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Foreign as soon as I realized I was awake I knew somethingwas wrong everything was all hazy all I knew was that I was inside of a giant Crib in a weird darkbaby bedroom that looked familiar like maybe I was at home or sleeping over at someone's house buteven that didn't feel quite right I really didn't know where I was or how I got there but I wasn'talone inside the crib with me was my friend Chucky and over in the other Crib in the room were thetwins Philip and Lillian they were all sleeping like logs which didn't make sense to me couldI be feeling so paranoid and frightened while they were literally drooling by the looks of itwe lost our minds on a milk drinking binge that just went way too far until we passed out for Godknows how long I shook it off and started trying.

To wake up Chucky shaking and shoving him but herefused to open his eyes up come on you gotta get up uh what do you mean I'm just sleeping guysget up something something wrong can any of you he can hear you Tommy you're really really loudcould you keep you keep down a bit I want to go back to sleep no you can't you gotta stayup and help me figure out what's going on what do you mean I mean like where are we howdid we get here and how are we gonna get out of here uh I don't know where we are what areyou too blabbering about can you keep it down everybody listen to me I don't know what'sgoing on but something is really wrong can any of you remember what happened no exactlywe shouldn't be here we have to get out uh okay but how do we do that well it's obvious wehave to climb out of these cribs no way Tommy you.

Can't look how tall it is if you fall you'll diewe don't have any other choice Chucky I'll I'll go first I was scared but I knew I had to climbif I wanted any chance of Escape by the time I got to the top of the ledge I was so dizzy fromthe height that I had to take a moment to steady myself I took a deep breath in before committingto the jump that's when the door flew open an Angelica stormed in holding two baby bottles fullof milk screaming what the hell are you doing get back in the crib where you belong you idiot yesAngelica I'm sorry you better be now everybody get ready for your milk can I get breastfed insteadshut up you first twinsies no don't do it you guys don't drink the milk I tried to stop thembut it was too late as soon as the bottles were in their hands the bottles were in their mouthsand they were drinking the milk and just like.

That Philip and Lily and rolled over onto theirsides and suckled brainlessly I couldn't believe what kind of grip this formula had on them it waslike they were hooked on it and couldn't escape their need for it there had to be some kind ofspecial secret ingredient hiding whatever was in those bottles Angelica laughed at them then sheturned and looked at me and Chucky with the smile of an evil witch saying you're next for a momentshe stepped outside of the room to grab two more bottles and while she was away I tried to warnChucky who was just starting to look as frightened as I felt listen Chucky whatever you do don'tdrink that milk it's bad for you I don't know how I know but I know okay promise me you won't drinkit no matter what she says yeah Tommy I promise you won't either right of course not we got thisChucky we're in this together what do you think.

You're doing less talking more sucking Angelicaapproached our crib and shoved the bottle in Chucky's face but he turned and tried to push itaway this made her even matter so she grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up into the air comeChucky all you have to do is with tears streaming down his face Chucky folded and opened his mouthAngelica then shoved the bottle in and dropped him in an instant he was in the same state as Philipand Lillian now it's your turn Little Tommy oh open wide screw you leave me alone or I'mcalling the cops open up open up no I stuck I should got her way as soon as that bottlepopped into my mouth it was all over for me when will you idiots ever learn I'm doing this anyway I don't care about any ofthis I should just start putting cyanide in those.

Stupid bottles then there won't be a businessand I won't have to be here wouldn't that be nice we've been waiting on you Angelica whattook you so long I had some trouble with Thor but it's all taken care ofare you ready to take care of room 105 yeah whatever give me thebottles there you go Angelica all right today marks the one year anniversary when mygranny and Grandpa went away without saying goodbye my parents told me that they were bothdoing just fine and if they miss me and my little brother very much they allegedly went off for avacation but they never ended up coming back I was sitting in my room coloring when I rememberedthat it was exactly a year ago that they left but.

