A cussed president Chapter 31 (English Sub)

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I will see where you are going this timeoh no have been cheated more and fun if you lay a venture on me pattern willdie young fun forget it this woman is a word what do you need her for get thedivorce mom will get you something better mom stay out of my business she is stillmy true wife I can do whatever I want son I know what I'm doing you go to your roomdoesn't call me like you I'm gonna get a test of the most beautiful woman in the wrong citytoday if you dare to touch me today you will be ready three years I just didn't touch you I readit just so you I told you I will be entered with you today a young Master bad news the doorwaywhat's going on it's coming gumming is coming hit him I'm late are you okay oh yeah so you guysstop fighting stop fighting Mr go please stop my.

Son was just confused he really didn't mean tohurt you so you talk about something you tell Mr gong we are here to sign the divorce paper thisis all our main understanding if he comes a step later we want students still come on if she'sstill gonna say it was all a mistake have her young fun my son let's not fighther that's a good day for us now why framing me is useless you see me coming outof the police station and you try to scam me suit me if you try I told you I'm notgetting a divorce I'm not getting a divorce

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