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Foreign when I was in college I was a heavy party I wouldgo to just about every house party I heard about and I got to know a lot of people in that craftor at least I think I did I wasn't one of those jocks or anything I was just one of those peoplethat liked to drink them have better memories of the beginnings of parties than I do the middleor end I usually went by myself hoping to meet people there but a lot of the time the only thingI got to know was the bottom of the bottle one my drinking habit almost got me into serioustrouble I was at this guy named Larry's house he was a bit of a geek but somehow he had theprivilege of having this huge house right off.

Campus that was perfect for party this particularnight was the third or fourth time I gone to a party at Larry's they were always a blast it waspacked every time and that night was even crazy it was a New Year's party everybody was therestarting from the football team the jocks the cheerleaders the Frat Boys all the sororitygirls plus the clout Chasers like me and just about every kind of person you can imagine therewas a hot tub and a pool and the most fun thing to do was to climb on the roof and jump into thepool with a cannonball or something but nobody was allowed to jump from the second floor balconythat was Larry's one forbidden rule no matter how packed it got nobody was ever allowed to goupstairs of course that Drew everyone's attention to the unlit staircase around the corner butnobody dared to break the rule Larry might.

Have been a nerd but he was the man in chargeof the house and he had some respect for that nobody wanted to be banned from Larry's partiesand neither did I of course but unfortunately I went a little too hard part of the New Year'sparty I pre-drank by Downing a couple beers before I got there I then grabbed one within thefirst minute then I had another then another then another by the time it was getting close to thenew year it was on like eight or ten the whole house was spinning and from what I heard about mybehavior mothers later on I was pretty belligerent I was about five minutes from passing out when Icrashed on the living room couch and wouldn't move at the time of the night I could hear allthe commotion of people hurrying outside to light fireworks at midnight I wanted to go outthere too but I knew that amount of movement.

Just wasn't in me I was the last person in thehouse and Larry was hovering over me trying to get me to go hey man get up you're gonna missthe fireworks nah man I'm good just leave me here I'll be all right really man you're gonnasleep on the New Years dude I'm lit as hell I am not moving but you're gonna get sick on mycouch aren't you come on and throw up outside if you're gonna Yak hey man I can hold my liquorI ain't never thrown up in anybody's house just ask anybody all right I just need a nap okay sojust let me be and let me lay it out all right man listen to me you better not go upstairsyou hear me yeah yeah man whatever all right just come outside if you're feeling better Larryfinally left me alone and went out to the backyard that I was alone in about half an inch fromblacking out completely the only thing that.

Kept me conscious was what Larry had just saidwhat he was always saying about the upstairs the stairwell was staring right at me makingme wonder why in the world he was so serious about that over all other things Larry nevercared if somebody shattered a 500 base in their drunkenness but it was like we all lived in fearof what would happen if somebody went upstairs the Curiosity was killing me despite being hammeredout of my mind at some point I heard somebody call out that it was just five minutes beforemidnight fireworks were already being set off prematurely so I felt like there was no bettertime than that despite being unable to even walk I slid off the couch and crawled on the floor tothe stairwell then I dragged myself up the steps I had to stop a few times just to clench my stomachso I wouldn't Yak right on the stairs but I made.

It up eventually The Landing came out to a longempty hallway that was Pitch Black I made out four doors along the wall I crawled along the floor tothe first one and reached up to open it then I peeked inside nothing just a normal bedroomalthough it didn't look like anyone actually lived in it I shut the door and made my way over to thenext one same thing just a normal room except this one was an office the third room wasn't specialeither it was just a completely empty space all that was left was the fourth door at the far endof the hallway whatever the secret was I thought it had to be behind that door I was runningout of steam but I made one last push as I got close to the door I heard muffled screaming fromoutside growing louder and louder I then realized they were just counting down from 10. by then Ialready had my hand on the door now but I made it.

A point in my delirium to wait until the strokeof midnight to try to open the door thank you I turned the doorknob but it was locked damnit it's locked then that exact moment Larry body slammed me against the door it was like hecame out of nowhere but by the time I realized what was happening he was already putting me insome kind of Stranglehold you stupid little snake do you have any idea what I'm going to do to youhey Scott where you at you good can't have you puking on someone's couch again if there hadn'tbeen that friend of a friend downstairs I'm sure I would have died right then and there thankfullywhen Larry heard them calling my name he let me go get the hell out of my house don't you eventhink about coming back unless you have a death.

Wish you hear me he said this as he shoved meback towards the other end of the hallway the adrenaline from the situation sober me up justenough to stand and stumble down the hall but as soon as I got to the stairs I slipped on the firststep and fell down the entire staircase whoa you okay man you need someone to call an ambulancethere was a horrible commotion when everybody saw me hit the floor the impact was just aboutthe last thing I remember that friend that saved me ended up calling an Uber and getting me homeever since then I've had to avoid Lair I always got weird looks from him at school but I guessI'm better off not partying anymore anyway the new year was just around the corner and Iwanted to celebrate it by going downtown for the countdown I knew it was tedious since itwould take me an hour to reach my destination.

