A heart-broken cake offer man manages to take the coronary heart of a kindly’s daughter

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This man's name is Matvey, a poor youngman who works as a cake delivery courier in St. Petersburg, Russia. That morning, as usual,Matvey was delivering cake orders to restaurants, but the road was temporarily closed becausea nobleman passed by. While waiting for it, he accidentally saw the noble familysymbol on the horse carriage door. After the road was finally opened, Matveycontinued his journey to the restaurant, but due to the road closure earlier, hewas late delivering the cake. Even though he had tried to explain to the restaurantowner, without the slightest pity, at that very second, he was immediately fired.Frustrated, Matvey decided to go home. In the middle of the road, he saw a man drop awatch. Matvey then chased the man and returned.

His watch. After Matvey catch up with theman, he immediately returned the watch. They both got to know each other. The man’s name isAlex. He was confused about how Matvey caught up with him because he was skating very fastearlier. Because he was amazed by how Matvey skied. Alex asked him to meet again thatnight in the middle of the frozen lake. In another place, in a luxurious noble palace,a girl named Alisa was learning manners with her teacher. After they finished studying, the two ofthem then had lunch with the family. While Alisa was eating, she asked her father’s permission tostudy science too besides learning manners because she wanted to enroll in the university, but herfather immediately forbade her. During that time, most Russians still believe in myths andwitchcraft, so only a few people had the.

Desire to learn about science. Alisacouldn’t do anything but kept silent, not only because of her overprotective father,but also because of her stepmother whom his father married after she lost her real mother.She seemed to want to get rid of her all the time. That night, Matvey accompanied his father to work,turning on all the lights on the city streets. After work, on their way home, Matvey was worriedabout his father's worsening health condition. On the other hand, in the palace, Alisa wasseen secretly studying Biology by dissecting a frog. Soon, her personal maid came in whilecarrying two candles. The maid told her a myth that said if someone asks for a soul matein front of a pair of candles and a mirror, then the mirror will definitely show theirsoul mate, but Alisa said that she believed.

In science more than just a mere myth.Meanwhile at home, after his father slept, the curious Matvey decided to see Alex at theappointed place. Arriving at the location, it turned out that Alex was not alone but withhis friends. Alex told the truth that they were all a group of resistance movements. They werenot ordinary thieves because they only stole from rich people. Alex explained that back then,for centuries, the rich enslaved the poor to build palaces and magnificent buildings withoutpaying them, so what they did was not steal, but take the rights of their ancestors. Hearingthe explanation just now, Matvey was amazed In the middle of the chat, Matvey saw thesame symbol of the noble family at the gate of one of the palaces with the symbol on thehorse-drawn carriage this morning, and because.

The noble family was the reason he was fired,Alex asked him to repay them for their actions. When they arrived at the palace’s terrace, Alextold Matvey to climb up the balcony and deface the noble family symbol. Meanwhile, inside theroom, Alisa was about to go to bed after she finished her lesson. She then remembered whather maid just told her about asking the mirror who is her soulmate. When she did that, Matvey’sreflection coincidentally appeared in the mirror. Alisa was shocked to see that and immediatelywent to the balcony to check. When the two of them met, Alisa was so surprised sheaccidentally burned Matvey's clothes. Matvey and the others managed to escape.In the middle of the road, Alex offered if Matvey wanted to join his group and asked himto come to the winter celebration festival if he.

Wanted to. Since Matvey was also fed up with thearrogance of the rich people, he decided to join. In the morning, Alisa’s maid wondered what hadhappened to Alisa that made her smile the whole morning. Alisa said last night's story whenshe saw her soulmate, while on the other side, Alex's group started teaching Matvey howto pickpocket properly and correctly. Day by day, Matvey continued to practice. Everytime he succeeded in stealing, the stolen goods would be immediately given to a collector whowould resell the stolen goods, until finally, Alex decided that Matvey was ready for action.That night at Matvey's house, his father asked why he often went out even though he was unemployed.Matvey answered that he was on business with his friends. He had to lie because he didn't wanthis father to worry. Since his mother died,.

