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Hey guys welcome back to the channel I am Neil and today we're going to continue with the new manwa called behold the true villainous thank you for all the love and support let's begin chapter 26 sign Kyle told the messenger that a few days ago he intercepted a message from the Duke and the Duke would be traveling to the.

Southeastern region shortly he called Ethan and asked him about the situation Ethan thought the prince was testing him so he replied that he believed Nivea was the key and was at the center of it all because she was engaged to the Duke Kyle informed him that it was not true because they were no longer engaged.

This was news to Kyle who had done his own research and was quite certain Kyle informed him that even though he did his own research it wasn't true Ethan was really worried that in the short amount of time they spent together he thought maybe she had some special power because she was the candidate to become the Priestess.

Kyle told him that they had been delayed by The Detour and needed to hurry and get to artem as soon as possible Kyle was sure that Nivea was an honest person and would not lie he trusts her with what she said about breaking her engagement to the Duke and no one else knew about it because she called off the engagement when it was just the two of.

Them he knew he should believe her words because he saw her honest and righteous nature when she helped those children but he paused when he remembered the engagement ring he dismissed his thoughts realizing that she does ACT strange at times but he has never seen Iraq with evil intent and.

With that he left on his horseback in the meantime Nivea was in the forest and it seemed like she was screwed in front of her were ogres even uglier and bigger than the Goblins she had dealt with before if it was just her she would have run but she can't do that now as all her luggage and her horse were right beside.

The ogres and even her precious egg was in her luggage a few moments ago when they were in the middle of the forest she decided to rest a bit and just like Kyle had taught her she decided to look at a campsite that had to have trees and bushes so that she could conceal herself when necessary she tethered her horse to a tree trunk.

And decided to light a bonfire Nivea went to gather some twigs and leaves to start the fire for the bonfire but when she returned the ogres were right beside her horse as she blamed the gods for her Misfortune she heard a loud Screech and saw that the monsters had decided to attack the horse.

With one hit of their Club they killed the horse as blood could be seen dripping from the weapon she realized that she was looking at the situation too optimistically as she was hoping to lure them one by one even if it took time she thought she would be able to take care of them eventually if she could handle them.

Individually she has defeated goblins before so she thought it wouldn't be hard but what she saw just now made it official that she is royally screwed she was wondering what she could do as her mind was going blank even if she managed to get away there's no saying that she won't run into monsters like.

That again she decides she will never make it to artem without the map that was in her luggage she doesn't even have the horse now so she will have to walk and most importantly she cannot let the ogres take her precious egg because she went through so much to get her hands on it.

Suddenly the orc noticed her egg and picked it up the egg was wrapped in cloth one of the ogre's pointed at the other wondering what it was as one of the other ogre pointed to his mouth suggesting it was food Nivea was eternally screaming asking them not to eat something and calling.

Them hideous all of a sudden a horse's cry could be heard chapter 27 hearing the cry she wondered whose cry it was because the ogre had just killed her own horse suddenly a horse's white as snow and sparkling could be seen standing near the ogre Nivea tried looking at it from a.

Distance but couldn't figure out what exactly it was she thought it could be a pony or a full but as the obrers ripped the Dead Horse apart the White Horse could be seen trembling she made up her mind to save the foal as well as the egg she thought she had her bow and arrows.

She could take them out with those but as soon as one was hit the other might attack her and probably take her head off with a single swing as she was looking around thinking about what else she could use and realizing that she had hit rock bottom suddenly she saw a huge footprint in the ground it looked like something from the Museum.

Of Natural History she followed the huge footsteps which led her to a river and finally she got an idea oh my God look at that ass a different much bigger and stronger ogre could be seen displaying his cakes laying near the river Nivea at first vomited upon seeing the.

Giant in that position displaying his glistening buns but look at that ass it's shining anyway she had an idea this particular ogre looked stronger than the others which she had left behind she decided to attack the ogre she aimed at his sparkling shining bottom because.

She didn't want to kill it and when that Arrow pierced his perfectly shaped Plum the ogre flinched and let out a loud growl as Nivea tried to attract his attention the ogre could be seen chasing Nivea as she tried her best to outrun the monster soon she reached the place where the other monsters were feasting on the.

