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Whenever I recall the memory of that night I getchoked on fear it was the end of December and the snowfall had been pretty heavy I was sitting in myroom playing games on my computer my parents were both out having the house to myself I decidedto try something spooky I had recently heard about the dark web for my friends my best friendNoah said it's a creepy place even mentioned a cannibal Forum where interested human meat eaterschat about their insane fantasies I logged into the Tor Browser that helps you to access theDeep Web I found some Hitman hiring Pages a few creepy torture videos and then finally anexplicit site where the content was gruesome and sickly I was about to go watch a scary movienot finding anything scary enough when suddenly a link popped up saying not for the faint-heartedclick if you dare exclusive live without thinking.

I clicked I still will regret that decision a darkscreen flashed the word live blinked in the top left corner for a second the darkness stayed andthen a white Spotlight lit up flashing a woman standing in the middle of a kitchen her hair wasput down on the front hiding her face she wore a dirty white patient uniform with mud stains thekitchen was filthy as hell piles of dishes were stacked in the sink cobwebs hanging everywhereI could see the Cockroaches walking all over the walls what caught my attention most was the oldstroller she was holding on to it was like one of those Rosemary's Baby types only dustierand more unclean suddenly a baby's cry took place I realized it was coming from the stroller Icouldn't see the baby but its cry was very hoarse what the hell is all this I murmured to myselfwhen a creepy lullaby began to play in the room I.

Couldn't tell if it was coming from a music box orsome other sound device the woman started to rock the cradle slowly with the music it felt so creepyto watch her black long hair made it impossible to see her face yet at the same time I felt shewas looking at me she then started to talk to the baby calm down little angel stop crying I wasflabbergasted by the sight the more she taught the baby's cry got louder no no no no no stop cryingif you don't I will have to punish you what what the f is she saying her grip on the candle gotstronger and she started rocking it a little too fast but the baby still kept crying so you won'tstop huh looks like you've made up your mind stopped rocking it and let go of the strollershe then turned to her right and picked up something from the floor once her hands hit thelight I saw what it was she was now holding a.

Glass jar with a metal lid on it the contentsof the jar seemed to be moving drops of sweat appear to my forehead once I figured out whatthe hell was in that jar hundreds of red big fire ants crawling inside the jar bloody hellis this woman insane the woman suddenly parted her hair revealing her partial face the camerazoomed onto her face and it gave me nightmares she had big green eyes bulging out of the eyesocket and her skin was infectious I'm sure it wasn't makeup because it looked real scratchesand pus-filled wounds were all over her cheeks her face was scratched with nails badly shesmiled and put her finger on her lips she him to put the baby to sleep The Cry of the baby was almost dying down whenshe opened the lid of the jar put her hand in.

It and grabbed a handful of fire ants the antswere probably biting her too but she didn't even Flinch not for a single second and then I watchedthe horror happen she started dropping those ants inside the Cradle the cry got louder with eachant I was feeling traumatized I wanted to quit life but my fingers were frozen on the keyboard isthis happening to live oh no you just got louder she screamed like she didn't expect that to happeneverything about her behavior was so psychotic she smash the drawer on the floor the soundof breaking glass numbers my ears again she turned to a right and picked somethingup from the dark corner this time she had a blowtorch in her hand holy mother of God isshe going to set the stroller on fire before I could contemplate it she torched the stroller acloud of smoke Rising flames of fire gobbled the.

Stroller immediately the cry grew the loudest andthen slowly began to die down the woman laughed silly little angel sleep in peace I couldn'twatch it anymore I left the sight but then a few glitches appeared on the screen took me toanother page it was a chat box and I saw someone labeled as the mother typing a text appearedon the screen someone is knocking on your door why don't you open it a cold shiver rushed downmy spine with trembling hands I typed back is just a joke no reply came I waited in silencemy heart was racing when suddenly loud banging appeared on the main door the banging soonchanged into kicking and then the crazy press of our doorbell I screamed leave me alone or I'mcalling 9-1-1 I plugged off my computer it finally turned off and just then the banging stopped tooI could barely breathe it felt like I was having.

