A Mage Steals The Identification Of A Professor Lawful After He Dies And Will get Compelled To Speak In An Academy!

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He lost his father when he was very young just when he was growing up with his strong-willed little sister his mother told him something important my son become a shaman you have the qualities needed and the spirits watch over you if you don't become a shaman you'll face serious problems one day after that his mother made him do all.

Sorts of religious things like strange poems magic and weird rituals he'd never heard of before but he couldn't accept it all because he already knew what he wanted to do in life instead he dedicated himself to his studies ten years went by and just as he was starting to live as an adult he died in a car accident he was speechless trouble.

Had found him just like his mother had warned but what was even more surprising was that he was reborn to think that there's a next life everything his mother told him turned out to be true people often can't really understand things unless they go through them he learned this lesson after he passed away so what's he up to now well he's telling.

His students that their class is about to begin he's going to continue their last lesson and teach them about activating magic circles he's become a teacher at a magic school and it all just happened unexpectedly at a busy train station lots of Travelers are around the station Master gives someone a ticket and wishes them a good trip.

Then the station Master turns to him and asks if he can check his ticket for a moment after looking at the ticket he returns it and says thanks telling him to enjoy his journey he she heads to the fourth carriage and enters the third cabin it's cabin number 43 inside there's a middle-aged man sitting there engrossed in reading a newspaper the.

Middle-aged man greets him with a friendly hello as the train starts moving he can't help but glance at the article the middle-aged man is reading the Civil War in the Utah Kingdom has come to an end the princess's faction one he expresses his relief that the Yuda Kingdom Civil War has finally concluded the middle-aged man looks up.

At him and agrees saying he was also waiting for it to end he informs the middle-aged man that not long ago the prince's faction was gaining a lot of power he's happy it's over now afterward he apologizes for the late introduction and introduces himself as rudiger Chelsea the middle-aged man introduces himself as Gerard but mentions he.

Doesn't have a last name Gerard then observes that rudiger seems to come from a noble background rudiger explains that he's actually from a noble family that has fallen from Grace rudiger asks Gerard where he's going Gerard replies that he's heading to the capital of the axillion Empire lindenborough rudiger mentions that the exilian Empire is a.

Great place to visit because of its Advanced magic technology rudiger then shares that he's on his way to leather belt and reveals that he's a new member of the theoren academy in the auxilian Empire Gerard comments that rudiger is quite young and it seems he is very talented Rue didger humbly says he's not that skilled and confesses that he.

Barely passed Gerard reassures him by saying that many people struggle with it and rudiger should be proud of his achievement Rue didger appreciates Gerard's kind words as they talk rudiger remembers something related to their earlier discussion about the yudah Civil War rudiger begins by asking Gerard if he's heard a certain rumor he goes on to.

Explain that the key person who led the princess's group to victory in the Civil War wasn't a highly skilled Wizard or a top-ranking night but instead it was a Wandering mercenary known as Machiavelli Gerard responds calmly saying he understands rudiger remarks that Gerard's reaction seems somewhat subdued Gerard clarifies that he considers it.

Just a rumor however it turns out that it's not just a rumor because Machiavelli is actually someone who traveled the world searching for a specific object this was one of the names Gerard used before he changed his identity curious Gerard asks rudiger if he'll be in charge of a class as soon as he arrives at theorn Academy rudiger.

Confirms that he'll be responsible for the second year students Gerard is surprised wondering if rudiger is starting with the second years he also tells rudiger that he's much more skilled than Gerard had initially thought then they realize something isn't right suddenly the train starts shaking and there's a big explosion.

Rudiger asks what's happening did the engine blow up Gerard replies no that can't be the trains engine is protected by Magic Gerard figures out that it's an ambush ruviger is surprised and asks an ambush on this train Gerard explains that it's probably a plan attack maybe targeting wealthy merchants or Nobles he suspects that if this explosion is their.

