A gang of thugs tried to beat the mechanic up, unaware that he used to be a very brutal exsoldier

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I can guess what people do for a living justby looking at their hands. I mean, I’m usually wrong, but I can guess. Today, I'm going to recap a 2022 action thrillerfilm called: Section 8. The movie begins five years ago in Mosul,Afghanistan, where a drone flies over a village as a man runs down a dusty road, calling theattention of the Taliban. The man warns an older member that the Americansare coming while the others bury an improvised explosive device. Soon, the American troops arrive and beginto scout the area as the town immediately becomes deserted.

Oblivious that the enemy is hiding insidethe houses, Pretty boy, the squad leader, pushes forward and finds a suspicious manpreparing a bomb; thus, they immediately surround him. Jake, who thinks they are taking too long,aggressively orders the man to drop the weapon. They threaten to shoot him if he fails tocomply. Unwilling to follow them, he becomes agitatedand pulls out a gun which forces the troops to shoot him. A few moments later, Colonel Tom Mason, theircommanding officer, asks about the situation over the radio.

Jake informs him that there is a dead informantwhere an emplaced IED was set up for them. He then asks permission to disarm it, butMason opposes it. Still, he chooses to do it and successfullydisarms the bomb. Soon after, the second bomb goes off, killingeveryone but Jake. The Taliban ambushes them and shoot from alldirections. Jake gets up and runs from the scene as Masoncovers for him. He then fights back and comes to Mason’said. When he reaches Mason, an enemy sneaks upbehind, but luckily Mason saves his life. In the present day, the confident soldieris now an anxious civilian.

Jake is integrated back into America but struggleswith the memories of war. He has PTSD and is taking medicine to combatit. He also tries to live a normal life by workingat Earl's auto shop in Riverside, California. Later that day, Jake comes home and spendstime with his family. Their bright mood immediately changes whenhis wife, Ashton, shows him a pile of bills on the counter. She worries about how they will get by, buthe assures her they will get through it like they always do. He then shifts the mood by playfully takinga piece of chicken before running away.

The next day, Jake goes to work and encountersa conflict with Mexican gangsters to whom Earl owes money. It soon escalates into a physical fight asFresh, the gang's leader, orders his men to beat him up. Jake quickly and skillfully attacks them,but before he can target Fresh, he threatens him with a gun. Fresh threatens to meet him again and thenleaves. After the incident, Jake confronts Earl aboutthe danger he got himself into. Earl shares that he used to be one of thembut is fortunate enough to leave that life.

And now has a home he calls his own. Jake worries about his family's safety, butEarl assures him that he will protect their neighborhood at all costs. But later that night, tragedy hits Jake asFresh shows up and tells him it's payback time. In a panic, he rushes inside the house andfinds his family dead. He screams in anguish and mourns for his suddenloss. A few moments later, the police arrive atthe scene and try to speak with Jake. But he loses his senses as he rushes to hiscar and frantically searches for Fresh.

Not long after, he sees Fresh's car parkedoutside a club where he plans to catch him to avenge his family. Without remorse, he shoots the gang, and whenhe is about to kill Fresh, Fresh explains that he has no choice but to do it, but hiswords do not shake Jake’s resolve, and he instantly kills him. Five months later, Jake is serving time inprison for his crime. He is severely affected by the death of hisfamily and remains haunted by his past. Mason then visits him and offers to help himout on his case, but he insists that he belongs in prison after what he's done.

Mason tries to comfort him, but his wordsare meaningless as Jake explains that he killed them without remorse and would still do itagain if he had to. He then ends their conversation by tellingMason never to come back. After that, he receives an unexpected visitornamed Ramsey, who runs a private task force. Jake quickly dismisses him before he getsthe chance to explain himself. That night, masked men invade his cell andkidnap him. Moments later, Ramsey reveals himself andhis men responsible for taking him. He tells him he's been watching him for along time and is impressed by his record. He then asks him to choose whether to rotin prison or live a new life by joining his.

Unit. After careful thought, Jake decides to liveas a hero again by working under a secret government agency called Section Eight. In Washington, D.C., Ramsey formally introducesElias, Ajax, Brunner, and Mueller and briefs him about what they do. Jake secretly takes a pen from a nearby deskbefore he gets led into another room. Ramsey further explains that his real identityhas been declared deceased and he will be given a new alias and backstory. When Ramsey leaves, the team puts him throughthe initiation process.

Ajax starts to provoke him by stirring upa fight with him. Jake is initially reluctant but eventuallyfights back and almost stabs his eye with the pen. A memory of his family suddenly flashes inhis mind, which gives him time to calm down. Soon, Jake gets sent on his first missionwith Mueller. She briefs him on his first target, AlejandroCastillo, a defense contractor that is also a black-market weapon dealer. She tells him that the job is to retrievea schematic file and eliminate Alejandro before he sells them to the Russians.

Upon arriving in Mexico, they find Castilloin a warehouse, where he meets with Johnny, a Russian negotiator, to make the exchange. While they engage in a conversation, Jakesneaks into the place and discreetly takes out a guard. The noise catches their attention, which turnsthem against each other. Their misunderstanding escalates into shooting,and Jake takes advantage of it by sneakily killing any survivors. He then takes down an injured Castillo, takesthe files, and leaves, sparing two innocent women.

