(3) He Changed into Realizing of A Loser Until He Remodeled To The Mightiest Demon! – Manhwa Recap

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Walking out of Director Lee's office, Chu Moinforms his assistant that the old man is dead. Without stopping, the boy makes his way to thedirector's son while the alliance representative raises the alarm about another murder. Lee's sonlistens intently to Chu Mo and his message from his father. He confesses to the lad that he holdsno grudge against him and understands that this is the price of justice otherwise, they cannotfoil the consortium's plans or prevent an alien invasion of Earth. But the young man warns ChuMo that he will now be hunted and the hero finds himself absolutely ready for it. Chu Mo finds outfrom his buddy if he has found the place where the other monsters are hiding, and he is going todeal with them right now. Just at that moment, a representative of the alliance speaks ata big conference, announcing that Chu Mo is.

Guilty of killing Principal Lee. After thisnews, the consortiums and all four sects rise up against the guy, and a huge bounty is put onhis head. The head of one of the sects, Mr. Qiu, enters the scene. He addresses Chu Mo, suggestingthat he surrender himself, but instead reporters in the audience begin to receive links to a liveinterview with the savior, where he talks about the consortium's plans, the experiments onhumans using monster cells, and his sister, who was one of the victims. Chu Mo declares waron the director of the Qian Consortium, Qian Jun, and the other consortiums and cultists, he asksthat his words be taken carefully. Zing Shan asks the master to reconsider his opinion of Chu Mo,convincing his mentor that friendship with the consortium will do them no good. This all takesplace in a cave, to which the master has brought.

The boy to show him how high the concentration ofenergy here is, hinting at the inevitability of an invasion. Years ago, the Master made the cave intoa training ground for the sect's true disciples the four cultivators who became special disciplesto their masters. As the conversation continues, the Master speaks frankly about how the lastbattle in the secret world was a trap those rescuers who died there were bait for monsterstrying to infiltrate the earth to get rid of the most prominent rescuers. Zing Shan doesn'tunderstand anything at all, because if that's the case, then Chu Mo turned out to be an evenbigger hero, but the master notes that they no longer need Chu Mo now, because his potential hasbeen exhausted and so he is forbidden to hand out fate coins or help in any way. The othercultists weren't given fate coins either,.

Because according to the master, all the donationswere divided among only the four true disciples to ensure that they were better off so they couldsurpass Chu Mo. The sect masters have agreed that they will destroy Chu Mo at the first opportunity,and the teacher wants Zing Shan to know this and join them. The master is even willing to treatthe guy as one of the true ones, but Shan refuses the power gained in this way and confesses to themaster that he is very disappointed in him. Qian Liangshan appears on the screens. He refutes ChuMo's words about the experiments and calls him a liar, but the businessman agrees to accept thechallenge and sets up a meeting. Chu Mo's buddy pays him his respects for his courage the savioris the only one who risked challenging the four sects and consortiums. Chu Mo admits that he's notafraid of war, and he's going to fight everyone,.

Even though the alliance has a whole army of coolfighters ready. Guy is surprised that Chu Mo has become so emotional and impulsive, but Cultivatorexplains that he doesn't have time to miscalculate moves, it's time to act the secret world is alsofull of problems and monsters infiltrating there do a lot of damage to the saviors, threateningthe secret world. Chu Mo is confident that the cultivators and consortium are very weak andhe can handle them easily. Buddy doesn't share his opinion, because the alliance has gathered thebest of the best, adding them to those sent by the sect, but Chu Mo smilingly says that he has neveryet shown his full strength. Chu Mo returns to his girlfriend's house and learns that his sisternever came to her senses. The guy just has to hope that he can get research materials and use themto bring the girl back to life. Chu Mo doesn't.

Want to put his girlfriend in danger eitherhe's willing to wipe everything off his face, and he's scared that YuTong might get hurt by it.Yu Tong is worried that the friend is going to go up against the world alone, and Eyre supports thegirl by cheerfully informing her that no one can help her master anymore and they just have to waitfor him at home. But Chu Mo is willing to bet he doesn't want to risk Yu Tong, but he's goingto take Eyre with him. The pet tries to find an excuse to slip away, and she reminds him thatduring the move all her power disappeared and she turned into a mere ferret, but it doesn't workwhen her favor grew, Chu Mo has a new option he can share his power with his monster. Eyre feelsher power returning, and she can finally feel like a full fledged fighter. Chu Mo is happy with theresult, too now the pet can share the risks with.

