[4] Born With out Magic, He Turns into The Strongest Magician

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Previously on Mashle – Mash is a physicallystrong boy who lives in a society where magic determines one's social status. Unfortunately, Mash is unable to use magic,which makes him an outcast. Mash made a deal with Brad to become the chosenone in the most prestigious school of magic in the country. Mash won the broom race against his classmate,although through unconventional means. Unfortunately, he soon found himself targetedby a bully and the unfair justice system in the school. Despite this, he standed up for his friendagainst the bully.

Surprisingly, the principal takes notice ofhis actions and sees potential in Mash becoming a divine visionary who can change the world. As a result of his outstanding performancein the broom race, Mash is forced to participate in the duelo competition. However, he can’t fly. Mash is left standing on the sidelines sincethe aerial sport involving brooms requires the use of magic, which he lacks. Spectators grow angry, assuming he's not takingthe game seriously. The team captain, Tom, approaches him, speakingincoherently and putting words in Mash's mouth.

His ramblings make little sense, leading Mashto suspect that he might be under the influence of something. Despite this, Tom explains the rules of thegame, which involve passing a ball midair and through that ring for a point, with theuse of magic strictly forbidden. As a skilled duelo player himself, Tom recognizesMash's potential and recruited him for the team. However, before Tom can return to the game,an opposing player crashes into him, causing severe injuries.The girls squeam, “Aaahh,Lord Tom, last year's MVP” The guy apologises, claiming it was an accident.

With the team losing by 40 points, Tom tooinjured to move and not much game time left, things are looking dire. But Tom still bestows Mash with his wordsof wisdom “Winning isn’t what matters, what matters is that you gave it your all.” The Lang dorm is leading by 50 points, butMash refuses to give up. He grabs his broom, grips it, and jumps, surprisingeveryone with his ability to “fly.” In reality, he's just moving his legs so quicklythat he's levitating. Mash asks for a pass, but the Lang dorm scoffsat him, certain that he has no chance against them.

As they charge towards him, Mash swings andthrows the ball with such force that it knocks them off their brooms and scores a point. The crowd is amazed. Despite being down by 49 points with timerunning out, Mash isn't deterred. Just as the ball is about to go out of bounds,it comes back to him like a boomerang. With a flick of his finger, Mash gives ita spin and scores another point, earning possession of the ball once again. I mean, the words “it’s not humanly possible”are a bit of cliche at this point. Of course he does that so fast that the timedoesn’t even matter, the score is already.

In 3 digits, capping at 999. The crowd is ecstatic and semi-confused. Mash’s goals are record high and everyonewas given a silver coin. But why is it a triangle? Finn is happy for him, but he’s never doingthat again. Suddenly, with a furious look, Tom approacheshim, thanking him for becoming “a good bamboo.” Mash’s performance was so fascinating, hewas featured in the newspaper. In his interview Mash credits his successto Tom’s exhilarated encouragement. The man reading the newspaper, Lance, recallsMash from the entrance exam, where he risked.

Failing to help a stranger. He considers Mash naive and checks his pendant,noting that Mash is up next. The next day, Tom calls Mash into duelo practice,Lemon invites him to study with her. Both of them are posturing him into becominggreat together, but he just wants to be left alone. When he asks Finn for help, he pretends tobe asleep. Traitor. Suddenly, Lance approaches the group and expressesinterest in joining in on the fun. Tom becomes immediately cautious as he hasnever seen Lance before, and the presence.

Of two marks indicates that he is a powerfulmage. Lemon, on the other hand, recognizes Lanceas the top-ranked first-year student from the entrance exam. Though she finds him attractive, she has alreadygiven her heart to Mash. Mash isn’t exactly having fun, promptingLance to suggest they do something entertaining. Initially, Mash considers a game of hide andseek, but Lance unveils a magical bottle and, after uncorking it, captures Mash's friendsinside. Lance then demands that Mash meet him at theforest by the owl's hut if he wishes to free his friends.

And swoosh, he’s gone. In the forest, Mash wonders what this is about,and Lance wants to make a bet. He also wants to become a divine visionary. Tom knows that Lance is bad news. The majority of the world is single-line magicusers, but there are rare exceptions with multiple marks. Double-line magic users. They exist in this realm at a rate of onein 100,000. Considered chosen by the magic itself.

