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Feeling all jittery standing in front of thehigh priest, Duke Blanche tried not to screw up. He said sorry for causing a scene, while Raon,totally clueless, blamed the lousy management in Altheon. Duke Blanche quickly cut in, explaining thathis son needed treatment, but no priest showed up, which is why they just showed up unannounced. Truth is, Doha had forbidden all the priestsfrom helping them. Doha swiftly changed his expression and grinned,admitting that his priest messed up. To make amends, Doha offered to treat Raonhimself.

(Yeah, those shady eyes tell you exactly whathe's planning for Raon, right?!) But Duke Blanche acted all thankful, as itwas an honor to be treated by the next pope. In his sneaky mind, he saw this as a goldenopportunity, something even Duke Candel couldn't get, and he even thought about using Dohato boost his own name and status. Without wasting any more time, Doha told Raonto come along. But just before Raon left, Duke Blanche leanedin and whispered to him, “Hey, you know Doha's gonna be the next pope, right? So, be on your best behavior.” Off they went to Doha's room.

Inside, Raon couldn't help but snoop arounda bit. Out of the blue, Doha asked how Raon got hurt,and Raon casually replied that he tripped by accident. Doha got closer and quickly grabbed Raon'shand to check the scar. It was a bite mark from Lariette from before. Doha seemed to find it amusing, imaginingLariette's tiny mouth biting Raon's hand like that. But Raon was annoyed, yanked his hand away,and Doha just smiled and said sorry. While casting the magic spell on Raon, Dohacouldn't get that cute bite mark out of his.

Mind. Still, he knew he couldn't let Lariette'smark stay there. Once the bite mark completely healed, Raoncouldn't resist making a snarky comment about Doha being a commoner. There was this rumor going around that thenext pope, Mikhail Dohavellion, was the son of a street prostitute. Raon muttered about the rumor, annoyed thatsomeone like Doha, who came from humble origins, could be part of the holy temple. Hearing Raon look down on him, Doha just smirkedand mentioned that Duke Candel seemed to be.

Going soft if he allowed a brainless trash-talkerlike Raon to be around. Leaning in closer, Doha suggested that maybesome part of Raon's body needed to be broken to make him act nicely. Naturally, Raon got ticked off by Doha's wordsand stupidly launched an attack, but Doha effortlessly dodged, tackled Raon's foot,and bam! Raon ended up kissing the floor. Smooth move, Doha! As Raon lay on the floor, he couldn't helpbut wonder how Doha easily dodged his punch. Doha, seemingly reading Raon's thoughts, explainedthat growing up on the streets made it too.

Simple to avoid such a weak attack. Stepping closer to the dizzy Raon, Doha askedif his head was hurting. Raon trembled, asking what Doha had done tohim. Doha revealed that he had messed with Raon'smana, and if left untreated, it would explode in a few months. Helpless and still trembling, Raon groanedin pain. Doha added that unless Raon's abilities surpassedhis own, he would never be healed, and well, there was no one like that around. So Raon better be wise from now on.

Desperate not to meet an explosive end, Raonbegged for mercy, asking what he should do. Doha extended his hand and declared that ifRaon ever laid a finger on Lariette again, that day would be his funeral. Meanwhile, in the morning, Lariette woke upin awe, her mouth watering as she appreciated the magnificent view in front of her. Yep! It was Asrahan, who never failed to make ourhearts flutter, and that pretty face in the morning was the real deal! Gathering her composure, Lariette asked ifAsrahan had managed to get any sleep last.

Night, as he looked pretty tired now. To be honest, Asrahan couldn't even closehis eyes! So yeah, he definitely hadn't slept at all. He turned to Lariette and asked what she hadplanned for the day. Lariette, casually moving her blanket, mentionedthat she planned to see Doha, unintentionally showing her thigh. Yeah, poor Asrahan's face turned all red,and he quickly looked away while trying to respond to Lariette. But she didn't stop there; Lariette happilyadded that after that, she planned to sleep.

