(3)Tragedy Of Girl Juvelian-Swish Casanova Refuses To Marry The Man Her Father Selected-Manhwa Recap

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We see that Duke Floyd is getting Max's name removed from the list of suitors before a man arrives telling him that the emperor is requesting his presence immediately the setting is called ashit Empire Palace the Duke asks his majesty about what he needs the emperor responds that there was a rat within his Palace and he would like his most loyal servant.

To handle it personally the emperor also mentions that they have caught a rat before but itself deleted before they could get any info he wants Floyd to stay in the palace by the emperor and investigate Duke Floyd agrees and says he will stay here for a few days the emperor smiles and says he is relieved to have Floyd by his side outside.

Floyd's men ask if he's sure he'll follow the order as he may have to stay for a long time since the rat left no evidence the Duke tells them to watch their mouth as they may get put under suspicion too we see that Max is hiding in a tree with a bird on his head he thinks to himself that his master could have crushed that.

Scum whenever he wants but chooses to let him live he is disappointed that his master would let the emperor use his weakness against him one of Floyd's men lets him know the escort of his daughter was a success he continues to say that his daughter went shopping for Rose's birthday and seems excited about it Floyd is noticeably.

Happy as he says I see Max continues to ponder to himself about why juvelian is so precious to him and if it's because she's family Max thought at one point his master was willing to destroy anything in his path but now knows his master is vulnerable due to javalean he's shown his weakness so the emperor uses it as a tool to.

Manipulate him he thinks what his master said about people getting stronger to protect those they love is nonsense he then decides that maybe he'll understand this if he sees it for himself we later see radian greeting his cousin Mikhail he is acting very gleeful as Mikhail asks what he wants radian says he has good news and would like tea Mikhail.

Just tells him to say what he wants radian then says that Mikhail is so cold and that it's no wonder juvelian left him for someone else we then see Mikhail pause before angrily asking where he heard that from radian then says he saw her buying cufflinks with his own two eyes he then repeats that they were cufflinks and asks Mikhail if he knows.

What that means cufflinks are for people who are very close between a couple it means you are mine radian deviously smiles and talks about how this is great news since Mikhail was worried she didn't really want to break up with him radian then asks a maid to get tea but Mikhail tells him to leave and to get out if he's done talking radian then.

Leaves sarcastically saying sorry for ruining the mood we later see that Mikhail seems to be going insane with rage he thinks she has already found someone else despite at one point saying she'd never love anyone else he then slams the table injuring himself in the process he wants to make her pay for making him look like a fool we later.

See juvalian is at home by herself wondering if her father is home late again the maid sees this and says the Duke will be coming home in a few days as he is busy with training the maid thinks juvelian misses her father but she actually just wants to give him his pendant and gift to get it over with later juvelian is seen sleeping after.

Reading the book her father gave her we see someone step into her room as she is fast asleep the maid calls for juvelian and asks if she's all right she is being restrained by Max he wants her to tell the maids to leave to which juvalian then tells her maid that she is just up reading this causes them to leave she then asks Max to lower his sword as.

She has already told the guards to leave she then tells him that he's barged in with no permission and doesn't get why he's mad she continues to start speaking but yawns as she is very sleepy he is shocked that she is yawning in this particular situation but she couldn't help it he moves his sword as he asks her what she is doing she then tries to.

Cover up the fact that she is laughing she then acts cool and serious saying that she is sleepy and he just woke her up she tells him to go home he stands his silence before saying that he doesn't have a home she then stares at him and then in her head thinks that he might actually be a mercenary she asks him if he is just traveling.

Around to which he nods his head yes she then thinks in her mind that mercenaries are normally living in Inns then she imagines him as a homeless person she then thinks that he must have been kicked out and now has nowhere left to go except to her father as she thinks he is clearly irritated she also thought about how the last time he came no.

Servants welcomed him so he was not an official guest she thinks he may have gotten lost and ended up in her room and is unsure what to do as her father is not here she then tells him that since he has nowhere to go he can stay here this makes him visibly confused she thinks she'll have to take care of her father's.

Guest as he is not here she then grabs him a pillow and some blankets she tells him not to thank her and pay her back when he gets rich and famous she then says she's going to bed and he should as well she then fell asleep as he stood there he is terribly confused and wonders what in the world she is doing he realizes that she is.

Actually asleep and wonders why she isn't scared most people are scared or pretend to not be and suck up around him he then mentions that her eyes for a moment seemed detached from everything as he stares he tells himself to not overthink this she is an obstacle in his way and he should take care of it if he can eliminate her his master will no.

Longer have the emperor controlling him then they can take out the emperor like how the Duke and Max had always planned together as he reaches over to her he notes that she is sleeping without a care staring at her makes him sleepy as well he is shocked at himself as a warrior should never get sleepy especially when.

