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Foreign James and I used to hang out at the communitycenter in our neighborhood during the summer time there wasn't much else to do there exceptswim in the pool but when it got really hot outside that's pretty much all we wanted todo anyway the only thing that sucked about it was that it closed at 5 PM which felt waytoo early the sun didn't go down for another two hours James and I would stay every dayuntil the lifeguards kicked us out and locked up the game but no matter how much we triedto convince them the rule was done they were.

Never lenient about it eventually we got sickand tired of it and decided to do things our way the gate into the pool was short enoughto easily hop over and the rest of the fence surrounding it had a privacy screen so aslong as there was nobody working there at night or watching the security cameras likea hawk we figured out that we could basically have to hold place to ourselves if we wantedto all we had to do was sneak in James and I talked about it for a few days but chickenedout the first few nights but one night we decided to eventually take the risk and doit we waited until about 11 pm to sneak out and meet up in my backyard James and I thenwalked over to the community center without seeing anybody the coast was pretty much Clearwhen we got there I then gave James a boost.

As he hopped over the gate first that it wasme I was a little antsy being this mischievous but I knew the fence protected us from beingseen by anybody besides it was so dark that we even doubted the cameras could see us atall James and I took off our shirts shoes and socks and then jumped into the pool westarted swimming while being quiet of course and normally the lifeguards would get nastyif they caught anyone jumping in while trying to do tricks but now that wasn't a problemanymore James went first while I stood outside of the pool to judge that's when he got arunning Head Start and jumped into the air whispering James was submerged for a few seconds sinkingto the bottom as one should when doing a cannonball.

But then as he began surfacing out of thewater he immediately started screaming at the top of his lungs saying Hell he then swam to the edge in a panic and scrambledout of the water but even when he got out he still wasn't in control of himself I rushedover and tried to figure out what was going on dude down you're being too loud you'regonna get us caught but James couldn't even put words together he was more freaked outthan I've ever seen anybody freaked out he was hyperventilating while crying I triedcrying the answer out of him as to what the hell was going on but it wasn't working finallyJames looked back to the pool with utter Terror on his face and pointed into the deep endsaying there's something in there James scream.

Was bone chilling I looked over and triedto see what exactly he was pointing at but the water was too murky from being slammedin by a bunch of sweaty people all summer and with how dark it was that night he couldn'tsee a thing what do you mean what's down there no no I I don't want to it's stop being sucha wimp just gotta go down there and see what it is no please don't quiet it'll just takea second you big baby I was racking on James a little bit but I was actually genuinelyscared of what I might see down there it had to be something serious to Rattle James tothe Bone like that a big part of me was hoping that he was faking it and trying to pull ajoke on me I dove in and plunged to the bottom slowly the murkiness gave way and a strangeshape did start to come into focus at the.

Bottom of the deep end I got in closer fora better look and getting that close to something I will regret for the rest of my life that'swhen I realized what it was at that moment it was a woman I begin swimming away as I could feel thedecomposing demonic looking woman latch onto my arm all I could remember was swallowingmouthfuls of water as that thing started dragging me down I screamed out all of the air in mylungs and managed to break free from its grasp I then rushed back to the surface to get outof the pool as soon as possible when I finally got out James and I started to hear voicesnearby that sounded like neighborhood parents coming to chase us off and snitched to ourparents we both hopped the gate back into.

The neighborhood and then ran home to my backyardwithout saying the single word when we were safe or so we thought we finally talked aboutwhat we saw the only logical explanation was that it had to be a rotting corpse but theway it moved made me think it was something else James and I started to talk our way intoconvincing ourselves that it was just some prankster in a costume pranking us we wereboth shaking to our cores and vowed to never go near that pool again thinking we'd seena demon that was Haunting us that night we kept it a secret for another week heard fromthe local news that a dead body had floated up to the surface of that swimming pool accordingto what we heard it was alleged that the person was a woman who had drowned there a week priorbefore the night we broke in all this time.

While the community pool was open to the publicthere was not a single person that had any idea what was lurking just a few feet belowthem festering decaying and morphing into something that barely looked human this story was inspired by a true event thathappened at a public swimming pool in Fall River Massachusetts a male was swimming inthe pool when he discovered something floating by the deep end he immediately alerted TheLifeguard in which they then discovered a female what makes this even more disturbingwas how the public swim in the pool for two days straight without even noticing the womanas she was not visible due to the water being too murky.

