A individual i set apart within the rain Chapter 36 (English Sub)

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Chapter 37 Miss green do you set up a personalStudio to start training new actors and actresses in the entertainment industry this time mostof the artists you train before belong to DJ entertainment can you really start offer nowyour studio is completely new you don't have a reliable partner neither do your status as a godproducer seems to work what do you think of this don't worry about that Scott if youlike my video don't forget to like comment and subscribe thank you they arecalm I'm here to support my best friend I did rather you won at all when you come here yougot injured didn't you are you here for me screen besides what's your relationship with Scotthave you fell in love with him as they said they are annoying they are doing my head inContour your face okay ladies and gentlemen.

I will answer all your questions can you listento me quite Lina I'm here today to announce that my contract with the G entertainment has expiredtwo months ago and will not be renovate with it so all the work has been completed well all the sametime I will cite a contact with Anna's proposal studio and renew the contract in the eventuallythe reporter looks soft you don't give me your favor don't steal my tunnel anymore okay hairthat means I'm more popular than you from today on I'm Scott will work with Miss green studioin the eventually what Echo and Scott working together in the fantasy good what break news comeon send this news immediately it will be hot today it's even louder ETA Scott and a congratulation onyour opening business Miss green congratulations on your opening business yes thank you who isthat honey with your business a good opening.

Get out of here especially explain it what'swrong with tools in the actors Department I fired them since they are loyal to Anna they areuseless here you idiot if you had on fire them at least Anna would need more time to run her Studiothen we will have time to take her cooperation now you not only provide her lots ofemployers but also help her compete with us

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