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Foreign I used to work full-time at a Wendy's sincebeing a high school dropout with my years of experience I already knew everything thereis to know about when it comes to running this fast food joint I've done it all fromworking at the drive-through to serving the customers as a cashier to even making surethe establishment was always cleaned as a janitor even though I was grateful to havethis job I still hated my life because I had no choice but to work even in the worst conditionssince the boss was very demanding I was usually.

The cashier who had to take the customer'sorders and it gave me such a migraine especially at lunch time when customers came in and outof the restaurant non-stop on one shift there was someone more demanding than my boss acustomer who was incredibly nitpicky about every ingredient in this freaking Burger andFries he had the nerve to stand up and embarrass me in front of my colleagues and the othercustomers who would murmur and giggle as they glanced at me entertained by my humiliationif I had to describe him he reminded me of a character in a famous cartoon who relentlesslyharassed SpongeBob about pickles that's how annoying this customer was to me one nightI saw on television that we had to prepare for an upcoming thunderstorm so I expectedmy boss to be a little bit more considerate.

This time but despite my constant pleas totake a leave and stay home he insisted that I go to work unless I wanted to get firedI know you've allowed the other staff to stay home so why am I the exception I said causethis is your punishment for getting us in trouble with that customer the other day sostop complaining he replied but there's a storm out there and it's on its way here sowhat there have been many storms in the past stop being such a wuss and grab an umbrellawear a bathing suit take an Uber God damn it I did everything I could to protest mycase but since I had to keep this job I had no choice but to comply again so reluctantlyI started the car and headed off then as I drove down the street I looked out the windowwary of the dark clouds forming in the sky.

Damn it I knew I should have stayed home eventuallyI made it to Wendy's however now the rain was pouring more violently outside and ifthis continued I couldn't go home at all then moments later loud thunderstorms appearedlike jump scares that would cause the lights to flicker every now and then I was supposedto be working with one other colleague however he never came I assumed that he trusted hisinstincts and decided to call in despite what the boss told him I slammed my fists on thetable regretting my decision again then suddenly the doorbell jingled and at first I thoughtit was just the wind however a customer surprisingly entered the restaurant when I took a closerlook at him it was the same creepy customer who humiliated me the other day I stared himdown with a disdained look on my face as he.

Was the primary reason I was given this punishmentin the first place as I was taking the man's order I saw something from a distance of thesky first the clouds were foggy and debris fell toward the ground outside then as thewinds became stronger falling debris came closer but when I looked harder my eyes widenedupon realizing that it wasn't just any ordinary wind bringing all the debris closer to Wendy'sit was actually a tornado the customer and I saw this monstrosity approaching us causingus to panic crap we gotta get the hell out of here give me my baby later before I callyour boss and tell him to demote you to Taco Bell I told the man that we had to hide inthe basement where it would be safe but he shook his head and continuously demanded thatI serve him his order as I kept frauding and.

Urging the man to listen to me he just stoodhis ground justifying that it was hard enough for him to arrive at Wendy's I was in utterdisbelief that the man valued getting a Baconator that his own life as I looked out the windowI could see that the tornado was approaching in a vigorous and Rapid Pace that's when theman went ballistic grabbing me by the collar as he relentlessly demanded the Baconatorso forgetting about the basement I pushed the man off me and ran toward the front doorimmediately entering my car and locking it minutes before the man could grab me and pullme out however to my surprise the strange man remained inside the restaurant and I couldsee him entering the kitchen where I could only assume he was desperately trying to makehimself a Baconator then as I drove off a.

Few feet from the Wendy's my car was suddenlylifted from the ground I was so scared to the point that I was hyperventilating I wasthen sucked into a spiraling Vortex of debris and began spinning around I was legit in afreaking tornado someone helping hey get me out of here I then pushed the pedal as hardas I could miraculously making it back down and getting away from further danger momentslater while glancing at the side mirrors I saw how the tornado destroyed Wendy's andwhat's once the tornado was gone police investigators found one body amidst the rubble leading meto believe it was none other than that stubborn customer of course my colleagues and I lostour jobs after the incident as there was nothing left at the Wendy's but the most importantthing was that I had a chance to live and.