A heart attack 10 minutes later when I finally gotmy courage back I slowly walked to the entrance I peeked outside from the eye hole and only saw thedeserted straight and dimly lit Lamppost I slowly opened the door someone has left a cardboard boxon my porch I opened it and screamed ah there was a mutilated doll of a baby ants were crawlingon it and its burnt face made me bump I threw the box out right and locked the door the wholenight I remained awake until my parents got home I couldn't tell them about this incident becauseI knew they won't believe me I still remember the note I found inside that box it read next time itwon't be a doll hey guys I hope you're enjoying the video if so please leave a like and also asmall percentage of people that watch my videos are actually subscribed if you want to supportthis Channel and make this channel reach the 1.

Million Mark please consider subscribing it'sfree and you can change your mind later enjoy I plopped down to my knees my face covered in mudloser I looked up just in time to see a football sailing through the air headed right from myface it connected with a sickening thud and I fell backward Stars glittering in my vision heydweep I groaned did someone hauled me to my feet it was Joey the school bully his friends laughedas he shoved me hard sending me sprawling back into the mud why don't you just go crawl backunder your rock and die you're such a freak no wonder nobody likes you they kept laughing andjeering as they walked away leaving me alone and crying in the mud I'd had enough enough forthe bullies the taunting the feelings like I was worthless I stood up wiped the mud off my faceand walked home I went straight to my room and.

Cried myself to sleep I was so tired of all of itof feeling like I had no control over my my life waking up I rubbed my eyes as I scrolled throughsocial media I was I was sick of it I was done I kept browsing the internet drifting more andmore towards the Shady Side of Things forms that discussed how to get revenge on your bullies youknow the deal that's when I saw it a form post that detailed how to gain access to the dark webI was curious so I clicked the link it took me to a website with a list of links I clicked onthe first link that caught my interest Hitman for hire I was skeptical but I kept readingthe website claimed that they could remove any problematic people in your life or a priceI thought about my bullies and how good it would feel to see them gone besides one of the packageson the website was free problem removal what does.

It mean no further orders applicable shrugging Ihit the order button followed the instructions and submitted the names and locations of my bulliesI added anyone and everyone I could think of even miss Harlington who had kept me late afterschool one time to berate me for my low grades finally it had a field for my name and address Ihesitated for only a moment before putting in my information what did I have to lose after pushingsubmit however something strange happened the text Hit List appeared at the top of my page with alist of every person I had submitted the weird part was that my name was at the bottom listedas a payment for the job at that moment though my mother called me to dinner and I didn't havetime to think about it admittedly I quickly forgot about the website and went on with my life dayspassed and weeks I almost forgot about it until.

One day I noticed something weird Joey usuallywaited for me by the school gates to bully me but today he was nowhere to be seen in fact Ididn't see Joey or any of his friends for the rest of the day it was like they had vanished IntoThin Air I wondered if they were sick or something but I didn't see them and the halls or in classit was like they had just disappeared a chill ran down my spine as I remembered the websitesurely it couldn't be real could it I dismissed the thought and tried to forget about it but Icouldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong it was only when I entered the class that Ifound out what was wrong my teacher stood at her desk her hair disheveled and her makeup smearedshe looked like she'd been crying class Joey Sarah and John have passed away I could feelthe blood drain from my face as she spoke it were.

Dead but how it couldn't have been the websitecould it have and I froze as I looked up at Miss harlington's disheveled face she was still alivewasn't she that meant it wasn't the website I sighed with relief and opened my book thinkingthat the world had done me a good deed for once but as I began to read I heard a sudden gasp ina gurgle Miss Harlington had Frozen in place her hands still holding a glass of coffee which slowlyspilled over the desk and dripped onto the floor the glass shattered as it hit the ground and Irealized with a start that her eyes were wide open and staring Straight Ahead dead screaming Iran from the classroom my mind racing it couldn't be the website it just couldn't be as I hurriedhome however I suddenly became acutely aware of a vehicle behind me it had been there for severalminutes and seemed to be following me I quickened.

