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Gods who created the universe descended from Heaven to live among humans on the condition they swore to never again use their Godly powers the gods only remaining power is the blessing which they Grant to humans to level up their powers these humans known as Familia become that God's family.

Bell crannel the only member of the Goddess hastia is Familia is almost killed by a Minotaur he is saved by Ace wallenstein a high-level Adventurer and member of the Familia of the Goddess Loki and falls in love with her Hestia realizes he has gained the magical skill release phrase which will raise his level rapidly based.

On the strength of his feelings as he fights but decides to keep it secret as it makes him very valuable and other gods may try to acquire him the next day after more adventuring Bell's stats rise dramatically Bell plans on talking to Ace but he overhears her Familia talking about how he embarrassed himself fighting the.

Minotaur realizing how pathetic he must seem compared to Ace he runs off and absent-mindedly enters the dungeon to let off some steam he desperately slays as many monsters as he can and returns to Hestia in the morning beaten and bleeding but Victorious and inspired nonetheless Hestia continues to keep.

Release phrase secret from Bill passing off his Improvement as the result of hard work and announces she will be gone for several days Hestia seeks out the god of Smiths hephiestos and begs her to forge a weapon for Bill after hours of groveling in the dejiza position Hestia convinces hephiestos to.

Forge a weapon on condition Hestia pays for it no matter how many centuries it takes istos forges an enchanted Tonto for Bell is asked by the maids of the hostess a fertility Pub to return a purse to Seer a waitress with a crush on Bell who got so excited about the festival she forgot it an unnamed Goddess contacts Loki.

Trying to locate someone in a familias she intends on acquiring the description of who matches Belle perfectly Hestia located spell and insists they go on a romantic date the unnamed goddess releases a captured albino Guerrilla monster ordering it to capture bill it Corners Hestia and Bell who attacks.

It with his original knife only for it to shatter desperate to protect Hestia he locks her on the other side of a metal gate and prepares to fight the gorilla unarmed flashbacks show how Bell decided to become an adventurer after his grandfather was killed eventually arriving in Oreo and meeting Hestia.

Becoming part of her Familia the god Ganesha whose Arena the gorilla was freed from orders it recaptured before it harms innocent people even asking other Familia for help Hestia eventually finds her way back to Bell and they flee the gorilla together estia gives Bella Tonto she names the Hestia knife a leading weapon Enchanted.

To grow more powerful the stronger Bell becomes as Belle holds the weapon for the first time his stat level rises dramatically and he kills the gorilla in a matter of seconds his deed is witnessed by dozens of people including Ace who Smiles before walking away.

Hestia suddenly faints as the unknown goddess watches from afar as hastia recovers Belle realizes that Hestia knife was forged by hefiestos meaning it was incredibly expensive and he swears to keep having faith in Hestia meanwhile in the dungeon Adventurer give raish is shown mistreating a young girl named liloruca arday forcing her to.

Carry his equipment and threatening to let monsters kill her if she disappoints him Belle decides to enter more dangerous levels of the dungeon so Guild advisor Aina tool insists they buy him better armor Bell becomes flustered when Aina turns up dress for a date as the two come.

Across Hestia working to pay her debt to ephistos Hestia becomes jealous of Aina Belle purchases armor made by a blacksmith he has never heard of in Aina and gives him extra wrist armor Bell Saves Little aruka from GID but she disappears lillaruka reappears revealing herself to be a shape-shifter and offers her.

Services as a supporter only to then steal the Hestia knife afterwards she attempts to sell it but finds that when separated from Bella becomes blunt and worthless she is spotted carrying the knife by real lion a waitress from Hostess of fertility lillaruka runs away and bumps into bill.

With his knife returned and unaware lillaruka had tried to steal it Bell splits the money they earn Italy with her shocking her as all her previous Partners had paid her almost nothing Ace is seen in the dungeon preparing to fight a powerful monster while the unknown goddess revealed to be Freya watches bill.

Hastia is devastated when she sees Belle with liloruca Bell offers to take Hestia to dinner ecstatic at the thought of going on a date with Bill Hestia goes to a public bath and brags to the goddess Demir as she arrives for their date she finds that Demeter has spread the gossip far and wide and Bell is mobbed by multiple.

