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“Welcome aboard” Hi! Welcome to another Movie Plot! Spoilers ahead! Over the centuries aliens helped expand the internationalspace station into Alpha, a massive space city inhabitedby thousands of species from the four corners of the universe. Since the size of Alpha nowthreatens to disrupt Earths gravity.

It is sent off into deep space. 400 years later a primitive race of pearl people inhabits a planet called Mul, where they farm the ocean in search of pearls. Princess Liho wakes up andwashes her face with them before giving one to the localfauna to duplicate into a puddle. Just then rubble begins torain down from the sky above and the wreckage of a spacecraftcrashes down to the surface. Liho finally gets back.

But everyone has already left insearch of survivors at the crashsite, and when the mothership plummets down they are forced to sealthemself inside the wreckage before Liho can get to them. Knowing she is doomed, Liho sends out a telepathic message before the shockwave incinerates her, which reaches Major Valerian and his partner Laureline.

While enjoying a simulated beach vacation Valerian insists he wants tomake Laureline his life partner, which she brushes off as him justlooking for another notch on his belt. He analyses his dreams and the computer tells him that they were a signal sent from some unknown location in time and space. As agents for the United Human Federation with the goal of preserving peace in the galaxy, the pair arrive at planet Kirian witha mission from the Defense Minister.

Of obtaining the last Mulconverter known to exist. With their ship the intruder and disguised as tourists they meet up with agents on the planet surface The two go to a place called Big Market where Valerian goes in alonein search of the converter, while being stalked by hooded figures. Laureline goes to a watchtower whereshe shoots a guard with a device, allowing one of the otherAgents to take control of it. A seemingly empty desert witheveryone just standing around,.

Big Market is in another dimension, requiring people in oursto wear a helmet and gloves to see and touch. “Welcome to Big Market” Valerian sneaks off to the Black Marketto find his target surrounded by guards, and the mysterious figures walkstraight past him and inside. Val meets up with a SgtCooper who can get him inside, giving him an interdimensional box thatallows him to use a gun in Big Market, then scrubs his hologramso he can do it incognito.

The hooded figures reveal themselvesto be surviving Pearl people, who are trading one of theirlast remaining energy pearls to black market dealer Igon Siruss for a Mul converter to create more. Igon betrays them hoping tomake duplicate pearls himself, but Valerian walks straightpast the guards and robs him. Lauraline enters through acloser breach in the wall and uses another space box to take the converter. As Valerian swipes the energy pearl on his way out.

One of Igons guard dogs attacks him, causing Cooper to have to savehim and get himself killed. Not able to remove the box from hisarm and slowly returning visible, Valerian is bombarded with ads untilfinally being seen by one of the guards “Oh Yea” Using magnetic balls to weigh theinterdimensional box to the ground, Valerian breaks through a serviceentrance on Kirian sending his hologram and the box smashing through floors in Big Market. He enlists the help of an alienchild named Da and his paintball-gun,.

To redirect the magneticballs to one of Igon's men. Da's mother runs him off and he continuesto evade the guards throughout Big Market, “Roar” while bumping into tourists with his physicalform and eventually running into a wall. Laureline manages to get Valerian'shand out of Big Market just in time, but Igon uses reverse goggles and a cagedpet on Kirian to continue the chase. “Fetch” The nurolinked agent tries to hold backthe beast as they escape the compound, but the relentless creature continues afterthem ignoring everything they throw at it.

Not being able to do anythingit begins to rip through their vehicle killing the agents off one by one, with Valerian and Laureline having toabandon the bus and leap onto The Intruder, only shaking the beast when the air gets thin. Laureline gives the converter a uranium bath while the computer analyzes the 20-megaton pearl to find it houses 10 timesmore power than the ship, and that planet Mul was destroyed 30years ago but the rest is classified. Now 700 million miles from Earthand housing 30 million inhabitants,.

Alpha has 800 aquatic species in the south, The Azine Mo in the toxic norththat can build any kind of cell. To the east the Omelites controlthe station's technology, and to the west 9 million humansand compatible species coexist. The pair return to a grilling from GeneralOkto Bar for being 20 minutes late, and he tells them a toxic zone has grown withinthe center of the station over the last year and any troops sent in never return. Commander Arün Filitt arrives havingbeen put in charge of the problem, and after some experiments on a poor Pearl.