Him and defeat the alliance and sects alone. Thenext day. Director Qian prepares for a meeting with Chu Mo, and learns that at this meetingthe alliance is going to set a trap for the guy and get rid of him. The boss doesn't want to getinvolved, afraid he'll become cannon fodder like old man Li, but no one cares about his opinion,plus Director Qian is guaranteed safety, assuring him that the consortium's strongest huntershave gathered here, who are going after Chu Mo to destroy the four sect heads, using light beam,ultrasound, gravity control and curse powers. For an appetizer, the villains have a trump card:space. The guy is the most terrifying hunter, and he wields the power of space, capable ofdestroying everything. Chu Mo appears before the squad and listens to their threats. But the guysuggests that the hunters defeat his ferret first..

The day before. Zing Shan asks to be given a placein the first line, but the master is not sure that the lad's skills will allow him to stand up inclose combat. Despite his master's entreaties, Shan lands right in front of Chu Mo, and afight begins, but suddenly the enemy disappears, leaving his savior with a light saber. A flashof light from the sword illuminates the street, and the hunters' plan was to blind Chu Mo. TheGiant rushes out to seize the moment while the savior sees nothing, followed by the Giant and theSpirit Master, but things don't go according to plan the flash doesn't affect Chu Mo and he openshis eyes. While the Giant is on the fly trying to figure out what's going on, Chu Mo launchesan attack. Giant's accomplices try to fix the situation from the roof and create an illusionthat will confuse the cultivator and give Giant.

Another chance, but Chu Mo no longer trusts sightor hearing he relies only on intuition and manages to throw his opponent off. Cosmos appears behindChu Mo's back, and putting his hand on his back, he intends to put several curses on him at oncecurses of slowness, aging, disease, and failure all of which should destroy Chu Mo. But instead,the boy feels only an unpleasant sensation in his neck. The master gives the command to move on tothe next attack, confident that Chu Mo is cursed, but the Spirit Master says that he has managedto make contact with the boy's strength and it is incommensurate with anything. The master doesn'tlet him back down he's confident that they'll be able to defeat Chu Mo, even if he really isstronger the hunters have had many strong enemies before and have always managed to defeatthem. But the spiritual master reminds the master.

That he himself has not engaged in open combatin a long time, after an incident he doesn't want to remember. The spiritual master remains on theroof and only the Giant goes to attack. He lowers a hammer made of a special metal that weighsover a ton, but Chu Mo catches it with one hand. The Giant is going to use a gravity trick hishammer should suck the enemy in on contact, and Light and Voice of Destruction lock their powersinto the hammer to finally finish the guy off, as has usually happened in past battles. The Lightand the Voice must make Chu Mo fall, destroying him from within. The decisive moment of the attackis when the explosion occurs and Cosmos should have teleported his comrades to a safe distance toprepare for the final round of attack. But… Chu Mo appears alive and unharmed in front of Cosmos.The hunter teleports to a great height and from.

Above he realizes that he forgot to teleporthis friends, leaving them face to face with the enraged cultivator. Cosmos watches as Chu Mobuilds up his strength to attack, and the hunter mentally says goodbye to his friends. The SpiritMaster tries to save the situation he pierces himself with his sword and casts a curse, hopingthat it will turn him into an evil spirit that can definitely overpower Chu Mo. Thirteen years ago.In an ordinary apartment building, in the city of Dunghai, a terrible thing happens several hundredpeople die at once. The rescue team tries to help, but they only manage to find one survivor. Overthe next three days, all the members of the rescue team either died in strange circumstances orwent insane and killed themselves. Cultivators intervened they began to investigate thesituation and found out that it was all the.

Fault of the one survivor Xu, the heir to the TongYu organization known for summoning evil spirits. Tong Yu's disciples, who managed to escape afterthe organization collapsed, took in a child with a special physique, and to save what was left of theclan, they injected thousands of evil spirits into Xu's body. The plan failed merging into Xu's body,the evil spirits turned him into an uncontrollable monster the students' ambitions and dreams weregone along with their lives at the hands of Xu, who wished to remain Tong Yu's sole successor. Theguy became a real disaster everyone who happened to be around was haunted by trouble. Not a singlecultivator dared to take Xu in and some even tried to destroy the cursed boy. But finally Xu foundhis place in life he found a consortium and was given a place in a group of hunters, creatingclothes for the boy that helped insulate some of.

His evil from those around him. No one abandonedXu, even though those around him were still suffering from his evil powers. Here he was ableto gain family and friends, and after a while, by discovering the abilities of the spirit ofspeech, he was able to suppress the evil spirits within him. Over the years, the spirits becamea part of the boy and restraining them began to cause excruciating pain, but Xu endured eventhat. He was able to learn to bring misfortune only to his enemies, not to his friends. Andnow, as an adult, Xu awakened the evil spirits, not knowing how it would affect him. He turnedto the evil forces, offering them his body in exchange for saving his friends and destroyingChu Mo. The evil spirit rises above the ground, enveloping all of Cultivator's attacks. Thehunters stare in horror at what is happening,.