Goddesses eager to me hestia's very first boyfriend as a result they spend most of the day avoiding detection lillaruka has the money Bell gave or taken by members of her Soma Familia and becomes determined to steal Belle's knife though she becomes even more confused as Belle continues to treat her kindly.

After reading a book on Magic he borrowed from Seer Bell learns the Firebolt spell he rushes to the dungeon to test his new ability but being unfamiliar with magic he overexerts himself into unconsciousness Ace finds him and puts his head in her lap until he wakes up.

Once he does he flees having embarrassed himself in front of her again while looking for liloruca Bell refuses an offer from GED to make a profit by stealing the money liloruca had managed to save for herself by hiding it from the Soma Familia after her parents died liloruca was forced to become a supporter until she came to hate all.

Adventurers the Loki Familia discovered that the Soma Familia has ceased worshiping their God and begun brewing a powerful wine so addictive other adventurers hand over their entire fortunes for a taste Ace who's grown interested in bill has been depressed since he ran away from her again.

Aina suspicious of liloruca asks Ace for a favor in the dungeon lillaruka tricks Belle into fighting powerful monsters and steals his knife again she is caught by kid who is suddenly betrayed by the Soma Familia get is killed and liloruca is forced to surrender her bank key before being left.

To be killed by monster ants accepting her death She's surprised when Bell suddenly appears and saves her liloruca cries and admits to every time she cheated or stole from him despite this Bell forgives her and they form a true partnership meanwhile Ace who had hidden in the thick fog to kill the monsters attacking.

Bell without him seeing her is mad at herself for forgetting to apologize to him when she finds a piece of his armor he lost during the fight Lily goes to meet Hestia with Bill where she apologizes for her actions with Hestia reluctantly accepting and telling her to watch over bill they proceed to fight over him before he runs off.

Embarrassed Belle goes to meet up with Aina Ace is there waiting with her and stops him before he can run off again Ace Returns His lost arm Gauntlet she found in the dungeon and apologizes for scaring him off so many times he in turn apologizes and thanks her for saving him all those times.

Reflecting on not being strong enough to reach his goal Ace agrees to train him to get better at combat during their training Bell is constantly knocked out but continues to get up and try again Ace asks how he is so strong and he tells her it's because there's someone he wants to be closer to while out.

Getting food they run into Hestia working who becomes enraged seeing him with another girl she reluctantly allows him to continue training with her meanwhile Freya sends her Captain otter into the dungeon where he tames and arms a Minotaur before unleashing him on the upper floors.

Bell discovers A's has officially ranked up to level six pushing his drive to reach her even more while assisting Syrian chores Ria tells him he should be looking to expand his party and that going on adventures is the key to leveling up Bell and A's conclude their training as the Loki Familia head into the dungeon.

For their expedition exploring floor 9 with Lily Bell is cornered by the Minotaur where he freezes in shock Lily is knocked out saving him leading Bell Force to try and fight alone barely managing to keep up with it Ace and the Loki familias show up to save him but upset by this Bell pushes.

Them aside proclaiming not wanting to be saved by her ever again he manages to hold the Minotaur back pushing himself to his limits while Lily and the Loki Familia look on and off he finally defeats the Minotaur cutting it up with its own sword and one last powerful Firebolt with the monster defeated Bell stands.

Victorious and unconscious with the Loki Familia speechless especially after learning all his ranks RS shortly after Bell awakens back at home comforted by Hestia Reminiscing on how strong he's grown Bell officially ranks up to level 2 and develops a new skill Argonaut hastia attends a meeting with the other.

Gods where the adventurers are given nicknames Bells is chosen as little rookie celebrating at the bar with Lily Seer and Ryu the latter reminds them that if they plan on heading to the middle floors they need to join a party to have an easier time facing the dangers while looking for more armor by wealth.

Kratzo Bell runs into the man himself wealth makes a deal with bell to provide him with more armors and discounts if he can join his party while in the dungeon Lily is apprehensive of wealth especially after learning he's a kratzo and estranged from the heaviest dose Familia fighting a dragon bell discovers that his.

Argonaut ability grants him a last-minute power boost in battle meanwhile the Loki Familia find themselves inspired by Belle's actions pushing them all harder to fight Bell later learns from Hestia that wealth has the ability to make magic swords like his descendants but chooses not to.