Thank you foreign of lockdown I think back to what happenedto my girlfriend and I at the height of it we were outgoing people so we had to sacrificea whole summer of fun just because everything was closed down our hopes for a beach dayor to just even hit up a local swimming pool for an afternoon or dinner as the weeks passeduntil we got desperate enough to try something new we came across this app called swimpleywhich allowed homeowners to rent out their Pools by the hour it didn't take long forus to find one that was really promising the picture showed a huge backyard with the sizablepool the only problem was the hour-long drive.

To get there however this didn't phase usas we had been stuck inside for quite a while a lot of the homes along the way were hillbillycompounds comprised of little more than double wide trailers right up against the highwayand homemade junkyards surrounded by collapsing fences it was giving us major Texas ChainsawMassacre Vibes but we held out hope that we would find a diamond in the rough unfortunatelythat wasn't quite the case the GPS led us to what was thankfully an actual house butit was a lot smaller than we expected we were reluctant to get out and knock on the doorbut we'd spent an hour getting there and didn't want to give up on it immediately the manwho opened the door was a shock as well he was a textbook old creep and he had that nastytype of old people smell where it seemed like.

Their pants were always dirty what's worseis he wouldn't take his eyes off of my girl even when he was supposedly talking directlyto me we probably should have had the sense to leave right then but we wanted to at leastsee the pool first to know if it would be worth it the old man led us around the outsideof the house and showed us this giant grand pool of his in the backyard but to our shockand disappointment we saw that it was literally just an empty Kitty pool on a cement slabwe were stunned for a few seconds not sure what we should say knowing we'd just beencatfished over a swimming pool but that's when the old creep started to coerce us whatare you waiting for huh get in there and have fun so I can get paid all right I waited onyou guys for hours I ah it's it's not quite.

What we expected yeah and what about it I'msorry to disappoint you sir but I think we're just gonna go home no you're not and whatmakes you say that that he then flashed a Sinister smile and lifted his shirt refillinga pistol tucked in his waistband my heart immediately sank my girlfriend and I exchangeda look and I could see the distinct fear in her eyes that I felt deep in my core too bythen we knew we really messed up and had no idea what this guy was capable of so we beganstripping down to our bathing suit since he left us with no choice the grin that spreadacross his face when he saw my girlfriend in a bikini made me want to break every bonein his body but I had no idea how quickly he could pull that gun when we were undressedwe stepped into the pool and stood there awkwardly.

As there was no water in it that's when ourcaptor reached down and pulled a hose off of the ground and turned it on to fill upthe pool while spraying us with water as he took a seat at the stool that was uncomfortablyclose to us he was almost drooling clearly taking great pleasure in hosing us down howeverthings were still about to get worse what are you doing just standing there I want towatch you mess around like young folks do you two hunt brother and sister somethingare you it wouldn't matter to me anyway [__] come on do something you know what I wantto see you look so much like my wife I miss her a lot you remind me of all the stuff weused to do then one of the most shocking blood curdling things happened to me the man pulledthe gun out of his waistband and pointed it.

Straight at my face wait a second please don'tshoot I'm begging you stop shut up [__] there'll be time for making you scream laternow let me put this jump in this place I closed my eyes and prepared to Die the last thingI saw was him squeezing the trigger but the next thing I felt changed the course of mylife it was just a spurt of water hitting my face I was confused and everything wentsilent after that I peeled my eyes open just for the old coot to pull the trigger againshooting water straight into my eyes foreign watching that creep laugh himself made mewant to beat him into a pole I wound back to Sock him right in the face with every intentionof shattering every bone in it but at that very last moment my girlfriend jumped in theway and held me back my girlfriend ended up.

Talking some sense into me we went home andtried to put the ordeal behind us I reported the incident but obviously there wasn't muchthat could be done since it was just a water gun if I had actually crippled him that wouldhave been a hard case to argue in court we never saw or heard from that guy again butwe were able to get him taken off the app which hopefully saved a few people from goingthrough what we did I can only wonder how many people got tricked by those phony photosbefore us though this story was inspired by a true story regarding a man who was caughtcatfishing customers on the swiftly app using Google like swimming pool images only forcustomers to arrive at his home and be scammed of his kiddie pool the image below was submittedby the viewer which was allegedly a snapshot.