And Xu realizes that finally, after manyyears, he can control the evil spirit that lives within him. Chu Mo admits that some of thehunters' tricks make him anxious. At this point, he is attempted by Cosmos, using a space splittingskill that is dangerous even to the attacker himself. For the first time since the battlebegan, Chu Mo steps back, sensing real danger the space cut nearly ruined his favorite coat. Theevil spirit increases and even its master does not know the limit to which the monster can reach,but despite this Xu lets it grow even stronger to make sure that the monster destroys Chu Mo.The monster launches a “bloody prison” attack, which, regardless of the enemy's strength, drawshim into the prison of evil spirits, a place where a huge number of evil spirits descend upon theprisoner. Once the enemy is slightly weakened,.

He will be devoured until his soul runs outand it is impossible to destroy such spirits. The attacks of the evil spirits last for threedays and three nights, but the first to run out of strength is Xu and his curse disappears.But Chu Mo's spirit remains fine, though Xu manages to win half a second for his friends, inwhich time they have time to capture Chu Mo and try to attack him. Cosmos applies the dimensioncut again, and as the deadly explosion rumbles, he manages to teleport his friends. Everyone issure that this is the victory Chu Mo certainly couldn't survive such a thing. The ConsortiumDirector watches the scene, happy to think that he has the hunters who were able to give him thevictory over his savior. But the old man's joy is in vain Chu Mo emerges from the cloud ofsmoke, and everyone sees that the explosion.

Has not even damaged his clothes. At this time,the hunters find themselves inside Cosmos Space, who could not survive his own attack and waskilled by Chu Mo's retaliatory strike. The Spirit Master suggests that the friends not stopand take revenge on the cultivator, but Zing Shan reminds the company that getting out of CosmosSpace without himself will be almost impossible. Four months pass. The hunters have to settleinside Space and they finally manage to sow corn so they don't starve, but some still hopeto get out and take revenge on Chu Mo. Another year passes. The roasted corn is no longer happyfor the prisoners, but the friends have nothing else in store. The only thing left for them todo is to live happily ever after, creating their own village. But suddenly an important eventhappens in the company the birth of the first.

Child in the village. Many years later, this samechild comes to visit Cosmos' grave. But for now, it's time to return to the present. The alliancearmy decides to attack Chu Mo, hoping for his numerical superiority, but the kid causes anexplosion and breaks through the defenses and infiltrates the base. Chairman Qian is informedthat communication with the hunters has been lost and it seems time to retreat, but Chu Mo appearsbehind the chairman's back and makes it clear that the conversation is just beginning. Qian is readyto admit defeat and discuss things with the guy, but shimmering orbs appear around and Chu Modisappears. Head Qiu appears in his place. The Master tells the Chairman that he has succeededin sealing Chu Mo and now they can end the guy. But the guy disagrees he breaks the sealand laughs in Qiu's face and is set free..

Chapter Qiu teleports the chairman so he won'tinterfere with his fight. Now Qiyu just has to hope that the cultivators have the strength toget rid of Chu Mo and they can return. Master Qiu attacks the guy by launching protectivefield bubbles, to which Chu Mo laughs again, calling it all child's play. Enraged, the headdecides to use the secret “sky and earth net” technique. Qiu activates the technique, gathersQi energy, and disperses the net using the cultivators that have been surrounding Chu Mo thewhole time. He tells his opponent that he cannot leave the protective field now only the one whowins the mortal combat can leave. Chu Mo laughs at his opponent. He suggests that he call the otherheads for help, believing that the fight will not be on an equal footing he is much stronger thanthe master and does not want an unfair victory..

Qiu refuses to help. He is going to execute theguy in the name of morality, and he doesn't need anyone else's hands to do it, especiallysince the battle will be televised live. Messages from viewers immediately fly on the air,discussing the fact that during the entire fight, neither the consortium nor the cultists were ableto weaken Chu Mo even slightly. Director Qian is unhappy that their shame is being seen by millionsof viewers. The assistant agrees with the boss, but he realizes that now they have no other wayand will have to put up with the humiliation. His only consolation is that the cultivator isn'tfighting fairly the assistant's eyes see what Chu Mo and the audience can't in fact, Qiu has invitedthe other chapters, leaving them invisible. Before the battle, Chu Mo asks the head who controls thesecret world, to which Qiu tells the legend of the.