Wealth confides in Bell that he does this because magic swords bring out the worst in people and wants his work to stay in on its own he forges Belle's bullhorn into a new knife as a thank you for being friends sometime later Bell wealth and Lily prepare themselves to head into the dungeon's middle floors Hestia worries.

About Bell's safety as they continue to head further down into the middle floors commenting on the frequent earthquakes there have been lately meanwhile Hermes and his assistant asphy start looking around town for information on Bill wolf and Lily find themselves cornered against a horde of rabbit monsters when.

They encounter the retreating takamikazuchi Familia they pass parade them escaping the room leading Bell and his party forced to also deal with the hellhounds preciously chasing them they try to fight back and Escape as best as they can only for the earthquakes to occur injuring wealth and.

Blocking them in with no other way out Lily recommends heading further down to the 18th floor safe Zone to rest which Bell agrees and they push through hastia is approached by takumikazuchi and is familiar who apologize for their actions so she requests their help in rescuing bill Hermes also shows up offering is an.

Asphy's assistance in the quest he and Hestia also insist on joining even though gods are forbidden from entering the dungeon Bell and the party struggle to keep their strength as the monsters get worse while hastia and her party prepare to head into the dungeon with Newfound assistance from Ryu Belle Lily and.

Wealth continue their way further down the dungeon with Hestia and her party slowly following suit Hestia confronts Hermes why he is so interested in Bill revealing he's been assigned to watch over him by someone wealth and Lily overexert themselves leaving Bell left to carry them the rest of the way.

He manages to barely make it past the floor 17 Goliath boss and arrives on the 18th floor before passing out he wakes up and attend beside Ace who's familiar revealed to have rescued and helped heal the three of them Bell thanks them for their help and Ace shows him around later that night after everyone's recovered they are treated to.

Dinner as guests when Hestia and her party finally catch up with her and Bell reunited Makoto and her Familia apologize for their actions which Bell forgives with wealth and Lily reluctantly so afterwards Ace goes to check up on Bell and tells him about the town on the floor.

And eavesdropping Hestia shows up and invites herself to the visit meanwhile wealth agonizes over hefiesto's comments about rethinking his stance on magic swords Belle and the rest of the group visit the town of Rivera where bell runs afoul of a couple aggressive adventurers he had a previous encounter with the girls.

Decide to take a bath while Hermes take spell to talk somewhere Bell realizes Hermes brought in just a spy on the girls and in trying to leave accidentally Falls in running off after seeing Ace naked he inadvertently runs into Ryu who reveals that she is the Lone Survivor of a murdered Familia and was blacklisted.

From The Guild after avenging their deaths before being taken in by seer she tells him not to try and rely on her but Bell manages to cheer her up the Rogue adventurers jealous of Belle's growth plan a way to get back at him as Ace and her Familia head back home Hestia is kidnapped by the adventurers leading a letter behind verbel to face.

Them alone the lead Adventurer challenges Belle to a duel where he utilizes a Magic Helmet to turn himself invisible to give Bella beating the encounter being set up by Hermes to test Belle's abilities as Bell manages to fight back and turn the tide of the battle the rest of the party soon show up as reinforcement and.

An escaped Hestia unleashes her Divine powers to scare them all away before they can fully recover an evil Quake starts to occur on the floor an even greater version of the Goliath floor boss crashes its way onto the 18th floor wreaking havoc Belle and the party go to assist and rescue the other adventurers while asifi.

Recruits the locals together to team up and take the Beast Down she and Ria worked to keep the Goliath at Bay while everyone takes the time to set up an attack despite all the magic they throw at it the Goliath quickly heals itself and continues destroying utilizing his Argonaut skill Bell.

Unleashes a powerful Fireball blast but it's not enough and the monster goes to attack him Luca manages to Shield belt but they're both still knocked back and unconscious hearing the inspiring words from Hestia Lily and Hermes and wanting to prove his desire to be a hero Belle wakes up Ryu asphy Makoto and wealth brandishing a.

Magic sword each pull direct hits at the monster allowing Belle enough time to charge up and hit the final blow nearly disintegrating it and destroying the crystal within before it can reheal as everyone cheers Hermes exclaims an excitement towards Zeus that Bell is in fact the last of his Familia as his grandfather and has the potential to be.

