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Jinwa was a streamer obsessed with a broken game agame so difficult that almost anybody was playing anymore he had to spend 11 years of his lifestudying the tests Tower to finally conquer it it has been said that if anyone could make itthe game would become real jinwa was thinking about how to get a job as streamer he was 27years old and he couldn't keep living with a 500 wage monthly nevertheless some news alarmedthe world the test Tower had appear in real life a state window was visible for all humansand said that they should clear the first floor under the next 90 days or they would dieno other word was necessary jinwa knew what he had to do he had to level up and the first thinghe do is go and search for The Mangrove of greed a tree which its fruits grants extra stats pointsto the ones who consume them the problem is that.

They only grow four fruits and there were a lotof people waiting plus there is this guy called Lee jongsu a bastard who used to take advantageover the small streamers and he used to exploit them he wanted to get close to jinwu and pretendto be a good friend but jinwo makes clear that things have changed while they were fighting theothers took advantage and took the four apples and here gets revealed jinwa's true objective itnever was about the apples he was trying to find a more valuable object and the only way to find itwas to defeating that monster everyone were gone they knew that defeating it will be impossiblesome have died more than 50 times trying yet jinwa takes advantage of Lee jong-soo's greedand convince him to stay he says that as long as they attack it together at the same time theycould defeat it easily but when jinwa gave the.

Signal to attack he was betrayed neverthelessthat's exactly what he was waiting for since the tree always attacks the ones who are furtheraway with this distraction it was no problem for him to defeat the monster and finally got the treeorb a broken object that raises his stat points by 12 with no level up needed currently he was thestrongest level one by being the first one to defeat one Mangrove agreed jinwa could enter theHall of Fame yet he decided to keep his identity hidden to avoid troubles when the achievementappeared everybody thought it was a matter of luck but when they watched the video they fellchills for how good he was and by the way in case you didn't notice jinwo activated Anonymousmode so nobody could see his face or name a lot comments from corporations on his former streamingChannel offered him ridiculous amount of money but.

Chinwa doesn't want to sell his knowledge once theTest's Towers appeared in the real world Museum relics become more valuable because despite beingjust replicas that granted important advantages on the firsts stages of this game being the mostcoveted won the Eastland great map which grants the user all the necessary information to reachthe 10th floor a bunch of people were fighting for it but the only important ones were this oldguy who can burn alive his enemies and this girl that can summon the Tutankhamun statue everyonewas scared to face this giant things but jinwa didn't even bother to dodge them she tries tointimidate him by summoning more statues yet that was nothing for jinwo and he could leave herout of combat and she couldn't even notice it but he wanted her to realize about the big Henry inbetween them so he showed her a different way to.

Use the artifacts now that her knees were shakinghe asks her to hand over Tutankhamun's mask with the way clear to the chamber where all the mostprecious treasure were the old man couldn't get into it because of a barrier and he tells theold man that the only way to get in is to make an alliance after all he wasn't interested in theEast map the only thing he had to do was to point his fire magic constantly to the barrier withthe end of making it weaker he must keep using his magic until everything was gathered and seeingthat he had no choice the old man decides to trust him all the relics were still inside but thissword jinwa knew exactly who had grabbed it and he was pretty sure about who was responsiblefor that barrier yet that wasn't the replica he was looking for for him that sword was just asecond-class artifact he was there just for three.

Specific artifacts relics that fits perfectly witheach other and once combined they allow the user to get this SS Rank ability the Eye of Truthwhich allows to know who is lying also grants the ability to see other state Windows as rewardfor combining three rank B relics and creating a rank s or Superior he obtained the fusion abilitythat allows to copy and store many abilities that are in the world and even Fusion them to createstronger ones he already had the best ability of the game now he had to try it and there was nobetter way than to try it against the powerful old man who was waiting for him outside the onlyway to copy his fire powers was to make him reveal his true feelings feelings he has been hidingunder a mask in other words he had to make him angry so the first thing he did was telling himthat he never needed his fire powers to open the.

Door everything was a take to making him wastehis mana and now burns the East map before his eyes he already knows the whole Tower afterall the most important thing here is that the conditions were fulfilled the old man was angryand ready to burn him alive but Jin Woo new Flames were much more stronger after everything jinwadid to him he still wanted him as an ally that's why along with this girl he gets them both underhis service the video video about what happened in the museum didn't take long to go on air in the TVeverybody wondered who that guy was and how he was so powerful after the video everybody is informedthat the government made a decision to create a department with Personnel specialized to face thisnew situation the leader of this new Association is Han sang Jing who appeared on screen recruitingnew people specifically people who could find the.