Creation of the secret world by the cultivatorsand confirms that the cultivators can no longer have any effect on it. This makes the guy happywhen he kills Qiu and his invisible helpers, whom he has already declassified, the secret worldwill not be affected. Two hundred kilometers from the battlefield, in the town of Danmao,the inhabitants are forcibly evacuated, incurring the wrath of the population. People areangry at the fact that they are not provided with normal conditions and have to pay for foodin boxes out of their own pockets, besides, no one says how long they will have to endure thisand whether the houses, for which many residents pay mortgages, will survive. Even more surprisingto the townspeople is the fact that the battle site is very far away from them and they do notunderstand what the evacuation is for. At this.

Moment, a little boy notices a flock of birds inthe sky. In a second, the city begins to collapse, covered in fiery cracks and people are forced toscatter in different directions. The townspeople don't understand where the earthquake camefrom, and they are frightened by the cold that envelops the city. Hail begins to fall onpeople's heads, and it becomes clear that this is all someone else's fault. From another town, areporter is broadcasting live, telling them that a landslide has hit the town. A hurricane beginsin the mountains, and other disasters also cover the land all of it, the aftermath of Chu Mo'sbattle with the heads of the sects. Footage of the devastation is broadcast on all screens. Theworld fell into silence. Everyone's emotions about what they saw were different some awakened hope,and some aroused animal fear. Meanwhile, Chu Mo.

Appreciated Qiu's ability to change the weatherand terrain, noting that it must be very useful in agriculture. The head doesn't give up tryinghe sends purple divine thunder, underworld fire, and other techniques at his savior, but Chu Moeasily deflects the blows, punching a hole in his opponent's defenses. The master even has to paythe price of serious injuries, from which he has to recover with the ability of eternal life.Qiu's head has to assess Chu Mo despite many heavy attacks, he doesn't have a single scratchon him, and he looks fine. Qiu realizes that they can't defeat the guy with simple techniques,and he informs him that all four sect heads use a dangerous Dao seeker technique a half raised statethat could take their lives. Chu Mo is eager to see the technique and how the sect custodians willgive their lives for it, but the app comes with an.

Urgent alert about the opening of the third secretworld and Chu Mo has to say goodbye to everyone. Chapter Qiu tries to stop Chu Mo, realizingthat they can't get him in the secret world. He releases magic catchers after the guy, butnothing stops the savior, not even the master's attempts to accuse Chu Mo of cowardice. The guyreminds the head that if he doesn't stand up for himself in the secret world, all the evil spiritswill rush to Earth and then big trouble awaits them, more serious than a personal relationshipshowdown. Even these words do not make Qiu come to his senses. He shouts hurtful words at Chu Mo inanger, but he has to switch to the barrier spell, which has already begun to attack the sect heads,considering them losers after Chu Mo managed to leave it quietly. The heads don't die they manageto split the spell and only receive a fraction of.

The damage for each. But because of this, theaudience sees the three who have been invisible all along and it becomes clear to everyone thatQiao has been fighting unfairly all along. Chu Mo finds himself in a secret world and his ferretappears beside him. having turned into a human, Eyre is horrified and tells his master that theyare trapped it is a lifeless land an intersection of space and time that is very dangerous to bein. No one has ever been able to survive here, and even the lord of the gods risks appearing hereonly with a transgressive stone. The boy notices three stars above his head, and realizing that oneof them is a secret world, he asks Eyre to take them there. But the girl admits that it is only anillusion a memory from the past. They cannot leave the lifeless land because it is full of falseportals that lead to the unknown or straight into.

The jaws of the monsters. A system alert comesin. For the third entry into the secret world, Chu Mo receives the Golden Monkey Pupils bonus,which allows him to see the weakness of the enemy and analyze any objects, giving full informationabout them. Eyre tries to dissuade her master from taking the risk, but he is confident thateverything will be all right and they should cross the portal, despite the horrors that might lie inwait for them, according to the girl. But staying without her master frightens her, too, so she hasno choice but to run after him and trust the plan. The travelers are just beginning to move when theycome across a fork in the road. Eyre advises them to take a left turn, but Chu Mo disagrees with herhis scanner shows a high level monster waiting for them on the left road. After an hour, Eyre startsto get worried because they haven't encountered.

Any trouble so far, but Chu Mo asks her to keepit down so they don't encounter any more monsters. Eyre starts to get hungry and suddenly a plate ofdelicious chicken leg appears in front of her. The girl can't resist, and Chu Mo has to grab it atthe last moment, noticing that it's just a bare bone thrown on the ground as a trap. The scannerreveals that it is the unburied remains of a certain Lady White Bone, and Eyre tells her thatthe name is legendary in her world White Bone was the strongest monster, second only to the lord ofthe gods in power. The girl doesn't understand who could have dealt with the lord, since her levelwas over sixty million years old! Chu Mo sees that White Bone was finished off by a stone monkeythat lives somewhere nearby, but Eyre doesn't believe that any primate could overpower such amonster. Lady White Bone's spirit appears nearby..

