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Hakkan arrives just in the nick of time, andwith his commanding authority, he directs the massive guard to return to its post. Complyingwith his master's instruction, the guard pivots and descends the staircase. Shifting his attentionto Lucina, Hakkan's expression evolves from anger to a mixture of concern and worry. He demands anexplanation from Lucina about her presence there, underlining the audacity of her risking her lifeto aid a criminal. Despite struggling to discern Hakkan clearly due to her condition, Lucinaattempts to convey that Adar's demise would result in irreversible consequences, burdeningHakkan with profound remorse. Regrettably, she is unable to conclude her explanation, herstrength giving way, causing her to collapse. However, Hakkan reacts swiftly, managingto catch her before she hits the ground.

All of a sudden, Adar's awareness sharpens,and she perceives Hakkan as Laikan, expressing her immense reliefthat Laikan has finally arrived. Approaching Hakkan, Adar reaches out and toucheshis arm, remarking that she has been anticipating his arrival (mistaking Hakkan for Laikan). Shethen presents him with the doll she called Hoki. Adar urges Hakkan to take Hokiand swiftly depart the location. Despite his bewilderment, Adar'surgency compels Hakkan to act. She presses Hoki into his hands, stressingthe increasing heat and danger within the Valley of Fire. Adar references Laikan'svow to always protect Hoki as a priority. At the sight of the doll in his grasp,a flood of memories rushes over Hakkan..

He reminisces about his youth when Adar personallycrafted the doll for him, and they named it Hoki. During that time, young Hakkan was brimmingwith joy, tightly embraced by Adar, who affectionately shared that Hokiwas his nickname even before his birth. Hakkan trembles, his emotions entwined ina complex web. Adar, however, persists, urging him to depart swiftly, reassuringhim that she can manage on her own. This way, he can lead Hoki andLucina out of the perilous situation. She emphasizes that any harm befalling Hokiwould render her incapable of carrying on, a plea for Hakkan to safeguardhis younger brother at any cost. Gazing at the Hoki doll in his grasp,Hakkan acknowledges the fulfillment of.

The promise Laikan had made, and histears begin to flow uncontrollably. Gradually regaining her composure, Adar recognizesthat the person before her is indeed Hakkan. Her words stumble out in an apology,confessing that her mind had become unhinged, preventing her from recognizing even her own son.Observing this poignant moment from a distance, Pooka's anxiety gives way to relief,knowing that everyone is now safe. Meanwhile, within the queen'spalace, Garret appears visibly displeased upon learning that Adar hasbeen freed from the Valley of Fire. A servant relays the information that onceAdar has made a complete recovery, she will take up residence in the queen's palace. This newsserves to further exacerbate Garret's distress.

As Lucina remains resting on her bed,Hakkan remains steadfastly by her side, expressing gratitude for her actions thathave shielded him from the depths of regret. The mere thought of Adar's potential demise dueto his actions weighs heavily on Hakkan's mind. He earnestly implores Lucina notto endanger her own life again, revealing that living without her wouldbe akin to enduring a living hell. However, Lucina counters that she cannot heed thatrequest. Despite her inner turmoil towards Hakkan, she finds the sight of him suffering tobe more agonizing. She boldly asserts her willingness to do anything, even if it entailssacrificing herself, in order to safeguard Hakkan. With conviction, she announces her intentionto bear Hakkan's child as a testament to her.

Commitment. Hakkan is taken aback bythe suddenness of Lucina's declaration. Lucina then openly expressed her profoundlove for Hakkan, to the extent that she would willingly lay down her life for him. It wasthis very conviction that fortified her decision. Acting without a moment's doubt, she drawscloser to Hakkan and places a kiss on his lips. This action leaves him stunned,as Lucina persists in her embrace, prompting Hakkan to suddenly attempt to halt her.He questions whether she genuinely comprehends the gravity of her declaration. In response, Lucinaasserts her complete understanding of the matter, noting that the risk of maternal mortalityduring childbirth is a common concern. Given her healing abilities, she believes herselfto be better equipped for the challenge compared.

