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This boy is Jamal Wallace, a normal high schoolstudent majoring in Language and Literature. He and his friends are just like other teenagers,spending most of their time playing and hating school, but besides his actively playing basketballwith his friends, which led him to play for the school, he was also good at writing. Every day, he and his friends spent theirtime training in the nearest court. They were a regular at that court they evenhad a mysterious spectator from the nearest apartment they used to call the window man. They often talked about him in their schooland thought that the man was a killer that deliberately hide in that apartment.

None of them had ever seen the figure before. One day, one of Jamal’s friends challengedanyone to check the apartment and Jamal took the chance to show his friends he was braveenough. The next day, Jamal’s mother, Mrs. Joycewas called to the school by Jamal’s homeroom teacher, telling her that her son’s gradewas not enough for him to pass, but despite that, his teacher still couldn’t believesuch a good writer like Jamal couldn’t survive class. His writing was admirable compared to hisgrades. One night, Jamal and his friends planned toget into the old man’s apartment.

Jamal entered via the fire escape and managedto enter through an unlocked window because he thought the old man was already asleepand the lights were off anyway. He went in there and take a few things asproof that he had conquered the challenge. Jamal didn't expect that the place was fullof books he never read before. That actually made Jamal interested. Sadly, he didn’t know that the old man hadnot slept. As soon as the old man woke up, Jamal immediatelyleft there. Unfortunately, Jamal's bag was left in theold man's apartment. The next day, Jamal was ridiculed by his friendsbecause instead of taking things from the.

Apartment, he instead left his bag there. They were worried if the old man found outJamal's identity. That day, Jamal was practicing basketballuntil that afternoon when he saw one of the apartment residents come in a BMW. It turned out that apart from poetry, Jamalwas also interested in cars, especially BMWs. Initially, Jamal's arrival was not acceptedbecause this man was worried that Jamal would touch his car, but Jamal immediately toldthe history of BMW and amazed the man. He couldn’t say anything but was silencedin amazement at Jamal’s broad knowledge. After talking to that man, Jamal was shockedbecause the old man threw his bag and returned.

It from his apartment. He then checked the bag when he was home andfound nothing missing, but instead, all his writing was praised and corrected, and thankfully,was a big help to improve his writing. After receiving such good feedback, he decidedto return to the place the next day. He started by apologizing after breaking intothe apartment that night. He also said that he wanted the old man tohelp him with his writing, but instead of getting a warm welcome, he was given a taskto write 5000 words essay before returning there. He immediately did that task on the very samenight and went back to that apartment to bring.

Him what he had written. The old man did not expect Jamal to carryout his task, but unfortunately, the old man still didn’t accept Jamal there and toldhim to leave. Annoyed, Jamal left his writing in front ofthe door. One day at school, Mrs. Joyce and Jamal werecalled to the principal's office because of Jamal's unsatisfactory test scores. The principal offered to transfer Jamal toa private school. Mrs. Joyce was surprised at the instance becauseshe knew she wouldn’t be able to afford the fee, but suddenly, a man named David Bradleyinterfere.

He was the representative of the private school. He said that the school would provide a scholarshipfor Jamal because they were interested in his basketball game. Bradley said that he was very happy if Jamalconsidered playing because there were so many alumni of that school who had become professionalplayers. Before going home, Jamal went back to theapartment to meet the old man and to check whether he took the paper he left or not. He then saw the paper had gone from its placeand thought that the old man had taken it from there.

He then decided to wait outside while continuinghis writing when suddenly, the old man opened the door for him for the first time. That was the first time he was invited tothe place. While waiting for the old man to scribbleon his writing, Jamal told the old man who he was, that he was only a 16-year-old boywho lived with his mother and siblings, living mediocrely, while his father was an addictwho had left their family. After the old man finished correcting hiswriting, he praised Jamal for his skill, despite being black and young. One day, Jamal went to the private schoolthat offered him the scholarship.

