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The Egghead island arc is a crucial part of One Piece final Saga and as the arc started with chapter 1058 it looks like it might go on for a few more chapters however the arc has already been responsible for some of the biggest reveals in the entire series and in this video I am going to talk about the 9 Biggest Mysteries that were revealed in.

The Egghead island arc but before starting this video if you are new here please like and share this video And subscribe to our channel for more videos at number 9 we have Bonnie's father mystery Julie Bonnie is one of the members of the worst generation she possesses an unnamed devil fruit that allows her to alter the age of anyone.

That she touches aside from a few details there was almost no information available about Bonnie however this changed in the Egghead island arc at the beginning of the arc she stated the reason behind her travels was to confront Vega punt for what he did to her father it wasn't until much later that it was confirmed that Bonnie's.

Father is Bartholomew Kumar who was transformed into a Mindless cyborg by vegapan after which we have dragged many people speculated that Dr Vega Punk might have ties with Monkey D dragon and the Revolutionary Army and their suspicions were confirmed in the new arc in a flashback Vega punt was seen on O'Hara with dragon the two talked about.

The horrors that transpired which made Dragon rather emotional before the flashback ended Dragon stated that he would form an army that would topple the world government and bring peace throughout the world however the actual reason why he became a revolutionary was not revealed by Oda but in my recent video in which I talk about Luffy's.

Mother I also talk about the reason why Dragon might have become the Revolutionary you can check it out link is in the description number 7 is Miss Buckingham Stussy one of the member of rocks Pirates Miss Buckingham Stussy is the latest character to be revealed as a member of the infamous rocks Pirates there's very little information.

Available about her except for the fact that she looked like Stussy many people have speculated that Miss Buckingham Stussy might actually be buccan the self-proclaimed lover of Whitebeard however it would make sense considering bakan has been confirmed to have been a pirate in her younger days this also supports her claim of being the lover of.

Whitebeard as both of them would have been part of the same crew at number six we have Saul Saul being alive was also revealed by Oda the tragedy of O'Hara is one of the most horrible events in the series when the world government got confirmation that the scholars had tried to read the pornographs they wasted no time in initiating a buster call during.

The Buster call Jaguar disaul was presumed to have died after being frozen by aokg however in the most recent Arc Vega Punk revealed that Saul was alive and well Saul had even managed to save the books of the scholars after which he moved to elbaf this was certainly one of the biggest revelations in the Egghead island arc the next mystery on this list.

Is the origins of devil fruits in an old SBS when a fan asked odor about the origin of devil fruits the author answered that the truth would be revealed when a certain scientist made his debut in the series of course by a certain scientist odermint Dr vegapan so when he finally appeared we were eager to learn more about these mysterious.

Objects and when Luffy was fighting Lucy Vega Punk was in the frontier Dome talking to the straw hats where he revealed that the devil fruits are born out of the desires of humans he also explained that because the devil fruits are considered unnatural the sea rejects them and anyone who eats them coming at number 4 we have Dr Vega Punk doctor.

Vega Punk is undoubtedly the smartest character in the entire series for a long time Oda teased Us by dropping his name in dialogues or showing his silhouette however he only revealed the genius scientist when the story reached Egghead Island Dr Vega Punk's design seems to be inspired by Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton Vega Punk is also a.

Devil fruit user and he possesses the nomi nomi nomi it allows his brain to store all the information that he has learned throughout his life in order to store all the information Vega Punk's brain and head keep on increasing in size next one is the new Devil fruits of Blackbeard Pirates the Blackbeard Pirates are one of the most most feared.

Pirate Cruise in the world the crew is led by Blackbeard who is one of the yonko after the time skip it was revealed that the Blackbeard Pirates were hunting strong devil fruit users since they know how to steal the powers it made sense for them to go after people with powerful devil fruits in the Egghead island arc the Blackbeard.

Pirates clashed against the hot Pirates during this battle odor disclosed the devil fruits of several members of the Blackbeard Pirates namely Jesus Burgess van auger door q and stronger about which I already made a video explaining all the members of Blackbeard Pirates which now leaves us with the two biggest mysteries in the Egghead island arc at.

Number two we have the seraphim the shishibukai were one of the three great forces that helped the Marines balance out the power of the yonkor originally they had seven members but as the series continued their number decreased and Luffy had a major role to play in their downfall he exposed the multiple heinous crimes that they committed and with so.

Many people against the shishibukai the system was finally dissolved however this left a major hole but the Marines were given the seraphim by Dr vegapan the seraphim are just as powerful but way more obedient than the shichibukai they made their debut in the Egghead island arc these monsters are equipped with various strong abilities which.

Allow them to take down an entire Army and at last the new bounties was revealed by Oda after the exploits of the straw hat Pirates came to light the world government had no choice but to issue new bounties for them Luffy received a bounty of 3 billion berries which is one of the highest in the series The bounties of the other straw.

Hats were revealed in the Egghead island arc odor decided to give us something a bit extra so he gave some screen time to the Cross Guild an organization founded by crocodile and rakul mihawk crocodile's Bounty increased significantly and it now stands at 1965 million berries meanwhile mehok's new Bounty was confirmed to be 3 billion.

590 million berries which puts him below the likes of Blackbeard and Shanks so these are the nine Biggest Mysteries that were revealed in the Egghead island arc and that's it for today I hope you all enjoyed this video and I also asked you to subscribe to help us it will also help us to grow more and if you like please subscribe.

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