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I don't know how to tell this story veryfew people in life get the chance to witness something this horrible as I did that nightI was driving home from an office party I was a little drunk and feeling tipsy at one point Ialmost dozed off behind the steering wheel when a loud honk of a pickup truck scared the bejesusout of me I realized this is high time to stop for food and a strong cup of coffee but afterdriving for half an hour I didn't find any fast food chains or restaurants I was losing hopewhen I noticed a 7-Eleven store down the road I stopped right in front of it and withstumbling footsteps entered the store the old cashier behind the counter wassitting with his eyes closed excuse um excuse me what he replied without opening hiseyes do you have any coffee I asked is this your.

First time into a 7-Eleven still kept his eyesclosed oh kind of I replied in a drunken voice he opened his drowsy eyes looked at me with greatdisappointment and pointed to the Left End Corner welcome to 7-Eleven the coffee machine is there Ifelt a little embarrassed because honestly it was indeed my first time in a 7-Eleven why because Inever got the chance to visit one until that night I walked up to the coffee machine and onmy way grabbed a few Munchies to go with the coffee machine was pouring very slowly ormaybe it felt like that because I was drunk while I waited for the process to be over I heardthe store door open and close I looked at the counter and saw a woman in her late 50s wearinga pink dress with huge sunflowers printed on it stopped at the counter and asked the cashiersomething the cashier was already sailing in.

His Dreamland so he didn't open his eyes this timethe woman turned around when our eyes met she let out a freaky smile I know I was intoxicated butbelieve me when I say this the woman had a huge set of teeth her teeth were so sharp and pointythat it felt like she filed them artificially the color of her teeth was a sickyellow which made me nauseous I turned my face away from herand concentrated on my coffee I must have taken one sip of my cup whenI heard her footsteps coming towards me I kept a straight face try mybest not to get agitated by her she came close to me and said in a squeakyvoice I don't mean to disturb you but can you tell me where I can find the dental flosscashier seems seems busy for the customers.

At any other time I would have ignoredher but I needed to finish the coffee before going back to the car and Iwanted her off my back so I pointed to the Shelf ahead where I could see sometoothbrushes hanging I think you might there you are drunk I got embarrassedwhen she said it but I smiled awkwardly my husband used to get drunk like you she thought for a fewseconds like she was trying hard to remember when the last time her husband got drunk and thensaid until he died what I exclaimed in shock she smiled again flashing her disgustingteeth and went back to get dental floss honestly she did need some dental care along witha mental checkup I watched her she stopped at the Shelf picked up a dental floss into my surprisestarted flossing right there yeah like literally.

Pulled the threat out and started flossing herteeth her eyes were set on me in mine on her we were caught in each other's stare after apoint I did look away I finished my coffee and was all set to leave when I heard a small tinglingsound the sound of a bead dropping on the floor what happened next will forever be imprinted inmy memory I looked down to see what she dropped and saw a big sharp yellow tooth with blood stainson its ends lying on the floor the woman wasn't just flossing her teeth she was flossing themviolently enough for them to fall out one by one she was chopping her tooth one by one from hergums her face looked horrifying there were no signs of pain even though her gums bled she wasstaring at me without blinking and continuing to floss like a barbarian I don't know why she wasdoing this but fear choked my throat and I forgot.

To scream my legs were frozen Palms were sweatingI wanted to scream and run away but couldn't I don't know how long I stood like that andwatched the woman getting rid of her teeth once she was done she wiped herbleeding mouth with a handkerchief and then smiled at me one last time butthis time her smile was even freakier a set of swollen empty gums forming the mostpetrifying smile in the world she calmly walked back to the counter kept a dollar in frontof the Sleepy cashier and left the store the pile of bloody teeth that was still scatteredon the floor and I could feel my stomach churn I ran outside and vomited my butt off I somehowdrove back home and got very bad dreams throughout the night but the story doesn't end there amonth later I was sitting in my living room.

Sipping morning coffee when I turned to the newsI saw her again but this time with more context the caption read cannibal wife atehusband and then pulled out her teeth yes that psycho woman was a murderer turnedCannibal and killed her husband and then feasted on her husband's flesh the news reporteralso said that when the cops asked her why she pulled out her teeth she laughed saying I punishedmyself for being a bad wife but I swear he tasted so mouth-watering hey guys I hopeyou're enjoying the video if so please leave a like and also a small percentage of peoplethat watch my videos are actually subscribed if you want to support this Channel and makethis channel reach the 1 million Mark please consider subscribing it's free and you can changeyour mind later enjoy I work as a gas station.

Employee in the state of Maine it's a prettyquiet job but I don't mind it it's just another day when a man in a thick coat and a hat comesinto the store and asks for a pack of bubble gum anything else I can get for you that'll be allalright sir your total is 392. have a great day I ring him up and he pays cash and leaves thathappens every day you feel me well it happened differently today Maine is a state that you can'tever really describe unless you've been there the cold desolate gray fog rolled in from the Atlantica blizzard sitting in just as I was about to close up shop it's nights like these that make mewonder if I'm really cut out for this job anyway I digress let me explain to you what happened tome today and why I'm never going back to that 7-Eleven again I waved goodbye to the customer ashe went out into the cold night and I followed him.