Horse they had just killed when they looked back at Nivea they were happy that a dessert was running directly towards them but soon the ground started shaking which made them curious I am sorry they can talk they wondered why the ground was shaking so much and just.

Thought it might be an earthquake but just then they noticed what was happening the bigger stronger giant was right behind Nivea seeing the giant approach the smaller gants scattered in opposite directions this is both terrifying and funny at the same time I'm sorry I'm just talking too much.

Taking this opportunity Nivea quickly gathered all her stuff and freed the white pony pulling on his leash trying to get away from the situation but the horse was too nervous to move realizing the situation Nivea calmed down and stroked the horse's face telling her that everything would be alright if she came with her.

The horse soon began moving as nibie appraised her for being brave suddenly the horse paused and turned around looking directly at Nivea who was wondering what the horse wanted at the very next moment a loud crash could be heard as the giant came directly behind them attacking a tree nearby not wanting to get killed Nivea.

Quickly got the horse to move so they could leave this place but realized that the horse wanted her to ride on its back as she asked for the horse's permission the horse happily nodded and in no time she quickly jumped on top of it and with lightning speed the horse started running media was shocked due to the speed at.

Which the horse was moving but as she looked back to check on the giant monster the monster could be seen picking up a boulder and throwing it directly in her Direction Nivea knew that this was the end as she closed her eyes and braced herself when she felt the Cool Breeze on her skin she opened her eyes and realized.

That she was now in the air of his beautiful rained out Wings appeared on the horse's side along with a small horn on its head it is a freaking Pegasus LOL chapter 28 as Nivea was soaring through the air she was quite amazed the ogre on the other hand was sad that Emil had just slipped from his hand.

Nivea while flying was questioning if everything was real she quickly asked the horse if she was really flying she thought she had lost her mind maybe one of the boulders hit her and now she's dead she was having an out of Body Experience from the damage but soon realized that.

She was really riding on a flying horse as the horse grunted in approval soon we saw the horse land nearby as her wings started disappearing Nivea stroking and patting her head asked if she was a unicorn to which the horse grunted unicorns are supposed to be mythical creatures but only children speak about.

And she wondered how she caught a unicorn at this place but realized that she was also in a fantasy novel the Unicorn looked young so she thought she should send it back to the family she asked the Unicorn where her mom and dad were and if she had a family to go back to the Unicorn began to cry as big blobs of.

Tears started falling from her eyes she understood that she was all alone with no family so she quickly asked the Unicorn if she had anywhere to go the Unicorn came forward and started touching her she never understood that the Unicorn wanted to come along with her after glancing for a bit nithy had noticed a.

Cave conveniently placed nearby she went into the cave and decided to light up a fire to take some rest as it had been a long day she wished the full good night and decided to take some rest but suddenly realized that she hadn't named the full yet after thinking for a bit she came up.

With a few suggestions such as snow because she was as white as winter were wind because she was very fast but the foal didn't like any of the names Nivea was irritated and promised that she would name her even if it was the last thing she did in this world after thinking for a bit she came up with a lot of different names such as Elsa.

Longsword Nana Banana Rhino Etc but the horse didn't like any of them finally she gave up thinking that maybe unicorns didn't need names as she kept thinking of all food related names she was hungry at that point and said that she wanted to have some corn chips suddenly the horses stood up and with a.

Gleam in her eyes she started grunting Nivea realized that she might have liked one of the names Nivea rubbed the horse's mane wondering which of the names the horse had picked for herself when she uttered the word corn chips the horse smiled and nodded the horse liked the name corn chips.

Nivea probably declared that from now on the horse would be known as corn chips but why she laid down near the fire and exclaimed that she wanted to eat a mountain of corn chips right now because she was very hungry as Nivea looked out at the night sky she wondered what Kyle was doing right now.

Maybe he had made it to his destination he must have as it has been a long time traveling by herself was not half as exciting as it was when he was with her but she bet Kyle was missing her cooking with MSG and laughed at the thought of it she soon overcame with anger when she remembered Kyle calling her a sucker and.

Declared that Kyle better not run into her again as she would be giving him the smack of this lifetime in the next scene we see Kyle standing in front of the castle it looked as steadfast as it ever did Ethan told Kyle to wait as he would go ahead and let the residents know that he would be coming.