Doing there's likely a mage among the attackers Gerard suggests they should hide or find a way to escape Rue Digger however asks him to wait for a moment he decides to take the lead and Gerard follows him as they step out of the cabin root of your looks around and concludes that they seem to be the only ones in the fourth Carriage Gerard.

Wonders if the passengers in their carriages will stay in their cabins rudiger explains that the cabins have protective Magic on them Gerard disagrees saying it's not a good idea he points out that since the external part of the train also had protective magic and it got breached the cabins might not be safe anymore Gerard asks if the.

Explosion came from the third Carriage rudiger confirms that it did and it's right next to them he questions why those passengers haven't moved to their side Gerard explains that if he were a robber he likely Target the first Carriage rudiger understands realizing that's where the wealthy first-class passengers are he acknowledges their.

Luck Gerard suggests they seize this opportunity to escape through the back and wait for the Border guards to arrive suddenly a man jumps in through the window and ruviger tells Gerard to back off Gerard notices that the Intruder doesn't seem to be in good condition the Intruder attempts to attack but before he can do anything rudiger uses his.

Magic to defeat the Intruder curious Gerard asks rudiger if he killed the Intruder rudiger assures him that he only knocked the Intruder out for a short while Rue didger that approaches the Intruder but Gerard warns him that it's dangerous Rue didger dismisses Gerrard's concern saying he's fine and just wants to ask the Intruder some.

Questions using his stick rudiger wakes up the Intruder and asks why he attacked their Carriage the Intruder starts laughing rubidger tells the Intruder not to laugh and insists on getting an answer the Intruder angrily tells rudiger that he intends to kill dirty people like rudiger he opens his jacket revealing a bomb strapped to his body.

Gerard urgently asks ruviger to get out of the way the bomb explodes modes causing a fiery blast when the fire subsides Gerard asks if rudiger is okay however he sees that ruviger has been completely reduced to ashes Gerard realizes that his own mask has been damaged so he removes it mentioning that he had the suit specially made and it.

Was quite expensive with the mask off Gerard Reveals His True face he is not a middle-aged man as he appeared with the mask on Gerard wonders why incidents like this always seem to happen when he's around he didn't have a special reason for choosing the name Machiavelli he just picked a famous name he remembered from his previous life he had.

To change his identity frequently because he was always traveling around the world and getting involved in Shady things Machiavelli was just one of the names he used it was a really tough day for him he was attracting unwanted attention when he needed to stay hidden luckily the princess in her faction were celebrating their Victory and their.

Guard was down he took advantage of this disguised himself and hopped on the Arcana Punk train to lindenborough but Gerard is left wondering why accidents like this always seem to happen when he's around he says a few words for rudiger to bless his soul a bomb went off while the train was experiencing an electrical shock this isn't the kind of.

Thing regular robbers do it seems like the work of people with a crazy will all die together mindset maybe their real goal isn't to steal things but to harm everyone on the train a man comes up to Gerard and asks if he's okay the man looks at the chaos and wonder what's going on Gerard explains that it's an attack by armed robbers he also mentions.

That it looked like the robbers were targeting the first Carriage Gerard suggests it might be a good idea for them to stay back the man says he was planning to help other passengers move to the back of the train and asks Gerard to join however Gerard attacks the man the man is confused and asks Gerard what he's doing Gerard questions the man.

Asking if he really thought his poor acting would fool him Gerard explains that armed robbers don't just randomly attack trains that are speeding through the middle of nowhere he also points out that the protective spells around the train happen to fail which is a very difficult thing to achieve without some inside help suddenly the man tries to.

Attack Gerard with a knife he had hidden up his sleeve Gerard quickly seizes the knife and warns the man not to attempt anything else he questions the man asking who they are and what they want but the man remains silent Gerard forces the man to stand up and grabs him from behind instructing him to move at that moment Gerard Hears A noise and becomes.

Curious about its source suddenly some attackers enter and they shoot the man Gerard was holding and kill him somehow Gerard manages to protect himself from the bullets Gerard was quite certain that he hadn't given the man any chance to say anything at all he believes this attack must have been carefully planned the shooters noticed there's a Survivor.