It was his father who had always looked after him.The next day, at the police station, Alisa's father was holding a meeting. Hewas the chief officer there. At the meeting, he and the other police were fed up with somany cases of theft. One of the police from the security department named Arkady explained thatthe police had a hard time catching the thieves because they were wearing skating shoes. Arkadysuggested they practiced skating as well and formed a special police team. That suggestion wonhis heart and decided to accept it immediately. He also thought that Arkady was the right man tobe the bride for his beloved daughter, Alisa. On the other hand, Matvey started his action.The action was done effortlessly and they went straight to their headquarters in a largeshipwreck after they finished their mission..

While counting the loot, they found aninvitation letter for an ice-skating party in the royal palace, and becausethe party must be full of rich people, Alex decided that they would do their next theftthere and started making plans, but unfortunately, the invitation could only be for two people, andbecause it was Matvey who stole the invitation, so Alex decided to take Matvey with him.Meanwhile, at home, Alisa's father was having a party. He invited all his fellow noblesand the police chiefs, including Arkady. When he first saw Alisa, he immediately fell in love withher. He couldn’t take his eyes off her throughout the party. He even asked for permission fromAlisa’s father to accompany Alisa to the party at the royal palace later. Her father, who felt thatthe two of them were compatible, agreed with that..

At dawn, Matvey woke up to hear the sound of hisfather's coughing. The condition kept worsening and his father started coughing blood. Seeingthat, Matvey decided to take his father to the nearest doctor. Sadly, after the examination,the doctor said that his father wouldn’t survive much longer with his sickness, and the onlyhospital that could treat his father's illness was located in Germany, which is very far away,and moreover, the costs were also very expensive. 3 days later, Matvey and Alisa were seen gettingready to attend the party. Arriving at the party, Matvey and Alex immediately went into action.After the show ended, Arkady asked Alisa to dance. In that romantic moment, they chatted at length,and because he couldn't hold back his feelings anymore, Arkady proposed to her. Hearing theproposal just now made her shocked because they.

Just met. In the middle of the conversation,suddenly, a waiter approached and reported that lots of visitors' belongings at the partywent missing, including the host's valuables. After Arkady left, when Alisa was alone, Matveysuddenly showed up. He apologized for infiltrating the balcony of Alisa's room without permission.He tried to find a reason but Alisa had found out that he was a thief. Alisa then made anirresistible agreement for Matvey to take her to the university in the city at exactly twelve thenext day. Inevitably, Matvey agreed to do that. After returning from the party, Alex and hisfriends went to the bar to celebrate their success. After the party that night, Matvey camehome drunk and gave a lot of money. His father who saw his son drunk for the first time felt that hisbusiness was not right. He refused to accept the.

Money and told his son to repent his sins, butinstead of listening to what his father said, Matvey replied that God doesn't exist. He saidthat he could just leave if his father didn’t want to accept his money. He had a lot of moneyand wouldn’t need his father’s old skates again. The next morning, when the specialpolice force of Arkady was practicing, Alisa's father came to check. Arkady reportedthat his troops were ready to patrol very soon. In the afternoon, Matvey prepared to meetAlisa to keep his promise. On the other hand, Alisa pretended to be sick to be allowed toskip her class. When the teacher was away, she immediately swapped positions with the maidand sneaked out secretly. After arriving at the location, Alisa explained to Matvey that shewanted to register for the University entrance.

Test so she could study in France. Sadly, at thattime, women were forbidden to study unless they got permission from their father or husband,so she wanted Matvey to pretend to be her husband and gave the permission for her to study,Alisa then entered the registration room where she intelligently explained to the judges aboutchemical formulas. The Professors were amazed and decided to accept her, but before being officiallyadmitted, Alisa had to show proof of a permit from her husband. When Matvey came in, unfortunately,it turned out that he could not read or write, so a statement could not be made. Whenthe Professor asked several questions, their answers were different from each other,until finally, they were caught lying and Alisa's registration was rejected.Outside, Alisa was really annoyed..

