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Izuku Midoriya is one of the strongest protagonists of the new era of Shonen Jump! In this video , we're going to remember all your evolution points, how you learned to use each of your skills, and also how you can actually become the greatest hero of all in these more than 300 chapters! Without further ado, let's go! Speak Thalera, I am Thalera! Let's go there for another new painting of anime here on the channel, this time visiting and remembering how Deku's evolution was during more than 300 chapters of the manga! If you like Boku no Hero or Midoriya already leave those comments and naughty likes! Everyone thinks that Deku's journey to be the strongest only started when he received One for All from All Might, but that's a lie! For those who don't remember, she had that notebook.

That Bakugou exploded, which in addition to sketches of his hero costume, also had information about most professional heroes! He wrote down his weaknesses, strengths, what each quirk did, and thus he was able to visualize in which battle environments each of the learned heroes would perform better. Save this information because soon it'll be back in the video! Now yes, Izuku trained a lot removing that rubbish from the beach to prepare his body and receive the great One for All from his idol All Might. If he hadn't trained, his body would explode, after all, at that point in history Midoriya still didn't know how to control small portions of his power, he only released 100% of One for All in all his blows, resulting in broken limbs and extremely worn out.

At all times. time! Even facing Bakugou and even being face to face with Shigaraki, he couldn't escape that fact. This is basically how he manages to handle his power level in season one, but as we learn, Deku is extremely creative and resourceful! With the second season's Sports Festival, Izuku learns to “dose” his power between many quotes. As he unleashed all of his power at once, he had to attack only when necessary and in small increments. The great result of this learning was his epic fight against Todoroki, using his fingers like big explosive shots with the pressure. It wasn't enough to win, but he surprised everyone watching the fight, including us!.

Also, a big point of evolution was his social development with other major characters! Shoto's encouragement is his highest point of motivation, but Midoriya also learned to lead in the headband test, where he coordinated Tokoyami, Uraraka and Hatsume in the best way, knowing their strengths and limitations! Everything really starts to change in his development as a hero in Stain's arc, where no agency wanted him for his highly destructive potential with himself! When Gran Torino, former master of ALL Might accepts him, One for All begins to be trained in fact. Deku thinks of himself as the fish that had to be heated up in the microwave as a whole, and was gradually gaining heat, just as his One for All had to be progressively.

Increased in order to use it. In this way, Midoriya began to dominate 5% of his power, with his technique called “Full Cowl”, already granting him super strength and controllable speed to fight the hero killer and be recognized by him as one of the two purely worthy heroes, alongside All Might, who later still serves as an examiner against him and Bakugou and manages to see his pupil's evolution by achieving a perfect victory! Entering the third season of Boku no Hero when the A and B classes manage to train the potential of their quirks at the camp, despite Midoriya getting a slightly higher percentage than before, he is forced to use all his strength to break.

Both of his arms and gain muscle using 100% of One for All, which by the intensity of the scene, was screamed like 1 MILLION PERCENT! The thing is, even after recovering in the hospital, it's becoming increasingly clear that he can't use his arms anymore due to all the damage done to them so far. Even so, Deku surfaces his leadership once again by coordinating Iida, Momo, Kirishima and Shoto to save Bakugou, despite feeling the feeling of death caused by All for One, and later the retirement of the Symbol of Peace! In order to get his provisional hero card, Deku had to keep training, and before the exam while everyone developing new special techniques, he is forced to start using his legs, asking for help from Professor Ectoplasm who fought in the same style. It didn't take long for Midoriya to.

Get the hang of it! As soon as she felt comfortable, Hatsume designed a new uniform that managed to support her weaker arms at the same time, and also boost her techniques of the newest Shoot Style, responsible for walking her way to the license after a troubled test and also arousing envy in Bakugou, who called Deku pro X1 and won against the prota, showing that even without a license and with envy of Izuku's sudden evolution, he was still ahead in his skills! It's time for a real internship that could have an experienced mentor for Midoriya! After being humiliated along with his class by Mirio, Izuku ended up joining the agency of the same hero as him: Sir Nighteye! Nighteye believed that a.

Better world would be one with comedy, but he also believed that heroes who were going to build that world should be able to predict their enemies' abilities and defeat them through countless battle experiences. Anyway, when they invaded the Yakuza hideout, to save Eri, Deku promises his mentor that he will bend the future he foresaw through everything he was taught. With Eri's power borrowed doing something completely unpredictable, Midoriya ties Eri to himself with Mirio's cape and fights with the One for All 100% Full Cowl, being able to defeat the monster that was Overhaul with certain ease, such power carried in your smashes! With this bending of the future, Izuku starts to become something bigger, a Symbol of Hope that forged a bright path with everyone I.