Out the door the clock was a few minutes beforethe time I had to close anyway so I figured I'd close early and bid farewell to that 7-Elevenafter all nobody would be out in a blizzard like this and I wouldn't be too long it was thenthat I noticed the man had stopped at the corner of the lot just staring at me nodding to him Imade my way back toward my car but the man started loitering towards me a boy he said you finishedup at that 7-Eleven mind giving me a ride home isn't that your truck over there I asked pointingto the black pickup parked a few feet away I could feel the hair standing on the back ofmy neck but I tried to stay calm he smiled and shook his head mumbling something about the coldbeing too much I sighed and started to unlock my car door but something made me look back theman was still standing there his eyes boring.

Into me with an expression I can only describe ashungry I rushed to the car and locked the doors my heart pounding in my chest I thought I heardhim say something but I was too scared to stay around and find out starting my car I swiveledmy head to make sure he wasn't following me to my relief I heard the engine of a truck revas he pulled out of the parking lot the smoke from his exhaust clouding the night sky I drovehome faster than I ever had before watching the Shadows of the trees as they danced in my rearview mirror the sky is quickly darkened as I settled in for my near hour drive into the mainWilderness to the next town over where I lived for those who don't live in Maine I want you toimagine it the cold the darkness and the silence I never felt so alone in my life as I got closerto home a voice in my head told me to look into.

My rear view mirror one last time before turningdown my Lane a chill ran up my spine and I froze the man in the Hat was following me his truck wasbarely visible in the darkness but I recognized it easily it was a dirty white with dents andscratches all over the hood I felt chilled and although I figured it was a coincidence somethinginside me told me that it definitely wasn't no chance he lives in the same direction as I doright I whispered to myself my stomach tied in knots he had to as I drove though I didn't turninto my driveway like I wanted to and I instead turned down a street on the opposite side of theroad I looked into my rear view mirror into my relief he had vanished my relief was short-livedthough as around the corner I saw headlights and the faint silhouette of the truck in my rear viewmirror he had followed my turn and I felt fear.

Grip my heart I drove faster my hands shaking onthe wheel as I took another turn making sure this time that it was down an alley that was knownto not have street lights parking quickly and turning off my engine I sat there staring behindme in a few seconds I heard his truck idling now as he slowly drove past the alleyway with my heartand my chest I waited another few seconds before or I dared start my car and drive home as Icautiously backed my car out of the alleyway I felt chills on my spine as if someone was watch ingme and I quickly drove back as fast as I could suddenly however as I turned my head away fromthe back of my car and faced the front windshield my heart stopped and my blood ran cold the sameman in the hat and coat was standing there with a look in his eyes that I can only describe aspure evil he stared at me as I sped away and I.

Have to say that I'm still shivering thinkingabout his eyes they were black and brown with red bloodshot lines running across them a lookof pure horror and Malice that will haunt me for the rest of my life I had enough and perhapsthe cold air drove me a bit crazy rolling down my window I screamed over to him what the heckdo you want from me nothing he replied enough thing came from his red and brutalized lips asthey cracked into a smile it was a simple response but you never expect it think about it wheneversomebody asked the question in the movies they expect some sort of answer but this man simplysaid nothing and continued to stare at me with those eyes of Pure Evil it did respond in anotherway though he began to walk towards me his stride slowing as he got closer I hit the gas and spedaway not looking back until I was halfway home.

Pulling up at my house I hurriedly got out ofthe car and quickly locked all the windows and doors I was terrified with images of that manfilling my head as I stared through the window looking for any sign of him as I write this onkeeping the lights on in the house and I'm not venturing out for anything I'm not sure what hewanted but it was enough to make me never want to go back to that 7-Eleven again and the worstpart about all this is that he might still be out there lurking in the night somewhere waiting forhis next victim or even worse he could be right outside of my house as I'm writing this it mightjust be my imagination but I swear I heard the soft idling of a truck just beyond the streetlight that I pass by every night if he somehow found my driveway he's not getting in and I'm notleaving my house not until the sun rises at least.

hey my name is elody and believe me when Itell you I would do anything for my kids I know all mothers say that but I had a chanceto prove it at 7-Eleven It All Happened One afternoon when I went with my kids to 7-Eleventheir father abandoned us when I was pregnant with the twins so I had to take them everywherewhen my parents couldn't take care of them that day the boys had not gone to school because oneof them was sick and I suspected that the sister might get sick and infect her classmates whenwe arrived at 7-Eleven let's just say he didn't look sick anymore mom I want ice cream mom ifhe eats ice cream I want ice cream too it's not fair I'm sick liar you're not sick look howwell you are guys mom Claudette is bothering me.

