Curious about this episode's hidden story?Join PUPPYBOY membership!.

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