A boy with out magic desires to modified into the strongest magician within the Academy

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Hello and a dark is here today I'm going to startsummarizing this legendary anime I hope you liked the video The Story begins in the World of Magicas everything in this world is mainly based on magic people believe that magic is a blessed giftfrom God therefore in this world mastering magic is something basic because status and socialstatus all depend on the amount of magic that a person can use the story is similar to the animeBlack Clover but in this world there is a young man who has defied all the rules this young man'sname is Mash he likes to eat pancakes especially after training he can work out with imaginaryweights and also with crazy speed this is the hero in one of the small houses in the forestthere is an old man named regrow he is 75 years old he lives in this house with his young sonhe said that he had found a way to cope with the.

Stress and inconvenience but after a few momentsmash comes and breaks the door The Old Man became screaming because he had previously told hisson not to break the door while opening it and of course smash is the son of this old regrow hesaid that he used a little Force to open the door but the door broke regrow began to scold his sonso Mash apologized for his bad behavior the young man decided to fix the door but he was going tobreak the house so the old man lost his mind again the old man asks him to put the door in the rightway but Mash does not understand he wonders why the door does not go into the wall and actuallyafter a few moments Mash broke down the door the old man is disappointed and does not know whatto say after that Mash asked him why he trains only physical exercises the old man doesn't wantto tell him the truth the truth is that he can't.

Use magic the old man left the house he doesn'twant Mash to break the door again so Mash told him that he had learned how to fix the door theold man is angry because he doesn't want his son to touch anything and then he leaves but Mash doesnot want to stay at home because he is hungry so he quickly went to the city in order to buy somepancakes but he noticed all the people using magic he doesn't know why they don't do the work byhand then then he went to the shop he ordered seven pies he really likes pies very much butthe surprise is that he crushed the coins with his fist the merchant is shocked so Mash repairedthem the cook lost his mind this time because of the thing that Mash did he also became even moreshocked when he discovered that this boy couldn't use magic meanwhile there is a magic Academynamed Easton this school determines Divine.

Visionary every year according to magical skillsand abilities this year a student named raynhams was identified and there is also a person who wasreading this news this person is Brad Coleman and he is a police officer when he was torturing oneof the robbers suddenly a call comes to him now he knows that there is a young man wandering aroundthe city but this young man cannot use magic and also he does not study at school like the restof the young people meanwhile Mash was walking through the streets of the city and enjoyingeating a pie but suddenly he bumped into one of the policemen this policeman was drunk he didn'tlike it because his clothes had a spot of Pies on he wanted to apologize so he offered the pieto him but the policeman threw it on the floor he said he didn't want an indirect kiss becausethe pie Mash had already eaten but Mash tore this.

Policeman's clothes and he said that he would washthem and return them to him the policemen became angry but in fact Mash did not mean this thinghe really wanted to take the clothes in order to wash them but he smashes anything he touchesbut suddenly Brad comes he finds out that this is a young man who does not use magic and that'sbecause he does not have a mark on his face the policeman approached him but suddenly the old mancame and took Mash so this officer formed a bird using magic this bird went in order to trace theold man and mash they went home but regrow started blaming his son for going to the city so he gavehim a punishment the punishment is to repeat the training routine now he gave him some pancakesthen he went to training the old man noticed this magical bird after which the police immediatelybroke into the house meanwhile Mash was doing.

Training on the mountain he he was playing withvery heavy weights even the squirrel was shocked by this power he completed the training quicklyand then decided to go home when he got home he began to think about how to quietly open the doorbut he discovered the Magic Police inside the house this officer was torturing the old man hewants to know the whereabouts of mash in order to arrest him but the old man does not want to tellthem any information about his son the policeman said that raising an uneducated person is a crimepunishable by law the old man refuses to speak but the policeman was beating him cruelly and here wewatch her grows past the old man was ostracized by Society because he did not have enough magicalskills he was humiliated and bullied by all people so one day when he was desperate for life hedecided to throw himself off the top of one.

Of the high-rise buildings but suddenly he heardthe sound of an infant crying he found out that this infant had no sign so they abandoned him butregrow raised that child that child is Mash after regrow became screaming he wanted Mash to escapeBrad found out that the young man is still closed to the house but the old man kept screaming sothe officer started hitting the old man hard but regrow doesn't want to give up so he doesn'twant to stop the policeman pointed the magic wand at regrow now he is going to kill this old manbut suddenly mash comes and punched one of the officers then he tore the clothes of that fatpoliceman and also slapped him very fast blows the old man told him why he didn't run away butthe young man told him we are a family he also said that he would send this policeman to helleveryone started making fun of him because he.

Didn't have magic and then Brad formed a big MagicBall which he threw towards Mash but Mash easily slapped the blow Brad is shocked because in thepast he defeated a giant dragon with that attack but Mash easily repelled that attack the policemankept attacking but Mash was doing counter-attacks to all the attacks he was dribbling like aprofessional football player Brad feels offended then he picked up the old man's magic tool andactually threw it a Brad he managed to break the magic circle and also injured the policeman thepolice officer asked him to join the Magic School in order to stop following him the old man doesn'twant to because that school is a magic Academy but Mash has agreed to this he just wants to livepeacefully with his father so he agrees to join the Easton Academy and the very next day he wentto Easton Academy it is said that the entrance.

