30 MHA Details You Doubtlessly Overlooked! (My Hero Academia)

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My Hero Academia brings to life a world full ofunique powers called quirks, but there’s probably a lot of fun facts that you may have missed. Did you know that Bakugo's name actually contains the words “bomb” which is “baku” inJapanese, which explains his quirk, “Explosion”. His first name, Katsuki, comes fromthe words “win ” and “self “, which really gives you an idea of what kind of character he is. Also did you know that when 2 different quirk users have a child together, the child mayinherit a quirk that’s a combination of these 2 different quirks? A perfect example is TodorokiShoto, with his half-cold-half-hot quirk, which allows him to control fire and ice at will. But a lesser-known example we’d like to mention is Bakugo. His father, Masaru has the quirkacid sweat, which means he’s able to produce.

Acidic sweat that can explode if he rubs hishands, but he cannot secrete it at will. Meanwhile, his mother Mitsuki can secrete amoisturizing smooth liquid from her skin using her quirk, Glycerin, keeping it looking young andsupple. Combined, Bakugo can make explosions at will, without the need to rub his hands together,essentially just shooting them out of his hands. As we know in the anime and the manga, he’s comea long way from just simply making explosions, developing his quirk to create a lot oftechniques as he progresses throughout the story. Momo Yaoyorozu, the class vice president, isquite the character with a serious personality, but it doesn’t get in the way of her havingfun with her friends. With her quirk, she’s able to create any non-living materialor object from the fat cells in her body. Her.

First creation? Matryoshka dolls! The authornotes that these are the first objects that she could make perfectly when she was training herquirk as a young child. It’s safe to say these dolls have a special place in her heart.Another interesting character that we can’t pass up is Mina Ashido. Her last name isbasically pronounced the same as how you would pronounce “acid” in Japanese. What’s even more interesting is the name that she picked for herself when class 1- A waspicking out their hero names. She first came up with the name Ridley Hero: Alien Queen,which is a reference to the main character of the Alien film franchise’s main character, EllenRipley. You know..The aliens in the franchise? They’re also a direct reference to her quirk,Acid, as they’re able to melt through solid metal.

With their acidic blood, except Mina releases itfrom her hands. And did we forget to mention that she’s also got some sick dance moves as well? The author has also created other works before this manga, namely the oneshot titled MyHero that serves as the basis for the My Hero Academia we know and love today. In the oneshot, we see our main character Jack Midoriya as a salaryman. He’sweak and quite frail, a bit like how All Might is right now, after his swansongultimate move: the United States of Smash. Regardless, Jack still has the heart of ahero, willing to sacrifice himself to help other people. It’s really interesting how theauthor splits this character into the lovable teacher-student duo of the main series.Speaking of Izuku, did you know that his.

Nickname of Deku actually means something ratherdegrading? Bakugo gave him this nickname during their childhood together. ‘Deku’ can meana wooden figure or a puppet, and is used to refer to someone who’s useless and unable toachieve anything. This is exactly how Bakugo saw Izuku. He thought himself to be far above himand treated the people around him like trash. However, as cruel as that may be, the alwaysoptimistic Uraraka Ochako knows how to turn things around. Instead of the initial meaninggiven to it by Bakugo, she thought the nickname was actually inspiring, giving off a feelingof “I can do it”, which comes from how similar the word is to the Japanese word of being able todo something, which is “dekiru”. How precious. It’s interesting to note though, that bothUraraka and Bakugo actually have the same.

Costume designer! That’s why, if you pay closeattention, you can see two dots on their costumes, aligned vertically on her chest for Urarakaand diagonally on the left chest for Bakugo. Speaking of Uraraka, she’s actually a bitold fashioned. Instead of a smartphone which everyone else has, she owns a cute little pinkflip phone. It’s likely due to the fact that she isn’t able to afford a smartphone.Bakugo’s friend, Denki Kaminari, has the ability to release electricity from hisbody. And in case you missed it, his first and last name both have meanings that relate to hiselectricity quirk. Fans have lovingly called him Pikachu due to the nature of his quirk. However, there’s actually a side effect that happens when he overuses this quirk ofhis. It ends up short circuiting his brain,.

And for a whole hour, he’s stuck in a vulnerablestate, in which he can’t really think for himself, smiling mindlessly while sometimes givingtwo thumbs up. We find it funny that the face he makes is actually quite similarto the main character from One-Punch man, Saitama. The expression he makes and the wayit’s drawn really resembles Saitama when he’s not being serious and just joking around. But did you know that Denki was actually born in the Saitama prefecture in Japan? At thispoint, Denki’s a direct reference to him. Each character’s name usually has hidden meaningsthat give a clue to what quirk they might possess. However, there’s an interesting pattern forthe users of the quirk, “One for All”. Each user’s name contains a reference to the orderof their inheritance. For example, Yoichi,.