The view in that school was completely differentfrom where he came from. There, he met Claire, a girl student who wasassigned to show Jamal around the school. Claire then invited Jamal to attend a literatureclass. On that occasion, the teacher gave the taskto all the students present to write about a book by a famous author named William Forrester. After finishing, Jamal was told to come backtomorrow, but Jamal said that he would do a trial run on the basketball court tomorrowmorning. Long story short, the next morning, Jamalhad a trial match because the coach wanted to see him play.

Jamal initially wanted to be friendly to aplayer named John, but he didn’t seem to be friendly with Jamal. Thanks to that, an intense and provocativegame between them ensued. According to Claire, John is just a rich kidwho wanted to get all the attention. Jamal realized that at this school, he hadto face everything seriously. On that occasion, Claire who loved to readbooks showed Jamal an old William Forrester book that she got from her father. When he saw the front cover of the book, Jamalwas surprised that William Forrester, the well-known author of a well-known literarybook, was the old man he knew.

Jamal immediately said goodbye to Claire andleft. That night, Jamal came to the old man’shouse and asked for help with an assignment given at school to write about one of thebooks written by William Forrester. Of course, Jamal also immediately asked ifhe was really William Forrester, the author of a famous book, the author of a novel thatreceived an international award. At first, Jamal was scolded and the old manrefused to talk about himself, but in the end, he tried to open up to Jamal and toldhim that he was really William Forrester, but he asked Jamal to keep secret whateverhappened to the two of them to other people, including he who often helped Jamal in correctinghis writings.

Forrester gave Jamal that condition if hewanted him to continue giving suggestions on Jamal's writings. Jamal was forbidden to argue or ask questionsabout himself and also his family. Another day at school, Jamal’s teacher,Robert, said that a writing contest that year had been scheduled and students who wantedto participate in the contest had to submit their writing before the school holidays. As usual, Jamal visited Forrester to get alesson. Jamal said that people at school, especiallyhis teacher, were wrong in judging Forrester's personality because they discussed Forrester'sbook at school every day.

Forrester said it didn't matter how othersjudged him because he couldn't clarify the truth anyway. Forrester then taught Jamal the first ruleto write, to pay attention to what he was working on, that writing is not thinking,meaning that he only needed to pour out what he felt in his heart because writing thatcomes from the heart will touch the heart of those who read it. Jamal was shocked, within just a minute, Forresterwas immediately able to write so easily. When Jamal was stuck in writing, Forrestertold Jamal to start one paragraph from his old work to stimulate Jamal's way of writing.

Forrester reminded Jamal that everything hewrote in that apartment should not leave from there. Jamal then tried to write for his school assignmentswhen he was at home. Next day. Jamal still had the competition with Johnand it got more intense to the point that the coach punished them by throwing the ballinto the ring. Unexpectedly, they managed to throw 50 throwswithout failing a single throw. After practice, Robert called Jamal and saidthat Jamal's writing had a significant improvement, even Robert didn't believe it when Jamal saidthat the writing was just written by him last.

Night. When Jamal met Forrester, he told him aboutthe praise Robert had given, but he realized that the compliment wasn't honest. Forrester even said that he knew Robert. Forrester said that Robert had written a booka year after Forrester released his work but no publisher wanted to publish it. After that, instead of writing another book,Robert became a teacher and taught other people to write. Such a teacher could be a good teacher orthe other way around.

Long story short, Jamal finally faced hisfirst match together with the school basketball team. Unexpectedly, Jamal played well that nightand scored a lot of points. Fly, his old school friend came to congratulatehim and asked him to go to a party with him, but Jamal reluctantly refuses the invitationbecause he had to attend the school party that night at Claire’s house. After all, her father was the head of theschool board. In a place surrounded by important people,Jamal got several offers because of his good game on the field earlier.

