400 Year Feeble Princess Falls In Love W/ 17 Year Feeble Boy

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Vampires are stereotypically known as thesepale, bloodsucking creatures with enormous canines ready to pierce through your neck.They're pretty spooky, but there's no need to worry about anyone coming to puncture yourveins anytime soon. Surely, actual Draculas or Nosferatus just exist in fantasy… right? Butwhat if — vampires are just hiding in the darkest crevices of our surroundings, waiting for theperfect moment to reveal themselves to humanity?! During a live broadcast set in Tokyo, Japan, ahigh school girl is shown walking alone on the streets. When she dares to look back, she comesface-to-face with a shriveled man who menacingly says, “Let me suck your blood.” As the creature'sclaws reach for the unsuspecting student, the screen then transitions to an interview withan anonymous victim. The woman, only known by.

The alias A-san, relays the events leading up tohow she got bitten by a strange man. After losing consciousness, she awoke to see everything aroundher utterly damaged beyond repair. The interviewer asks A-san if she can show her scars, and sheobliges. Taking off the bandage on her neck, she reveals two gaping holes perforated through herskin, much like bite marks left by two huge fangs. Over the past three months, seven othershave been similarly assaulted like A-san, but none survived. The Suginami SerialKiller Case victims were all young women, and each had puncture marks like the interviewee.Because of this, a certain rumor about the culprit has begun to spread: many people wonderif this might be the work of a vampire. The TV show, called Astraea's Balance, switchesto its main segment in which the hosts dissect.

Mind-boggling mysteries and legends. Right now,the hot topic is the Suginami Serial Killer Case, and everyone gets to participate in thedebate of whether the rumored vampires really do exist. Today's judges come from manybackgrounds, ranging from a history professor to a glamorous actor playing the leadingrole of a sizzling-hot vampire. They all have their reasons for choosing whether or notto believe the bloodsucking undead does exist. One of the guests named Tanaka Nero saysthat vampire sightings have been on the rise across the globe. She adds that isolated caseslike the Suginami incident are usually rare, but they seem to be happening morefrequently now, with more and more vampire witnesses coming forward. This couldbe because of the economy — Professor Ebikawa.

Isao briefly touches upon the theory thatvampires are popular during recessions, while Frankenstein reigns supreme duringeconomic prosperity. However, the handsome actor, Hirai Seiichi, points out that Japan'seconomy is doing alright. Even so, the seasoned academic mentions that the global impact of lastyear's “dollar crisis” is still in full effect. Professor Ebikawa further explains thatFrankenstein's monster has the image of “revival.” In contrast, the Suginami case hasa sense of death and sluggishness. When asked what the economy has to do with vampiresightings, Professor Ebikawa replies that vampires, with their fleeting yet aestheticnature and hilariously great weaknesses, evoke an image resembling a “weak” economy.Plus, cases of taking one's own life increase.

During financial depressions. He thinks thisassociation with the dead is related to the increased number of people claiming to haveseen vampires. These are someone's crimes of pleasure—or perhaps copycat crimes — spurred onby fiction that only fans the flames further. Tamaki Nozomu, a manga artist known forhis vampire saga Blood Waltz, says it's unfair to blame everything on manga and anime. ButProfessor Ebikawa maintains that these creatures are portrayed in countless legends as being soweak they can’t possibly survive in our world. Suddenly, a strange sound is heard throughout thestudio, catching everyone's attention. One of the hosts breaks the silence by asking for an audiencemember's opinion. A sleepy girl from the crowd is called on, and she apologizes for finding itdifficult to keep up with everything. Seeing.

Her fair skin and blonde hair, the anchorwomanasks if she's from another country. The girl replies that she's from Romania — the homeland ofvampire legends. When asked whether she believes vampires are real, she nods and proceeds to askher own question: What are real vampires like? The anchorwoman responds that they're likehow Professor Ebikawa and the others described them earlier. With this, the girl points outthat these are ideas based on fairy tales, though one can't help but ask whether these areactually true. The anchorwoman tries to answer, but the young blonde goes on to say, “If youdon't know whether these stories are true, isn't it strange to use them as evidenceas to why vampires aren't real?” Well, when you're an actual residentof the land of the vampires,.