The hero this world needs back in ore Rio everyone gets together at the tavern to celebrate celebrating at the tavern after a day of dungeon crawling Belle and his party get into a scuffle with the Apollo Familia leading them brutally beaten down the next day Belle and Hestia are invited to a party at Apollos Hestia believes something is.

Up but reluctantly goes at the event the two meet up with several of their friends with bell encountering a dress-up Ace and being formally introduced to Freya later during the night Hermes helps Belle get a dance with Ace after this Apollo uses the opportunity to confront Belle and Hestia claiming.

They intentionally attacked his Familia and in retaliation challenges them to a war game with the plan of winning Bell for himself hastia refuses the war game proposal and she and Belle leave the party the next day their home is completely surrounded and destroyed by the Apollo Familia forcing them to flee they try to make it.

To the guild headquarters but are constantly cut off by their attackers wealth Lilly the attack of mikizuchi and Mike familius show up to try and Aid them during the fight Lily is confronted by Zana celestra the captain of the Soma Familia and she's forced to go back with them to get them to stop fighting realizing they have no way of Escape.

Asia and bellhead to Apollo's Mansion directly to accept his challenge seeking assistance from Ace she and tiona agree to secretly help train him until the games while Hestia heads up a plan to rescue Lily Lily is locked up in a Soma Familia jail cell by zanis who after discovering about her Transformation Magic wants to utilize it for more money.

Making schemes he keeps her there until she agrees to help at a discussion amongst the gods to determine the fate of the war game it's declared that if Apollo wins he gets Bell and if Hestia wins he'll give her anything she wants a draw decides the battle will be a castle Siege with Hestia Familia as the.

Offensive team and partially thanks to freya's goading Apollo allows Hestia to have one helper as long as they're from an out of town family Bell continues to spend the next few days training alongside Ace and tiona Hestia and the crew store on the Soma familia in their effort to rescue Lily free thanks to one of the guards Lily.

Pleads to Soma directly to stop the fighting after being able to hold out against his Divine wine he agrees stopping the fighting and arresting zannus he frees her from his Familia allowing her to join hestias wealth and Makoto also ask their respective Gods to be let free so they.

Can assist Belle in the war game as part of the Hestia Familia Ryu agrees to be their outside helper after making their preparations the war game starts the Hestia Familia must conquer the headquarters of the Apollo Familia that's 100 men strong all gods and goddesses watch the game from their Hall while Hermes power transmits it to.

Everybody in town thanks to Lily sneaking in with her Transformation Magic spreading discourse amongst the Familia Ryu and Makoto's magic holding off most of the outer enemies and Welsh magic swords busting down most of the castle Bell is able to face directly against the captain hayekindo silo.

Using the training he received from Ace as well as some assistance from a good luck charm received from Seer Bell manages to strike him down winning the war game in response to this Hestia claims all of Apollo's possessions for herself forces him to dissolve his Familia and Exiles him from Oreo after their victory in the.

War game the Hestia Familia moves into Apollo's former mansion and refits it according to their needs spending all the money she took from Apollo with all their current Fame and success Hestia decides to start hiring new members leading adventurers from all over the country showing up to potentially join.

This backfires when Makoto accidentally stumbles across hestia's old 200 million dollars debt to Festus for the Hessian knife scaring off everyone Bell is shocked by this unaware of how expensive it really was Hestia apologizes for keeping it a secret and the Familia pledge to assist in clearing the debt.

Later that night shagusa comes to the mansion with bad news for Makoto Belle Lily and wealth follow Makoto all the way to auraria's Red leg District which is under control by the Ishtar Familia while Lily and wealth learn that they are searching for an old friend of theirs Belle gets separated and targeted by some of the Amazon women from the.

Ishtar Familia he manages to escape and hides in the room of heroheim a fox human girl spending the rest of the night together they both Regale their love for classic fairy tales and stories about heroes although heroheim feels Unworthy of being one of the damsels due to being a prostitute the following morning she.

Helps Belle get back home and Belle wonders if there's anything he can do to help meanwhile goddess Ishtar learns from Hermes whom Bell admit earlier that night that Freya has her eyes on him and intends to use that against her returning back to their place Bell learns that Makoto's missing friend is none other than heroheim and they try to.