Soon the castle Gates opened with the creek as nivea's Aunt welcomed the prince upon seeing him she claimed that he had gotten a lot taller since the last time she saw him cow came down from his horse stating that it might be that she herself has grown shorter addressing her as Countess.

Ferreria and she laughed and told him that she remembers both of them being of the same hike when they went on the Expedition which was a long time ago she quickly asked him about his purpose for the visit on such short notice asking if it was something urgent Kyle sincerely apologized for the sudden visit and wanted to have the.

Conversation inside realizing that Kyle must be exhausted from a long journey she called upon all the servants asking them to make sure that he had all his needs met as they were heading inside she understood that it must be due to the Duke and wondered if the Duke was finally making his move chapter 29 as.

The servants escorted Kyle to his room they informed him that they would be preparing a bath and a fresh set of clothes for him to change into Kyle asked Ethan to also get some rest while he could he started disassembling his armor and soon all his clothes were off his body his body was well built but had lots of.

Scars which could be either from the battles he had fought or from the rigorous training he went through he can't even remember when he first held his sword in his hand he and his sword were inseparable for so long back then the world was in an even worse state of chaos than it is now.

When he was born his grandfather's generation was plagued by constant Wars against neighboring kingdoms food was already scarce and was used up as military rations the people's will to start the war also depleted the national treasury in the blink of an eye when the kingdom ran out of money they proceeded to squeeze every.

Penny out of people's hands but they couldn't stop fighting worse if they lost the war starvation would have been at least one of the concerns and would have meant death for everyone growing up in those turbulent times forced Kyle to become strong he went through rigorous training all.

His childhood and when he was just a young boy he had a very strict teacher it was none other than his father who was one of the top three swordmasters in the Kingdom he always used to tell him that if he backs off in fear of what's coming his people who stand behind him will be the ones that suffer and he asked him to never back away.

Acquiring new wounds before the old ones could heal became a daily routine he never backed away from Expeditions and monster hunts thankfully the war came to an end when his father was in power it wasn't because they won or lost it was because of an oracle the uncertainty of when the world would end the utter.

Despair of the world where one has to kill in order to not be killed and the appalling tragedy of War greatly angered the god Horatio God himself came down and asked people if they were all eager to die he told them that if they continued like this he himself would take all of their lives.

The warning of Horatio brought a temporary truce but it was not to be mistaken for a piece from repentance the kingdoms only held back due to the existence of an absolute power that they had to surrender to his father did everything he could to give the kingdom what it needed and as a result his health deteriorated.

His body was overworked his father tried his best to hide the fact but rumors about his health spread far and wide-like wildfires a new Force reveals itself taking advantage of his father's weak State and dukeshius timithero was one of them his father didn't give his whole life to rebuilding his kingdom just so the Duke.

Could take it away from him it is not important who comes out on top whether it is the king side or the Dukes a rebellion will undoubtedly weaken the kingdom of your athlia the Bloodshed would attract sharks like those of the kingdom of archon his thoughts were broken when someone knocked at his door telling him that his.

Bath was ready as he allowed them to enter servants could be seen carrying a bathtub filled with water Ethan was also with the servants Kyle looked at him and asked him why he was there as Kyle had already asked him to take some rest with a glimmer in his eyes Ethan replied.

That he would help Kyle with his bath but was quickly denied Kyle told him that he knew how tiring his own Journey was and that he needed to rest up while he could when they were among friends all of his other Shadow guards followed his order to rest without a fight but Ethan always stayed by his side.

He wondered if he had pressured him too much by appointing him as the captain of The Shadow guards Ethan shouted at him asking him to allow him to serve and stay by his side because he gets anxious when he's not Kyle realized that Ethan might have separation anxiety and decided that the first thing he would do when they got.

Back to the capital would be to send him away on vacation Ethan could be seen preparing the bath for Kyle asking him if the water temperature was perfect for him in his mind he wanted to show Kyle his undying loyalty Ethan wasn't prepared for his question the last time and blamed Nivea for.

Making the prince ask such a question he wouldn't make the same mistake again after his body was wet Kyle decided to lather up Ethan eagerly wanted to help him with that too but when Kyle denied his request he quickly snatched the bar of soap from him and proceeded to apply the soap all over his body.