She confirms the boy's words, a little embarrassedthat he has unraveled her shameful secret, but she becomes curious about who he is. As usual,the humble Chu Mo doesn't brag about anything, answering that he found out about everything byaccident. White Bone tells the travelers that she is the one who prepared the trap by devouringeveryone who has passed by over the years, she almost manages to regain her appearance.Chu Mo and Eyre were to be the last straw for a full return. Hearing this, Chu Mo realizesthat he will have to kill his mistress again. Mistress is surprised by Chu Mo's insolence, buthe explains that she just started having memory problems because of her long confinement. Suchrudeness angers White Bone even more, and she changes her mind to giving the travelers an easydeath, promising to cause them as much pain as.

Possible. Eyre tries to prove to her mistress thatshe has nothing to do with the brute and that she, too, is a monster, but this turns White Bone oneven more and she already dreams of having a mouth watering ferret on her teeth. Upon hearing this,Eyre obediently lies down, causing her mistress and her master to be perplexed. She refuses toresist, realizing it is useless. Chu Mo continues to remain calm, wonderingly listening to themonsters talk, but White Bone stops the banter, wanting to proceed with the execution.Her stone vice closes around Chu Mo, but he turns on his golden pupil, and the mistressis startled to recognize the stone monkey's eyes. The strength leaves the monster, for the goldenpupil shatters the illusion of her power, depriving White Bone of the ability to attack.Eyre asks her master to attack before they become.

The dinner of the evil mistress, but White Boneis confident that no one can damage her bones and harm her. Despite the villainess' confidence, ChuMo quickly recognizes where the illusion is and where the real bones of the monster are hidden.He scans the bones for weaknesses and manages to shatter them in one blow, destroyingthe villainess' ghost. Looking on, Eyre admires his master again, believing that he isactually a tough demonic beast. At the same time, after the battle of the secret world. The audienceis surprised to notice that all the saviors have become as if they are stronger they have destroyedall the monsters in a short time. But what worries everyone more is why Chu Mo's screen has beenblank all this time the guy hasn't appeared in the secret world since the beginning. This makeseven the show hosts worried, and the Elder assures.

Everyone that the guy probably disappeared inspace time turbulence. The interactive host listens to the elder's words in a frenzy, accusinghim of supporting an unfair battle of sect heads, against Chu Mo. To this, the elder announcesthat he is going to leave the clan. The host calms her colleagues and asks them not to fight.She is confident that Chu Mo is so strong that he can even get out of space time turbulenceand will return soon, but in the meantime the other saviors will overpower the monster. YuTong feels an incomprehensible aura fill the entire secret world. It seems to the rescuers thatsuch a monster is about to appear with which they have no chance of surviving and they prepareto die in battle, thinking that Chu Mo would surely save them. A giant monster of no less thana thousand and a half levels appears. The rescuers.

Try to escape, afraid of not being able to handlethe monster, but their way is blocked by another, no less powerful one that really wanted to fightChu Mo. A new cultivator comes to the company's aid. He scatters the monsters and calls himselfthe true savior, claiming that his power long ago surpassed that of Chu Mo. Eyre notices a portalto a secret world, and the master asks her to hide in his clothes so they can be transported.But before that, looking at the crystal house, the guy wants to do something else. The new kid inthe secret world continues to attack the monsters, really showing off his unprecedented strengthand turning the monsters into a mess. None of the rescuers recognize the guy, who possessessophisticated spells, and he reveals himself he is one of the four true heirs of the Tao who receivedthe fortune coins stolen from Chu Mo. There.

Exactly lies his power. Cultivators are surprisedat how easily the guy admits all the background of his origins, but he doesn't understand why heneeds to hide anything, because the main thing is the result. Besides, he doesn't understand whyJing Shan gave up the same privilege, because it's not justice but absolute power that counts forvictory. Jing Shan says that he despises his rival and is unclear why he needs to save a world wherethe theft of resources and lawlessness will reign. But even a fiery speech does not make the heirto the Dao come to his senses, and he prepares to face the new monster by calling his alliesweak. A thick mist descends over the cultivators, rendering them unable to breathe. Yu Tongpersuades everyone to hold out a little longer, but even Jing Shan tells her that he will notbe able to fight because there is too powerful.