To other women. With audacious resolve,she pushes Hakkan onto the bed, rendering him momentarily speechless. Seating herself atopHakkan, Lucina's touch is gentle and affectionate. However, a change comes over Hakkan,and he interrupts her advances. He rises and holds Lucina's arms, expressing thatthis is not a decision to rush into impulsively. He conveys that while Lucina might be preparedto confront the prospect of death, he is utterly unprepared to lose her. Even recalling themoment he found her in the Valley of Fire, the mere thought of her absence drives him tothe brink of despair. Holding Lucina close, he implores her to prioritize her healthand safety, his embrace an earnest plea. In the moment, Lucina contemplateswhether to reveal her ability to Hakkan,.

Given that Gillai is already privy to it. Despiteher efforts to empathize with Hakkan's concerns, she reiterates the necessity of a descendant fromthe guardian dragon's lineage. She also expresses her reluctance to have another woman bear Hakkan'schild. In response, Hakkan proposes that Lucina undergo a comprehensive health assessment toensure her well-being. He expresses concern due to her fainting episode the previous dayand his reluctance to risk losing her again. Reflecting on this, Lucina finds herselfwondering about her own condition. Despite possessing healing abilities, she recognizes herlack of knowledge about her own physical state. Given her recent experience of faintingafter employing her powers to heal Adar, she considers the possibility that her bodymight not be as robust as she presumed.

Upon considering this, Hakkan summonsthe priest to examine Lucina's condition. The priest's assessment concludesthat Lucina's weakness stems from inadequate nutrition and speculates that herchildhood eating habits might have contributed. Lucina's concern becomes palpable, promptingHakkan to firmly grasp her shoulder and query whether an improvement in her eatinghabits could alleviate her condition. The priest, however, explains that he must analyzeLucina's energy to provide an accurate response. This analysis is necessary due to disparitiesbetween the Brion and Tayar people. Seeking permission to depart, thepriest commits to informing Hakkan as soon as he obtains theresults of his examination.

Nervously, Lucina calls out to Hakkan,her voice trembling with anxiety. She admits her desire to share somethingwith him and begins to speak hesitantly. The truth she reveals is thatshe is an illegitimate child, her true mother being a renowned prostitute inBrion, not Baroness Berg as previously claimed. She confides her fear that Hakkan might calloff their marriage upon learning this secret. She acknowledges her prior deception and offersa heartfelt apology. In response, Hakkan tenderly lifts Lucina into his arms, assuring her that hewill never abandon her unless she chooses to push him away. He expresses remorse for not disclosingthe potential risks associated with birthing a child from the dragon tribe sooner, explainingthat he was apprehensive about disappointing her..

Drawing his face closer to Lucina's, he pleads forher forgiveness and promises a future of openness and honesty between them. Their kiss serves as thesolemn seal of their renewed vows and commitments. Upon awakening, Adar's memory retraces therecent events, including the illusions that played out in her mind. It dawns on her that theseexperiences were likely the result of dark magic. In a state of urgency, she implores theguard to summon Hakkan without delay, emphasizing her need to urgently alert him. Hakkan explains to Lucina that his motherloved Laikan more than she loved him. He then blames himself for Laikan's death.However, deep down, Hakkan understands that his mother suffers from immense guilt because Laikandied while protecting him, as their mother had.

Requested. Eventually, Hakkan smiles and expresseshis gratitude to Lucina for saving his mother. He believes that without Lucina's intervention,he would have lived in deep remorse. Suddenly, Lucina feels embarrassedand asks Hakkan to let her down. Hakkan reasons that due to her weakenedbody, as the priest had mentioned earlier, Lucina shouldn't push herself. Despite this,Lucina gives her best effort and mentions that it's alright even if they're just walking,as she hasn't taken a single step today. Out of nowhere, a guardarrives with a radiant smile, informing Hakkan that Adarhas regained consciousness. As a result, they maketheir way to Adar's chamber..

Upon seeing Adar asleep, Hakkan's expressionbecomes one of confusion. Unexpectedly, a sound from behind calls out to him, catching him offguard. It is Garret, bearing a tray of medicines. She informs Hakkan that Adar fell asleep justmoments ago. Curious about his mother's condition, Hakkan inquires with Garret, whileLucina draws nearer to Adar's bedside. Garret explains that it might take sometime for Adar to make a full recovery. She also expresses her desire to take Adarto the queen's palace and care for her there. In response, Lucina offers to look after Adar inher own palace. However, Garret appears perturbed, explaining that it's a tradition for the queenmother to be attended to by the late queen. She questions Lucina's knowledge of Tayar'slaws, which she seems to lack despite having.