Right as I started missing them all over againI heard my parents crying downstairs I knew they had to be sad as well I wanted to console themso I left my room and headed downstairs to see them in the living room yeah when I was halfwaydown the stairs I was curious and I knew they wouldn't talk about grown-up stuff if they knew Iwas there so I stopped and listened oh but how are we going to break the news to the poor littlegirl I don't know my darling maybe she's old enough now for the talk absolutely not surelyher sweet innocent heart cannot take such such oh it just isn't right I'm so sorry it has tobe this way if there was any other way I could change this cruel world we live in you know Iwould yes I know you would in fact I've decided they could take me next no I can't live withoutyou besides you know they take us by pears you.

Know what we have to do no honey please don'tsay it we must it's the only way we can survive we have to give up George and Peppa for us no nono no no no no no that would be a selfish thing to do to let those monsters sacrifice them beforeus you stupid old hog we can make new piglets if we want to but we have to be alive call me a hogagain you sick turd gobbling swine what the hell is the matter with you what kind of bird are youwell well well I may take part in a bite of dirt from time to time but I know where your tonguehas been Mister at least I don't stick my tongue up my honey daddy what's going on here why areyou fighting uh Peppa my darling your father and I are having a grown-up discussion you should goback up to your room no let us stay why don't you explain to her everything you just told me wellum I will you see this isn't easy to say but but.

But your father wants to oh don't put this on meyou stupid pork chop fine Peppa your father and I are sending you and your brother off to beslaughtered this year foreign got quiet Mommy and Daddy stared at me blankly as I graduallyunderstood what mommy had just said I was naive but not stupid I remembered what happened toGranny and Grandpa and I heard everything mommy and daddy said I knew what it meant Peppa deargo get your brother George we didn't want you to do but look it's time for you two okay just justlisten to Daddy yes Daddy I walked away trembling and choking on the lump in my throat but I mademy way up the stairs and went inside George's room where he was playing with his toys withouta care in the world suddenly just looking at the innocence of my little brother made me feel like agrown-up like I had to take care of him don't say.

Anything George just listen mommy and daddy havegone insane they're trying to get rid of us we have to hide right now come on let's go They'regonna find us in here I figured the one place mommy and daddy wouldn't expect us to hide in wastheir own bedroom so we squeezed underneath their bed Peppa Pig what's taking you so long oh shutup they've gone and hid why didn't you go up with her I could hear them start to fight again wailingand screaming at each other and yelling all sorts of awful things they stormed up the stairs andstarted tearing apart the bedrooms looking for us I could hear everything being destroyed asMommy and Daddy became more and more like wild animals I know it's only because they didn't wantto be sacrificed that they acted this way and in some way I understand it but I still can't fullybelieve how quickly they turned on us but I only.

Had a moment to think before they barged into theroom you little brats better come out of hiding right now you hear me they were just inches away Iwas sure we'd be found but then something changed it was the sound of someone breaking downthe front door downstairs it's him hide suddenly mommy and daddy were scrambling fora place to hide just like us but they didn't have the same luck they were so big that nomatter how much they scuffled around trying to be quiet there was nowhere in which theycould possibly hide from what was coming and of course it wasn't long before that man thebutcher started making his way up the stairs yeah piggy piggy piggy where are you come toDaddy now my little bacon bits I want some freshly bled pork chops yes yes yes yes I can hear andsmell you and now that's left to do is taste you.

That's when the butcher appeared in thedoorway armed with a Cleaver and a rope poor little George and I were hiding therethe whole time watching everything unable not to hear the unforgettablesounds of the utmost sufferings hmm I wonder who this Peppa andGeorge could be oh well I've got my pair of piggies for now I justhave to come back for them next year finally the Mad Butcher was then finished withhis business and dragged mommy and daddy away leaving me and George under their bed to finallyunderstand why a pig never wants to grow up please laughs It All Happened without warning one moment I wascomfy dozing off in my room then when I opened.