A monster approaching. The company decides toleave such a monster to the Tao heir, but even his monster is brought to its knees the level ofthe new guest exceeds all reasonable limits the demonic beast turns out to be over thirty thousandyears old. The hosts are shocked to see such a powerful monster released into the secret world.Even the Elder cannot believe his eyes, trying to find some explanation. Everyone realizes thatthere is only hope for the rest of the Dao heirs and for Chu Mo, although even their combined powercannot defeat the power of such a demonic beast, which means that humanity is doomed to die. Thehosts panic and try to find a way out, but the Elder reminds them that they cannot interferein the secret world, and even if they could, their power is negligible. The monster prepares toattack, laughing at his weaker opponents, but the.

Heir to the Tao drives his allies away, confidentthat he can manage without their help. He is humiliated even by the demonic beast's suggestionthat he hopes for someone else's support. The demonic beast laughs off the hero, reminding himthat he can't even get off his knees, let alone overpower her alone. The guy manages to musterall his strength and, calling everyone pawns, gets up from his knees and attacks the monster,applying all the skills of the art of Dao. He manages to prove that the terrible monster wasonly an illusion and a shell, which was dispelled by its power. But flying away, the monsterpromises the boy that they will meet soon and she will already be in her true form. In addition,right now she is able to transport a demon of five thousand levels here. A clown monster appears inthe secret world. Dao's heir realizes that this.

Time it's real and trouble awaits him, but theclown freezes. At the same time, in the lifeless lands, Chu Mo notices a portal through which ademonic beast is trying to get through and the guy decides to get it out. The rescuers don'tunderstand what's going on it's like the giant clown can't finish the teleportation and get intothe secret world. The monster phantom is also at a loss the overlord paid a huge price to placethe teleporter in the lifeless lands, and now someone is pulling the clown back in, preventinghim from entering the secret world. The demon girl opens the gleaming mirror to see what is happeningin the lifeless lands, and she sees Chu Mo with a stone face holding the infiltrating monster by thetail. The audience cheers in excitement, rejoicing at Mo's appearance. The anchors also keep theireyes on the screen, marveling that the guy managed.

To survive the space time turbulence. The Eldertenses up even a demonic beast is dangerous to be in lifeless lands, let alone an ordinary guy. Manyspeculate that this was all planned by Chu Mo, which makes him an even more beloved hero. Nowall the sect and consortium plans look like clown shows against the backdrop of what the cultivatoris doing. The demon girl is angry at the clown for making a mockery of himself, but he can't acceptthat his mission is a failure. But the mistress changes her plans and orders the clown to obeyand destroy Chu Mo as soon as they are near. Chu Mo pulls the clown out of the teleporter, andthe monster watches with delight through the gleaming mirror as the boy is about to be finishedoff. She is sure that by saving the whole world, Chu Mo has forfeited the opportunity to savehimself. The clown leans over Chu Mo about to.

Send him to the afterlife, but the boy calmlygreets the monster, knowing that he can't even get close to him. The monster doesn't understandwhat's going on hundreds of documents of some kind are dropped on his head and a voice reminds himthat he needs to run an errand or face his death. Chu Mo smilingly picks up one of the papers andthe clown tries to snatch it, but it turns out that they are in different dimensions and he can'tget close to the guy. But Chu Mo is ready to show kindness and read the clown his assignment tenthousand push ups on one hand in one minute, and the clock is ticking by the way. The clowntries to figure out if this is a joke, but Chu Mo counts down the seconds the monster has left tocomplete the task. Nothing can be seen through the mirror and the girl monster doesn't realize what'sgoing on in the lifeless lands, but meanwhile.

The clown starts doing push ups, hoping to keephimself alive. The audience cheers Chu Mo has once again outdone everyone and made the powerful fivethousand year old monster do push ups on one arm, something no one could have expected for sure.We can only be glad that mankind has hope again. The monster girl spoils the joy of the crowd byreminding them that the barrier covers the clown from both sides, which means there's no way Chu Mocan hurt him. Meanwhile, the seconds are running out and the monster hasn't even done half the pushups. The clown's strength is running out, but he still meets the standard and keeps himself alive.Only it turns out that this was not the only task and the clown failed the long distance run, sothe system starts the process of eliminating the loser. Chu Mo tries to appease the clown andoffers to discuss his mistake with the demon,.