Person in that video a blank check was offered asreward it doesn't matter the amount the government is willing to satisfy in change of the service yetjinwa keeps his posture and he is not willing to sell his information the waiting time had endednow players are free to enter the tower and clear the first floor likewise two new functions weregranted the first one was the possibility to upload videos and win 100 coins for each 10.000reproductions and the second is the possibility to stream yet the later can only be used whenfighting against a boss to get to the next phase if a player is caught using it inappropriatelythey will be punished severely everybody ran desperately to the tower to clear as soon aspossible the first floor but jinwa had other plans amazed that nobody else knew about but whatwasn't in his plans was that these two people.

Would join in his Adventure they were followinghim for a while and at first they were not sure about getting in the Maze but they thought that ifa level one is not scared to get in is because it shouldn't be so difficult to clear neverthelessthey couldn't be more wrong not even 10 minutes passed and one of them was already dead the onlyone that is worth to remember is the leader Park Hannah she is the only reason why Jin was sparedtheir lives because this girl has a very useful ability it is called communion this abilityallows the user to gain the trust of others easily and in order to get that ability he hadto be with her for at least 240 hours but after that time nobody can be around them after whathappened those boldface didn't care complaining about hiding information but jinwa puts them intheir place he didn't ask them to follow him after.

All the dangerous thing about that maze wasn'tonly its changing structure but also the fear some Minotaur living there everyone were scaredbut that Minotaur was one of the main reasons why Jin will had entered that maze because onceyou managed to avoid one of its attacks you gain a hidden skill called rupture which reduces thestrength difference between its user and the most powerful enemy plus every attack dodged levelsup that ability the others just looked amazed how jinwa was dealing with the Beast as if it wasjust a toy their plan were to get into the maze gain his trust and once they got all the rewardsto murder him but they didn't know that the person they wanted to kill was a monster with that planruined they tried to find a way to escape but once you are in there there is no other way to getout until you completed the maze going around.

With no clear destination was very dangerous sothey didn't have other choice but to beg him to let them join him but they had to pay they hadto be in there for 30 days now that they had a lot of money he turned around go to the store andbought some objects that at a glance they seemed to be trash but once you Fusion them you obtaina rank s artifact that increases your luck for 10 min minutes that's enough time for jinwa to usehis booster scroll in his dagger these scrolls are known by its low rate chances of success butwhen your luck is to its maximum the probability goes to 100 so that's how Jin will became thefirst one creating an object plus 10 in the whole world 10 days had passed since they enteredthe maze these two were the only survivors of the group and they were tired they were surviving witha little bonfire they slept in a moss bed and the.

Only thing they had to eat were those mushroomsand more Moss not to mention that that the maze changed all the time and the Minotaur would visitthem from time to time at this rate they would end up dying they didn't trust jinwo they thought thatonce all that ended he would just get rid of them so that's why they had to kill him Park Hannahhad been cheating all this time she had been using the streaming function to communicate with peopleoutside she told them to inform her brother what was happening so he could help her but in orderto get to them it would take up to three weeks the reason the Minotaur can find them is becauseof Jin woo he attracts it with these moths so if they kill him the minute or wouldn't return andthey could hide until her brother rescue them the problem was how to kill him if they triedto kill him during sleep probably his reflexes.

Would wake him up so they decide to poison himluckily her brother gave her a perfect poison for that what they didn't expect was that jinwaknew what they were planning so he changed their plates he also knew that they were screaming andhe reported them everyone watching was suspended for a month and park Hannah was punished witha hard Destiny for her by that time Jin woo had fulfilled all the conditions the girl was uselessto him so that's why when the Minotaur came back he didn't try to protect her she gets mad andstart threatening him saying that her brother was with the bodies Guild and he wouldn't forgivehim but Jin wool shows her his real strength a strength that not even all the guilds combinedcould ever match the Minotaur finally uses its strongest ability the berserk that considerablyraises all its stats and even its intelligence Jin.

Woo was waiting for this for a while now becausewhen the difficulty raises it also raises the points he gets every time he Dodges an attackjinwa manages to survive the whole five minutes the effect lasts so he got a lot a points and theMinotaur gets paralyzed as a consequence of using the berserk mode this paralysis lasts for a wholeday that enough time for jinwa to rest and getting his health back up for the next round his abilitywas on level 57 but his final goal was to raise it to level 100 during the next 20 days finallythe nightmare is gone Jin were reached his long for level 100 and finally kills the Minotaurnevertheless this was not enough reason to leave her alive she tried to kill him after allmore than once in fact so he asked for a reason to spare her life and join his new company shewasn't interested in joining his company but.

She definitely didn't want to die she offereda lot of things that were useless for Jin will the only thing he found interesting and the reasonhe let her live is that she offered braham's ring one of the best articles you can find in the firstfloor and he embed her face with a soul stigma so she couldn't betray him a contract that makes theother person obey every order given for surviving the maze they receive 5000 coins each though jinwatook all a park Hannah's coins and he said goodbye giving her only three days to deliver him the ringthey were together for a month inside that maze he needed to catch up with everything that happenedin the real life and for that nothing better than to get in touch with his old video game friends abig man demon Lee a nuclear punch woman Yu yanwa he has the ability of the lord of the perfectmachine for high-scale battles and she has the.