Tell the tale this story was inspired by anincident that happened at a Daleville Wendy's after a tornado ripped through the city onOctober 25th of 2001 below is a viral image of the aftermath of the Wendy's it was allegedthat over a dozen individuals wound up missing during the storm one can only think the BaconatorBandit was one of them foreign I want to throw up I ate it all the time foryears and now it literally makes me sick to my stomach there's a Wendy's on my way toand from work I still see it every day and I do my best not to notice it I used to gothere once a week and get a family-sized tub of chili whenever I didn't feel like cookingI always went late at night because around.

The time I got off work it was usually onlyone or two people working at the time for a while I never noticed a difference in thetaste of the chili at this Wendy's as opposed to any others that I'd been to fast food placesare generally quite consistent however one night when I got home after stopping by Wendy'sand had some The Taste was noticeably off one of the pieces of ground beef even hada weird texture to it I would always add extra seasoning to mask the flavor but I could stilltell that it wasn't normal a week or so later it was time to refill on Chili again I wasthe only person in the drive-through that night so right after getting order I stayedthere for a minute to try some before driving off.

As fate would have it that batch of chilistill had that same weirdness to it when the drive-through worker noticed I was still therethey asked me if I needed any help and I mentioned the odd Taste of the chili in As Nice of away as possible the cashier asked me what I wanted to do about it and since I couldn'treally think of anything else I requested to talk to the person who had prepared itthat made me feel like the biggest Karen in the world but I tried to have a good attitudeabout it since there still wasn't anybody in the line behind me they rolled their eyesa bit but they obliged and went back to the kitchen a minute later this other guy showedup right away I could tell that he wasn't the guy I normally saw in the kitchen so Ifigured he was new it was really strange looking.

And not exactly in an ugly way but if I hadto describe him he had a scruffy beard and had eyes far apart like a beetle the man reallymade me feel uncomfortable with the way he was staring Godly at me so what was your questionsir I I was just wondering if you or maybe the higher ups are doing anything differentwith the chili recipe recently what's wrong with it it just it just doesn't taste rightI eat this stuff all the time and started noticing a ch ange if the recipe changed Iwouldn't know it all comes pre-made all right sorry about that have a good night Sir afterthat interaction I decided to just let it go it wasn't like the chili tasted out rightbad it was just different I contemplated on going to a different Wendy's but never actuallydid the nearest Wendy's aside from that one.

Was just too far out of the way and not convenientenough especially as a routine thing after a while I got completely used to the new Tasteof chili and I even stopped trying to Spruce it up with extra ingredients I really didlove their chili and I have for years before that this went on for the next two years untilI discovered suffered something absolutely horrifying one night after picking up thechili and eating it after work The Taste went right back to the way it used to be it tastedamazing in comparison to what I had become accustomed to in fact it was so incrediblethat I went back to Wendy's the very next night without intending to buy anything Igot a four for four just so I could justify talking to them when I got into the windowI asked the cashier what they were doing different.

With the chili this time the Wendy's workeron duty gave me this really strange look like they felt sorry for me for some reason theysaid nothing different was being done with the chili so I asked again if they had employeda different person for the night shift that's when they said yes and that they had a newperson in the kitchen I was curious as to what had happened to the other guy but theemployee refused to tell me they said that if I didn't know already that they weren'tallowed to divulge the information while at work due to company policy that put a weirdfeeling in my gut but nothing like how I felt when I went home and found out for myselfone of the most recent headlines in the local news regarding Wendy said that an employeehad been caught defecating in the chili for.

Two whole years the picture of the culpritwas the same man I had the conversation with all that time ago all this time knowing thatI had been ingesting tainted chili made me convulse and sick to my stomach Iwent to the bathroom and threw up everything I had in my stomach but then every time Ithought about eating that guy's crab I would throw up even more I ended up dry heavingat the toilet for the rest of the night and felt so utterly poisoned that I had to callout for work the next day of course even though everything is back to normal now I can't eatthat chili ever again I can't even go within a hundred feet of a Wendy's anymore all Ican think about when I smell their food is how much of that guy's crap I must have unknowinglyeaten over the course of two years it's absolutely.