While looking at his body Ethan stated that Kyle has no equal in this Kingdom the prince of the kingdom is not just a pretty face his height is not the only thing that's larger than average what in the BL Drama Is Happening Here Kyle was somewhat pleased with Ethan's remarks and as Ethan was drying him off after the bath he was happy that he.

Succeeded in his mission to please Kyle soon the prince was brought to the dinner table as nivea's Aunt welcomed him to her home she promised that she would do all she could to make his stay here as comfortable as possible tapping his shoulders she commented that they had gotten much wider.

To which Kyle replied that she was always his inspiration and he always wanted his shoulders to be just like hers nivea's aunt was built like a rock LOL Chapter 30 back when the war was still rampant ferreria made her name by fighting as a loyal Knight she continued to serve the kingdom after.

The war suppressing rebellions and taking down monsters it would be an understatement to say that she sacrificed her youth for the kingdom and the King rewarded her Sacrifice by raising her status to countess ferreria was undoubtedly the national hero of iraqia.

She had one more title she was the second master to kales back to the present as they were sitting at the dining table ferreria apologized for the little preparations they had for the prince looking at the food Kyle thought that although it didn't look too fancy but all the herbs and vegetables were only found in artem.

The salad made from fresh vegetables and the barbecue of wild animals this is a king's Feast considering how artem is located in the remote mountains he told her that it reminded him of when they left for the West on an expedition to take care of some ogres ferreria mocked him by asking if he was talking about the time he wanted to prepare a.

Meal and proceeded to burn it up Kyle quickly asked her to let it go as she was laughing he was a small boy who volunteered to cook for the first time in his life just so that he could become closer with the gang the memory was still Vivid in her mind and with a proud look on his face he.

Told her that he was not such a bad cook anymore and ferraria still couldn't believe any word he said so to prove his point he decided to cook them something himself he told the chef that he had actually been watching him cook it was not bad but he was certainly missing one ingredient.

The head chef asked him if he was sure as his cooking was impeccable Kyle quickly asked the head chef to bring him some more spices when the chef asked what spices he would like he replied that he wanted everything as all the spices were presented before him he went through each of them and.

Began to examine them Nivea didn't mention the name of the spice she had used and he really missed that taste so much he would have gone after her to Abel for the Spice if it weren't for his urgent business here he regretted not asking her for some after carefully selecting some of the.

Spices he started to sprinkle them over the already cooking meat the nervous Chef warned him that the spices were not for meat he asked the chef to zip it and just watch the chef was scared because he had never seen the look that Kyle presented on his face.

He knew that men get those looks when they have been taking narcotic herbs and he wondered who would dare drug their prince and make him like that as the meat was sizzling with the spices on it Kyle picked it up and sniffed deciding that it was done as he presented a dish filled with it to ferreria.

She wondered if it was even edible Kyle asked her to just try it and if she didn't like it he promised to never cook for the rest of his life the chef on the other hand was really worried his herbs were traded in secrecy across the continent people say that if someone becomes addicted to it their Iris turns red and.

That person becomes mentally deranged back in reality Kyle also presented a dish to Ethan asking him to have a seat and eat Ethan grabbed the plate in his hand and thought that it must be a test of his loyalty as he picked up a piece of meat with a fork he was sweating but Kyle urged him.

To go ahead and try before taking a bite he told Kyle that he could never lie to him and Kyle replied that he knew hence he asked him to give it a try to get his honest feedback before taking the bite Ethan asked for his forgiveness if he spoke with too much honesty and with that and the.

Thought that what doesn't kill somebody makes them stronger he finally took a chump out of it his eyes widened as he saw a wild beast roaming in the woods alone surviving by eating precious medicinal herbs it became stronger climbing the mountain daily in search for food and water and right now that wild beast was dancing.

Around in his mouth that was too much for me when Kyle asked Ethan how the dish was he didn't have time to respond as he gobbled down the whole plate seeing Ethan's reaction she felt assured that the dish might be pretty good so she decided to brave up and take a bite herself.

She went through the same ordeal as her eyes widened with shock and she began trembling upon seeing her reaction Kai asked if the dish was really that bad and wondered if Ethan was lying to him but he couldn't finish his sentences ferrarius snatched the remaining meat off the table and munched it down.

Ethan after finishing what was in his mouth was shocked as the meat that was in front of him was suddenly gone wondering if they might have been ambushed Kyle was feeling proud of the reactions he was receiving both ferraria and Ethan couldn't find words to describe how delicious perfect.