Death is always around the corner he tells himself he cannot fall asleep here but then decides in his mind only for a little we see that they are both asleep together on the same bed a maid in the morning hears a strange noise she calls for juvalian before slowly opening the door she then wonders why the door is.

Locked we see that juvalian is covering his mouth telling him she doesn't want anyone to get the wrong idea she then says that if he wants to stay here he needs to work with her he lets go of his mouth as he nods she then smiles and says that this is better and that he should have said yes from the start she then Pats him on the head he is.

Clenching his teeth as he tries telling her not to touch his head the maid calls for juvalian to which she says she is coming the maid comes in and says she thought something happened as the door is never locked juvelian says it was locked as she thought someone might barge in the maid laughs and asks who would do that not even thieves would go.

In the Florian house juvelian laughs and thinks in her mind there is someone crazy enough to do it juvelian then says who knows especially since her father isn't here at the moment the maid then thinks juvelian is nervous since the Duke isn't around while juvelian thinks to herself that Max better not make any noise the maid then grabs her hand.

Saying the Duke will be back soon and not to worry and go get some fresh air the maid then notices a mark on her hand and shouts about her wrist Max is sitting wondering how long he has to stay in the cabinet he then thinks about how strange juvalian is laughing when she should be scared he spends 20 minutes in the box and.

Wonders what she is doing he then hears her say ow and make some strange noise he then thinks that she is mating with someone he wonders what he is doing getting dragged around by a woman as he goes to open the cabinet he hears the maid talk about medicine he then gets mad thinking she is acting hurt when she is completely fine the maid.

Talks about how it looks painful all the bruises jouvillion has he then gets confused that she is bruised juvilian then says that it's her fault as she fell out of bed he then thinks back to what happened previously he then realizes that she must have gotten hurt then he clenches his fist and thinks the strong live and the weak die he then.

Seems to question if he actually thinks this juvilian later walks to the door and he knows she is on the other side after the door opens she tells him he can come out now Max is visibly blushing and then juvilian asks if he's hungry he asks her if she actually wants to eat with him he continues to ask sir why as she gets.

Confused she then says that food is always better when you eat with someone she then grabs his hand and pulls him along mentioning how great her head chef is he is blushing even harder and his chest begins to beat louder he is shocked as the breakfast she was talking about turned out to be cucumber sandwiches he actually hates cucumbers.

More than anything juvelian asks him why he isn't eating he wonders if he's actually about to put them in his mouth his plan beforehand was to get rid of his master's weakness and then leave she stares as he begins to munch on it she then gleefully asks him how it is as he struggles with the food he nods his head in agreement he.

Wonders to himself what he is doing here with her juvelian then says she is relieved as she was unsure if he would like it his heart continues to beat as he thinks in his mind that cucumbers aren't actually that bad after all at the palace we hear someone talk about how much gossip the castle has he is.

Surprised that even he knows Duke Floyd is protecting the emperor he walks and tells the guards that he is here to see the emperor he thinks that people will eventually turn on the emperor like last time the guy is prime minister Duke ellios and he asks the emperor if he intends to keep the Floyd in as his guard the emperor says of course since.

Floyd is the best hunting dog we then get a backstory there was a battle between the kingdom of ashet and tajaria the emperor was forced to escape the palace and Retreat however one man stepped forward to fight the Invaders and defend the kingdom the public saw that there was a coward and a war hero in the Empire this is the current Empire.

And the floydan household in the prime minister's mind he knows that people wanted him dethroned but only stopped because legis showed support for the emperor most people still think of the Emperor as a coward the Prime Minister then says giving Floyd in this useless task will make people hate him more and it's best to set a trap for the.

Assassins this angers the Emperor who tells the man to leave the Prime Minister then pleads for him to just bring the Crown Prince back if he wants to keep the Duke in check he then says he hopes the emperor makes the right decision before leaving the emperor is angry as the man leaves since he hates being told what to do he stares at his.

Hand and says Floyd will never disobey him as long as he has these juvelian is then seen yawning as she is reading her book she realizes she is Sleepy due to just eating she then stares at Max who is relaxing she pouts as she is annoyed he is in her favorite couch to lay on he asks her what she is looking at to.

Which she says he looked very comfortable she then wonders when Max will leave and wonders if it's when her father gets back he then asks again why she is staring to which she says she is wondering if him and her father are very close he then says they're on bad terms she disagrees as she had seen how gentle he.

Was talking to Max she then remembers she needs to give her father the pendant and cuff links she continues thinking to which Max asks her to spit out what she wants to say she then asks what he thinks about giving cufflinks as a gift he then is shocked at the mention of a present she is blushing and wonders if her father would hate it she covers her.

Face with the book and wonders why he isn't saying anything the book is yanked from over her as he asks who the present is for

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