658 Lushu MC overpower yang kocak & matre! Defend the Fortress! Mempertahankan Benteng

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Hello, friends, mangaka guys, wherever your feet step on the earth, hello, see you again with the admin here, where this time we will continue the story from Spermix chapter 6508 , who haven't subscribed to likes and comments, please press the free button to continue yesterday's story where the added police force has passed through the dimensional portal of down to the earth they are now dealing with troops from the Heavenly network but they have to pass through a stronghold that is high enough where it is made instant by the heavenly troops to block the black feather troops that one day can attack the earth again and it turns out to be true now the badminton troops are in in front of their gate where is here the black feather troops underestimated the fortress made by the heavenly network army ah just a small fortress.

Like this Let's all pass the macho and the black feather troops immediately get ready they while coordinating trying to jump from one hand to the other for me pa and the others also jumped to pass through the gate made by the earth troop sure enough the black sponge troop immediately jumped to pass through the gate of the heavenly servo network troop it seems the black feather troop here is quite arrogant they underestimate the power of this heavenly network troop ah you guys this is just a weak troop wait for your death will But the presence of the black feather troop will soon be welcomed by zuan where he is already prepared and excited Hey maybe I can't do anything but I will disappear because zxuan has leveled up a level so his attack power has increased drastically and he.

Immediately pointed his fist at the politam troops who passed through the gate died . finally he koid too and his life was lost d here his spirit comes out of his body but no one can catch him seeing zxuan's strength even his troops or friends are cheering for him zuan damn you and here zxuan is also happy or proudly boasting about his strength ah he can't play around with me anymore on the song Only took out half of my ability.

, the other black feather troops also saw their friend who was badly defeated, didn't get discouraged woi Don't get too cocky first Attack but the friends from the zoan also counter their attacks you will feel the next fierce battle between the swords and spears to break the spears of the full black troops here the heavenly network troops also issued flying sword moves they faced the tens of black troops how here the black sponge troops tried to fend off the flying sword attacks and here Swan direct help let me help you guys.

But ti suddenly he felt something or he felt the presence of someone with high level ability behind him and it turned out to be level a of the black feather troop that is two people trying to attack zuan and here zxuan asked for help from his comrades sisw here come help me here there are two Master level people in their troop the knife heard the screams of the Swan even he was still quite embarrassed by his strength but he was cheered on by his other friends the resto Let's kill them Don't be shy hurry up his friends and even then they still cheer on the rest with words what's strange is that the cockroaches came to earth Finish them off and here the rest finally followed their request all right all right and here sisaw prepared himself with sharp eyes he looked at the.

Level a Master of the black army and he also made a sound that became his strength and he started singing and this is the strength of the rest and the two Masters l At level A, they finally fell to the ground because the force of the knife could paralyze their bodies and here the two of them felt something strange in their bodies because they didn't know what was really going on and they finally fell down and fell into the ground and stabbed into the ground. above the ground and it was noticed by the heavenly network troops that were above the fortress who saw the incident and Suwan approached the rest of your abilities it was very useful it was our secret weapon okay but suddenly Zan felt something namely an Aura that kills the strong enough.

And it turns out that from the mob of polidam troops below it turns out that there is a Master level a who joins the lowly troops and it results in losses among the heavenly forces network that are not commensurate with their strength damn the enemy mixes with lower troops be careful comrades Can you I want to sing your song again i said Juan to the rest but here the rest answered uh I can't I'm only rank B now and my limit is only two class A level people that I can beat here the rest also realized that his ability limit is still low where this battle is quite heavy where there are many level a people his enemies are like people walking on the street who casually go to see conditions like that where his comrades are starting to get pushed by level a.

From the black feather troop he also said it seems they are hiding among the krocok troops so that nighting and master Z can't take out their main weapon or their deadly attack we have to be able to prevent this from happening, namely the fall of more victims among our comrades But it seems zxuan here is starting to lose his spirits he starts to think Where is shabby and Wahyu are at now If only ah if you are here you will see pact is no longer a child who is spoiled now Swan is a person who can be relied on he tries to cheer himself up again by gripping his sword tightly brother lu I will go to battle I am now growing stronger due to the shadow of you brother lu and here Swan is also staring at his enemy intently maybe this is the end.

Of suwan's lair also immediately lunged at Pul Hitam's troops who were in front of him. Hearing Swan's words, the rest said Ridwan and said so, let 's fight until the end and I will be with you all the time. Don't give up . Swan said again, I know I know. here I don't want to go to heaven now and he too With his enthusiasm returned He beat up even the Black troops in front of him . In front of it looked like it wasn't just the Zxuan who was fighting with the Masters level a among the politan troops turned out to be grandfather Cing Bali and also the wife of the school principal who also.

Fought it out skin moved to the control room of the heavenly network troops where here the mastershi who saw the state of the battle said it seemed that everyone The a level masters who were on our side had already fought the black feather troops who were also a level apparently 4 against 10 this was quite worrying he said but here the talking intent of the Masters wasn't 10 but 12 you don't count the two already defeated by the students yes but sooner or later the two people who were on the ground will be able to fly back while showing that the two people who had been defeated by the student earlier turned out to be able to stand up and looked behind Master c and netting there was someone lying there and master si pun says what exactly are you thinking.

By bringing gifts people di behind us Isn't the current situation in a crisis mastersik said to intending it turned out to be the leader of the Commander of the black hair army before who attacked the earth he was not dead it seems he was healed again by the intent and the master still said again What if shabby doesn't come back to earth what is the true meaning of all this he said But even this has a different opinion with mastershi he said no as long as he is lukewarm to hear of war he will return to earth and surely today there will be a reunion between us Do you believe in him ask Master anyway and intend to answer in my eyes I have never misjudged its ability, namely shabby Well, thank you for listening to the voice of the admin.

Here, I hope you can enjoy today and continue your activities, see you soon

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