And absolutely best the dish was Kyle Grant and nodded slightly telling them that there was only one phrase that could describe what they were experiencing right now as both of them asked Kyle what the phrase was he looked up at the sky as he declared the phrase to be delish chapter 31 with a proud look on his face Kyle.

Clarified that the person who taught him how to cook also taught him the word it's a simple word that perfectly describes its wonderful taste they believed it was from a famous chef it must be a world famous chef who came up with this incredible incredible method of cooking and they need to do as he says.

They both repeated the word delish to describe how they felt after having his food the chef on the other hand looking at the situation was really jealous wanting to get into the trend and wanting to know what the hype is all about he decided to taste a little bit of the food.

He also couldn't describe the taste he was testing he thought it might be the narcotics and felt like he was experiencing another worldly feeling it was as if he was already addicted and no law on the continent could prevent him from having this as Kyle prepared the second batch of food the chef quickly jotted down the steps he was taking.

Declaring that this recipe is golden and that this was his chance to rewrite the culinary history of the Kingdom with this recipe after their drama at the dining table was over Ferrari and Kyle decided to have a serious conversation he informed her that he had received intelligence about the Duke and that he.

Was set to arrive in the southeastern region shortly there was one more piece of news a large group including soldiers has gathered in Sandra and is on route to Abel right now he believes that these two movements one from the Duke and the other from Sandra are somehow related she informed him that she had received a.

Message recently and heard that other Regents had received the same messages it was a message from Abel an invitation to the succession ceremony she burned the letter to ashes as soon as she read it as she had been trying to forget about that place for a decade she didn't even look in the direction of Abel as the memory of how her sister.

Victoria passed away kept her up for countless nights both of them knew now where the Duke was going he was heading to the succession ceremony ferreria already had suspicions but the prince confirmed them if the succession ceremony was for the Duke Marquis or even account she could.

Understand but all these Nobles coming here for a Viscount succession ceremony including the Duke doesn't make any sense Kyle also replied that it didn't make any sense but that doesn't mean there's something wrong with it at least on the surface the Nobles in the south-southeastern region have.

Occasional Gatherings and banquets to promote friendship ferreria asked The Prince about the Duke's reason for going to the ceremony because he was not from the southeast Kyle replied that the Duke might be going because of his fiancee Kyle nunivia broke off her engagement with the Duke however he didn't take any.

Further actions to make this official in the following few weeks this meant he was not going to let her go easily nivea's Aunt asked Kyle who the fiance was and Kyle replied that it was her niece when she heard the news she started trembling she couldn't believe what he was saying.

After she broke ties with the family she had not had any contact with them for the last 10 years she didn't want to be associated with them for the rest of her life Kyle told her that it is true that he is engaged to Nivea the firstborn daughter of the arbor family her aunt had heard that she left her.

Family to become a priestess wondering if she was already old enough to marry she did all she could to block any news of the family from reaching her but one knew she couldn't avoid hearing was about Nivea as there hasn't been a priestess since the previous generation without a priestess there is no Oracle.

The kingdom was in an uproar before this news there was no doubt that the arbor family was in Decline but this incident allowed the family to move past the slump and recover their influence she was angry because she didn't believe how they treated their firstborn daughter it didn't matter how badly they needed the.

Title of Priestess for the family especially when Azura had replaced Victoria she even brought her son from her previous marriage to Abel she thought Nivea should have fought to protect her family from Azure but instead she ran away to the temple Kyle told her that he only came across.

This fact during his investigation the arbor wanted to create a tie with the Duke for this engagement the engagement hasn't been publicly announced yet but given the way things are going right now they will announce it any day now ferreria finally asked the prince for his reason for telling her this.

She knew that Kyle was one of the three swordmasters on the entire continent he managed to become a swordmaster at the youngest age in history even if he wasn't a prince no one on the continent would dare doubt his skills his military Prestige is equal to none and he has an upright personality with a will that does not Bend for any unjust.

Cause still he never insists on anything without good reasons and if he is wrong he always apologizes and asks for forgiveness she wondered what someone like him could possibly need from her Kyle looked at her and told her that he wanted her to come to Abel with him comment Nivea in the comment section if.

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