With Asrahan. After that statement, Asrahan paused for amoment, taken aback by her sudden openness. But Lariette couldn't stop laughing at Asrahan'sresponse when she teased him. She kept teasing him, and Asrahan felt a bitrelieved, thinking that if one night could keep him awake, he wouldn't survive the nextone. Holding his face, Asrahan stepped out of hisroom, only to be surprised by Halstein already there, with tears in his eyes. Halstein stammered, saying he always believedthat a day like this would come. Asrahan just stood there, saying nothing,only observed Halstein.

Halstein even started to imagine Asrahan andLariette's wedding day, asking Asrahan about the date and what kind of dress and suit theywould need. He kept going on about wedding stuff. But he stopped abruptly as Asrahan coveredhis mouth with his hand, begging him to stop. Halstein quickly made up a reason that sinceAsrahan was busy, the wedding should be prepared in advance. However, Asrahan, still tired from not sleepingwell, questioned himself in his mind if he deserved marriage. Feeling like he wasn't worthy of getting married,but at the same time, hoping and eagerly waiting.

For his wedding with Lariette, Asrahan madea vow in his mind to spend his life only with her forever. Blushing, Asrahan thought it was too earlyfor such thoughts. He quickly clarified that he had no immediateplans to get married. Hearing Asrahan say this, Halstein was takenaback, wondering how come after they had slept together, Asrahan didn't consider marryingLariette. Asrahan turned away, explaining that he didn'tdo anything to be responsible for, and that he was ending the discussion as he neededto leave. Halstein was even more shocked by this revelation.

He couldn't understand how they had shareda bed but hadn't taken things further. He wondered if there was something wrong withAsrahan or if he was just too innocent, given that Asrahan's world revolved around war. Plotting something in his head, Halstein thoughtabout how he might be able to help Asrahan. Lariette finally made it to the Altheon templewithout giving Doha a heads-up about her visit. She asked one of the priests there if shecould meet her friend, a low-ranked priest named Doha. The priest seemed puzzled. So, Lariette described how Doha looked: longsilver hair and golden eyes.

But as she explained, the priest's expressionchanged, realizing it matched his boss's description. Just then, Joshua rushed in, saying he knewwho Lariette meant, and he invited her to follow him. As she stepped inside the room, Lariette couldn'thelp but be amazed by how incredible it looked. She couldn't help but wonder if Altheon hadloads of money, considering even a low-ranked priest like Doha had such a nice room. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, andDoha entered, looking a bit disheveled, asking if something was wrong with Lariette sinceshe showed up without any announcement. Behind that surprised look, he had actuallychanged his clothes in a hurry before.

Lariette said she just wanted to surprisehim, and Doha was genuinely surprised indeed. He then asked what brought her there besidesthe surprise. Hesitantly, Lariette explained that she neededhis help. Doha wondered if she was just like the otherswho only came to him when they needed help. With excitement written all over her face,Lariette asked Doha to teach her how to use magic properly. Doha seemed a bit puzzled, saying he was apriest, not a wizard. But Lariette insisted, saying that Doha wasactually really skilled at magic. She then revealed that she was a purificationwizard herself, even though Doha already had.

An inkling about it, despite her not mentioningit before. Lariette explained that she had a surplusof mana but never had the chance to learn how to use it. Her motivation was to be able to protect herselfand stop feeling helpless in tough situations. She made it clear that Doha was the personshe trusted the most, and that's why she sought his help. Smirking, Doha agreed to lend a hand. He leaned closer to Lariette and asked ifshe could grant his wish in return. Lariette took a moment to stop and said thatgranting all wishes sounded like a total scam,.

Leaving Doha completely confused. She then got serious and asked, “What if youasked me to dance and sing in weird clothes on the street?” Doha couldn't help but burst into laughterat Lariette's unexpected remark. He quickly clarified that he only wanted hiswish granted if it wasn't too much, and he trusted Lariette's judgment. He assured her that she could reject it ifit was too overwhelming for her, and Lariette immediately agreed to the deal. Excitedly, she reminded him that now thatthe deal was sealed, they could start the.