Trusted in him! Proof of this was the change in life perspective of Gentle and La Brava, people with origins in their noble acts, but who were lost to criminality on account of society. To help in the fight against Gentle's powerful Trampoline Quirk, Deku got an Impact Glove from Mei, capable of implementing her Air Shots into flicks for ranged fights he couldn't win before! With all the respect gained from his classmates, professional heroes, and villains alike, along with the understanding that Izuku Midoriya is one of UA's most promising heroes, the way seemed to be open for Deku to train and grow his power exponentially, until … During training together with Class B, Midoriya unconsciously reached.

The One for All Singularity Point, in other words he surpassed the limits and awakened his Quirk. Thing that not even All Might had managed! Whiplash explodes his uniform, and Deku learns in the vestiges of his quirk that he will have access to the Quirks of all previous wielders, and that he must prepare to master them because a huge evil is approaching. At the end of the test, with Deku's victory, he and Bakugou are invited by Todoroki to join the agency of the number 1 hero, and his father: Endeavor! This training with the number 1 is of paramount importance, because in addition to learning to keep up with the pace of Japan's most prestigious hero, Enji also teaches the boys two basic premises that they would take with them for the rest of their lives. One is to learn to do one.

Thing at a time, until it becomes natural and you move on to the next steps without even thinking that you are doing the previous steps. And another is the principle of compressing and storing power, and then releasing it even stronger. These were teachings for their Quirks and battle tactics, but Endeavor also made a point of teaching correctly how to act to contain damage to cities and ensure the safety of civilians, two priorities that should be followed. Just as Izuku was learning to more naturally master the Black Whip, the real danger arrived! The Paranormal Liberation War was the most damaging recent event to society. In it, Midoriya even managed to hit.

Shigaraki's tired body a few times, and also awakened two other Quirks: Float and Danger Sensor. But nothing Izuku put in effort gave any real results. When All for One reached the point of stealing One for All, Deku was protected by Nana Shimura and Yoichi Shigaraki, the seventh and first bearers, who gave maximum support to the boy to defeat the villain. After falling into a coma, when Midoriya was in the hospital, Deku talks to all the carriers in the vestiges, and pledges to stop Shigaraki Tomura! He will try to save Tomura, because he knows that there is a child inside his being asking for help, but if that is not possible he will have to kill his nemesis! With that commitment, Deku abandons his friends at UA and goes with All Might, Hawks, Endeavor and Best Jeanist, to be a.

Vigilante hero who will look for All for One and Shigas in their whereabouts. This era became known as Deku Dark! Despite acting vigilantly and on his own, Midoriya now had freed direct contact with his predecessors, making it easier for his remaining Quirks to awaken, train, and practice . As a debut, Deku easily defeats Muscular using the newest Smoke Screen and enhanced Danger Sensor, saving Shindo and learning what the true weight of carrying One for All and having to be a new Symbol feels like! Your next opponent is the former hero of the Public Safety Committee: Lady Nagant! To defeat her, Izuku appeals to the sixth wielder's quirk: the Fa Jin! This Quirk.

Accumulates kinetic physical energy in a part of the body and allows Deku to be in a state of Pseudo One for All 100%, adding his natural 40% + the accumulated energy! After defeating Nagant, Midoriya has his greatest mentality development, when he learns about the gray layers of society and that there are not only heroes and villains to be exalted or hated. His endless, solitary hunt for All for One only leads the boy to pain. He dispatches All Might, and can only be saved by his classmates 1A, who free Deku from ending up alone, using One for All 24 hours a day. Despite the aforementioned exhaustion, it is mentioned that Izuku was already able to use 100% of One for All naturally without significant damage at that time!.

We finally reached more than 300 chapters, the famous Boku no Hero weekly chapters that I analyze every Friday here on the channel! How does Deku get to the final ending of Boku no Hero? Currently Midoriya has unlocked the last quirk that was missing, the Gear Shift, or Change of Gears of the second bearer, allowing him to control the speed of himself, objects, friends and even enemies! Uniting all of his lucid individualities in his head and well trained in his body, Deku dominates 100% of One for All and uses all the experience from his notebook of heroes that I mentioned at the beginning of the video to understand the best situation to use it each of his Quirks in combos or alone, even giving Shigaraki a Supreme Smash using all his quirks + his 100% empowered.

Like never before! Summarizing our video, in 300 chapters Deku was able to prove that he is worthy of being the next Symbol, the Symbol of Hope! Did you like the video? Give that moral to the channel by subscribing if you are not, and leaving that naughty likezão! If you want to help me more, share this video for those you like, and also answer my little question in the pinned comment so I know what the next video will be here! Remembering that there's the Deku Dark t-shirt in the channel's store that is on the cards and in the description for those who like it! I'll stay here and you around, Thalera in the voice is us, a big kiss, beautiful and beautiful and she said! PLUS ULTRA!!!

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