Lived there for some time. Hakkan steps in toaddress Garret's query, suggesting that Lucina can gradually learn about Tayar, and that it'snever too late. Annoyed, Hakkan asserts that Garret should show respect towards Lucina, asLucina will be the one bearing Hakkan's child. Despite her frustration, Garret manages to forcea smile, acknowledging that she understands. Turning his gentle gaze towards Lucina, Hakkanassures her that he will provide her with a book about Tayar's culture and laws, and encouragesher to ask any questions she might have. However, Lucina hesitates to responddue to her inability to read. While Hakkan carries Lucina, guiding her back,she confides in him about her inability to read. Hakkan reassures her, explaining that thebook is not written in Tayar's language..

However, their conversation is interruptedby the arrival of a guard, who informs Hakkan about a tribal meeting. Hakkan requestspermission to leave and gently sets Lucina down. As Hakkan departs, Lucina's gaze shifts downward. Unexpectedly, a voice emerges from behind,inquiring about Lucina's troubled expression. It's Gillai, who approaches her. While seated, Lucina inquiresabout Gillai's well-being. Amidst a bout of coughing, Gillaimanages to assure her that he's alright. He also expresses concern for Lucina regarding herfainting episode the previous day. Lucina explains that she is feeling better now, attributing herfainting to an excessive use of her healing power.

Gillai appears puzzled, as he had only recentlylearned about the side effects of such a divine power, like Lucina's. Lucina herself is furtherperplexed, as she doesn't view her ability as a divine power. She recounts how, as a child,she discovered this ability after getting hurt. Whenever she wished to be relieved ofpain, she would find herself healed. Lucina goes on to confide in Gillaithat she has kept this power a secret from others out of fear that they mightexploit her. However, she holds onto the hope that by revealing her healing power toHakkan, he will provide her with protection. Gillai acknowledges the genuineprotection Hakkan would offer Lucina. However, as he envisions a scenariowhere Lucina gives birth to Hakkan's.

Child and ascends to the throne while Gillai iscoerced into practicing dark magic by Garret, he believes that keeping Lucina's healing powera secret, especially from Hakkan, would be wise. He advises Lucina not to place too much trustin Hakkan, leaving her perplexed. He raises the question of what might happen if Hakkan were tochoose between Lucina and the interests of Tayar. Gillai assumes that for the sake of Tayar,Hakkan might disregard Lucina's importance. Nonetheless, Lucina recalls Hakkan's priorassurances, which reinforce her faith in him. Gillai, however, continues his attemptto manipulate Lucina's thoughts, suggesting that Hakkan mightexploit her healing power. Lucina, viewing this as a positive aspect,remains undeterred, much to Gillai's annoyance..

He finds it hard to believe thatLucina is deeply in love with Hakkan. Gillai wonders whether, had he been the firstto meet Lucina rather than Hakkan, she might have fallen in love with him. As he indulges inthis thought, Gillai's face flushes red, and his heartbeat quickens. Still, he persists in advisingLucina to keep her healing power a secret. Shifting the conversation, Gillai inquiresabout the expression Lucina had earlier. She confides in him that Hakkan plans to provideher with a book about Tayar, but she is unable to read. Lucina also shares her fear of admitting thetruth, concerned that people might ridicule her. Recognizing an opening, Gillaiproposes to teach Lucina how to read. In Lucina's palace, Titi is overcome withexcitement upon learning that Lucina will be.

Studying reading and writing under Gillai'sguidance. The prospect of having someone as brilliant as Gillai as her teacherfeels almost unbelievable to her. Lucina wears a puzzled expression, prompting Titito elaborate further on Gillai's accomplishments. She mentions how he managed to master thenational language by the age of 6 and, by the time he turned 15, had achieved fluency in variousscripts and languages from different kingdoms. Titi emphasizes that there's noone else as intelligent as Gillai, and she admits to feelingenvious of Lucina's opportunity. Upon hearing this, Lucina asksif Titi also desires to learn. Titi explains that due to family responsibilities,she hasn't had the chance to pursue learning..

