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Foreign I went on a vacation to Serbia lastmonth it was a solo trip and I found a pretty good deal on a hotel room it was pretty chillin the beginning honestly I spent most of my time in the room surfing the internet whenI wasn't outside seeing it was there that I came across a rumor going viral about aphenomenon called the dancing lady who terrorizes people at night I was extremely skepticalbut I decided I would check it out to see if it was true later that night I had broughtmy camera with me so I figured I would record everything I saw for proof for the rest ofthe day I got a little antsy while I waited for the sun to go down and for it to be lateenough for me to explore I was sure that none.

Of the rumors were true but I still felt prettynervous about going out that late at night I killed Time by watching TV and picking outa little hole in the couch chair until it was time when it was finally dark enough Igrabbed my camera and headed out I then started walking the streets of Serbia looking forany evidence of this supposed day dancing late it was around 1 or 2 am and completelydeserted there was nothing around I guess everyone was asleep by that point it was practicallypitch black too the only light was from the street lamps in the reflective light shiningfrom the moon in the sky I felt a little uneasy as I was in a different country and I didn'tknow what to expect I started feeling like my paranoia was getting to me like I was beingwatched for a second I thought about turning.

Back but I decided to go through with it becauseI was sure that it was all in my head as I walked around the area with my camera I didn'tsee a thing I was startled by a few rats at one point but other than that I was apparentlythe only living thing out there at that time of night after a couple hours I was readyto call it a night that's when I saw a figure ahead of me I couldn't make out who or whatthis figure was all I saw was that it was moving awkwardly I started to move in a littlecloser and get a better glance at this thing I then got a little closer and then a littlemore closer until I could make out that the figure was some woman dancing like a lunaticif I had to describe it I would say that it looked like someone vomiting while flailingtheir arms wildly it was like no dancing that.

I had ever seen before the movements werejerky and random and it didn't look fully human I got even closer and by this pointI was totally mesmerized by this woman I began to film her scared out of my mind at the ideathat this could be the woman that everyone was talking about then she slowly turned aroundto face me that's what I was greeted by the scariestface I had ever seen she was giving me this giant terrifying smile that made her looklike some sort of demon I was scared out of my mind and felt Frozen to the spot whereI stood the woman slowly moved towards me then she suddenly emitted a piercing shriekthat made me wince at the sheer volume of it.

She booked me dead in the eyes and with thesame horrifying smile on her face she said your mother's soul is mine she then pulledknives out of nowhere and began to run straight at me I decided to get the hell out of thereand run as fast as I could in the opposite direction I could hear her chasing me andI forced myself to go even faster I ran non-stop for what felt like forever I finally madeit to my hotel and ran inside I didn't stop until I was in my room with the door lockedbehind me I looked out of the window to see if the woman had followed me there but I sawnothing the street was empty I watched the footage from my camera to make sure that Iwasn't going crazy but it was all there I was still amazed but also creeped the hellout it just looks so unnatural the scream.

Was still ringing in my ears I decided togo to bed to try to sleep it off later that night I was still awake I had been tossingand turning all night I couldn't get what the woman had said about my mother out ofmy mind her soul was hers what the hell did that even mean I decided to call my mom despiteit being 4 30 in the morning I just needed to be sure she was okay but when I called her I heard the most shockingthing ever my mom picked up and started crying cryinglike a maniac mom mom what is it what's wrong oh.

Hello sir please open the door we have importantnews that we need to disclose to you hello sir you need to answer the door or we're gonnahave to open it ourselves sir are you all right I'm I'm so sorry but your father justcalled and said he's been trying to get in touch with you your mother has passed awayunexpectedly I'm so sorry for your loss no why it's okay sir you're gonna be all right laughsthis story was inspired by an incident that happened to a Serbian man who claimed to embarkon his own investigation when hearing about others encounters with strange phenomenonupon his investigation he brought a camera out and ventured out into the streets of Serbiaa woman who appeared to be dancing in the.

Same peculiar manner as portrayed online uponrealizing his presence the woman then shouted at the man saying something in the lines ofyour mother's soul is mine frightened the man immediately left the scene and stayedput in his hotel room since then the woman has caused a frenzy amongst the online Worldtriggering a surge in searches for additional information sir I'm going for a jog okay don't stay out toolate dinner will be ready soon don't worry.

I'll be back soon okay gonna try for three miles this time ow what the hell hey did you throw this keeprunning fatty hey stop that or what you're gonna catch us yeah get back here Tim come back here you punks ah what a bunchof jerks I can't believe this crap ah oh what do you want man jeez I'm pissed in yourcereal it's nothing what's up you want to play some cod no not right now I'm runningrunning why would you make yourself suffer like that I'm trying to get into shape manI don't want to be a couch potato playing Call of Duty all day forever I want to beclubbing and dance with some babes what a.

Load of bull you don't even know how to approacha dancing chick only because I've never had any practice do you think people just magicallyget good at talking to girls well you've never even what did you say you cut out hello gross I should just give up and go home toshower no that's what those jerks want I'll keep going X and all where did she come from and what arethey doing in the middle of the road is this another stupid prank no but what kind of danceis that some kind of fortnite emote no stop that don't think about a dumb video game rightnow this is the moment to practice talking to dancing chicks it's perfect she's rightthere and nobody's around so if I screw up.

Nobody will see all right now I should stoptalking to myself or I'll seem creepy like I'm covered in raw eggs or anythingshe looks a little older than I thought what is she wearing where are her shoes okay it'salmost out ah hey how's your night going hello what kind of dance is that should have never left your mother alone whatI didn't I I just left what are you talking about God please don't stop me out there why why why is this happening to me just justleave me alone you're not getting in here.