Your views have to be on adifferent level. This time, the hosts call in a woman who claims tobe the Queen of the Vampires, Ms. Veratos. Veratos is brought up on a throne-like chair,her demeanor that of someone high and mighty. Professor Ebikawa incredulously commentsthat it's rather hard to believe they can bring out a so-called vampire ruler. Seiichifurther remarks that Veratos would make a much better damsel in distress. To theirstatements, Veratos merely responds that they're right in being doubtful. After all,seeing is believing. To prove her identity, she's brought some shocking evidence supposedlyrecovered from the scene of Ms. A's attack — the assailant vampire's arm. Some of the guests andthe studio audience cover their eyes in horror.

The professor retorts that ifthis is really a vampire's arm, he'd love to see some scientific evidence.Veratos observes that he seems very adamant about disproving the existence of vampires.She asks if he's that afraid of them, but he protests that it's nothing of the sort. Veratosassures him they won't suck his blood; see, they have the right to choose. Then, ProfessorEbikawa chides that if the vampire limb were truly real, surely Veratos would hide it insteadof recklessly showing it to the general public! The blonde girl from earlier speaks up.She explains that the arm is still alive, and the vampire it belongs to isstill on the run. In that case, saying, 'Hey, here it is!' might make thecreature that wants its arm back reemerge.

The host then shifts their focus to the peopleon the streets. Their designated reporter asks a random dude if he thinks vampires are real. Whenhe turns around, she's initially shocked to see him, and so is the young blonde from the audience.The dude replies that they aren't, which somehow leaves a disappointed look on the mysteriousgirl's face. Before the guests can give a second opinion on whether vampires are “true” or “false,”Veratos insists that the arm is most definitely real. If Professor Ebikawa doesn't think so, hecan expose it to sunlight and see for himself. Still, the historian accuses the show of hiringVeratos to put up an act. However, the supposed vampire queen keeps her cool and insists thatshe's stated nothing but the truth. Mr. Hirai, the hotshot actor, clarifies whether Veratosinsists she's the ruler of vampires. The woman.

Nods, and he laughs in return, exclaiming thathe refuses to accept her words. At this point, all of the judges now believe that vampiresare just a mere product of fiction. Veratos doesn't mind their skepticism. Afterall, vampires have always remained hidden in the darkness of mankind's history. Sometimes,they'd even purposely leak false information to further fictionalize their existence whilemanipulating human wars, economies, and religions. Professor Ebikawa then questions why she'dreveal herself now. To this, she replies that their clan is troubled by this 'lowlife' beinghaving no common sense and just going around murdering people. Vampires must not kill peoplerecklessly — this is an absolute decree from the Royal Family. Only the lowest of scum woulddisobey this order and be indiscreet about it.

Veratos further explains that the RoyalFamily is at the top of vampire society, with the Three Clans and their bloodlinesfollowing suit. Blood relation grows thinner the farther down the lineage, and lower-rankingvampires must obey the orders of superior ones. This is the law among their race and a partof their nature they shouldn't fight. She adds that the culprit of this incident is thelowest of the low. Veratos then asks Mr. Hirai, “You agree, don't you, that theowner of this right arm is garbage?” For some reason, the actor gets all riled up. Thegirl from the audience questions Mr. Tamaki about one of his characters. She asks which hand RyoHibuse, played by Mr. Hirai in Blood Waltz's movie adaptation, wears a glove on. The manga artistis about to respond that it's on his left hand,.

But he doesn't finish his sentence, realizingMr. Hirai's glove is on his right hand! Suddenly, the actor's left mechanical arm exudes electricsparks, and he screams, “I am the noble king of the night! I refuse to obey anyone!”Grappling hooks come from his metal fingers, which attach to the undead arm and pull it closertoward him. As he holds the encapsulated limb, he shouts gleefully, “I finally got itback!” What's happening here?! Is this movie superstar the hand's owner,and is he a ferocious vampire? The next events quickly answer thesequestions. Mr. Hirai reattaches his arm back to his body and soon sucks dry the bloodout of one of his fellow judges. At this point, chaos ensues in the studio. Everyone is shockedat this strange turn of events — who would've.