Lesson right away. As Doha agreed, Joshua came in and told himthat someone had come to see him. Seeing Joshua's expression, Doha wonderedif it was the old high priest who had arrived. He then apologized to Lariette for not beingable to teach her that day. Lariette felt bad for dropping by unannounced,knowing Doha was busy. However, Doha reassured her that he wouldvisit her soon. As they walked out of that fancy room, Dohathanked Joshua for letting them use it, and Lariette chimed in, saying how awesome theroom was. While saying her goodbye to Doha, Lariettecouldn't help but wonder if Doha's situation.

Wasn't great, considering he had to borrowa room from another priest. That made Lariette decide not to drop by unannouncedlike that again. As they waved back at Lariette, Doha whisperedto Joshua, joking about his not-so-convincing acting skills. Joshua playfully retorted that he wasn't assneaky as Doha, to which Doha countered that was just a basic skill all Altheon membersshould have. On their way to meet the high priest, Dohahad this feeling that the old high priest, Gibralfaro, was probably out to find somefault in him. He thought maybe it was because the currentpope wasn't doing too well, and Gibralfaro.

Was worried that Doha might be the next inline for the position. So, he was keeping a close eye on Doha, tryingto figure out a way to bring him down. Back at Candel manor, Lariette suddenly jumpedon Asrahan as soon as they met. Asrahan instantly felt refreshed the momenthe saw her, even though he had been feeling bored all day before that. He wondered if it was because Lariette, beinga purification wizard, could cleanse his heart too. But their moment was interrupted by Halstein,who apologized as he informed them that there was a mistake, and all the blankets were beingwashed right at that moment.

Trying his best to act, Halstein said thatthe good news was, Asrahan's blanket was untouched. Asrahan casually asked why he didn't justbuy a new one. But Halstein had a whole bunch of reasons,claiming that he had gone around different shops but couldn't find any blanket with thesame top-notch quality as the one they had. Now sporting his sad face, Halstein said hecouldn't give Lariette the lower quality blanket. Lariette quickly responded that she was okaywithout a blanket, but Asrahan, knowing Halstein's scheme, told him to give his own blanket toLariette instead. Lariette refused, but Asrahan expressed concernthat she might catch a cold. Seeing the situation slip out of his control,Halstein suggested they sleep together again.

Tonight, and surprisingly, Lariette immediatelyagreed. Asrahan was caught off guard, and as he triedto explain, Lariette interrupted, asking if he didn't want to sleep with her. Blushing and feeling worried, Asrahan couldn'tcome up with a good reason, but Lariette brushed it off and invited him to grab a meal instead. She assured him that she wouldn't touch himlike yesterday, but we all know what happened to poor Asrahan, right?! Following Lariette to the dining room, Asrahanthought to himself that he just needed to hold it together, and everything would beokay, that nothing should happen then.

In his room, Asrahan was totally freakingout, knowing he'd have another night with Lariette. Then there was a knock on his door, and bam,there she was with that big smile, rocking her sleeping dress. And guess what? She brought cake too! As she placed the plate on the table, Larietteplayed a guessing game and asked Asrahan to guess what kind of cake she brought. Asrahan was racking his brain so hard, butfinally nailed it – whipped cream cake!.

Since he got it right, she asked if he likedwhipped cream cake, and with Lariette looking all cute, he couldn't help but say yes. So, he fed her a piece of cake, but oops,some cream ended up on the corner of her lips. Lariette started hunting for a tissue to wipeit off, worried she might say something that would make Asrahan run away again. But hold up, Asrahan surprised her big time! He pulled her face towards his, moving incloser, and said that she once told him he should be the one to wipe it off. Without any second thoughts, Asrahan wipedthe cream off Lariette's face with a kiss.