But the liquidation is in full swing and themonster is destroyed. Everyone is surprised at how easily the clown died, but the monstergirl is sure that destroying Chu Mo's crystal house is definitely impossible, which means shecan summon whole armies of monsters nonstop. Her thoughts are interrupted by the ringing of thebroken crystal house and even her rivals marvel at what absolute power Chu Mo possesses. Many tryto come up with an explanation, believing that Chu Mo has attracted the attributes of the lifelesslands or has enlisted the help of a demon, for his own powers cannot be that powerful. TheDao heir is confident that despite everything, he will be able to defeat Chu Mo, for itis his mentor who has chosen his successor, not his rival. Chu Mo appears in the secret world,and the demon girl expresses her respect for him,.

But next time she promises to end the guy. Seeingthe girl, Chu Mo plans to get rid of her as well, but the Dao heir warns him that there is no pointin wasting his powers she is only a phantom from another world and her real body will be nothing.To the heir's surprise, Chu Mo is already aware of the girl's secret, but that doesn't stop him.He refuses help and advice and is about to attack, ignoring the sneers of the villain, who wantsto figure out his strongest punch to use later. But at the last moment, the smile comes off themonster's face and she becomes frightened. The girl tries to escape, but Chu Mo stops her and shehas to use a reversal spell. Chu Mo feels as if space has frozen he finds himself in a reversibleworld that has been preparing to absorb the secret world. Looking around, the guy can't understandwhat's going on around him. He suddenly finds.

Himself dressed in ancient clothing, and a youngguy addresses him, calling him commander. Even the golden pupils don't help the guy get the details,all they say is that this is the land of exiles, a fragment of forgotten history and a demon ofillusions eagerly awaiting a visit. A subordinate notices that something is wrong with the commanderand suggests he go home and rest, but Chu Mo excuses himself by saying that he's a bit hot inthe head and is willing to visit the general. The hosts don't understand why the secret kingdom hassuddenly changed into an ancient city and all the saviors have turned into ancient characters. TheElder recognizes the city of the floating clouds, but he cannot explain how this could have happeneda thousand years ago it was the city where the demonic beasts first clashed with the earthlyworld, but everyone thought the city had long.

Since disappeared. In the city, all the rescuershave become like ordinary residents, many of them having lost their memories and rememberingnothing of their past lives. Some of them even became salespeople in a ritual store, forgettingthat they were cultivators. According to the magic mirror, Chu Mo doesn't remember anything abouthimself either, becoming a regular patrolman. One of the cultivators lingers in hiding, and heplans to save the world, thereby earning the title of sole heir, but a few minutes later his hidingplace is declassified, and the guy flies off to join the others. Chu Mo is assigned to investigatea murder in the Liu family and he realizes that a new level of the plot has been reached. The fatherof the murdered man asks Chu Mo to find and punish the criminals, as this is the second son he haslost lately. Officer Chu Mo asks the old man.

For details of what happened, but by Liu Nian'sconfession, he has no idea who could have done such a brutal thing to his boy. The boy promisesto do his best, and he asks to see the body, but when the old man lifts the cloth, it turnsout to be empty underneath. The old man doesn't understand why the officer can't see the body,since it's lying right in the middle of the room, but Chu Mo's assistant doesn't see anythingeither, suspecting that Liu Nian made the whole thing up. The grief stricken father thinks thepatrolmen are in league with a gang of killers, and they've come to finish him off. A fight breaksout between the old man and the patrolmen, until a woman emerges from the house to show Liu Nian hisalive and well son. But the man keeps screaming, assuring them that he sees no one and that hisson is lying headless in the room. The woman.

Explains to the patrolmen that after the death ofher first son, her master lost his mind and is now having seizures, but what's happening today wasstrange even to her. Chu Mo's assistant thinks the captain is angry about what happened, but the guyis just reflecting on the fact that the main knot in the story is unraveled and he needs to find anddestroy the demon of illusion in order to return to the real world. The woman tells the host thatthe patrolmen are gone and he can stop pretending. The old man pulled the whole thing off on theorders of the undertaker, and the woman doesn't understand why he agreed, but Liu Nian explainsthat it was his payment for the undertaker to bring his decapitated son back to life. The oldman notices that his son is looking somewhere away and turning his head he sees Chu Mo, who heardthe whole conversation. The boy notices Liu Nian's.

Eldest son's coffin, but the woman preventshim from approaching, reminding him that the investigation is over. She covers the coffin withherself and says no one needs the officer's help, but Chu Mo insists on coming closer, wantingto get to the bottom of everything. He manages to turn the box over, from which two bodies fallout the old man's deceased son and his beloved, whom La Nian put there whole, for the sake of themarriage ritual. The old man and his wife scream angrily, but Chu Mo warns them that they do havesomething to fear they will be severely punished for such a crime. While the landlords argueamong themselves and Chu Mo examines the bodies, Liu's youngest son disappears from the yard. Theold man's wife also disappears. The woman finds herself in another world, where their youngest sonhas just been transported. She tries to shout to.