He reluctantly receives Valerian andLaureline as bodyguards by the Minister during his meeting with theleaders of the universe. Just then an attack on the summit sees thePearls open fire with nonlethal weapons, sliming everyone in the roomand taking the Commander. Valerian has an assistant droid cut open hiscocoon and frees Laureline to help the others, while he uses his exosuitto pursue after the Pearls. Taking the shorter direct path, Valerian uses his speed and strength to break through the walls ofevery biome on Alpha en route,.

As the pearls begin toboard their ship and depart. Returning to his ship alone Valeriantries to disable their escape craft, but it splits into heaps of smaller versions where he tries to pursue thembut crashes into the red zone. Laureline recruits the alientrio known as Dogan Daguis to help find Valerian, who takes her to a sailor for hire named bob. Bob takes her deep into the Galanasea to find wild Bromosaurs, where he picks a cortexjellyfish off the back of a male.

Sending them all into a frenzy. Barely managing to make it back, Laureline is told that she willhave to put her head up its ass in order to see what it's seen, but no more than a minuteor it will eat her memories. She does so and sees the location of Valerian, before reaching a record of one minute ten. The general finds the Pearl the commander tortured and shows it kindness.

But it dies. Lauraline finds Valerian onthe edge of the irradiated zone with a damaged craft, but an attractive butterflylures her in and kidnaps her, being that it's the fishing-lineof a Boulan Bathor angler. Valerian jumps onto one of the hooks to save her and kills its owner, but has no way to get past the rest of the guards. He goes to the zone of Paradise Alley.

Looking for a glamorpod thatcan help him get inside. He comes across a club owner named Jolly the Pimp who says he has the best glamorpod around, bubbles. She then puts on a1:30 straight routine, where Jolly plays the piano as she shapeshiftsbetween a bunch of different looks, all while singing and dancing for Valerian. When she finally walks over to himand asks what he wants from her, she tries to get into his head so he pulls a gun,.

Sending her screaming into her primary form. After Val takes Jolly out he convinces her that she will be pimp free if she helps him get his partner back, so disguised as Jolly she sneaks out with him. Since Bubbles has never played thepart of a Boulan Bathor before, she hasn't had time to practice their mannerisms, but still manages to get past the guardsduring Emperor Boulan III's lunchtime. When they find Laureline she is unknowinglyhaving her brains served to the emperor.

With lemon, so Valerian takes control ofBubble's body and kills him. They fight their way out and end up escapingthe keep with the help of Bubbles abilities, but she is fatally wounded and dissolves away. Arriving at the center of the red zone they discover the real reasonthe place is off-limits. The Pearl people are living in vast numbers, still being led by Liho's father Haban-Limat, and mother Aloi.

Haban says when Pearls die theyrelease their soul into the universe, and Liho's chose Valerian to be its guardian. He tells of how their peoplesurvived the destruction of Mul aboard the crashed vessel, learning human technology until eventually being picked up by scrappers. When the scrappers returned with theirhaul to Alpha the Pearls snuck aboard, they now just need the converter andpearl to power a ship they've built and find a planet to inhabit.

They wake commander Filitt whoadmits his role in the genocide, saying that he was the one who firedthe shot at the enemy mothership but argues it was necessary to end the war, and the coverup was to prevent humansfrom being banished from Alpha. So Valerian knocks him out. ” I taught him that” They hand the pearl and converter over to Aloi, who uses it to produce enough power tochange the entire inside of their new ship into a replica of their homeworld.

Just then the soldiers sent by general Okto-Bar reach the entrance of the shipwhere they are greeted by Pearls. Val and Laureline try to convince the commander to admit what he has done over the intercom, but Filitt orders his K-Tron soldiersto attack both pearl and humans alike. Valerian goes outside the ship to hold them off while the pearls get it ready to depart, then jumps aboard last second as theytake off through the side of Alpha, destroying the surrounding K-Tron robots.

Having saved the Pearl peopleand arrested the commander, “Children” Laureline is asked by Valerian to marry him as they are left adrift inspace waiting for rescue. And the movie ends. Valerian and the City of a ThousandPlanets is a 2017 space opera written and directed by Luc Besson, who waived his own salary in orderto get this passion project made. Based on the French science fictioncomics series Valerian and Laureline,.

Written by Pierre Christin andillustrated by Jean-Claude Mézières. The main storyline was loosely basedon 'Ambassador of the Shadows', the sixth volume in the comic book series, and also happens to be the first'Valerian and Laureline' story to be translated into English. “Do you understand what I am saying?” Thank You for watching!

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