A Blind Ceo Chapter 22 (English Sub)

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A blind seal chapter 22. Mom are younot feeling well zero you are here mother looks so pale young group has expressedan interest in sponsoring the promotion of our new Season's collections I want you to offersee the specific you can discuss the details with their GM leader we are launching afew new pieces of Jubilee with only one signature item you need to focus and show mesome design draft in the next couple of days mom let me take care of some of the businessaround here so you can relate for a bit no you are way too young just get on withyour own Affairs that's all you can go now okay when did we start drifting apart I miss teenJuan's call hello I was come downstairs I'm here you work too hard and taking you to lunchthere is a great place I want to thank you.

It is the first location this famousJapanese restaurant opened in the city the Japanese Cuisine is the best intown you will love it there have a lunch zero what's the matter yes I can see butI can hear my zero is having a bad day what happened it's it's because I'm thinkingabout my mom I had a happy family when my father was around everything changedafter he died and mother got remarried mother was always at work she wasnever around her smile was good she rediscovered her smell when she got remarriedgreat job well done major her smell had nothing to do with me talk I think I am probably theodd one these past couple of years no matter how much I care for her she didn't seem to carefor me one bit I don't know where to go from here.

What happens if mother gets sick what can I doit's okay zero your mother love you very much she's just having a hard time expressingwhen I went to your place to talk to your mom she told me in an equivalents hung thatshe loves and cherishes you her daughter she demanded I give you a happy life zeroI will always love you and be with you we will be the happiest couple in the worldwhat you like that I did love death you are right there is nothing to be afraid of I wassuccessful how could I forget my darling Mr here it's all right I love you like this I can'teven tell if this is a compliment or not Shiro come to a dinner party with me a party yesI'm going to visit an elder oh yes sorry honey I have something mother asked me to talk bestwith the general manager of young group so I.

Have met a dinner plan with GM Yen tonight motheralways takes care of this kind of things herself I'm not sure why she want me to doit this time but I will do my best what shall I do see how we are invite meto have dinner with her father tonight I couldn't really say no so I agreed to it I wasplanning on bringing zero I heard GM Yen can be quite tough I am a little nervous I'm not sure ifI can do it of course my wife feel too great go ahead I will be at home waiting for your good newsnever mind she doesn't need that wake high on her mind don't get back to that okay give me a kissokay I'm going to meet this year Family by myself

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