Imagined that the baby-faced casanova wouldactually be a vampire in disguise?! The studio becomes absolutely demolished, and theactor transforms into something hideous. The terrifying amphibian-like monster spiralsout of control, attacking Veratos. However, her two subordinates protect her from theattacks. One of the cameramen continues filming as the events unfold before his eyes. Hefollows the vampire to the roof of the building, where it's revealed that the girl from theaudience is actually the vampire princess, not Veratos. Another vampire named Wolfwishes to end the out-of-control creature's life. But the elegant princess declaresthat she'll finish things on her own, and then they can discuss the disappearanceof someone they call Akira afterward.

Upon reaching the top of the studio,the princess speaks to the vampire scum, “I knew I'd hit the jackpot using this farceto lure you out, but I never imagined you were hiding so nearby.” She says thatthe form one takes is a reflection of their heart. In this lowlife vampire's case,he must have such a repulsive nature to take on this appearance — undoubtedly, theincarnation of his pride and arrogance. The vagabond vampire attempts to attackthe princess, whose name is Mina Tepes, but some force blocks him from successfullyhitting her. Mina is the blood descendant of Vlad, the Son of the Dragon, and she's the rightfulruler of the vampires. She commands him to die, and right on cue, a fatal blow hits the hideouscreature, causing him to fall to the ground.

Mina calls to humanity for them to listento her words and reflect on what they'd just seen. The cameraman asks whethershe really is the ruler of the vampires, to which she challenges him to let her suck hisblood. Mina goes on to claim that they are the creatures who've remained hidden in the black ofnight and the shadows of human history. Until now, anyway. The cameraman asks why they'verevealed themselves, and Mina points to a distant mound or “bund”: Tokyo Landfill0. On that land, she will establish the kingdom of their family of darkness. Shewill officially form their Vampire Bund! Episode 2: Some days later, a few pupils listen intentlyto their teacher's discussion in a high school.

Classroom. Upon hearing the title Vlad Tepes, aboy pipes up about his more famous title — Count Dracula. A commotion ensues, and the studentsfrantically talk about how Dracula must be real and that Tepes is Mina's last name. As theteacher, a nun named Sister Laura tries to soothe the class, a student stands up to addressher, saying he needs to go to the restroom. Every time the subject of vampires comes up, the student would always get grumpy forsome reason. The boy, Kaburagi Akira, goes out to breathe in some fresh air, andhe asks himself why he feels so uneasy. Back inside the classroom, the studentsare watching a news report about Mina Tepes legally purchasing all of Landfill0. The government is now under pressure to.

Take appropriate measures. The studentscontinue talking about the existence of vampires and other creatures like werewolves andFrankenstein. In the middle of this conversation, a girl named Yuki leaves theroom to deliver lunch to Akira. He thanks her for being concerned about him.Suddenly, Yuki gets called by the class president regarding their Treasurer's Report, leavingAkira alone with his friend Kuze. Kuze asks him why he won't try harder at everything, andthe boy responds that he feels things are fine this way. His friend observes that Akira'schanged and that he was much cooler before. Kuze then gets approached by three students,who ask him if he could use his student council connections to procure the broadcasting room afterschool. One of them mentions that Princess Mina.

Will do another press conference. To this,Kuze matter-of-factly denies their request, stating that vampires aren't real and thestudents shouldn't let the media manipulate them. One of the students addresses Akira —doesn't he want to see the princess, too?! He elaborates on who Mina is, saying it's the nameof the vampire ruler that's on everyone's lips. Hearing this strikes a nerve with Akira. Itturns out he was the random dude interviewed on the show where Mina and the other vampiresappeared. He says vampires don't interest him, and he doesn't watch TV or the news.After this, he runs off somewhere. As soon as Akira's alone, he once again wonderswhy listening to vampire stuff affects him so much. He notices an out-of-place pair of redribbons hovering above the nearby bushes,.

