A Blind Ceo Chapter 37 (English Sub)

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Angie host the coin outgoing we currently allmajor media Outlets to stop them reporting on the police crime scandal in aneffort to save the company's image Sun major has been hospitalized after sustainingsome injuries she is not a threat to move group for the time being good well done we can finallywalk this whole thing up honey you are back zero can you promise me one thing if Ican solve these creases for more group pots honey what thing do you want let's consummate our Merit huh but I finish yourstick and come home with me or as the deal is off hmm good girl if you like my videodon't forget to like comment and subscribe thank you now that we are homecan you tell me how you plan to help me.

What this can wait you need to holdup your end and of the virgin first and go to our room and wait for me thereafter a while Ching Juan get a sour and zero waiting for him pill that came on off nowhere I wasn't prepared for that at all I you promised you can go back onyour work now ah wait no chin Han I can today it's not a good timefor me you did this on purpose no I didn't don't get upset I will be good togo in a couple of days in that test I will cast in some interest first huh let me kiss you quitehitting hmm you are taking advantage of me again any news about my group yes Miss I havebeen keeping a lost eyes on them over the past few days musiro's company had any issues today butthe story was crazy here is some information that.

I bought from a journalist it mainly comes on adesigner pressure Gathering someone else's work this is just a mistake made by one of DisneyChannels from her company I don't see how much hero is personally connected to any ofthese use my father's connection to notify the city's evening newspaper making her business smear her name as much as you can understood means musiro I will take backeverything that you have taken from me

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