Jamal's achievements certainly caught theattention of Claire that started to show interest in him. They became closer and started talking a lot,even though Claire was one of the rich kids at the school. Not only his basketball skills had improved,but Jamal's ability to write was also getting better, even Forrester praised him. Jamal managed to make an old work by Forresterinto his own work with his own writing style. At that time, Jamal asked if people out therestill read Forrester's book, so Forrester asked Jamal to make a bet and check it theother day.

Jamal then went to the library and sure enough,Forrester's book was still read by everyone, even had a waiting list. After losing the bet, Jamal had to buy Forresterdinner. While eating dinner, Jamal told Forresterabout the writing contest held at his school. He said that his writing had to be read infront of many people. Forrester said that writing should be readby other people, not the writer. Forrester said that the book review eventwas just to impress the opposite, so Forrester advised Jamal to give unexpected gifts atunexpected times if Jamal wanted to impress the girl he desired, so, on another day, Jamalgave Forrester’s book, complete with his.

Signature and made Claire happy with the gift. One time at school, Robert told the principalthat Jamal might have plagiarized the writing he made. Robert said that Jamal was just a basketballplayer and there was no way he could have written such a good writing like that. Robert seemed to be jealous of Jamal and stillcouldn’t believe in his skill. Robert didn’t know that almost every day,Jamal was trained by a famous writer who trained Jamal's way of thinking in an unusual way,so it was not surprising that Jamal's writing style is more or less similar to Forrester’s,but still, that didn’t mean that Jamal plagiarized.

Or took Forrester's unpublished works. Before Jamal went home, he accidentally sawa photo album in the apartment. It is a photo album of Forrester's childhoodwith his family. Although Forrester refused to tell personalthings about him, Jamal was still able to get to know Forrester through the photo album. One day, Jamal took Forrester out to watchhis basketball match. Forrester, who had been locking himself awayfrom society for years, was not feeling well in a crowd and was not used to it. Moreover, he was separated from Jamal in thecrowd which got him panic attacks and anxiety.

Luckily, Jamal managed to find him again andchose to take him away from the crowd. Before going home, Jamal, with the help ofhis brother, Terrell, took Forrester to a baseball stadium where Forrester used to watchsome matches with his family back then. Jamal gave a surprise to Forrester becauseit turned out that it was his birthday. For the first time since they were friends,Forrester talked about his family. How he and his brother used to get along verywell until the war changed his brother. Forrester was not from around the city, buthe used to have a lot of memories with his family there, even all of them died in thatcity. That night Jamal accidentally made Forresterremember his family who had left him for decades.

One time, Jamal was called by Robert at hisoffice. He found out Jamal’s improvement was waytoo fast, considering his background and his former school’s reputation. Robert drew a conclusion, either Jamal wastalented or he was committing plagiarism. For this reason, two weeks from that day,Jamal was ordered to meet him again and told to write directly in front of him. Of course, Jamal was annoyed about that andtold that to Forrester. Forrester thought that Robert couldn’t understandwhy such a young man from a bad school could write with such a quality.

Forrester told Jamal to accept the challengeto prove himself to Robert. Two weeks later, Jamal once again met Robertand did what he was told to, but despite what Robert saw with his own eyes, he still thoughtthat Jamal had plagiarized Forrester’s published work. Even after that, Jamal still sent his writingto be included in the writing contest. Later in class, Robert taught a quote froma famous poet. He then ordered a student who was not payingattention to explain his opinion about the poem and ended up humiliating him. Jamal couldn't stand but help his classmate.

Seeing that, Robert tried mocking Jamal bysaying that Jamal's knowledge might be better than his basketball career. To respond to the humiliation, Jamal correctedthe words that Robert misused, even when Robert challenged Jamal to continue the quote fromthe book, Jamal could easily finish it. After losing in his own game, Robert toldJamal to leave the class. Jamal was annoyed because he was kicked out. The other day, Jamal was summoned again byRobert, but this time, along with the school’s principal and Claire’s father. Jamal was accused of plagiarizing Forrester’swork which he submitted for the writing contest,.