The boy, but Chu Mo, who has followed them,convinces her that he is no longer her son, but a monster. He asks the woman to tell thewhole truth to try to save at least someone. The old man tells the boy that the undertakerdid it all he appeared after the death of his eldest son and brought with him many troubles.After promising to save his youngest son, he ordered a marriage ceremony, deliveringa coffin and a bride. The old man tells all this because Chu Mo shows him a trick withsparks, posing as his son's spirit. In fact, the assistant officer has been hiding the boythe whole time so that the owners of the house will tell the truth about the ritual they triedto perform. The boy is returned to his parents, but he disappears from his mother's arms nowfor real. Chu Mo informs the landlady that her.

Young son never existed he was always an illusioncreated by a demon, who is just about to escape. Chu Mo stops the burial demon and demands that heconfesses who created him, warning that he will destroy him if he remains silent. Without waitingfor an answer, the guy splits the coffin with his foot, and the old man remembers everything. Heasks the officer to accept the money, and the woman asks him to capture the undertaker who setit all up. But Chu Mo asks the assistant to arrest the couple so he can question them properly in theofficer's opinion, the old men are not as simple as they seem, because they were the ones who weregoing to bury the live girl and her son. Liu Nian begs for mercy, but Chu Mo refuses to listenand repeats his order, ordering them to take the girl and return her to her family when shewakes up. The officer himself goes in search of.

The undertaker to find all those involved.The deputy asks him not to take the risk, realizing it could be dangerous, but Chu Mo isused to acting decisively and not being afraid of anything, especially since the undertakercan't be allowed to commit new crimes. Agreeing, the assistant lets the officer go and promises toreturn with reinforcements as soon as he delivers the old men to the station. Chu Mo arrives atthe undertaker's house and sees before him the Doe heir they met in the secret world. He turnsout to be just a hired laborer, explaining that his boss isn't there right now. The guy doesn'tremember anything about himself or that he was a cultivator. He thinks he's just a simple Xin guywho doesn't even have the money to get married. Deciding that the officer has lost his mind, Xinreiterates to him that he can't be a cultivator,.

But suddenly he remembers his true origins andrecognizes Chu Mo. The boys discuss the situation they find themselves in and Chu Mo tells hiscomrade that they need to find an illusion demon to get out of here. But most importantly, theymust play their roles, or else the demon will discover them before they do and lurk, denyingthem any chance to escape. The heir hopes that the other three heirs lurking in the shelter willhelp him, but there is no way to contact them and hope dries up. Chu Mo tries to support a buddy whohas realized that his friends are dead. Now the comrades in arms will have to come up with anotherplan to find the demon and return to their world. The guys think it would be worth finding the othercultists, but their abilities have dulled and it proves to be difficult, so Chu Mo asks his buddyto find shelter and hide. Dao's heir takes offense.

And asks not to be written off he's confident hecan help find the demon, to which Chu Mo offers him a mission… When the old undertaker returnshome drunk, he sees his apprentice hanging from a thick rope. The old man is sure that all thisis the work of some kidnapper, who has thus destroyed the keeper of his secret. But insteadof the kidnapper, Chu Mo enters the room. He asks the old man to tell him who the kidnapper is andwhat kind of underground business is going on in the shop. The old man tries to justify himself tothe officer by claiming he has been drinking too much and doesn't understand what he is saying, butthe boy is not fooled and reminds the undertaker of the Liu family, with whom he used to do oddbusiness. The undertaker swears that he knew nothing about the ritual of marrying a dead man,but the officer is going to arrest him to find.

Out the truth, if he doesn't want several crimesto be pinned on him. Finally, the old man gives himself up. He tells of a man named The Kidnapper.He recently showed up at the shop and offered to cooperate in his kidnapping business, and theundertaker agreed, wanting to make some easy money. The undertaker's first victim was the Liufamily intimidating them after the death of one of their sons, he forced the family to participatein the kidnapping of a girl, supposedly for the marriage ritual. The girl was brought back by thekidnapper, old Liu buried her, and the undertaker sees no fault in all this, believing that he wasonly concerned with money. The undertaker knows nothing about the burial demon and Chu Mo nevergets any answers to his questions. Meanwhile, the Liu family ends up in jail, sharing a cell witha girl who never recovered. The old men quarrel,.

Accusing each other of committing the crime,but suddenly the demon, who has been hiding in the sleeping bride all this time, enters theircell. Well, guys. If you liked this video and want the whole season in one video. comment belowwith the word “star”. Also subscribe to the channel. Hit the bell and like the video. But mostimportant. Leave a comment. Until the next video

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