Tell her I'm sick don't call me by my full nameI'll call you whatever I want to Claudette guys you're so mean I'm sick and you still yell atme kids stop it as soon as we get out of here I'll buy you ice cream okay but only if you behaveyourselves okay um kids am I right when I turned around a man was behind me he had a generousface and a friendly smile his eyes were wide open and waiting for a response he froze staringat me oh I'm sorry you scared me yes they are terrible they're twins aren't they hey you shouldbehave yourselves and not get Mom in trouble yes sir they seem out of control but they're verygood children well we should get going a pleasure sir my pleasure do you come here oftensometimes have a nice day very uncomfortable I left with my children from that section thatman was really awkward didn't you like that.

Man mom I think the man liked mom no way don'ttalk with people like that that man was a creep the next few minutes were normal I didn't see theman anymore and by the time I got to the checkout line I had forgotten all about him a few secondsafter I arrived the man stood behind me nice day isn't it yes sir a little annoyed I ignored himyou know I'm new to the neighborhood and I really know a few places to shop I'm a very lonely manwho can't have children so it's a pleasure to see friendly people like you my mom thinks you're aAlphonse ignore him sir he's just a boy I hope you can adapt to the neighborhood as soon as possibleI have to admit that his little speech gave me some pity but I was still very uncomfortablewith his presence I wanted him to get away as soon as possible no problem I understand thatchildren can behave very badly sometimes don't.

You wish they were dead hearing those words myblood ran cold I turned around Furious what did you say oh calm down dear it was just a metaphorno one would want these angels to die right sir you are a sick man don't ever speak to me ormy children again do you understand of course still smiling as if what I had to say had notaffected him I am sorry for having such a big imagination I will not bother you anymore stillFurious I was about to turn away but something caught my attention and I had to tell him wait aminute is your little bag empty you've been here for almost 20 minutes and you haven't boughtanything besides what are you doing in line are you following us at this point I was alreadyscreaming not only did I not care if anyone heard us but I wanted them to oh I guess I didn't getanything did I that means I don't have to wait.

In line to leave have a nice day and with that hesimply left when I went to turn it off the cashier offered me to go with someone from securitywhich I accepted and a man escorted us to the car when we arrived the security man greeted usand I opened my car door I knew nothing was wrong that the man was gone but I still felt veryuncomfortable I put all my shopping bags into my SUV and before I left my son asked me to close itAl it's not a good time for this but you promised me mom please let me close the back door youpromised Mom don't be a liar all right but make it quick I'll go start the engine yay while Alwas closing the trunk I was looking at ice cream shop locations on my cell phone with ClaudetteI knew it wasn't the best time but if I didn't do it now she was going to yell at me while Iwas driving and that was going to be a problem.

Mom are you going to get lemonice cream Al when did you get hit trunk is still open what you didn't close itall the way and it opened let me close it after closing the trunk I started the SUV and we leftwe were going to go to an ice cream shop a few blocks away and Order ice cream to eat at home butsomething caught my attention kids what are you looking at back there mom there's something movingunder the doggy padding is it a rat what kids get out of there oh I'm busted ah I couldn't believemy eyes the man from before with the maniacal terrifying smile was in the car my children triedto run away but they were both wearing seat belts what are you doing here I'm calling the policeget out of here now no don't stop the car the kids want to eat ice cream yora leave him alonehe's just a kid I know isn't that lovely I love.

Kids I could never do anything bad to little Alplease let me go hey how about instead of eating ice cream let's go straight home I'd love to getto know them better listen to me you psycho if you think I'm taking you to my house you're toono you listen to me if you ever yell at me or disrespect me again I will use this knife to openthe child like a fish do you understand please don't do anything to him no no no no I wouldn'tdo anything to him I'm sorry I got angry like that what's your name Melody listen to me elodieI'm not gonna lie to you I like your children not romantically of course Mom I'm scared take it easyClaudette everything will be all right indeed look I'm not gonna hurt you or your children I justwant you to give me Little Owl what oh come on I've always wanted a child and nobody wantsto have one with me they won't even let me.

Adopt you have two you can give me one I promiseI'll take care of it I won't give you any of my children leave us alone or you'll pay what am Igonna pay for how can you be so selfish you know what I want you not to disrespect me now I'll beleft with one child and you with none filled with rage the psychopath lunged at Claudette terrifiedI did the only thing I could do to save her in the last few minutes I had driven to a longeruninhabited road so I was able to increase the speed of the SUV I did it so that at this momentwhen everything came to its worst I could do this I had made it my children were safe but as Ilooked out the window I saw the psychopath was not only moving but also standing up oh no you'renot standing up anymore unable to control my anger I ran over the man at full speed after that hedidn't move anymore soon after the police stopped.

Me until they could figure out what was goingon since this happened recently I still don't know if I can go to jail for what happened butI have no regrets shortly after I found out that the man I hit had charges of sexual abuse thepolice told me that there probably won't be any problems but whatever the outcome I'm happy tomake this world a better place for my children

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