And this time, unfortunately, Robert had proof. Robert showed a work of Forrester in a magazinethat was published in 1960. Jamal's writing had the same title and resemblanceas the first paragraph of the work. Jamal was told to confess but he couldn'tbe honest because he had promised to never talk about Forrester to anybody. Jamal was told to write an apology letter,otherwise, his scholarship would be revoked and he would be forbidden to play basketball. Before leaving from there, Robert said thatthis was his punishment because Jamal had embarrassed him in front of the class.

After Jamal talked about it to Forrester,he was shocked because what Jamal wrote there shouldn’t left there. Jamal was annoyed because Forrester nevertold him that the title had already been published. Jamal asked Forrester for help to explainto the school that he had received permission from Forrester himself to use the work butForrester immediately refused to help. The two began arguing. Jamal was disappointed because Forrester didn’twant to help him and was afraid to leave the apartment, but on the other hand, Forresteralso had his own reasons. Shortly after, Jamal and his team were aboutto face the final match of the tournament.

Claire’s father, the head of the schoolboard, offered to defend Jamal if he could defend the champion’s trophy. Jamal agreed without any hesitation. The match was intense. The teams took turns in scoring to win thematch. Jamal and John became the most reliable buttheir team was still one point behind when the time was about to run out. Jamal managed to get a foul to get two freethrows to secure the win. Everyone believed in Jamal and the whole teamknew Jamal could score easily, but the pressure.

That night was different. He failed to score a single throw and failedto bring the trophy home. Everyone was disappointed with the result,including Forrester who watched the match from home. After being considered a talented player formonths, that night, he was a big loser. To cheer himself up, Jamal went to the publiclibrary where he wrote a letter to Forrester. When he returned home, Tarrell found Jamal’sletter for Forrester on the table, so the next morning, he decided to deliver it toForrester and said that the letter was written by Jamal right after the game.

The next day, Jamal went to the writing contestsymposium. His arrival surprised Robert and all his friends. Even though he was eliminated as a participant,Jamal just wanted to see the other participants read their work. When Robert was about to close the event,unexpectedly, William Forrester was there and asked permission to say a few words. Of course, Forrester was welcomed. Jamal was surprised to see Forrester. He was curious about Forrester’s reasonto come to his school.

On the podium, without further ado, Forrestercould easily introduce himself as a famous writer because his portrait was put on thewall. There, he read out the writing he brought,and with his charismatic demeanor, everyone was bewitched by what he just read. After reading the essay, Forrester immediatelyleft the podium. Robert praised the writing that Forresterjust read as an amazing work with beautifully arranged words, but Forrester immediatelyclarified by saying that he came for a friend who was not allowed to talk, Jamal Wallace. Robert was surprised to hear that Jamal wasa friend of William Forrester.

Jamal had proven that he had integrity bynot mentioning the figure of Forrester and Forrester confirmed that yesterday's writingwas originally made by Jamal, but Robert still didn’t change his decision not to includeJamal in the contest. Forrester immediately replied by saying thatthe writing he read just now was a letter written by Jamal. The principal immediately took over and saidthat the school would release Jamal from the trial with the school board. Jamal finally left the room with his headheld high after such a comeback. After that, Forrester told Jamal that therewere no more lessons he could teach and that.

His letter had moved his heart. Forrester decided to leave his apartment andwould go to his hometown in Scotland. Finally, without saying goodbye, Forresterleft Jamal. A year had passed and Jamal still went tothe school. He received many offers for scholarships tocollege. One day, a lawyer met him at the school. The lawyer represented William Forrester. After a year there without news, it turnedout that Forrester had died of cancer. The lawyer then gave Forrester’s inheritanceto Jamal, consisting of an apartment key and.

All the books in it. After receiving the inheritance, Jamal invitedhis mother and brother to move there. In the final scene, a draft of a novel byWilliam Forrester and Jamal Wallace was shown as the last work of William Forrester.

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