A Blind Ceo Chapter 80 (English Sub)

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Did you see it Mom moved her hand doctor doctorstop screaming you wake me up my little girl Mom Mom this is wonderful you are finally awakethere there no more tears mom just took a long nap that's why zero we so be happy Mom's awakenow Ting Huang are your eyes are recovered yes they are I have been feeling kind of greedy aboutnot taking better care of you nonsense I'm happy to see your eyes recovered now you sudden blameyourself for what happened mom did your friend because someone had said something to write youup correct turn you they come to see me that night this is what happened it's all in the past nowI don't want to dwell on who was right and who was wrong right now all I want is to spend whatlittle time I have left on this Earth with you too mom you are still the same crybaby as you werewhen you were little how can I leave you like this.

Chain one I need to ask you a favor zero whatever you do in life you need to discussit twitching home first don't make any decision by yourself I leave zero in your care okay momwho has a suit I will take care of zero very good and very comfortable with you by Shiro's sidealright go home now I need some peace and quiet set me up and then came to the hospital towrite up my mom how sick is he we don't have any evidence to profit but I'm going to make himpay for hurting mom in my way we are going to make him pay a hundred times more hello tan thisis Chang I have a big project that I want to bring you in to h ave some fun it must be a great projectat you president Chang will call me yourself have caused me a very secure position at theMoon group Chun you need to think long and.

Hard about this one spots are limited but I'mtelling you this is a Ken lost deal can loss do you think this is my first day at the circusI'm sending you the details believe what you want but you better not come complainingto me that I did not give you a chance oh I cannot still in this day and egg what am Ithree this is the whole group it is a great deal hello turn that was fast we have been friendsfor eggs of course I trust you on this great then transfer every pennyyou have to the icon I gave you well I have a lot of money tied up in the stockmarket and estate give me some time to get my thoughts in a row for All Times Sake I am givingyou three days so then I will be waiting for you sure absolutely I will get the money to you inthree days president I have delivered your method.

What do you think very well done you are clear onthe next steps no worries president Lou everyone knows the investment is a risky business you onlyhave your bad luck to blame when you lost good you have good tea by the way I will be waiting foryour good news thank you president I won't let you talk it's time to get ready for my next move addmore families mentions what what happened my money sorry the number you have that is unfavorableright away president Chang the number you have dealt is enough about it right now damn it'sover it's all over now dead bastard what sword I don't know go to a corner of every singleitem in this house I want nothing left behind yes sir who are you what are you doing herethis is my house Lu Ching Juan what are you doing at my house your house to be accurate thisis my mom's house you are just affirming that no.

One won in this house musiro you are a pit Lynnme and I are literally married this is my horse take out I have commissioned lawyer to start thedefrost processor on Mom's behalf this house is most per material property it does not belongto you Mr the house is fine for the most part there are some broken Antiques and furniture onthe floor which will require further a person prayer called for me such a new day over hereso he knows actually how much money he sold paid you you set me up from the beginning didn't you you too oh Tony I want you to know how it feelsto get ruled up by someone to a point of coaching

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  1. I ready this 2d to evaluate very long time I’m very sufficient with this episode that inferior man getting nothing I’m gay her mom dwelling abet to her this all her husband did it because he luxuriate in her very worthy ❤ xiruo you owe him sizable kiss and getting pregnant with his diminutive one I awaiting that too 😂 thanks sweetie this episode I’m so elated 😘😘😘👍👏🌺🥰🌹😻💖♥️❤️💘💓💝😹😹😹

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