Lariette noticed that Asrahan's gaze lookedlike he was ready to devour her right then and there. So she quickly put a stop to it, telling himshe was done eating. But Asrahan pleaded for just a little more,saying he was still hungry, and they continued their passionate kiss. Suddenly, Lariette flinched, and Asrahan,who was on the brink of losing control, pulled his face away slowly. He noticed a worried expression on Lariette'sface, so he put on a smile and said he was already full.

Feeling nervous, Lariette abruptly stood upand quickly jumped onto the bed, covering her blushing face. Asrahan couldn't believe what he had justdone, and he ended up stabbing his own thigh with a fork. Talk about being caught up in the moment! Still feeling embarrassed, Lariette calledout to Asrahan and told him that she had to finish purifying him. Asrahan lay on the bed next to her and askedwhat she planned to do after the purification was done.

Lariette admitted she had no clue yet. Then, she bid him good night, as she wantedto get some sleep. As Asrahan watched Lariette sleeping, he couldn'thelp but think that she was his, and as long as she stayed by his side, he could handleall those feelings in him – the jealousy, possessiveness, and that desire to have hereven more. But out of nowhere, Lariette rolled closerto him, hugging him in her sleep, and it caught Asrahan by surprise. Her body kept pushing against him, makinghim blush and feel all nervous. He thought about escaping from the situation,but he didn't want to wake her up (you know.

Why, right?!). As he tried his best to stay calm, Lariette'sleg suddenly wrapped around him, putting him in a state where he had no clue how to keephis thoughts straight. Asrahan was giving it his all to hold himselftogether, but man, he was trembling like crazy! It was like he wanted to scream for help,but nope, not a single sound came out. And the next morning arrived, Lariette wokeup all refreshed, while poor Asrahan, for two days in a row, he had zero sleep. It wasn't just physically draining, but mentallytoo. Lariette noticed a note on the table and readHalstein's message, saying that the heavy.

Rain last night had left all the blanketsundried, so they should keep sleeping together for a few more days and that meals would bebrought to their room too. Asrahan heard that and felt like he was aboutto scream for help all over again. On the fourth day of sleeping together, Asrahanfinally gave in and couldn't hold it any longer – he crashed out like a dead guy. Lariette watched him, seeing how he sleptso peacefully. She couldn't help but admire his face, evenin his sleep, he looked stunning as ever! But then, Asrahan seemed to have a nightmareand called out for his mother. He appeared to be out of breath while sleeping.

Lariette realized that she had never askedabout Asrahan's parents before; all she knew was that they had passed away when he wasa kid. She also knew that all the power and moneythey had was taken away by distant relatives, and after that, Asrahan spent his life inwar with his cursed body. Lariette gently caressed his face, wonderinghow tough his life had been since he was a child, and how he never tried to take backwhat rightfully belonged to him. All she could do now was purify all the curseshe carried, and she made sure to erase them all. She hoped that he could live a life like anyoneelse, having friends and not worrying about.

Anything. Lariette mumbled that even though she hadto go, she hoped Asrahan would be happy forever. But out of the blue, Asrahan grabbed her hand,looking all worried, and asked what she had just said, wanting confirmation if she mentionedleaving him. Lariette tried to play it cool, acting innocent,even though her heart was like, “Whoa!”. Asrahan kept insisting that he heard her sayshe was gonna leave. So, Lariette pushed him back onto the bedand assured him that he must have been dreaming or something. Deep down, she didn't want to leave, afterall, Asrahan just liked her, it wasn't love,.

Right? So she thought it wouldn't hurt him that bad. Trying to get back to sleep, Asrahan toldher to stay with him forever. The next morning, when Asrahan woke up, hehad this feeling like he had a nice dream last night, but he couldn't quite rememberwhat it was about. Lariette rested her head on Asrahan's back,saying hi and mentioning that they could start the lower body purification soon. But as soon as the words left their mouths,they both got super embarrassed, realizing they were thinking the same thing.

Would they manage to complete the lower bodypurification without any awkwardness?! Remember to hit that like button and leavea comment below. Thanks a bunch for tuning in! Hope you enjoyed every second of it!

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