And are surprised that Gerard survived the barrage of gunfire Gerrard confidently tells them they can't kill him so they should stop poking for it the shooters angrily shout kill him but suddenly their guns stop working and they can't shoot the shooters are confused and then realize that Gerard is a mage he used his magic to disable.

Their guns however Gerard's magic is suddenly neutralized the leader of the shooters expresses surprise admitting that he didn't expect a mage to be on this train he asks Gerard to surrender and Promises him a painless death if he cooperates the leader also notices that Gerard doesn't seem like the typical Mage the leader figures out that Gerard.

Is probably a Rank 4 Mage just like the leader himself he deduces this because he doesn't recognize Gerard's face meanwhile Gerard is thinking that it's been about 10 minutes since the explosion and it would take a very long time to escape from the arena mountain range waiting for reinforcements isn't an option for him so he makes a decision.

He's going to jump out of the Train the leader asks if Gerard jumped off and he tells a man named Hanson to go check Hanson confirms that Gerard has indeed jumped off he can't see Gerard outside and suggests that maybe they scared him away suddenly the leader shouts that Gerard is on the roof of the Train the shooters are surprised and wonder if.

Gerard used flight magic they question if it's even possible to keep up with a moving train using flight magic the leader silences them and urges them to find Gerard emphasizing that he's a Mage and regular people won't stand much of a chance against him the leader gives an order to leave a few men behind and sends the rest to the first Carriage the.

Shooter's check and report that Gerard is heading towards the back of the Train the leader instructs them to chase after Gerard suddenly there's an explosion and the shooters realize it's a trap they're puzzled about how Gerard set it up so quickly the leader is also surprised and starts to understand that Gerard is unlike any Mages he's encountered before.

Gerard operates with Incredible efficiency and Effectiveness and he is more of a hunter than a mage almost a mercenary they observe that Gerard is disconnecting the carriages and fleeing the leader regrets not realizing it sooner Gerard has nothing to gain from fighting them and then the carriages get separated the Shooters Express.

Frustration saying oh no Gerards disappeared they realize they can't just abandon the train to chase after him the leader decides he won't forget Gerard's face and he vows to hunt Gerard down and kill him suddenly the leader senses a powerful surge of magical energy he wonders where it's coming from and what it is when the leader looks back he sees.

Gerard standing there using magic against them they're puzzled about how Gerard got there was this also a trap Gerard attacks the leader and the others with magic turn turning them into ashes Gerard declares that it's all over however the leader manages to stand up badly burned and calls Gerard a bastard the leader questions why Gerard would.

Kill them and asks if he feels No Remorse he insists that they were just Patriots fighting for their world Gerard remarks that the leader is even more insane than he thought he questions the leader asking if it wasn't them who tried to kill him first Gerard wants to know what gives the leader the right to complain to him now he asks the leader.

If he could say these things to the people he had killed Gerard reminds the leader that he had been talking about hunting Gerard down and killing him as well he considers the leader to be quite pitiful Gerard admits that initially he had thought about running away if only the leader had not seen his face Gerard thinks that if they were going to chase.

Him no matter what it was better to deal with it right away the leader becomes Furious but is killed immediately a lady Knight steps in the one who had just killed the leader she asks Gerard if he's okay and reassures him that he might be shaken but he shouldn't worry the lady Knight tells Gerard that the cold steel Knighthood has arrived a.

Knight enters the second carriage and uses flying magic to remove all the shooters there this Knight then tells their Superior that the second Carriage is now clear another night informs everyone that the first Carriage has also been secured and all passengers are safe a different Knight reports to a lady night that they have finished.

Securing the entire train the lady Knight commends their efforts and Praises them the soldiers she gives the order for them to safely escort the passengers to the next station at leather Belk station Gerard is sitting on a bench the lady Knight asks him if he's okay and if he was hurt by the terrorists Gerard assures her that he's.

