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Foreign I was a 20 year old woman who loved partiesso needless to say I'd have the time of my life hanging out with my friends and whenmy best friend invited me to her house in California I ecstatically said yes preparedmy stuff and went on a trip but unfortunately my parents were at work and I didn't havea car so since waiting for a bus ride could take grueling hours I decided to cut cornersand hitchhike for a ride I've done it many times before so I was experienced and reliedon this tactic often for convenience purposes.

Two cars passed and when the third one camearound I put my thumb up and decided to take it and the vehicle was a decent looking manin the driver's seat alongside his wife sitting next to him I felt more comfortable gettinga ride from a couple than with anyone else the man politely asked for my name and whereI was headed and so I disclosed the exact address of my destination then after givingthem all the details the couple glanced at each other and smiled agreeing to as we drovealongside the dark asphalt road the man kept asking these strange personal questions likeso I guess you don't have a boyfriend no I don't does that mean you've never done itwith the guy before like you're a virgin uh I guess I am I answered the man just to makethings less awkward than they already were.

The questions he was asking me were questionsI thought he'd never ask in front of his wife despite that I Shrugged it off thinking thatperhaps he was only trying to make small talk as we approached a nearby gas station I askedif I could use the restroom which the couple had no qualms with while sitting on the toileta part of me wanted to just call a cab and abandon the rest of the ride in the end Ifigured I'd continue as my friend's place wasn't too far away I reluctantly began makingmy way back to the car when I got in I apologized to the couple for taking too long I felt atease when the couple gave me no issues Upon returning we proceeded to drive off into thenight and that's when we began entering the not so busy highway a few minutes later theman abruptly pulled over to the side of the.

Road he then got out of the vehicle withoutsaying a word word I sat there in silence thinking he was simply going to check thecar's engine as I was about to ask his wife what was happening to my surprise the managgressively opened my side of the door and started grabbing my shoulder with one handand pointing a knife towards my neck with the other dare to scream or run away and I'llslit your throat he whispered in my ear maniacally I was so frightened that I couldn't move mybody as I whimpered in sheer Terror the man placed a wooden locksmith box on my head preventingme from seeing anything or hollering out loud I was then handcuffed and held in place byeither the man or his wife as the car proceeded to accelerate down the highway and from thatmoment the first disturbing chapter of my.

Life would manifest I didn't know where Iwas but eventually the car stopped and it seemed like I was being taken into a housewhere I was held captive I was then LED blindly to walk down into a basement where they changedme up and from that point on my life would be a living hell the couple would coerce meto cook and clean for them and when it was time to eat the man would chain me up againin the basement where he fed me scraps treating me like a rabid animal I was famished my lossof motivation and lack of pertinent nutrients often left me disoriented as a result my visionwould go hazy and as the couple approached me I no longer saw them as human beings butas monsters with distorted faces ocean eyes and sharp teeth to make matters worse thecouple had the habit of placing me inside.

A box that resembled a coffin underneath theirbed every night having my head locked in a box or chained up in the basement didn't makeany difference I was kidnapped to be a slave in a house far away from home I struggledto keep my composure desperately persuading myself that this was nothing but a horriblenightmare however one afternoon as I was cleaning every corner of this tiny shelter I noticedthe creep entering the bathroom while his wife was watching TV that was my window ofopportunity a once in a lifetime opening where I could be free again so without a secondthought I ran for it using up all of my strength as I dashed towards the back door making myway outside help as the wind brushed my face I had a tinge of hope I felt as though I couldmake it but it was only a matter of time before.

One of them got to me and it just so happenedto be the wife she was able to catch up to me and pin me down on the ground before thehusband came to her Aid drawing griffers of tears I was brought back into that hell holewhere the couple locked me up in a box underneath their bed for much longer again it was darkand cramped making it hard for me to breathe so as the couple laughed and cuddled on thebed I suffered from immense anxiety having convinced myself that there was no one whowould ever find me and that I would die here oh nice this went on for several years until one daythe creep went out to buy some groceries leaving.