My eyes everything familiar to me had vanishedWithout a Trace only to be replaced by a capacious pink room where I sat next to a creepy doll on agiant couch where the hell am I is this some sort of nightmare I asked myself frantically I ranmy fingers across my face immediately noticing something different I became aware of my oddhairstyle including my large red nose I knew I had become a clown bewildered I just wanted to screamI didn't know if this was some sick nightmare or if I was being held captive and so I trustedmy instincts aiming to get the hell out of here when I got up I glanced at the creepy doll nextto me it looked like a clown as well I couldn't help but freak out as I scanned around the roomeventually spotting a window I got up from the giant couch and made my way to the window where Ipeeked through the curtains I remember seeing more.

Of that weird empty cartoonish looking world thatdidn't make any sense at all then casually walking along the sidewalk were two people who lookedexactly like me clowns one had orange hair purple shorts and yellow shoes while the other was an oldlady wearing a green sweater and a purple skirt they waved at me like they had known me for a longtime but that was impossible I had never seen them before so out of fear I shut the curtains andran back to the giant couch rummaging through the pillows as I freaked out moments later I feltsomething sharp and was initially frightened then when I looked closer I saw a seashell and pickedit up I put it next to my ear and could hear ocean sounds however I then Heard a Voice Lowand Sinister apart from the sound of the Waves telling me to obey the doll's demands freakingout once more I tossed the seashell across the.

Room I situated myself on the far end of the couchaway from the creepy doll as I had my eyes fixated on it I just wanna go home and suddenly the dollbegan to speak its voice docile tiny and malicious but you convinced my life was in danger all Icould think of was how to escape but unaware of where I was I didn't know where else to go norhow to avoid getting caught by those who seem to have recognized me from outside I was sweatinglike crazy as my entire body trembled in fear a part of me was convinced that I was going nutsthen while the doll's body remained stationary on the couch its head moved to face me seconds laterit grindin said there's nowhere else to go my dear unless unless what I asked my body's stillquivering unless you play the clock game I had no idea what this entity had in mind but Ididn't have a choice either so I took the only.

Chance I had and played that silly game no matterwhat I had to win I had to be free having found my courage and resolve I stood up and said heyfine have it your way so how do I play this game Crete clap their hands in delight and laid out themechanics it's pretty simple first you must lay on the clock rug over there then type six numbers ofmy choosing without moving your other ligaments seemed simple enough to understand untilthe doll added but remember you must keep so you understand I called knowing what a hugerisk it would be but eventually I nodded agreeing to the terms of the cursed doll excellent nowfirst reach out to number 12 with your right hand I quickly positioned my arm to touch thedesignated number good now put your left arm arm to number one I stretched my arm with a bitof tension but gladly it was still doable okay.

Not bad now this time give me five more minuteswith your left arm without moving your shoulder unless I was double jointed or some kind of freakworking for the circus I knew I wouldn't be able to do it without breaking my bones but as Iglanced at the crazed doll its words burrowed deep inside my head and I remembered that ifI lost I'd have to stay here forever one way or another it had to be done and so with allthe desperation within me burning my only goal was to escape I forced my arm to reach for numbertwo and then my arm cracked with tremendous pain perfect now put your left leg at numberthree the doll sounded more aggressive but knowing I could still endure the painI broke my left leg to reach number three here's another one place your rightleg to number 11. with the adrenaline.

Pumping through my veins I didn'tmind cracking another bone as I reached for it tears running downmy face while I continued to smile you're amazing Nina I like you now let's takethings up a notch she pointed at my head and with the Sinister grin she said now place yourhead at number six do this successfully and you're free to go I panicked knowing it wouldbe impossible to achieve my entire body was distorted ruined but I was still determinedto get out of here and so I laughed like a lunatic as I awkwardly twisted my head almostreaching 180 degrees I kept turning as much as I could while I stared into the Eyes of MyDemise I didn't care anymore I just did what I could but obviously was unable to complete myobjective and that's when I saw the doll pull.

Out a knife from under the pillow saying that wasvery exciting Luna but I'm afraid it's game over hey Molly look who we have here another candidateready to play Lynette the Clown why don't you have a seat on The Big Comfy Couch darlingso are you ready to play Lynette the Clown

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