She almost had it on her hands if not because ofthe questions from the professors. Before leaving, as a thank you, Alisa gave something torepay Matvey but he refused to accept it. Alisa was confused why a thief refused such avaluable thing. Matvey then explained that he was not thieves. He revealed that the nobles,including Alisa's family, were worse than him. Back in the day, they were exploiting thousandsof poor to build the city. Alisa who also studied history, admitted that what he said was right.When they arrived at the front gate of Alisa’s house, Matvey returned the payment from Alisaand said that if Alisa really wanted to pay, he invited her to go on a date with him tonight.Smiling shyly, Alisa accepted the invitation. That night, as a Christmas present,Alisa’s stepmother gave her father a gift,.

An imported car from Europe. The giftleft him amazed to see a new kind of transportation system. He was very happyand his love for her became even greater. Alisa was annoyed to see that. Even morewhen her stepmother gave her a cage to put her rabbit pet just to offend her, butshe kept her smile in front of her father. When father and stepmother went for a rideusing the car, Matvey sneaked in. Seeing Matvey, Alisha's sadness suddenly went away. Matveysaid that he has a Christmas present for Alisa. The present was a beautifulnight. He took Alisa to the city to enjoy the night skating and partying with thetownsfolks. They also met Alex and his groups. At the bar, after the party, Alex and Alisaargued over their ideology understanding..

Alex explained at length how bad the ideologyof the country just like the first time he explained it to Matvey. Alex even gave a historybook to Alisa as a Christmas gift from him. In the middle of a chat, one of them named Flyflirted with Alisa and made Matvey irritated. He asked him to apologize but they ended upfighting. In the end, Alex separated them. When Matvey took Alisa home. At the doorof Alisa's room, Alisa said that Matvey’s Christmas present was the most beautiful gift inher life. Before parting, the two of them kissed. Days later, Alex and his friends were about todo another theft when they witnessed a rich man shouting in the middle of the street, saying thathe had a lot of money in his pocket. Seeing that, Alex and his group jumped into action, but fromthe top of the bridge, when Alex observed the.

Surroundings, he felt like something was strange.Alex then realized that it must be a trap, but when he was about to tell his friends, hewas too late. Fly has moved and was caught. His hands were chain cuffed. Shortly after, thespecial police force appeared in ambush, and because they had been cornered, Alex ordered theothers to run away before they were caught too. At that moment, even after what had happenedbetween them the night before, Matvey still couldn't leave Fly and decided to help.They both managed to escape. Fly then ordered to split up, but before parting ways,he thanked Matvey for what he had done. When Matvey was alone and wanted to return to thehideout, Arkady appeared and tried to arrest him. Seeing Matvey in distress, Alex helped him anddesperately had to use a gun. As a result of.

The shot, Arkady's leg was seriously injured.After the incident, Matvey who had not come home for a long time, decided to go home tomeet his father, but when he greeted the man that was lighting the street lights, the officerturned out to be not his father. He then found out that his father had died. In a dark and quiethouse, Matvey sits alone, reminiscing the old days when his father was still alive. It was hisfather who taught him how to skate. He then went to his father's grave. There, he rememberedthe last words of his father for him to stop doing illegal business and repent for his sins.After making up his mind, Matvey went to the hideout to meet Alex and the others. There,he told them that he wanted to stop stealing. Matvey also returned all the stolen money thathe had been saving up. They knew that it was.

Matvey’s promise to his father and respected it.On the other hand, Alisa's family was seen having a party, and even though his leg was stillinjured, Arkady still insisted on coming to meet Alisa. They were having a magic showand the magician was an acquaintance of Alisa’s stepmother. The magician explainedthat he wanted to read the future of the audience and then asked Alisa's stepmotherto choose two people to go on the stage. She then chose Alisa and Arkady. The momentAlisa heard her name called, she knew that this was all just a set to match her up with Arkady.On the stage, the magician said that if both of them were meant to be, then his hands would beburned by the fire. When the magician put his hands into the container, he said that he didn'tfeel the heat at all. All the audience was amazed.

