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The author of a chat announces that they will be taking a break for personal reasons however the people in the chat seem disappointed with this decision and start roasting the author for it in this world a Calamity hit Humanity when the gates and dungeons opened up releasing demonic beasts of all kinds.

But the appearance of hunters who had awakened abilities turned This calamity into an opportunity the hunters would hunt these demonic beasts which contain Divine energy and harvest Divine materials from them these materials gave New Hope to humanity the hunters were divided into classes.

Ranging from Triple S to G and a G-Class ability was no different from a regular human once a hunter's class was decided there was no possibility of it ever changing a recruitment poster for hunters is seen by a lady passing by she had applied for it and is now going through the evaluation documents to see.

How she did however she is not happy with the results the video starts with a young woman song Miri Nim receiving the results of her 10th exam she questions the usefulness of all the training she did for these exams just as someone addresses her from.

Behind she turns around thinking that some boy is asking for her number however the guy's phone rings and he checks to see who it is surprisingly he runs off saying that he has to take the call leaving song Miri Nim confused about who he was and what's wrong with him the lady on the counter keeps calling.

Her Miri Nim and we learn that the young woman's name is song Miri Nim she is still lost in her thoughts thinking about what just happened Miriam a young girl was waiting anxiously to receive her exam results after working hard and undergoing extra training when her number was called she was.

Informed that she had been placed in a b-plus class leaving her disappointed as she accepted the result she received an emergency alert about a demonic Beast that had appeared in Seoul which was only inviting a class or above Hunters to deal with it the Beast known as thorned bull was reportedly destroying everything in its.

Path and causing harm to civilians who could not Escape in time despite the urgency of the situation Miriam was still reeling from her exam results and the belief that it was impossible to break the limits of classes the call for hunters to deal with the situation became even more urgent as the.

Reporter revealed that the Beast had the power to destroy an entire city in the middle of the bustling City chaos erupts as a massive Thorn bull appears people panic and run for their lives amid the commotion a little girl falls to the ground her father rushes to help her but before he can the Monstrous Beast looms over.

Them ready to strike suddenly a bolt of lightning hits the thornbull electrocuting it the source of the lightning is revealed to be a young woman wearing a helmet who is being surging with electricity despite the lightning strike the thorn bull remains undamaged the woman decides to try again this time.

With even more power the blast of lightning causes a cloud of dust to engulf the area making it difficult for the woman to see if she has hit the Beast however as the dust clears she sees that the thornbull is still alive and roaring even louder than before the Beast swings its massive arm.

Striking the woman and sending her flying through the air she lands hard but quickly gets back up as Miriam Neiman gets up weakened from the blow she received she realizes that the A-Class Beast may be too much for her she overestimated herself and is no match for it.

However rather than pity herself she sees the family she saved the first time still in danger the Beast is not too far from where she left it and she shouts at the family to leave quickly while she can still hold off the Demonic Beast the Beast is rampaging and readying itself to attack Miriam now looking.

Fiercer than before she hopes to give the family Some More Time by Conjuring her power but she realizes that it is much weaker than before it is too late and the Demonic Beast is already leaping at her with full speed Miriam sees that death is inevitable however a memory comes to her mind of.

Her mother teaching her how to control her powers and telling her not to think about revenge we are then taken back to the present with the bull charging at Miriam she gets her energy up as if the memory helped motivate her there is an electricity ball slowly building in her hands and just before.

The huge blast of an explosion she hears a shout in her head Miriam screams and lightning completely engulfs her the ball that she made releases an uncontrollable look and with screaming storm throws she throws the electricity ball at the Beast creating a huge blast in the area there was talk of a b-class hunter named lighting Empress who.

Managed to defeat an A-Class demonic Beast people were thanking her While others were wondering how a b-class hunter could defeat an A-Class Beast even Miri was shocked by this news unable to believe that lighting Empress had managed to defeat the infamous-horned bull.

Mary didn't understand what power lighting Empress used but she knew that it surpassed her limit the Demonic Beast had a huge hole in its body and the father and daughter that Miri saved earlier approached her to thank her however the father strangely called her by her real name which Miri realized as.

They were leaving she thought that the voice she heard in her head saying Heavenly forefinger was actually him Mary wondered who this man was as he was leaving later on we see the guy that Miri saved on a phone call the man was casually thinking about how.

He and his nephew almost died when a beast almost crushed them he attributed this near-death experience to his phone and impulsively tossed it off a bridge several days earlier we see him behind his computer struggling to finish a project that was due the next day he lacked inspiration and found himself.