But it couldn't be helped because I hadno one else to spend New Years with what a bummer I had to live in Canada movingaway from family and friends in the U.S to accept a once in a blue moon offer that wouldhopefully help Rectify my family's Financial issues so even if I didn't want to be alonesacrifices were necessary an hour passed and I finally arrived downtown surrounded bya massive crowd of about a hundred people then the New Year eventually came enticingevery couple and family member to land a kiss on the cheek her lips of their loved ones it was abitter pill to swallow but I must admit that I was dejected envious of all the people who had someoneto share this special occasion with nonetheless it was no reason for me to stay in hibernation modein my apartment as I watched the fireworks flutter.

In the sky all I could think about was what NewYear's resolutions I had planned to set for myself for the following year as I was bombarded with thesoaring crowd I started getting bumped and pushed around like I was some kind of super featherwingthen moments later I was pushed from behind by some random woman who held her boyfriend closeto her I looked at her and I could tell she was dismayed by my presence so infuriated she gave meher two cents saying you'll watch him see you're stepping on it don't make me link up my shortiesor rush you little ways you did before I grabbed my Ting still not wanting to add more insult toinjury for the night I simply apologize moved away having lost my enthusiasm I decided to shrugit off and wait for the bus heading home when it finally arrived I wasn't surprised to see thatit was empty after all everyone else was still.

Downtown partying to their hearts contentI used to have to sigh and alleviated my negative emotions by listening to some Christmassongs on my phone when I finished paying for my bus fare my peripheral vision caught sight of aseemingly friendly couple sitting at the back of the bus seemingly smiling from ear to ear they satstill with their eyes glued directly towards the seat in front of them not saying a word thisgave me the impression that they were easy to interact or have conversation with so instead ofavoiding the opportunity to make new friends I decided to approach them however as soon as I satacross from the couple hoping to start my first positive interaction of the New Year the man'ssmile changed into something more malicious as he scanned my body from head to toe oblivious tohis girlfriend sitting beside him as terrible as.

Sound what I thought would be the start of afriendly conversation gradually became awkward making it difficult to understand their behaviortoward me aside from the creep and appropriately checking me out his girlfriend seemed to TadBazaar wearing Shades despite it being night time however it was too late to back out now andso I forced a smile and said Happy New Year guys how's it going dismissing my effort to approachthem the man winked at me and said hey there beautiful you looking hot tonight I definitelytake you out if you insist I didn't know how to respond to that so I kept my mouth sealed as Iglanced at his girlfriend who remained smiling like she wasn't bothered at all feeling moreAwkward than I already was I nodded my head ever so slightly and thanked the man for hiscompliment thanks I appreciate that at one point.

The bus drove across about the road where thegirl's Shades came off her face and dropped to the floor we're feeling something so frighteningthat I wanted to get off the bus and meet here foreign looking happy yet gone all at the sametime staring directly at me with a pair of round pretentious eyes a void of Darkness surroundedthem giving me the impression that she hadn't slept in ages I tried to look away however thecouple's spying chilling gays would remain so knowing there wouldn't be another bus stop untilan hour later I had no choice but to remain seated moments later we came across another bump andthat's when the girl's head snapped to the side a little past 180 degrees landing on that guy'sshoulder oddly enough the man didn't seem to care at all he didn't even take a moment to glanceat her he appeared to be so fixated on me that.

He forgot about her as the woman continued tostare I could see her eyes begin to drip with blood like she was some kind of Bloody Mary in theflesh I was completely horrified and grossed out constantly checking the time on my phone hopingI could just get off the bus then moments later the man asked hey would you be a helpful littlegirl that helped me bring my drunk girlfriend home four hands are better than two right anxiousand pessimistically cautious I politely declined thinking it could all just be a part of theirscheme however the man frowned unable to accept my reply well I'm not asking you to I'm tellingyou to my body trembling I held my ground and said I said no she's not my responsibility besidesyou're more than capable of taking her home I don't care you will do as I say you understandI need your help please ma'am foreign.

Without holding back the Man Shattered the glasswindow next to him with unbelievable strength and rage by slamming his fist against it hi with allthe Rockets back there the bus driver hollered mind your business old man attention grew as thebus driver stepped on it accelerating his speed don't provoke me boy he came to a sudden holeglanced at the crazed man and said get off this bus now I sat in a fear unable to move a muscleas the creep chuckled ominously heatless of the driver's words what if I say no this doesn'thave to get ugly boy I'll say it one more time get the hell off the bus or I'm calling the copsthey glared at each other for a moment until the creep finally caved in and then he picked up thewoman on his shoulder her eyes still open as they both left the bus the bus driver proceededto drive off I managed to arrive home safely.