My Pace but the car sped up as well I beganto run but he was of no use it finally pulled several yards in front of me and stopped the manwho got out of the car was horrifying there's no other way to put it get black hair that stuckout at odd angles like straws and wore a top hat but what was probably the scariest thingwas this mask it was white with crooked teeth shaped into a mouth slits for eyes and painted oneyebrows beneath the mouth was a red mark like a bloody streak I tried to scream but nothingcame out I was paralyzed with fear payments do what do you mean your con tracked you ordered aremoval and I delivered now it's time for payment but I I I I didn't mean it doesn't matter what youmeant the contract is binding and I always collect my payments no please I I can't you made your dealwith the devil now it's time to pay up I finally.

Forced my body to move turning and running theman was fast though and I could hear his footsteps pounding after me his breathing harsh and raggedI was running as fast as I could but it wasn't enough he tackled me from behind and I hit theground hard the last thing I saw was this white grinning Mass because he pressed a cloth overmy face I tried to scream but it was too late when I awoke I could see his face leering over mein some sort of basement he had devices medical devices and I was strapped to some sort of tableI tried to scream but my mouth wouldn't work all I could do was watch as he approached me witha long sharp needle before I blacked out again when I came to I was back where he tackled megroaning I sat up bewildered as I saw several policemen running toward me what the I'mokay now as okay as I can be apparently.

I'd been missing for several months and thepolice found me after receiving an anonymous tip I don't know who tipped them off butI'm just glad to be alive well most of me I finally understood what type of paymentI made parts of me are missing a kidney my tongue and something else I don't want to thinkabout probably for sale on the black market hey guys my name is Edward and I'm a fan ofuncovering the secrets of the Deep Web before you think I'm a psychopath rest assured I don'tlike anything that goes on there I'm not in favor of kidnapping arms dealing or red rooms nowadaysI'm a white hat hacker you know those hackers experts in computer security are dedicated tosyncing those users who went to the Deep Web with bad intentions but before I became a computerexpert before I roamed the Deep Web hunting for.

Potential hijackers I was just another user ofthe simplest levels of the Deep Web at that time I also knew a lot about computers but I was naiveand didn't understand the risks I was exposing myself to by being there and that would have itsprice late 2017 everyone was obsessed with the mystery boxes on the Deep Web I was one of themso I logged onto a site of dubious precedence left my personal information paid for the boxand waited patiently for to arrive during that time I was very afraid that it was all a fraud inthe best case scenario the box would not arrive that was not what worried me what scared me wasthat they would come to kidnap me and my family I was terrified I should have never shared myinformation like that to my surprise a few days later no one kidnapped me better yet the Box hadarrived the box was huge and unlike many others.

I see on the internet it was not decorated manypeople put question marks on them or fill them with spider webs this was not the case it wasjust a huge brown box of poor quality today many people ask me why I didn't film this or uploadanything to YouTube the answer is simple I'm not interested in Fame I was only interested inopening the box and experiencing what was inside whether I get ripped off or not upon opening it Imust admit I was a little disappointed in the Box were fake skulls bats knives and ropes all itemsthat a kidnapper might have but at the same time you know that their generic things that everyonecould buy anywhere but in the middle of the things as if unobtrusively there was something elseI still don't understand why the small French Blue Bell wrapped in a cloth caught my attentionupon inspecting it I rang it it worked perfectly.