Taekwondo ability perfect for tanks and to throwexplosive strikes to copy these abilities the only condition is that they reach the 20th floor latelyeveryone that knew him were kind to him but with double motive but with them he fell comfortableso that's how he found out about everything that happened during that month the most importantguilds movement on the world and the appearance of an evil Guru called main also the governmentimplemented an ability tests which you can measure the awakens power with players with ephraangor less can't get to the second floor on the other hand everyone with a higher rank willbe compensated with high ranks and Big Time money the same day Jin will went to take the testPark Hannah appeared his bigger brother and high rank of the Raven Guild were show-off guys thatwanted to get over everyone but without knowing.

They messed up with the wrong one Park Hannah'sbig brother wanted to put him in his place and jinwa wanted to copy his ability and for hisbad luck one way to do it was by increasing his bad temper to the max he starts by breaking hisfinger and then he humiliates him when he tries to attack jinwu until Kim steps in and says thatit was enough he apologizes for his bad temper but that guy was still useful for him jinwa knewwhy and that is that hark Hannah confessed to him that his brother were supplying Korean ginsengto China Kim was surprised by that but his face got worse when Jin was said that he knew the wayto treat the ginseng side effect IM asks him to stop talking and summons a barrier so nobody couldhear jinwo offered an exchange the solution to his problem for 10 of his most profitable monopolizedmazes to make him believe believe he tells him the.

Ingredient needed to treat it ingredients thatmatches with the Guild's team investigation this they already knew about the problem was thatthey couldn't find one of the three ingredients but chinwa says that he exactly knows where theycan find it Mr Kim decides to trust for this one time but warns him that if this is all a trick hewould not let this go through but jinwa says that he was misinterpreting things the one offering andgiving a chance there was him their friends were just about to get into a fight with everyone butjinwo gets out calming everyone and Mr Kim punches par hijin to stop behaving like a dork with thathis hate upscaled to the Max and conditions were fulfilled to copy one of his abilities shallowbreathing to measure his strength he just had to hit this little Crystal he could use any abilityeven weapons but Jin will get directly to the.

Biggest crystal the one in charge of the testasks him to go to the lower Crystal since this one didn't even move before normal people justimagine his face when he broke it in two pieces the only thing he could do was to congratulatehim for becoming a rank s but before he could inform his superiors he asked to postpone hiscalcification for a week so for now he would be a rank effing the one in charge couldn't do butunder threat he couldn't refuse he crosses with harkhana park at the exit who was there to keepher promise she expected him to remove her mark But Jin will still had plans for her now that hehad his rank F he takes advantage of it to enroll as a gatekeeper of the Expedition maze called thedepraved room before starting this adventure jinwa receives a reward for being one those who clearedthe tower an ability called cold heart and another.

One with a monopolistic name which activates whenreceiving all the final rewards without sharing with anyone if he fulfilled that condition hegets the best possible rewards from the random chests amongst the attack team the presence ofozion Guild catches jinwa's attention a little Elite group from Europe their presence there wasvery weird so Jin will uses his ability to become friend with this girl who were laurentina's familyyoung daughter Universal player type that uses the sacred power she stand out for her attack defenseand even has a healing ability form the holy Amsterdam Theresa laurentina it was very weirdfor someone with such power to be there instead of being cleaning the third floor that's whyJin will peaked with his eye of Truth and finds out that the girl was looking for a job whichexplains everything for jinwa this was a perfect.

Opportunity the star blessing was considered thebest unique ability among the sacred nights and now he had the opportunity to take it the problemis that in order to obtain it is to saving her from alive or death situation a situation verydifficult to create taking into account that she is one of the best 100 players in the worldat that moment the whole team were relaxed they already cleared the first part of that Maze andnothing would happen as long as they didn't bother the guards and yes just as you are guessing rightnow someone had a great idea to wake them up to face them with their current strength was almosta suicide but the captain wasn't willing to give up being this his first mission as Captain soconfident about Santa Teresa's power the white charged against their enemies and two of theirless powerful players died luckily Santa Teresa.

Herself was there to help them out some enemiesmanaged to get through all the players and arrive where The Gatekeepers were they were severelyinjured but Jin will managed to arrive in time to save this Mister the thing is that the SantaTeresa misunderstand the whole situation and she thinks that Jin will is there to kill that man buthe is also guilty of waking up the guardian and that's how the first part of this manhubwa endswell guys if you like this video and want a part 2 comment below with the word level also subscribeto the channel hit the bell for notifications give a like and the most important thing isto leave a comment that's all for today bye

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