To see the magic, except for Alisa. She wasfed up with all that and suddenly unraveled the trick. She told people that this was just achemical substance reaction that made the fire not burn the skin. As soon as she said that,the audience started wondering whether they had been lied to by the magic shows they had beenwatching. Feeling embarrassed, Alisa's father and stepmother decided to disband the show and left.After the event was disbanded, Alisa’s father entered her room without knocking on the doorfirst. Inside, he was shocked to see his daughter reading a book given to her by Alex. Not onlythat, her father thought that she became like that because of the sciences that she learned.He then ordered the maids to burn down all of Alisa’s books and everything about science. Healso fired Alisa's personal maid and teacher..

Seeing her world being destroyed right infront of her eyes, Alisa could only remain silent even though her heart was broken.When everyone left, her teacher met her to say goodbye before she left. Just like anyother teacher, she gave one last lesson to her students. Her teacher told me that all this timeshe has spent her life swimming in a very long river of life without ever daring to go againstthe current. She told her not to be like her. She wanted Alisa to reach her goals and the onlyway to reach it is to go against the current. After the teacher left, in the middle ofthe night, when everyone was sleeping, Alisa decided to run away. Unfortunately, thegate of the house turned out to be locked, and because she had no other choice, she tookher father’s new car to break through the locked.

Gate and went to the bar where Alex’s girlfriendworked. She then met her and asked to be taken to the hideout. Meanwhile, at the hideout, Alexlooked panicked because one of their members, the collector, hadn’t returned after the ambushthat day. They were afraid that he was caught. Shortly after, Alisa showed up. She brought withher a box full of jewels that she intended to sell to get the tickets to leave for France.She invited Matvey to run away with her. She also said that if they sold the jewelry, theywould get a lot of money and it could help with his father’s treatment. She then asked aboutMatvey’s father, but when she saw his face, she realized that everything was too late.In the room, Matvey told Alisa to rest before leaving for the station tomorrow, but when hewanted to leave, Alisa asked him to accompany.

Her. When the two of them were making out,they suddenly heard Arkady’s voice, shouting from outside. Turned out, he and the otherpolice forces had surrounded their base. They threatened to burn down the place if they refusedto surrender. Upon hearing the threat, everyone panicked, and after the 30-second count ended, thepolice started burning the hideout from outside. In the middle of the panic, Alex got an idea tomake Alisa a hostage. Matvey who didn’t agree then took her upstairs. At that moment,Alex ordered Fly and the others to save themselves first while he was going to chaseMatvey. When they left, the police immediately arrested them and beat them up. Among thepolice, there was also the collector. It turns out that during the ambush, he was caughtand tortured to tell the location of the hideout..

When Alex managed to chase Matvey,he pushed Matvey and made him fall. He then took Alisa hostage and shouted atthe police to make an exchange to release his friends so then he would release Alisa. SeeingAlisa in danger, Arkady immediately agreed. Before letting go of Alisa, Alex asked themto guarantee they were not going to lie, but Arkady there just answered that hecouldn't give any guarantee, but as a knight, he swore that he would never break his promise.Alex was convinced and decided to lower Alisa from the boat using a rope. while Alyssa wasgetting off Alex's friends were also released, but suddenly, the rope that hold Alisa was burneddown. Fortunately, Matvey caught the rope on time so Alisa could get to the bottom safely.On the boat, when Matvey and Alex saw the.