Lance wants to bet each other's silver coin,and the winner is decided when the loser can no longer continue or gives up. Any other magic duel is considered taboo inthis school. Mash has no choice to accept, if he wantsto free his friends that is. Playing on his weakness to help people, justlike in the entrance exam. Lance is cocky and is sure that his win isalready set in stone. He could never lose against someone who prioritizesothers over himself. Mash has had enough of his blabbering andis eager to start the duel. Lance wants to see how long Mash can maintainthat attitude, but before that, to make things.

Easier, he makes an arena. Meanwhile, in the same forest, Brad and Regroare wondering how their prodigy is doing, when they suddenly hear a massive thud andsee the terrain terraforming, stunned at the sight. Mash charges towards Lance despite the latter'sflashy show of magic. However, winning against Lance without usingmagic won't be a piece of cake. Lance casts “Graviole”, slamming Mash ontothe ground. He berates Mash for lacking aspirations despitepossessing a silver coin, claiming that he will be the one to become the divine visionary.

Lance notes that trying to stand up is futileas no human can withstand this gravity. Nevertheless, he grabs onto some roots andmanages to knock Lance back, breaking the spell. Mash scoffs at him from above. This infuriates Lance, who casts “Graviole”once again. But this time, Mash stands his ground andattacks with greater speed, knocking off Lance's pendant in the process. As he examines it, he finds a picture of alittle girl and mutters under his breath, “He's a lol…lloLLL…lolicon.”.

Mash feels the need to call the police, butLance explains that he actually has a sister complex, which is only marginally better. Prompting Mash to throw the pendant back. Lance wonders what is the most precious thingin the world to him. Cream puf-, wrong. Human life, wrong. Love, Freedom, Cream puffs. Wrong, Wrong, WRONG! It makes Lance spiral out of control, sincethe answer as obvious as two plus two is three.

Really, what would you say? The most important thing is Lance’s littlesister. Everyone has different priorities, don’tthey? Creepy. Lance walks to the edge of the cliff and holdsthe magic bottle on its edge. He will drop the bottle and speed up its fallusing his magic. Lance knows that Mash will try to save themand that is when he will attack. Lance's love for his sister, Anna, is unwavering. He recalls how he once got beaten up whilesaving a bullied kid, which made Anna upset.

But proud that her brother was so brave. Anna is extremely important to him. However, she suffers from an incurable diseasethat strips her of her magic power and mark. The doctors have given her no more than fiveyears to live. Once Anna loses her powers, their parentswill be forced to surrender her to the government, but instead of showing sympathy, Lance's motherlaments that such a girl was born into their bloodline. This disgusts Lance, who disowns his own parentsand blames the Bureau of Magic for the corrupt system.

He is determined to become the Divine Visionaryto save Anna's life. With that thought in mind, he releases thebottle and casts the “Graviole” spell accelerating the fall. When he glances back, Mash is in his trainingoutfit. Calling out “hamstring magic,” , “bigbang dash.” Surprising Lance, as he has never heard ofsuch magic before. The choice of losing or of not rescuing, doesn’texist to Mash. He dashes forward, but while Lance is tryingto locate him, Mash is already back with the bottle.

I know it’s cliche, but Lance finds thishumanly impossible, but he can’t falter now. Mash wants to stop the duel, noting that Lancedoesn’t seem like a bad guy, since the bottle is empty, it was fake. Mash dashes to Lance and searches him, findingthe bottle. Lance is puzzled by Mash's lack of interestin continuing the fight, as winning would have earned him the coveted silver coin. Mash's tendency towards clumsiness suggeststhat he struggles with making rational decisions. Lance is reminded of his sister's similarobservations about him.

Despite the initial conflict, Lance agreesto honor their bet and gives Mash the pizza-shaped silver coin. Mash contemplates what might have happenedif they had fought for real. After releasing his trapped friends, theyresume their pestering of him. Mash realizes that it would have been wiserto wait until they returned to the academy before opening the bottle.

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