Find some way to help her out not wanting to risk Another War amongst families the party decide to try and save enough money so they can buy her freedom Hermes after learning about this let's Belle and Makoto know he was delivering a killing Stone to Ishtar to hopefully push them in the right direction.

At this same time however Ishtar sends her Familia after them into the dungeon where they proceed to Ambush bell bell and Makoto are incapacitated by a powered up Aisha and taken to the castle Bell awakens inside of frein's dungeon who plans to devour him for herself Airline gives Makoto the cell keys and helps Bell Escape.

Over this course of timebell Makoto and the rest of the Hestia Familia learn that Ishtar plans to use the killing Stone to seal away heroheim's soul and utilize her level boosting power so that they may take down Freya Familia Aisha takes heroheim back and taunts Bell and Makoto for not doing more to help they're forced to run and flee the.

Hestia and takamakazuchi familias try to break into the pleasure quarter while the Ishtar Familia plan to start the ritual Belle and Makoto decide to risk whatever they can and go to save heroheim Bell attacks the castle as a distraction while Makoto goes to find where heroheim is Bell encounters Ishtar who tells him.

About her plan to stop freyja she tries to charm him only to be stunned to realize he's immune discovering his release phrase ability meanwhile the Freya Familia keep watch outside the city Makoto faces off against Samira before the ritual happens using her magic to take out many of the members at the cost.

Of Her Own Strength falling off the castle Bell runs in and destroys the killing Stone before they have the chance to kill heroheim Ishtar discovers the pleasure quarter under attack by the Freya Familia with freyja herself at the Forefront despite heroheim's initial protests Bell finally manages to get through to her as she asks for his help.

Powered up with her magic Belle faces off against frying where she ends up falling through the wreckage of the castle before he can save heroheim Aisha steps in and forces him to fight her first meanwhile otter heals a wounded Makoto and the Hestia and takamakazuchi familias make their way through the.

Castle towards Bell otter takes out frying while Freya corners and escaping Ishtar Hermes watches as all the destruction goes down once again proclaiming that Bell will be the last hero using his Argonaut ability Bell manages to push through and defeats Aisha with Nowhere to Run Ishtar tells Freya about.

Belle's secret with her saying it just makes her one and more freyja proceeds to slap Ishtar knocking her off the tower killing her as she is sent back to heaven Belle looks on a Freya secretly saying something to him before she disappears heroheim wakes up and thanks him for saving her as the rest of the familias.

Reunite together the armies of rakia and Familia of the god Aries try attacking aurorio but are no match for the adventurers keeping guard particularly the Loki Familia Hermes tells Belle about the three great quests assigned to the people of the world and that there is one that remains the slaying of the black dragon which.

Had already taken down the might of the zoos and Hera familias he says the one to accomplish this Quest will be the true hero heroheim is also welcomed into the Hestia Familia however jealously over her in Belle's closeness leads Hestia to start putting up some boundaries after Bell rebukes A sly confession from.

Hestia she runs off depressed leading Bell to chase after her he has a conversation with mayak and takumikazuchi to try and figure out how he should handle their feelings meanwhile Ares and a bid to gain some leverage in the battle sneaks into war Rio to kidnap a God he inadvertently stumbles upon Hestia and quickly.

Snatches her A's followed by Bell and asphy go after them to rescue her during the fight Bell and Hestia are knocked off a cliff leading A's to jump down after them Bell Hestia and Ace take shelter in a nearby Village where Hestia is still recuperating they are welcomed by the mayor who reveals that he was once an.

Adventurer in love with a goddess he was sworn to protect who died saving him Bell and A's help out around the town in preparation for an upcoming Festival where they learn the town is protected by the scales of the black dragon which repel other monsters Ace reacts to the scales with frustration that night at the festival Hestia asks.

Belle for her hand in dance when later they learned the mayor is soon about to die right as he passes Hestia uses her power to allow him to see his goddess one last time after paying their respects Hestia reaffirms bill that she will always be there for him even in another life the three then reunite with asphy and return.

To Aurora Rio meanwhile a mysterious monster girl awakens within the dungeon so this is the end of anime don't forget to like And subscribe if you enjoyed it

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