Mom Mom what's going on mom no not YouTubeplease stop why aren't you doing this I don't understand please please just look at me this story was inspired by a video of theSerbian lady captured by a group of teenagers near the city hospital as shown in the clipthe woman's dance moves are always similar and strange looking like the rest of the clipsyou see of her online here you can see that she dances alone in the middle of the roador somewhere and when she sees someone filming her the woman chases them with a knife whichis very scary to watch and confront in real.

Life since the videos have been released tothe internet no one has a clue about her appearance looks and where she's from so the attributesof her age currently need to be added to public sources but from a few testimonies of somewitnesses they describe her to be a very old creepy decaying woman that looks like she'smore dead than alive foreign started out normal my mother and I were onone of our nightly walks even though we both lived together we were both busy at our respectivejobs and didn't have a lot of free time so the walks are the only opportunity we hadto stay connected with each other despite how late we would go out we never ran in anytrouble in fact it was usually safe and relaxing.

However things would turn out differentlythat night my mother and I were walking down our usual path when a distant silhouette ofa figure appeared on the street even from far away I was getting strange vibes fromthem but I knew my mother's eyesight wasn't as good as mine so I chose not to interruptwhat she was saying at the time to mention it I didn't want to stress her out over whatmight be nothing unfortunately as we got closer it became clear that there was definitelysomething not right about this woman she wasn't walking anywhere she was just dancing erraticallythe woman had her arm stretched out and did these weird jerk motions with her feet itbecame unsettling real quick when I realized she was doing it without anyone for an audiencewhen I looked over my shoulder at my mother's.

Face it was apparent that she was visiblyDisturbed a look I haven't seen her make before I was utterly terrified as I shifted my eyesback at the woman saying what is that woman okay she must be filming a tick tock or somethingI still don't understand what that means don't worry about it mom she should be done by thetime we pass her my best Hope was that she was making some kind of dance video otherwisethere was no explanation for what she was doing aside from being a crackhead or justa straight up lunatic as we got closer I was waiting for her to stop dancing and pick upher phone which she had propped up somewhere but it never happened she never moved fromthat spot and she never turned around to face us she just kept dancing finally I got thefeeling that we shouldn't go any farther we.

Stopped walking and stood there somehow mesmerizedwatching this woman continue with her dance she didn't seem to have any intention of stoppinganytime soon excuse me ma'am what's going on is everything okay just that the womanstopped dancing and went totally motionless with her back still turned on us hmm my mother and I stood Frozen asthe lady screamed at the top of her lungs ripping her vocal cords so loud that it mademy ears ring neither myself or my mother can move a musclewe just stood there watching the lady dancing contort I felt like if either one of us movedour feet just an inch it would set something off so I stared her down tried to make humancontact with her I don't know what to save.

Your complex I was riding on but for a momentit almost seemed like it would work she was unarmed and at a distance and even thoughshe was panting and growling like an animal I could have sworn there was a look in herface as menacing as she was that said there was a regular person in there somewhere beforeI knew it she was looking at us and murmuring the words I am the ambassador of death you'rethe what what do you want from us I need your mother's soul I I don't know what you're talkingabout I need to resurrect the king of Serbia give me it give it give it the woman startedinching her way towards us as my mother and I slowly backpedal in fear but then all hellbroke loose my world came crashing down when suddenly the woman pulled out a knife in eachhand the woman then charged at us breaking.

Straight into a full Sprint I knew it would only be a matter of secondsbefore she closed the Gap so I thought fast and picked up my mother I carried her overmy shoulder as I ran for my life in the other direction the fear coursing through my bodywas unbelievable I was so sure that she would catch up to us I kept running as fast as Icould until I was exhausted but no matter how tired I was I didn't plan to stop I justkept running however she never did catch up I ran until I got home then I hurried insidethe house and locked everything up in case we've been followed the weird thing was thatmy mother was watching the whole Chase and said the woman basically vanished as soonas we rounded the first Corner then combined.

With the way she moved makes me think therewas something more than just unusual going on with her it was like all her movementsengaged every single muscle in her body I want to say that there was some kind of inhibitorswitch in her brain that got turned off but when I see her running towards me in my nightmarishmemory it looks inhuman I ended up writing about it and posting this experience on socialmedia when it happened I don't know how or why but it somehow became a huge internetphenomenon it surfaced an old Serbian myth about something called the dancing Shadowwhich is supposedly the ghost of a woman who died in an extra Twisted real-life versionof Romeo and Juliet according to the legend one of the main things you're never supposedto do if you encounter a woman like that is.

To interact with her or help her in any waywhich is exactly the bone-headed thing I did given that it must be very lucky to have gottenout of that situation alive since then lots of other people in Serbia since claimed thatthey've seen her too but I don't know if all those reports are true unfortunately I thinkit became a joke on Tick Tock to fake sightings of the Serbian dancing lady I bet some ofthem are true however because the police never apprehended anyone who could have been herwhich means she could still be out there I don't think anybody came quite as close tobecoming her victim as me and my mother this story was inspired by an incident that happenedto a man in a community blog Forum the man claims to have a chilling encounter with adancing lady while walking with his mother.

One night as they noticed a figure dancingin the distance the lady suddenly charged towards them uttering profanities and proclaimingherself to be the ambassador of death the woman then goes on to insist that the man'smother's life was required for an ancient ritual to resurrect the king of Serbia Accordingto some recent reports since the woman has been apprehended due to her Disturbing Behaviorbut others claim that the woman had eluded arrest because authorities had a hard timelocating her foreign

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