His wife and me alone to chat I tried to understandwhy they were doing this to me after constantly prodding I was able to discover that she wasalso a victim like me and that she didn't have a choice but to play along with her husbandto survive hey we can't stay here we have to leave now while we still can I said shelooked around the house a bit hesitant at first but after several tense minutes shefinally agreed to escape with me moments later we reported the man to the cops at a nearbygas station the cops later arrived at the shelter arresting the dumbfounded creep Iwas fortunate to be alive but since then I have had a hard time sleeping on a regularbed finding myself inside a dark wooden box to sleep in until further notice this storywas inspired by a tragic incident that happened.

On May 19th of 1997. a woman named Colleenstain was hitchhiking to go to a friend's birthday party when a man named Cameron hookerand his wife Janice picked Colleen up only to kidnap her and hold her captive for thenext seven years of her life the animation pretty much sums up the ordeal in a nutshellon what her life was like in captivity here's an image of the locksmith box used on Colleen'shead when the kidnapping took place but the most chilling image of all is the infamousbox Colleen slept in here's what it looked like in one of Colleen's testimonies it wassaid that she would often imagine she was in some kind of Adventure when locked up inthe box which was one of the only ways to keep her sanity at those times.

come on come onwhere is that stupid cab is that them God I hope so they're already 20 minutes lateit better be down on where is this it I'm calling them you wear Cab Company how may I help you thisevening yes hello it's me Josh Anderson we spoke a minute ago I'm the guy who calledfor the cab out in Highway 27. Ah that's right I remember you did you enjoy your ride noI haven't gotten it yet they were supposed to pick me up at eight but now it's almost8 30 and there's still no one here my apology sir let me see let me see what driver is lookslike he's still about 45 minutes away 45 minutes.

Are you kidding me why is it gonna be an hourlate can't you tell him to hurry up soap address is too remote it's gonna takea while for them to get there from where Mexico they're driving a car it shouldn't take thatlong sir I'm gonna need shut up shut the hell up get me my cab now damn it this is why Iwish I had my own car I wouldn't have to deal with this crap oh perfect timing yo what'sup man what up dude I'm trying to get there but the stupid cab company just bailed onme what why are you calling a cab just order an Uber or something I can't man you knowI can't I'm way too far in the outskirts they won't pick me up from here I tried alreadyI need someone to come pick me up no can't do my dog everyone here is lost bro I don'tthink any of us could drive seriously I can't.

Believe I'm gonna miss out on this party manit's just lame as hell hold on a sec man let me show what you're missing out on if youdon't get over here I'm gonna FaceTime you yeah that's just what I want to see hey everybodylook it's Josh say hi to the party Josh hey Josh where are you you should totallybe here I'm trying I'm just getting screwed over oh well I hope you come I really wantyou to do you want some motivation oh yeah give it to me Josh if you make it I'll bewaiting for you in the guest bedroom upstairs so you better hurry up okay oh you bet I'llbe there and fast just wait I'll make this happen well good don't disappoint me Josh I don't care what I have to do it's my chanceto Thunderclap them cheeks hold on is that.

Somebody I guess I'm gonna have to do thisthe old-fashioned way there goes nothing edit button a house party by campus like 15minutes tops all right get in thanks for the ride that was fresh out ofluck back there no problem I'm glad I picked you up it's nice to have a pretty passengeryou know I used to be handsome like you when I was your age uh thanks of course hey yousaid you're going to a college party right you want to pregame a bet I got some drinkin the cup holder there uh no thanks I'll be good when I get there suit yourself I'vegot a good Buzz going myself you think I could go into that party with you oh well it's notreally my place so I don't think it would be cool if I invited any strangers what we'renot strangers I'm helping you out God damn.

It do you really think it's fair that I'mgiving you a free ride and I don't even get to hang out with you guys huh I uh I meanI I didn't I didn't mean to offend you I just it's not my house not my rules sorry it'sfine it's my back you know I shouldn't expect a bunch of young college kids to want to hangout with an old geezer like me holy crap dude slow down you're gonna hit something oh my God what was that what was that you knowdamn well what that was that was your fault it was all your fault give me your insuranceand tell them it's your fault or I'll kill you right now get away from me you psycho.

Oh crap holy crap be happy oh God no no no pleaseno where'd you go you little jail bait come onout now I won't hurt you as long as you listen to me Now You See Me Now you don't hello I found you someone else oh it was almost 50years ago the last time I hitchhiked I was still a young woman then so not exactly aswise as I am now but things were also much different in the 70s it was the summer of1974 to be exact I just had it out with my fiance early one evening and stormed out ofhis house the argument was pretty heated so.

