5 Tricks For How To Possess Your Delight in Uncommon Persona On Cell In Hindi.

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If you want to make animation like all of theseOne thing is most important for him, not Android not talking about being i'm talking aboutof your own character so i would cut it in half The character of most people is just popular in one way or the other.It is a copy of YouTube and today you are the people, you are your own. How can you create an original character and make your ownBelow are the steps to make a character First of all a basic idea in your mindI should have a basic idea of ​​my character what kind of you want me to be like his genderwhat is that one male or female what is next to that he is a small child of 5 years oldyoung man this is a 60 year old Buddha his third This type of body is she an everest normal lookingman is when he is a bodybuilder or he is we since morning Is there a man asking for war or is he going to spend his lifeFlowers on is having fun after knowing all these things.

If you just start making your character, do somethingIt would look like this so here comes our second point Look, taking references doesn't mean anything at all.Do you pick up someone's auto and print it by tweeting from no two it doesn't mean at all insideTo take a reference means to take any eight Understanding the method of making and then applying it to method drawingTo do it not to wash away someone's hard work The websites I use most forI know his name is in both Pinjarstha and Google You will get crores of history but I personallyI use cages more because its I like both the algorithm and the user interfaceyou just have to search character designs in it and download any idea you likeNow I have to take a basic idea of ​​my character It has happened, you have cut some references too, but you have toDon't know in which style to make you that's why.

Our next point comes variety in character designCharacter designing is such a topic that I Thousands of examples will be found and hence the characterDesigning has a thumb rule that your character The more unique it is to be recognized in the crowdIt will be equally easy but to make the character unique means to wear it or to paint itDoes not happen, it makes the connector unique, its cell is now this seller is simple means if yourIf the character is completed, how would it look? And how many popular iconic cartoon characters can you sell with just those celebrates like if you've seen them i know by nowIt must have been said that this is Doraemon, this is Mickey Mouse and this Poppy the Sailor Mother but the same if we talk about animeRecognized his character a little from his celebrate becomes difficult because almost the sameLet's see obviously some such anemia characters.

Whom you can identify just by looking at their syllabusho but most welcome note any generic celebrate To make it great, I just want to add something to it.Have to add the relevant thing and rate it exceptionally. I have to give it in big and in detail videoI have further told that if you like One Punch Maa, then You must know this man with a face like an eggname is correct and have you ever noticed that whenever the helper gets angry or he has toIf you have to fight then his face Akshay ji is something like this becomes kind of what do you think we alsoIn the mother of a greatest, that's why they did it they did it because this characterThis concept of designing is called shop language shop language tells us thatEach shop showcases a different personality circle indicates search cute and softpersonality like doraemon mickey mouse powerpuff girls.

The Simpsons and many more such a rectangleSquare Refers Solid Strong and Dependable characters like spongebob and anchor and triangleShop means sharp, dangerous and dynamic like Johnny Spider-Man and Angry Sai Tamhan in the bagNow I understand why Sai Tamhan's face appears again and again The cloud goes because the circular shop refers to aHappy Hai Normal Personality Co and Triangular Shop Look at the angry and dynamic character, any normalThe human body is never completely of the same shop That's why your character is not completelyMust be from the same shop nor should it be sold across the world Key shop so personally what I like to do isIs it that I try to keep the shop with my legs and feet? and whatever I want to add foreign to the shapesI add in other things, now comes the character Which is the most important of the designing processwhich is, then execution means any.

This concept of anything more than its actual sizeHe has a lot to do with character designing. Like any normal person, he is like thisThe kind of butt seen in cartoons and anime By exaggerating it, it is made something like thisbut still recognize us at once If we take then the biggest reason behind this happening isExaggeration like the character in front of you right now You can't tell much by looking at itWill get it but only if I exaggerate it a bit So he will give you his personal idea immediately.Are anime characters more natural and real life? Similar is the same Disney cartoon charactersThe more exaggerated it is, the more it connects Designing is a very big and subjective topic, soMaybe some people like anime characters more I will westernize people more characterLike now watch on youtube so main jitne bhi animated.

Now watch youtube you will see all the characters It will appear that it is not overrated like Disney andNor are all these characters generic like anime If we talk in the character's elder, then his face's shopThere is one over that I told Happy and dreamy like she does by keeping things and her hair shardsAnd there's Angular, which is capable of things like dynamic and speed. I'll tell you how to do itExactly step in my next video by step so subscribe my channelplease turn on the bell icon so that the video

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