Upon returning to their base, Ramsey reprimandshim for compromising the integrity of their mission by leaving survivors. He then threatens to send him back to prisonif he doesn't comply. Jake is then dismissed, and Mueller givesan evaluation of his performance. She commends him, but Ramsey is unsatisfiedwith it. The next day, Locke swiftly infiltrates ahotel with the mission of eliminating a target who knows Ramsey. The man tries to bribe him, but it doesn'tsway him. Thus, he still gets killed.

On his way out, the guards suspect him andchase after him. He easily overpowers the authorities and getsaway in a stolen car. Meanwhile, Jake moves into a new house. He finds a picture of his time in Afghanistan,which reminds him of a conversation he had with Mason. Jake blames himself for getting him injured,but Mason shares some wise words to ease his guilt. Later, Mueller finds Jake in a pub, wherethey bond over drinks. He then asks her about Ramsey, but she claimsshe doesn't know anything.

Thus, he asks for her story. Instead, she tells him that she used to bein the army but got reprimanded for punching her commanding officer. Not long after, Ramsey briefs them on theirnew mission. The target is a state senator named Jim Graham. The objectives are to retrieve digital informationfrom a sensitive case and to eliminate the target. He assigns Mueller to recover the files whileJake is on bird watch, and the rest are for reinforcements.

He makes it clear that the security will bestrict. Thus, they should expect to fight back. Later they arrive in California disguisedas landscapers. Meuller takes down the guards in the roombut inevitably alarms the security, which compromises the mission. With their cover blown, Jake chases afterGraham while Meuller takes care of the files. Jake eventually corners Graham but hesitateswhen he reasons he has a family. Unfortunately, Ajax catches up to them andimmediately eliminates Graham. That night, Jake is affected by the wordsof Graham and can't help but remember his.

Wife. But because of his hesitation, he is now atarget of Section Eight. Masked men invade his home to hunt him down,but luckily he escapes. He then goes to see Mason, and they talk aboutSection 8. Mason clarifies that if he is their fugitive,he is in serious trouble. Thus, Jake asks for help to lend him moneyand a gun to escape. Upon returning to Riverside, Jake finds outfrom his son's best friend that before his family's murder, Fresh was seen with peoplein suits. But before he can get any more information,Locke intervenes to kill him.

Jake narrowly escapes as Locke shoots everyperson in his way, including the authorities. Locke then calls Ramsey and tells him thathe lost Jake. But Ramsey provokes him, which challengeshim more to find Jake. That same day, the section 8 unit finds Jakeat Earl's shop. Jake fiercely fights for his life againstElias and Brunner and successfully takes them down. However, Ajax is a strong opponent as he almostgets the upper hand. Jake almost gets stabbed. Luckily, Meuller arrives and shoots Ajax dead.

After the fight, Earl hands Jake the keysto a car and tells him to leave before the police arrive. In the car, Meuller and Jake argue about nottrusting each other. He then asks Ramsey's whereabouts to end itonce and for all. They go to Montana, where Ramsey is supposedto meet with some Congressmen. The two try to sneak into the cabin, but Jakegets knocked out. Eventually, he wakes up bound to a chair withRamsey in front of him and Meuller beside him. Ramsey reveals that this was all a trap andthat they prepared a surprise for him.

The door opens as Tom enters the room. Jake is confused by his sudden appearance,but his questions are soon answered as they reveal they are responsible for killing hisfamily. Since they see his family as a waste of histalent. After giving Ramsey the money, Tom excuseshimself while Meuller checks the money. He then sneaks back to the room and freesJake. He tells him the truth that he was contractedto take down Section 8. The alarm then goes off, alerting Ramsey'smen. Despite being outnumbered, the strong duoquickly overthrows them.

Once they cornered Ramsey, Jake made it clearto them that he wanted to see him die. Ramsey then tries to deceive him by turninghim against Tom, but he doesn't buy it. As Mueller sneaks up to shoot Jake, Tom takesa bullet for him and dies. Taking the chance, Ramsey flees while Muellertakes down Jake. From the start, she seems to get the upperhand, but after a brief struggle, Jake quickly turns the odds in his favor, instantly killingher. He then chases after Ramsey, and Ramsey eventuallycrashes into an oncoming car. Jake walks over to the wreck, where an injuredRamsey insults him for hesitating. Before he can finish talking, Jake shootshim.

Jake then meets with Atty. General Savoy, where Savoy offers him a joband a clean slate. He also tells him that Tom worked for them,but Jake declines the offer saying that he has nothing left to fight for. Savoy understands but offers him his cardanyway. Jake then goes home to his house, where Lockewaits for him. He intends to finish the job even withoutRamsey. Thus, they get into an intense fight. Although Locke initially gets the upper hand,Jake eventually gets the gun and eliminates.

Locke. The movie ends with Jake sending a voice messageto Earl, thanking him for saving his life just as his father saved him. The message ends with Earl being emotionaland Jake riding a bus, where he calls Savoy, who welcomes him to Section 9. If you enjoyed this video, don't be shy tohit the like button and if you disliked it hit the dislike button twice, just to be sure. It would be best if you watched the wholemovie. Thank you very much for watching.

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