The first user, has the kanji, ichi, in his name,which means the number one. All Might's real name, Toshinori Yagi, has Ya, which means the number 8,and signifies his spot as the eighth user of one for all. Along with these, all the other usersfollow the same pattern, although we still don’t know the names for the second and third users.The UA motto “Plus Ultra” is actually a phrase in Latin which means “further beyond” andit also happens to be the national motto of Spain. It’s very fitting as we see charactersscreaming this at the top of their lungs during big moments, such as in All Might’s final fightagainst All For One, pushing his limits even further beyond that of whatever he’s done before.Aizawa Shouta, classroom 1-A’s homeroom teacher is a cold and ruthless teacher who’s not afraid toexpel the whole class if they do something wrong..

However, he does have a soft spot for his studentsevery once in a while. With his quirk Erasure, he’s able to erase other people’s quirks aslong as he stares at them. He usually uses this quirk together with his goggles. Now, didyou know that these goggles did not originally belong to him? Instead, they were given tohim during the time he was a U.A student by Shirakumo Oboro, his good friend. Ifyou read the spin-off Vigilantes manga, you’ll know who we’re talking about.Present Mic is another teacher at U.A. and Aizawa’s good friend. He takes downopponents with his extra-loud voice, and has the personality to go along with it. Thiswasn’t always the case though, as the author, Horikoshi actually meant for him to be a boringguy who would only do announcements. It’s a good.

Thing we ended up with the character we knownow. I mean, can you imagine him being all boring and unenergetic? We wouldn’t get thehilarious dynamic between him and Aizawa. And did you notice that he actually announces eachnew quirk that pops up in the series? You know, that brief explanation on what each quirk does sowe can all understand what we’re dealing with. U.A. High School has actually got a fair share ofheroes that look kind of scary in a way. Ectoplasm is a Pro Hero who teaches Math at the school.His quirk, Ectoplasm allows him to make clones of himself, kind of like Twice from the League ofVillains. However, he does have a limit of being able to only make 30 clones a day. Furthermore,he has the ability to make a single, giant clone of himself by combining all his clones together. And did you notice his “legs”? He’s actually lost.

Both of them during his work as a hero, and hashad to wear prosthetics as a result since then. Gang Orca, another instructor who’s got quite amean look .This comes from his quirk that gives him the abilities and the appearance of akiller whale. Check out his hero outfit, though. If you pay close attention, the tie hewears actually resembles a really long tongue being stuck out for a doctor’s oral exam,and his collars actually have a pattern that looks like sharp teeth. It makes him look extrascary, like he’s about to eat someone alive. This comes as no surprise, since he actually ranksthird in heroes that look like villains. A bit of a weird ranking to have, but hey, fair enough.Pro Hero, Thirteen, is a hero that focuses more on rescuing civilians from danger. Wefirst see Thirteen during the U.S.J Arc,.

Where class 1-A learns about rescuing people invarious situations. We don’t see who’s behind the mask until later chapters, where we find outthat she’s actually a lady with short hair, when she removes the helmet of her costume. The name ‘thirteen’ might be a reference to the popular space program, Apollo 13. Butwhat’s more interesting is the fact that she was introduced in chapter 13, page 13 ofthe manga. Now, that’s a lot of thirteens. Moving on to the villains, there are multiplemoments where we see Tomura Shigaraki is actually quite a bit of a gamer. In multiple lines, we hearhim make references to games like saying “Game over” when the situation gets tough for him. In later chapters, we even find out in one of his interactions with Spinner, that he actuallylikes league of legends! He also mentioned always.

Playing it solo. This might be his inspirationfor naming his team the “League of Villains''. A deep, and ideology-driven character, Stain,the hero killer might be inspired by anti heroes of the 90's, such as Marvel’s The Punisher. Itmay explain his whole obsession with ideology, as these anti heroes might generally seek toachieve a single goal by any means necessary, similar to how Stain wants to create a HeroSociety of only “true” heroes, as he calls it. His outfit also somewhat resembles Spawn,with his mainly black costume, and a long red scarf that matches Spawn’s cape. Both of themreally help in giving him a terrifying look, worthy of the title “Hero-Killer”.There are so many fun facts in the world of My Hero Academia, but what do youthink, is there anything that we missed?.

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