Of the same kiddie pool used to scam his customers foreign this is something I need to talk about andI know it's probably gonna sound just like an urban myth or Legend but I experiencedit myself and I know it's real it happened decades ago when I was a much younger womanin my 20s my friend was invited to this house party at a mansion and she asked me to beyour plus one so of course I said yes immediately she also said that there would be a swimmingpool and that I should wear a bikini underneath my clothes finally she mentioned that I hadto keep the whole party a secret to not tell anyone about it because there would be a specialguest in attendance I asked her who but all.

She said was the whale I've never heard ofany famous whales so I prodded her to tell me more but no matter what I said she refusedto divulge anything else she told me I had to wait until the night of the party to findout the suspense was annoying but it turned out to be deserved when we showed up to themansion and got into the party there was a sea of interesting looking people but my frienddidn't want to talk to any of them she dragged me by the hand through the crowd until wegot to the backyard and that's when I finally saw him or it the whale he was none otherthan the biggest person I'd ever seen in my life it was no wonder he held that title healmost took over the whole pool with all of his fat and nobody else was in it there waseven a picket signed at the edge that said.

Do not enter pool the movie Blade had comeout more recently at that time and I couldn't stop thinking that the whale looked just likethe ridiculously fat guy named Pearl from it except a hundred times bigger maybe itwas the water that made him look fatter than he was but he was ginormous to begin withthere definitely wasn't enough room for anyone else to actually be in the pool comfortablybut my friend was super annoyed that nobody but the whale was even allowed in it I wassurprised that she wanted to be in the water with him but as I came to find out she waskind of obsessed a bunch of people were in the backyard mingling and drinking among amongstthemselves but everyone was doing so while constantly staring at the literal elephantin the room out of the corner of their eye.

He was like a circus attraction where hiswhole deal was just that he was a whopping 1 000 pounds of man meat I remember beingin disbelief for a little while thinking that it was some kind of blow up prop dummy fora party gag but after I stared at him for a while he took notice of me and his eyesmet mine I knew then that he was a real person but the level of astonishment was still unrealthat and I felt gross just from making eye contact so when my friend suggested we ignorethe sign and get in the pool with him it was a hard pass from me don't you want to hell no absolutely not but what's the point of going to a pool party if you're not goingto be in it haven't you ever been to the zoo the sign says do not enter pool or your voiceyou might hear us oh screw this I'm grabbing.

A drink I was able to get my friends to forgetabout the whale temporarily or at least until we came back to the pool area with our drinksshe consistently pestered me about being a square for not getting in the pool so I keptgiving her every reason not to unfortunately my friend didn't care about a single thingI said she got it into her brain that she just had to do it I had her on a leash foran hour or two but after a couple more drinks she got this glazed look in her eyes and Iknew she was about to lose control of herself eventually she gave up on trying to get meto do it with her and decided to do it herself I warned her not to but when she started takingoff all her clothes and stripped down to her bikini the entire backyard knew what was aboutto happen nobody tried to stop her and at.

That point I was sick of mommying her so Ididn't try either she walked up to the edge of the pool and started taunting the whalehe stared at her but he didn't say anything he didn't seem upset by the threat of somebodycrossing the boundary at all so my friend went further by dipping her toe into wateroh I'm in the water what are you gonna do hmm do you want me to get in I bet you wantme to get in don't you as the whole crowd of people gathered around to watch the showunfold she sat down and put her feet in the water she even splashed around a bit to tryand mess with the whale you can't just expect people to let you hog the whole pool justbecause you're fat it's not fair this is what happens when you don't share understand bigboy with those words she slid off the edge.

And stood all the way in the pool with herlower body fully submerged by then she was aware that she had an audience so she lookedback at me with the smug expression and winked the moment she looked away from the whalethat's when a brown Essence started emanating from him in the water the cloud quickly traveledacross the pool as everyone else just stood there at all oh my God get out of the poolhe's crapping in it look for a moment she didn't believe me not realizing that I wasdead serious until it was too late in a matter of seconds the brown Cloud had almost madeits way to her that would have been bad enough she never would have lived it down but that'snot where it ended in an instant of shock she didn't get out of the pool fast enoughbecause as soon as the cloud touched her the.

World became something else a monster I couldn'tbelieve my eyes when I saw him moving for the first time all night lunging at my friendand devouring her

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