The Bell transmitted something strange to mea very strange feeling of discomfort as if I shouldn't have it in my hands I was about to wrapit again when on its cloth I noticed that there was something written those of you have justlyacquired the Bell Rejoice or you've just earned his favor and his Blessing The Watcher will comefor you and I will lead you to feel absolute Bliss the strongest emotions and the most unattainablePleasures somewhat disturbed by what I had just read I put the Bell back where it was and beganto put everything in the Box I left the box in the corner of my room and left since I was onvacation I didn't have to go to work so with a big smile I went to make myself something to eatwhen I got to the kitchen I heard a noise coming from the bedroom and as soon as I turned aroundto see if something had fallen I saw it for the.

First time the room that I had just left wasdark the lights had gone out on their own but that wasn't all I strained my eyes because I knewsomething was there and when I realized it I wish I hadn't two white dots were more than two feetaway two white dots were more than two meters above the ground pointing at me were they eyes nohuman has eyes like that when my vision cleared I began to discover a silhouette the thing staringat me was human shaped he was standing dressed all in black with a hood that didn't reveal hisface his whole body was covered by a huge huge closed jacket its body was too thin and Tall butit seemed to be attached this could look like a human but it was not I thought about turning andrunning but I couldn't my whole body froze with fear I couldn't move little by little I beganto feel sadder and more desperate I wanted to.

Cry I wanted to throw myself out of a window whatwas happening to me these feelings were not mine it was as if something in the look of that beingmade me feel this way I gathered all my energy and ran as far as I could escaping from that horribleencounter from that day on I began to experience a living nightmare that being was not only in myhouse it was everywhere wherever he was I would suddenly start to feel sad and get depressed whenthis happened I knew that if I looked for a dark place I would see him there hiding in the shadowswatching me to make it worse I was the only person who could see him I felt like I was going crazythis went on for several days and I could never get used to it because it got worse and worse ashe was getting closer and closer the feelings were getting stronger and stronger the worst day ofall hadn't started so badly I had fallen asleep.

That day which was a great achievement when I wokeup it was still dark I was sleeping with all the lights on but the moment I looked up surprisedthat they were all off I knew something bad was about to happen I tried to move my body to getout of my bed but something was wrong my body was not reacting something strange was happeningagain suddenly I could only look ahead to where my closet was and to my absolute Terror it started toopen revealing a creepy figure inside who are you why are you doing this to me what do you want withno answer the eyes staring at me from inside the closet began to move forward wriggling out of thecloset I could see him for the first time without a jacket his body was gray and full of bandageshis mouth was small barely visible and the rest of his body was filled with wounds and craters beforeI could see him any further he threw himself at.

Me at an inhuman speed walking at high velocityand contorting his body with every step he took oh my God what was that felt so real still nervousstill trembling with fear I saw it in the distance the lights were still all off just like in mydream but that being was in the distance watching me at that moment I turned all my hatred all myanger into energy and charged towards it maybe I could push him away maybe I could fight him orperhaps he would kill me and all this torture would end at that moment but nothing happened whenI got to where he was there was absolutely nothing it can't be he was just here what point did I losesight of him and that was my last attempt to fight it that day at that moment I knew I couldn't doanything against him but also I saw something else the Bell just in case I had thrown awaythe box and all its contents a few days before.

I was suspicious of that Bell so I made sureit was in there while looking for the being in the darkness I had seen it on the floor in thesame place where this being was standing a few seconds before that day I understood everything Iwould not be able to get rid of it I would not be able to throw it away or destroy it someone elsehad to take it over someone else would have to acquire at ference Square the same way I got itI sold it to another unsuspecting person on the Deep Web surely it had reached another curiousman like me who will send it to someone else or I don't want to think about what this being willdo to him because he would have done it to me too from that day on my interest in the Deep Web didnot go away but it intensified I never tried to find out anything about that Bell I felt that ifI looked for it I would attract that being again.

What I did look for were ways to protect peoplefrom these traps I ended up becoming an expert in computer security in these five arduous yearsand today I dedicate myself to patrolling the deep web hacking those who are doing somethingbad but scaring the unwary kids who don't know what they're doing they're afraid of me but Iknow I'm protecting them from themselves

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