Others escaping, they realized that Arkady liedto them. He broke his oath and killed Alex's friends. It was only the two of them left. Whileholding back his sadness, Alex told Matvey to jump into the frozen lake to escape and he wouldbe following him from the back. Before jumping, Matvey asked Alex not to lie, but when Matveyjumped, Alex didn't jump with him. As a captain, he chose to protect his last friend and divert theattention of the police so they didn’t see Matvey. When they arrived at Alisa’s house, Arkadybegged Alisa's father to forgive his daughter's misbehavior. Meanwhile, at the hospital, afisherman carried a man whom he found dying on the edge of the lake. When the doctor examinedthe man, it turned out to be Matvey. The doctor did everything he could but Matvey finally died.Moments later, a miracle happened. Matvey came.

Back from the dead. the doctor who examinedhim said that this was a new miracle. When the doctor left, Matvey chased and thankedhim for saving his life. On the other hand, at the police station, Arkady reported that hehad succeeded in killing Alex's entire gang. the next day. Alisa's father, stepmother, andArkady were seen together. When Alisa enters, her stepmother informed her that Arkady'spurpose to come was to propose to Alisa, and because both parents have agreed and becauseshe thought that Matvey was dead, Alisa has no other choice but to accept Arkady's proposal.The next night, from a distance, Matvey continued to monitor the situation at Alisa's house, whileinside, Alisa and her family were getting ready to attend the new year's party at the royalpalace. When Alisa's car comes out, Matvey.

Immediately followed. This time, he returnedto wearing his father’s old skating shoes. Arriving at the party, despite the lively vibe,Alisa was depressed ever since she heard the news of Matvey’s death. Meanwhile, on the outside,after outwitting the guard, Matvey secretly sneaked in and then disguises himself as a waiter.At the party, when the guests were dancing, Alisa was sick of the crowd and asked Arkady’spermission to go out to calm her mind. Outside the hall, while daydreaming and looking at the candlesand the mirror, the same as before, Alisa sees her soulmate, Matvey. She was so happy and surprisedto see him still alive. Without wasting more time, Matvey asked Alisa to run away with him whileshowing her two train tickets to France, but suddenly, a guard reprimanded and toldMatvey to go back to work. He was surprised.

And accidentally dropped one of his tickets.In the last seconds before the new year, Arkady was confused because Alisa stillhadn't come back. When she asked the guard, the guard reported that he earlier saw Alisachatting in front of a mirror with a man. When Arkady checked, he found there was a trainticket to France that fell from Matvey’s pocket. He then rushed outside to see but Matvey and Alisahad managed to escape. Matvey and Alisa then put on their skating shoes and went to the station.Arriving at the station, when they were about to take the train, Matvey was confused to findonly one ticket. The officer told him to hurry up and buy a new ticket at the counterbecause the train was about to depart. Amid the panic, he saw Arkady coming towards themwhile holding the other ticket he was looking for..

Matvey then told Alisa to get on the train firstand promised to catch up with Alisa on time. He then fought Arkady to get the ticket back. As soon as he managed to get the ticket, he runto catch the train and managed to jump onto it, but he was shot right in his chest by Arkady.strangely there was no blood at all. When he checked, it turned out that the bullet had hitthe skating shoes he was pocketing. Matvey was so touched that the old skating shoes hisfather gave him had somehow saved his life. A few years later, an old man who turned out to beone of the professors who was the judge when Alisa took the University entrance exam was seen. Thatafternoon, Alisa's father came to the Professor's office and asked for the news about his daughter.The professor told him that Alisa had graduated.

From college in France and got lots of job offersto teach at various famous universities in Europe. Hearing the news just now, Alisa's father,who missed already missed her so much, asked the professor to call Alisa home. he said that hewould not ban Alisa again as long as his daughter wanted to go back to Russia and teach there.Sometime later, after returning to Russia, Alisa had become a lecturer. While teaching herclass, her father secretly entered the classroom and witnessed how her little daughterhad now grown into a great woman. Since the presence of Alisa, all students werehappy to learn, even Alisa's class was the most favorite class at the university. Hearingthis story, Alisa's father was even more proud. In the afternoon, Alisa was seenat the park with his husband,.

Matvey. He was teaching his son how to skate,the same as before when his father taught him.

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