Distracted by his phone which prompted him to organize his unused apps during this process he stumbled upon an app called Heavenly maker which he didn't remember installing he initially thought the game was trash but still found it intriguing as he played the game he hit an achievement and a coin popped out of the.

Screen and hit him on the forehead confused he tried to figure out what happened and the app informed him that he had crushed the end of death the protagonist of the story receives a Divine Dark Coin as a reward while using a mobile app the app congratulates him and tells him that he has taken a step towards.

Becoming a great evil Lord seeking tyrannical power he is surprised by this and thinks that he may have obtained the ability of a hunter he reflects on how he would have reacted differently if this had happened to him 20 years ago however he realizes that the world has.

Changed significantly now and he has a different explanation the next day the protagonist takes an examination to determine his aptitude for an ability he imagines himself as a superhuman saving people and being surrounded by women he is excited to drop his writing job.

And become a hunter however when the lady at the counter tells him that he is a class G he is disappointed the class G hero informs our protagonist that his ability is a material creation one but she also tells him that he is no different from a regular person she offers to help him register a.

License but after hearing the price he refuses he thinks that there are no dungeons available for his class to explore so it would be a waste of money our protagonist decides to make peace with this situation and goes back to writing he needs to finish a chapter and he.

Might get fired if he doesn't do it on time he has spent the last five hours writing and deleting without making any progress feeling frustrated he takes a break and turns on the TV there is news that some S-Class Hunter has challenged a special dungeon and emerged Victorious which is a great victory for mankind.

Watching this news makes our protagonist you ill Shin envious of that kind of Life while he is stuck in bed being tortured by uninspiring writing he decides to give up writing for the night and go to sleep hoping to continue his novel the next day with a clear mind however his alarm starts going off persistently annoying him to the point.

Where he jumps out of bed to check it to his surprise it's a game with a bunch of texts that he doesn't understand nonetheless he starts playing the game with a personal Vendetta pouring out all of his frustration at the game and crushing all the ants in it the next morning he wakes up to find coins scattered around him and upon.

Picking one up he sees that it now says 100 whereas before it would say one and these ones are bigger at that moment his phone gets a notification from the game the protagonist of the story is playing a mobile game called Hunter's world and he has just unlocked the Lord's shop as he unlocks it the game shows him a.

Treasure troll with the options yes or no initially hesitant the protagonist ultimately clicks yes out of curiosity as he does so his phone emits a magical light and the scene changes to a gathering of political figures from around the world as well as the leader of the Hunter's Association.

At the meeting the attendees are excited to hear that someone has unlocked the hunter shop in Korea they explain that this is a rare ability that only a small percentage of creation type Hunters can obtain the attendees are excited to finally be able to purchase items and skills that are in another League.

Two important figures an S-Class creation type Hunter named Mr Kong woo and an S-Class psychic named song Min enter the room and are welcome to take a seat at the head of the table sits the president of South Korea silently waiting for the meeting to begin one of the attendees is just arriving at the.

Entrance during the meeting Mr Wu was asked if he could activate the hunter shop which caused excitement among the attendees he started summoning something from his hand and with a flashy blast he opened the shop the blast was so strong that it pushed people back and the president stated.

That it had blinded him making it impossible for him to see the shop others confirmed that they were experiencing the same issue the person at the entrance explained that it was normal for only the user to see the shop and that they could rely on Miss Mina's psychic ability to show them what Mr Wu was seeing.

Miss Mina used her ability to make the shop visible to everyone in the room the hunter shop displayed all kinds of items related to Hunter's abilities leaving the attendees mesmerized one of them mentioned that the items they were seeing had only been heard of in Legends and another person added that the lightning divine's blessing cost 300.

Million gold equivalent to 30 billion dollars the first person argued that considering how awesome the skill was it should be considered cheap the president calls everyone's attention to himself stating that the fate of the nation rests on a matter that needs to be kept a complete secret until the.

Project is on track he emphasizes that the project is of utmost importance and they cannot afford to fail as a result they will assign at least two S-Class Hunters to Mr Wu as guards after pressing the yes option our protagonist receives a message from the game informing him that he needs to use.

100 gold coins to activate the Divine shop when he accepts it one of the coins vanishes from the room as he contemplates his situation our protagonist realizes that he has only been able to acquire these strange coins so far however he wonders if it might be.

Possible for him to create other things just like S-Class creation type Hunter Mr Wu despite acknowledging that there is a significant difference between an S-Class and AG class he remains grounded thinking that he can still earn some good money finally the shop opens up for him and he.