Exam is so difficult that the passing rate is3 percent meanwhile there is a person who is watching the students from inside the school thisperson's name is Claude Lucci he is a professor and an official at the school he was watchingthe students the majority of the students are from noble families who have an important positionin society but suddenly he noticed a strange young man doing physical exercises in a crazy way hewonders why someone is doing physical exercises inside a magic school so he didn't believethis thing he thinks he is imagining nothing more and nothing less but he was wrong becausewatching MASH read a book about muscles while doing training he became completely crazy but hehad a stroke when he saw that there were people standing right behind mesh these are regrow andBrad they came with mash in order to monitor him.

And also support him in the test the official saidhe was going to disqualify Mash anyway Mash didn't care he was eating pancakes and reading a bookabout muscles he didn't even know the subject of the test but he had to pass suddenly this stupidofficial shows up he started to introduce himself the students are shocked because this officialis famous and very powerful in using magic he was relieved that everyone was sanctifying himbut Mash was looking at him pessimistically so he said he was going to eliminate him the firstexam started he asked everyone to sit on their seats but there were basically no seats so he usedmagic and actually after a few moments the seats appeared out of nowhere and also the test paperseveryone is shocked by the magic that Claude used but Mash said why not take us to a hall equippedwith benches from the very beginning he was really.

Provoking this professor the test had alreadystarted but the students noticed that the text was moving alone on the paper because Claude hadcast a spell on the text what is required students must first undo this spell The Old Man and thepoliceman said that it was impossible for Mash to pass this test but in the meantime Mash broke thepen and also said angrily that these letters are annoying she will cause him trouble and actuallythe letters returned to normal what happened no one knows then he took the test paper and went tothe professor he told him that he had completed the test the professor believes that Mash solvedthe questions in a random way but he is shocked because Mash has arranged That animated text withhigh accuracy everyone is shocked because Mash was passing all the tests with high accuracy andin an unknown way the foolish Professor does not.

Know what to do so he began to equip a very largeMaze and of course this is not an ordinary maze because it contains a large number of dangerousmagic traps the duration of the test is 30 minutes Mash thinks that this test is very easy but in themeantime a girl comes who wants to accompany Mash on the test this girl's name is lemon Irvine andhe actually agreed to it but this girl was falling into the simplest traps it's ridiculous then hesaid that he should hurry up but suddenly this girl tied him up what's going on she said she wassorry she cheated on him she said she didn't want him to get to the finish line for personal reasonshe broke the shackles and said I'm sorry because I have personal reasons too the girl is shocked Mashmade a quick run but suddenly a large creature appears behind lemon it's a sphinx he said who isthe creature that has four feet in the morning two.

Feet in the afternoon and three feet at night thegirl has to solve this puzzle but the time is over so this monster attacked her with his giantweapon but mash comes and punched the Sphinx he said that no creature possesses these strangequalities and indeed he defeated the Sphinx with ease but the time of the test is about to end soMash smashed all the fences standing in front of him the professor is glad that Mash was delayedin the Maze but he became shocked when he heard Earth Tremors everyone is shocked because Mashcut his way straight by Smashing the walls and he actually made it in time but everyone once mashedto leave because the thing he did is considered cheating but this girl said that she blocked hisway because it was the professor who asked her to do this he promised her success everyone looks atthe professor with pessimism but Claude has become.

Insulting to mash and lemon he wants to expelthem in any way possible so he was very angry and directed his magic tool in order to attack but ina split second Mash breaks the magic wand everyone is shocked but in those events an old man comes hewas flying in the sky this old man whose name is Wahlberg he is the senior teacher and director ofEaston Academy of magic he came in order to take the students to a private interview with him andthis is the last stage of the exam and he actually took Mash to one of the places the first questionis about why Mash came to this Academy he said because he wants to live a quiet life with hisfamily after which the manager asked him about the reason why Mash came back in order to savethe girl even though time was running out he said he didn't want to feel remorse later this oldman asked Mash why did he confront the Sphinx.

Why did he break down the Walls he wants toknow the reason why he trusted his strength he told him will you save that girl when shefaces an enemy stronger than you but Mash said that he would save her even if the enemy wasstronger than him now the old man wants to test Mash he has cast a very powerful spell thisspell transfers the soul of the victim's closest person to this doll and actually regrow has lostConsciousness because his soul is now inside this doll this knife when you touch the soul you takeit away forever the soul will never return to the body again the manager wants to know Mash'sposition at this moment Mash hit the knife but to no avail so he stopped it with his barehands and indeed the director of proof matches joining the academy the next day the teacher isteaching the students about how to open a locked.

Lock by Magic but Mash broke it completely sothe teacher got very angry meanwhile there is a student named fin Ames he does not want to sharehousing with mash because it is dangerous but when he got to his room he could not find the door hewas surprised because Mash knocked down the door he identified himself and also Mash did the samebut also identified his muscles he was calling names to his chest muscles this student is goingto go crazy because of Mash's actions he said that he wanted to become a Divine Visionary butthis person said that he had to get great grades and tests and also a lot of gold coins then Massshared the pancakes with his friend and told him to do our best this is the end of the first partplease subscribe to the channel see you next time

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