Nevertheless, Lucina persistently asks ifTiti would like to learn alongside her, as she had already requested Gillai to teachTiti as well. This revelation surprises Titi, but Lucina's smile reassures her that learningtogether could be more enjoyable than going alone. Titi's delight knows no bounds as she statesher strong desire for this, expressing that serving Lucina is the most fulfilling thing shehas ever done. She also extends her heartfelt gratitude to Lucina. Lucina experiences a senseof happiness seeing Titi's enthusiastic response. Deep in thought while walking, Gillairecalls the moment when Lucina expressed her eagerness to learn alongside him.Reflecting on it causes Gillai to blush. For him, teaching reading and writing comeseffortlessly. He also entertains the idea.

That by growing closer to Lucina, he mighteventually have a chance to escape with her. Upon reaching the front door,Gillai comes to a sudden halt. He is taken aback by the sight of Garretwelcoming him there, Adar resting on a bed nearby. Garret proceeds to signal the servants toexit the room, leaving only the two of them. Gillai stammers, questioning the reason for Adar'spresence. With confidence, Garret explains that the queen mother is to be attended to as perthe tradition of the late queen's service. Although Garret's statement is valid,Gillai raises a point of curiosity, asking why Garret has chosen to adhere tothis tradition after a decade has passed. Garret's demeanor turns serious as she informsGillai that Adar has regained her senses..

She explains that Adar spoke of the blackmagic that had caused chaos within the palace and insisted on summoning Hakkan. Garretrealizes that the illusions created by Gillai's black magic will gradually fade from people'smemories. For those unaware of their situation, it might appear as if they had lost their mindsand then fled. However, Adar's case is different; she managed to endure for the past decade withoutsuccumbing to this illusion. Garret speculates that Adar possesses some level of resistance,allowing her to recall the actual events. This revelation fills Gillai with fear, butGarret offers reassurance by revealing her plan. She possesses a sedative that, when consumed,induces a deep sleep and clarifies the mind. She intends to administer this sedativeto Adar through her food consistently.

She subsequently resolves to cease employingblack magic on Adar, opting instead to direct her efforts towards Lucina. Upon hearingthis, Gillai promptly declines the proposal. However, Garret probes his rationale, promptingGillai to swiftly concoct a reason. He expresses concern that he's uncertain about the effectsof his black magic on the people of Brion. He worries about the possibility of Lucinarecalling the illusions he's crafted and then disclosing them to Hakkan, ascenario he deems unsafe for them. Garret takes Gillai's explanation intoconsideration, which brings a sense of relief to Gillai. Consequently, Garret assertsthat she must brainstorm an alternative approach. Following the tribal meeting,Hakkan wears a concerned expression..

Turan inquires if something is amiss,prompting Hakkan to voice his anxiety about his mother's well-being in the queen'spalace. Turan explains that his initial concern had been Adar's insistence on remaining withLaikan's body, but she ultimately complied with Garret's guidance without any trouble.Learning this, Hakkan feels a sense of relief. Turan goes on to share that Adar appears to bein better condition now, and he speculates that her previous mental distress might have been dueto living in close proximity to Laikan's remains. Hakkan then informs Turan that the tribalmeeting has decided to relocate Laikan's body to Mezarlic following the birth ofthe guardian dragon. Turan teases Hakkan, remarking that this means Hakkan should spendmore time visiting Lucina's palace. Despite this,.

Hakkan's concern for Lucina's well-beingremains, leading him to consider waiting until he receives the results of Lucina's healthassessment before making any hasty decisions. Abruptly, their conversation is interruptedby the arrival of the priest, who carries news that he needs to share with Hakkan regardingLucina. This information catches Hakkan off guard. Meanwhile, Gillai is reviewing the assessmentpapers of Lucina and Titi. He praises Titi for her exceptional results, while acknowledging thatLucina still has much more to learn. Titi attempts to reassure Lucina, reminding her that this isher first experience with reading and writing. However, a sudden gust of wind sweeps through,causing the papers to scatter into the air. Lucina feels something enter her eye and attemptsto rub it out. Gillai intervenes swiftly,.

Preventing her and offering to assist by blowingaway the debris from her eye. From a distance, Hakkan observes Gillai's close proximity toLucina, igniting a surge of anger within him. Remember to tap that like buttonand leave a comment below! Thanks for tuning in, hope you had a blast!

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