Eagerly awaits his next move ill Shin was excited to finally get his hands on the mysterious app that he had heard about however when he saw the prices of the items in the app he realized how expensive they were he had only managed to collect a bit over 300 gold coins after spending the.

Whole night on it suddenly the app scrolled down to the bottom item that only cost 100 coins an ill Shin thought that the app wanted him to buy it he purchased the item called Blind Divine eyes which was of a unique Authority type the item's description stated that it.

Manifested from a great desire and it said some confusing stuff too as he was thinking about what this thing was he suddenly got blind and dropped his phone from the shock of not being able to see he found his phone by touching around and hit his foot really hard to his shock he could see again.

When he checked the app again he could read everything in it he felt like he was the protagonist in a novel as he scrolled through all the powerful items in the app despite feeling like a protagonist ilshin knew that g-classes would be g-classes no matter what and he couldn't do anything to change that.

However he heard about expectations and got an idea he started exploring the app again and found an item called Divine Christian index finger app on his phone promises to give him a new power he decides to try it out by pointing his finger at different objects such as the AC and TV and discovers that it makes.

His finger act like a remote control excited about his Newfound ability he tries to use it to automatically write his novel but quickly realizes that it doesn't work just as he's testing out the app his phone rings with a call from someone called the great man in charge the caller is ecstatic about something.

Our protagonist sent in which he eventually realizes is a short piece he wrote about killing ants however the caller reveals that there is a problem there is only one chapter our protagonist becomes worried about what the problem might be but is relieved that it's only a matter of releasing the next chapter in a few days.

Motivated by this he opens the app again as killing ants on the app is what inspired him to write in the first place he's really excited about it as he crushes more and more ants he realizes that each coin has a number engraved on it he starts collecting the coins and organizing them based on their numbers.

Suddenly the little coins on the floor merge into one Bitcoin and shin finally has 100 coins however it will take him a while to buy anything from the shop as even the cheapest item costs a thousand coins this item is called the blessing of the Lord of growth but he believes it will.

Still be much better than the useless Authority he currently has excited by the possibilities of growth he starts grinding to collect the thousand coins needed to buy the item while collecting coins he encounters a red ant that refuses to die and evades his attacks he starts to think that it might be a.

Boss in the game and tries to eliminate it aggressively however the ant is too Swift and shin finds himself having a difficult time getting rid of it he gets frustrated and mentions his experience in another game called beat to DJ hoping to use that experience to defeat the ant.

But still to no success the ant manages to escape his every try in continues to fail while chasing the one red ant in the game however he does not give up and keeps crashing others after playing for a long time he receives a text from the game informing him that his karma is now over 800 and.

He needs 200 more to become the great evil Lord the message also promises him a real world reward if he achieves this title exhausted from playing all day and night he falls asleep the next morning he wakes up to a new message on his phone it informs him that the blind Lord eyes.

Will be activated suddenly he finds himself in a cinema confused and disoriented as he looks around he gets Blinded By the Light from the screen in front of him a movie starts playing showing a person in a deserted land claiming to be the lord of the black tribe's true power.

In the midst of a dark and Eerie Forest a person is seen walking alone the bug-like monster who is carrying a sword enters a cave where they find rows of dining tables and other bug species people eating the person draws attention to themselves by hitting their sword on the ground they tell the others that they have.

Found where the father from the black tribe ran away to but they were defeated by the black tribe's Lord a fierce monster the monster urgently announces that there is no time to waste he then declares in a determined manner that they must strike before the monster comes for them again upon hearing the.

Dramatic speech most are burst out laughing and began mocking they called him a coward and questioned his descriptions telling him that he had lost against mere food and should have just died instead of bringing shame upon himself as the laughter continued someone in the back of the group told them to be quiet.

And freeze it was then revealed that the Great Sage was among them and he confirmed the bad guy's account of a wicked demon in the area the Great Sage declared that the place was the territory of his majesty the great emperor and that they needed to stop the black tribe's Wicked devil.

Immediately he warned that if they didn't the devil would cause even more problem 404 was touched by the great Sage's belief in him and became emotional about it the Great Sage then put his hand on 404's head and he was immediately healed he also told 404 to take them to where.

He encountered the demon and he declared that he would be the one to subdue the black tribe's demon we will release part two of this video if we get 1 000 likes thank you for watching this video and don't forget to subscribe our Channel also tell us in comments section how you like this video

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