Falling asleep almost instantly due to the stressbut when I turned on the TV to watch the news the following day the reporters spoke of a manwanted for a potential murder case upon seeing the photos on the screen I covered my mouth indisbelief as I recognized them as the man and the woman from the bus that night I couldn't helpbut throw up that morning wondering if that woman was even alive to begin with recalling how shestared at me the entire time we were on the bus foreign of last year I needed my body to bein the right condition for The Big Year I was planning on having and I wanted to be ahead ofthe curve so instead of waiting until January I got the jump on the New Year's resolutions andstarted working out around the end of November I.

Hadn't gone to the gym in a while but I knew howit usually went with the guys there I don't like getting cat called and stared at constantly so Iwould always work out late at night however there was one guy who I didn't mind too much whenhe cat called me I know that's a bad thing to admit but I liked it it wasn't the definition ofhandsome to most people but to me he was the sort of guy that I found attractive for some reason wesaid hi to each other every night as we were both consistently going around the same time eventuallyas our conversations grew we ended up working out together one thing led to another and suddenly Iwas going on dates with him and bringing him home to my parents my parents and friends all said thesame thing that he looked like some kind of Frank in Stein at the time I acted super offended onhis behalf I always thought he was different from.

The other guys I dated in the past for instance heused to do this thing every time we were together where he'd tell me to hold up my ring finger thenhe'd grab it really tight and say together forever and that really deep voice of his of course Iwould respond back with together forever and he'd let go when it came close to New Year's heinvited me over to his house for a dinner party to meet his family it seemed important to him so Iagreed unfortunately when I got there the Romantic fantasy I was deluding myself with started tofall apart I knocked on the door and my boyfriend answered bringing me inside the first thing Inoticed was that the house smelled horrible I wanted to throw up so bad but was somehow ableto hold my composure the next room over was the kitchen the lights were off but I could see hisfather sitting at the table hunched over slack.

Jawed and drooling every few seconds his neckwould twitch but other than that he was motionless his lifeless eyes just staring off into space andhis younger son was no different he stood in the corner with his back to us staring intently atthe old-fashioned clock waiting for the new year countdown I noticed that the clock was severalhours off but I wasn't sure if any of them knew I could also see his mother by the same and for someungodly reason she was washing the family cat and the cat was just as spaced out as the rest of thembut somehow it was the most normal looking living thing in the household seeing the whole familytogether and realizing just how distorted their features were made me sick to my stomach what allmy friends were saying this whole time finally clicked in my head they all looked like relativesof that weird malformed poop from The Goonies I.

Reluctantly took my seat at the table and hopedthe night would go better my boyfriend went to fix me some food by the kitchen counter leaving me tosit awkwardly with his father with two hours left until midnight I tried to make some talk with himyou have a wonderful house what do you do for work don't want to talk huh I understandso um how'd you meet your wife I couldn't get a word out ofthat man I'm not even sure I'm shivered in fear and stopped trying to makeconversation after an eternity passed my date came back with a plate of food when he put itdown in front of me I couldn't help but gag as it was just a can of cat food on a crusty plate Ikindly rejected him saying I wasn't feeling hungry and had lost my appetite that's when he startedyelling at me saying what my mom worked hard on.

Cooking that for our New Year's party you bettereat it oh it's just cat food I can see the can on the counter he never yelled at me like that beforeI was shaken up but when I called him out on the cat food he flipped out even more he gave me thislook on his face that a toddler would make when they didn't get what they wanted what made thingsmore disturbing was how he started to act like one two grabbing a handful of the cat food and shovingit into his mouth seeing a fully grown adult act in such a manner was one of the most disturbingthings I had ever seen the next hour was really awkward his mother came in from the kitchen to sitwith us I was hoping that she would be talkative but she looked no less brain dead than her husbandwe all sat there in complete silence while all of them stared off into space except for my day heglared at me the entire time unable to move on.

From being mad at me for not eating the slop I wasoffered I checked my phone and 12 am had finally hit it was officially New Year's the mother stoodup and kissed the father but what made things all the more bizarre was when she hobbled over andkissed the little brother and then my day when I said kiss I don't mean a simple peck on the cheekit was a full out kiss on the mouth that's when I knew there was something seriously wrong and Ineeded to get out of there as soon as possible but before I could even stand that giant freakishman was looming over me he grabbed my ring finger in a vice grip and started chanting togetherforever together forever together forever and that's when I heard his family speak forthe first time live forever together forever together forever he started squeezing my fingersso tight that I thought he might break it oh stop.

Oh stop shut up let go of me shut up stop it why are you doing this what's going onI couldn't comprehend what was going on all I remember was fighting against this grip likeI was fighting for my life when I finally got free I bolted straight out of the door it wassnowing outside but I didn't waste time putting my colder shoes on I kept running down thestreet until I was far enough away to be sure that I wasn't being followed I then called theneighbor and went home I thought about calling the cops but I had no idea what I'd even say tothem since then I ended up blocking his number and canceling my gym membership just so I canmove on and forget all about it foreign

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