Which appears to be following him. It stalkshim when he walks and stops when he stops. He confronts the mysterious being, who is revealed tobe Mina. When he looks into her eyes, a flash of memories once sealed away begins to resurface inhis mind. He crouches down in pain as the images channel through to his brain. Yuki spots Akira,promptly calling out to him. Seeing her approach, Mina runs away, perhaps afraid of someone elsecatching her presence. As Mina is running away, little does she know that she herselfis being watched by someone else. After school, Yuki and Akira decide to walkhome together. She asks if he'll be alright by himself, and he reassures the girlthat he'll be fine. Yuki grabs his arm, commenting that head injuries arequite scary. She convinces him to.

Promise her he'll tell his doctor about todayand have himself checked out. As a classmate, Yuki's pretty concerned with Akira's condition.Could she perhaps have deeper feelings for him? She holds out her hand for a pinkyswear, but Akira's mind conjures up a vision of a similar gesture. With this, hedoesn't give her his pinky back. Poor Yuki. After they part ways, Akira passes by Mina'sface on a large screen. He soon encounters a masked woman dancing in front of thehuge display. She outlines her three truths as a vampire. First, she drinksthe blood of living, human beings! Second, she devotes herself to the karma of theimmortal! Last, she shall marshal the fiends of the disordered world of the dead!The woman removes her disguise, revealing that.

She's none other than Mina. Akira immediatelyrecognizes her since she's been on TV lately. He asks the girl whether she'sfor real, to which she replies, “Are you wondering if I'm really a vampire? Or areyou inquiring if I'm really Mina Tepes?” However, she claims the answer is the same either way.Before the princess can finish her sentence, Akira calmly walks away from her as ifhe didn't just see anyone significant. She begins to follow him, but she trips onher exceedingly flowy dress and stumbles to the ground. He looks back to see whathappened and reaches out his arm to help her. He asks Mina why she came to him and why shewas crying then. With a disheartened look, Mina rhetorically asks, “Youreally don't remember anything,.

Do you?” Suddenly, two bombs come flyingin their direction! As if out of instinct, Akira instantly protects Mina fromthe attacks. When they look up, they spot a helicopter that deliberately sendsbullets hurling their way. Akira carries the lightheaded Mina princess-style in his arms. Heruns away, trying his best to avoid being hit. Inside a sunlit classroom, a pair of guys areobserving the dire situation from afar. One of them asks if “it” has already begun, and theother responds that those weren't their men. He adds that a considerable number of individualsmust have been waiting for a chance like this. Meanwhile, Akira and Mina seek shelter in anabandoned area. He asks who those guys were, but she has yet to determine as well.The princess replies with a calm demeanor.

That many want her dead, humans and non-humansalike. She suddenly mentions that the Shade Gel, a drug that prevents sunlight from destroyingvampire cells, is about to wear off. Right now, she has less than a minute beforeshe'll be reduced to mere ashes. They enter a warehouse, where the royalvampire asks him to rub the gel over her entire body. As he's applying the liquidsubstance all over the ever-resplendent lady, he asks why she walked around alone despitehaving people out to kill her. She grabs his hand, saying that his pinky called out to her. So, shetook a chance, but she may have lost that gamble. Suddenly, a man and a woman claiming tobe cops arrive, asking Akira and Mina what they're doing inside. The quote-unquote policestart attacking the pair, and it turns out that.

These two strangers are actually assassins.Mina restricts the woman's movements and bites her neck, sucking her blood. Akira juststands there in awe at what he's just seen. Much is still left to be explained, but it's clearthat Akira and Mina have a special connection. Akira's memories are gradually returning tohim, and they mostly involve Mina. Now that they're back in each other's lives, all sortsof unexpected things will come hurtling toward them. However, they have nothing to worry about,as they'll face all their challenges together.

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