I didn't want to ask him for a ride back towhere I was staying instead I walked on the road as far as I could until my legs beganto cramp it was getting late so I decided to stick my thumb out to the cars that passedby within a few tries I got somebody in a tan Volkswagen to pull over when he pulledhis window down I saw a man more handsome than I thought he'd be it honestly caughtme off guard hey need a ride um I decide it's getting cold out here I'm only going aboutthree miles is that all right that's just fine my name is Tad nice to meet you Ted I'mSamantha I've been I'll take you wherever you need to go I was admit admittedly feelinga little nervous but the man was rather good looking so I decided to get in I told himwhere my parents house was and he started.

Heading in that general direction it wasn'tlong before he grabbed a beer from the case in the back and offered me one he hadn't askedme my age but I wasn't going to bring that up so I accepted the offer and we both startedhammering them back but that's when the night started to get a little off course why don'twe go for a ride uh okay it all seems stupid now of course but things were much differentin the 70s I was a little worried but people weren't as paranoid about each other as theyare now in fact the idea of getting revenge on my fiance with an attractive guy seemedtoo good to be true by the time we crossed the river into the next state over I knewit was going to take a lot longer than I originally planned to get home however the more timeI spent talking with that man the more comfortable.

I got with following his lead by the timethe drinks were done we must have been driving for about 30 minutes I had no idea where wewere going all I vaguely remember was that we'd crossed into Kentucky which was a littleways from home that's when Ted abruptly pulled into a completely random spot that lookedlike a construction zone of a future neighborhood I then asked him what are we doing in hereare we allowed to do this no but isn't it fun to go where you're not supposed to beuh I guess it is he drove around the lightning streets for a few minutes until we were somewherein the back of the whole real estate project then he stopped at one of the unfurnishedhouses and got out I wasn't sure about going inside a building that was only half builtbut I was feeling quite adventurous so I kept.

Following him We snuck inside and found aprivate spot and Bill pulled me in close and kissed me I fell right into it I thought itwas so nice and was anticipating something like this to happen ever since I knew he wasgiving me more than a ride home I was up for it just to get back in my fiance anyway butthen all of a sudden both of his hands were suddenly all I remember seeing was the most cold-heartedeyes I could ever imagine I couldn't comprehend if he was just getting into it or if he wastrying to kill me but then all of a sudden we heard Mel voices approaching nearby immediatelyTed got spooked and dropped his hands and from that point on he behaved very differentlylike he'd snapped out of a trance I thought.

The voices just sounded like constructionworkers coming back from a break but Ted acted as though them simply being there was likegetting caught by the police he then said let's get out of here now what we just gothere I said we have to go now get back in the car he rushed me back inside his car thensped off in the moment I barely knew what was going on I was confused as to why we hadgone all the way out there to make out or do whatever we were going to do just stopall of the sudden right at the start of things and go all the way back then he was mean tome after that not charming and hypnotic anymore which made me think I had done something wrongthe whole drive back was made in silence it gave me plenty of time to think about thesituation he definitely knew where he was.

Going the whole time and it was clear hisintention was never just to drop me off at home I was sure that he had scoped out thatremote construction site just before he picked me up but then there was the way he grabbedmy throat like that by the time we got back into town I was realizing I should probablybe glad things took the turn they did I was definitely discouraged from ever hitchhikingagain when he finally dropped me off near my parents house he was proving to be as cold-heartedas he looked goodbye thanks for the ride he completely ignored my goodbye and peeled offinto the night I never saw him again and I was too embarrassed by the whole thing totell anyone for a long time I might have never mentioned it to anyone at all if it weren'tfor what I found out many years later I was.

Reading about a serial killer and as I readit I started to piece things together there were an awful lot of similarities betweenwhat the book described and what I saw that night in 1974 the handsome man the kind ofcar he drove the rides for young girls in the middle of the night that became somethingmore and when I pictured his face it was undeniable I had no idea how close I'd come to deaththat night because the man I was with was undoubtedly Ted Bundy this story was inspiredby a real life case involving a female named Sherry the animation pretty much sums up whatwent down in the summer of 1974. Sherry has since lived to tell about her close call withthe infamous Ted Bundy thank you.

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