Sickening this story was inspired by a truestory regarding a Wendy's employee at the Mobile Alabama location it was reported thata man named Brian is now under arrest after admitting to defecating in several hundredbatches of chili since 2013. the catastrophe took place for over two years shocking thelocal restaurant goers and of course the internet thank you I've been avoiding this day for so many yearsI've dreaded it but I've also wanted it to happen more than anything God it's been solong two decades almost it's my daughter I haven't been a mother to her for her entirelife Social Services took her away from me.

When she was just a baby I wanted to killthem when they did it that's because of who I was back then but I understand now a childshould never have to be raised around addictions like mine I would have hated to see her becomejust like me as it is I know for a fact she's a better person than I am because over theyears she's tried reaching out to me multiple times while I've been running away I don'tknow how she found me but I guess she's very smart I don't know a single thing about herexcept for the fact that she looks like me I had all the chances to reconnect but I nevertook them I always dodged your calls and left her messages unopened and just never feltready I was too preoccupied with the bottle or something even worse but even then I wasnever allowed to forget about her somehow.

She became something of a celebrity I betit's a wonderful story I see your face plastered everywhere on TV on billboards even on trashlittered in the gutters it's like she made herself a star just so I couldn't ignore herso I'd have nowhere to run her name is Wendy I can't imagine how much she was bullied inschool overlooking so similar to the Wendy's girl but I'm proud of her for being strongand making something out of it instead of running and hiding from the truth like I alwaysdo something had to change I can feel my body not doing well these days I don't think Ihave much life left in me I'm running out of time no matter how much shame I feel Ihave to go see her I have to it wasn't hard to find her she sent me a lot of texts andemails trying to reach out to me she moves.

Around a lot but she's always told me whereshe works all I had to do was scroll up and find the latest address sent to me it feltpretty awkward to show up to her work without warning but she's always invited me to doit and I think speaking to her in person is the right thing to do I tried to get as soberas possible and head out to go see her she works at one of the Wendy's in the same townIsland just on the other side there's really no good side of town around here though soI wasn't too surprised to see that the restaurant was pretty run down on the outside howeverwhat I saw inside that shocked me it looked downright haunted I think the lights wereon but it was still darker than it should have been all except for one bright Spotlighton the counter shining right on top of my.

Wendy at the register it's hard to describethe shock I felt when I saw her in all the pictures I'd seen she was beautiful glowingfull of life but in person she was much different her expression was gone and empty like hersoul had been drained I hate to say it but she looked demonic however I chalked thatup to her father's genetics and put my apprehensions aside it was too late to walk away I was terrifiedwalking up there though I could barely speak hi welcome to Wendy's how am I gonna takeyour order I almost cried right then and there this was the first time I'd ever heard mydaughter's voice what was I even supposed to say hi the meal or just the sandwich um just thatwill that be all actually do you do you know.

If you have a mom what do you mean exactlyI I'm so sorry I'm your mom mom is that you mommy I've been waiting for you for so longare you okay mommy this wasn't going the way I thought it would I knew she might get upsetmaybe even go in a shock but not this I had no idea what was going on with her but itwas scaring me way more than before not knowing what else to do I fell back on my instinctsand headed for the door I tried to go through but it was locked and I looked back Wendy wasn't Wendy anymoreshe was some kind of monster she climbed over the counter with these these spindly legsand made her way toward me I wanted to run but it was like my feet wereglued to the ground I was petrified when she.

Got me she grabbed my face and started screamingat me I accept in my face you lifted me into theair she then unhinged her jaw and placed me inside I couldn't even bring myself to fightback against whatever it was whether it was truly my daughter one of Hell's ghouls thewhole time I just kept thinking this is what I can say I deserve this this is what I deservefor being a terrible mother foreign it was so good to finally meet you mom I'mso glad we could finally reconnect after all these years but the great thing is from nowon you'll always be with me forever and ever there's a Wendy's conspiracy that's been floatingaround the internet regarding the infamous.

Wendy's logo with the word mom spelled outon the collar this was our take on the conspiracy itself maybe you now understand the significanceof the word mom on the collar now foreign

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