A Blind Ceo Chapter 93 (English Sub)

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A blind sail Chapter 93 youare full of surprise woman anyone who dares to touch her will haveto go toward me first at Capital effort where I asked around and someone told me YanSiri is going to the Royal clubhouse tonight men go there to drink and find girls and you willbeat them all there it is a great opportunity when you dig your cross into the young boydon't forget everything that I have done to you rest assured when you I won't let you downat Zero's house someone is coming out of the horse my lady s have been kind to you you workharder than ever but what's gotten into you see his mediocre woman with limitedintelligence how can she be good enough for you soon I will let you know who is the bestwoman for you send someone to follow her.

Closely right now don't forgetthe tax I give you yes my lady I have a great news for you what grocery Ithought go in first okay zero is not home well she is not having a meeting with someone youand zero are looking for an office building before my family bought a wedding earlier Ikept it for one of my Brand's companies but there is still five four five empty I waswondering if this is enough space for you guys well the location and spare are great we willbe happy to render space if they are available great I knew you would love it that set usit then you can have the best friend free chinh Juan I am throwing away a lot of moneyto make you happy Rosie thank you for your kind hey but we still need to pay your rentotherwise zero and I would feel bad.

There was two so we go to my companyto sign the list down I can't afford to confirm this with you ASAP right now let megive zero a call to ask for her opinion done why the reason why I do this and wantto settle it ASAP is because I want to make up for making zero upset on my last visit can you just keep it a secret for me this timeit would be our surprise to zero okay hello hi zero I'm going out with Russia to do a thingI will explain everything to you when I get back okay I got it at another place at Royal Clubhouseoh my what brings you here Mr Yan come on in I will call the police if you don't stopharassing me don't be so tense practical it's getting dark this rods are not safe foryou to travel let us give you a right protest.

I have taught you I don't need it God noone dares to threaten my boss in this place who do you think you are you can scream atthe top of your lungs no one will hear you if anyone comes close to me I willkill him she is a firecracker like it

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  1. I’m sort of upset about this the ml appears to be like adore he didn’t be taught his lesson from closing time. The closing feminine that behave adore that strive to raze the scamper while she became as soon as pregnant adore be clean. You don’t rep it unprecedented at all

  2. That girl is doing this to procure her out of her husband existence however she don't know that he is a father they purchased a son and when he rep out what she doing that be their woman no longer being a pal to her no extra her husband will never explore it first then rep out about and rep out she did it he’ll be mad and her friendship will stay

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