Safe thanks to the assistance of the knights Gerard mentions that he was deep in thought the lady Knight Veronica DeVille expresses her relief and apologizes for the delay in her greetings Gerard is about out to introduce himself when an officer interjects requesting forgiveness for any perceived rudeness Veronica inquires.

If there's an issue and the officer identifies himself as remulus from the leather Belk Metropolitan Police agency he displays his badge and explains that he had heard about the train attack at the border of the aret mountain range Veronica confirms that they've successfully dealt with all the attackers officer remulus conveys his.

Gratitude to the knights for their diligent efforts the officer raises a concern about the report and says there's something strange about it Veronica asks what's odd and the officer explains that the attackers took control of the train too easily even if a mage was involved they shouldn't have been able to breach the magic train so.

Effortlessly therefore the officer believes there's a significant chance that someone working inside the train was involved in the attack Veronica agrees acknowledging that it does make sense the officer clarifies that it's just a possibility he assures her that as long as she can properly identify herself he will quickly resolve the.

Matter Veronica turns to Gerard and asks if he heard that she tells him it'll be all right as long as he answers truthfully Gerard starts to feel uneasy realizing he might be in trouble he remembers that there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the middle-aged man's identity he had bought a ticket for the train like anyone else and felt.

Proud and confident when he got on board the issue here is Gerard's current appearance no matter how you look at him he doesn't appear to be a man in his mid-40s Gerard worries that if he gets investigated it won't be long before his true identity is exposed if Gerard is lucky he might just be hanged or even worse subjected to severe torture.

Moreover there are plenty of police officers and knights outside making it impossible for Gerard to escape on top of all this Vice Captain Veronica seems like someone who can be very harsh with wrongdoers right now she's smiling and talking to Gerard hard but if they start suspecting him the officer asks Gerard if he's okay and then apologizes for the.

Delay explaining that he needed to bring a list of names the officer assures Gerard that there's no need to worry he's simply verifying Gerard's identity the officer then asks Gerard if he still has his train ticket and if he can show it to him Gerard presents his ticket and the officer examines it noticing that it only mentions cabin 43 the officer.

Checks his list for cabin 43 and reads the details of the passengers he finds rudiger Chelsea a male in his mid-20s and Gerard a male in his mid-40s the officer inquires about the other person and Gerard explains that after the attack he was thrown off the train due to the explosion he mentions that it happened when the train was passing.

Through the eritre mountain range and he fell off a cliff the officer asked Gerard to wait for a moment Veronica informs the officer that Gerard was not the initial suspect confused the the officer asked for clarification and Veronica explains that Gerard was actually fighting the terrorists even before the knights arrived Veronica.

Asked the officer why Gerard would act that way if he was a traitor the officer inquires if Gerard was fighting and upon realizing what happened he apologizes to Gerard calling him rudiger the officer then reads from his list and reads that he is being assigned to theor in this time Veronica expresses surprise Gerard confirms that he is indeed the newly.

Appointed rudiger Chelsea for theorn as they mentioned earlier later they are outside and the officer apologizes for any inconvenience cost Gerard appreciates the officer's help in getting him here comfortably the officer offers to escort Gerard all the way to theorn but Gerard declines saying he doesn't need it the officer insists.

Stating that Gerard will be shaping the Empire's future the officer wonders how they can let him travel alone Gerard declines the offer saying it's uncomfortable for him to to travel with both of them he explains that he needs to make a stop for a personal matter so they don't need to inconvenience themselves for him the officer accepts.

Gerard's decision and Gerard takes his leave he bids farewell to Veronica expressing that even though their meeting was brief it was a pleasure Veronica agrees and suggests they may meet again if fate allows as Gerard walks away he thinks to himself that he did it in his mind he apologizes to rudiger and expresses gratitude for.

Surviving because of him Gerard is relieved that the photography techniques in this world aren't Advanced making it difficult to distinguish between rudiger and himself in a photo Gerard believes that now that he's managed to get through this difficult situation everything is okay he thinks that he just needs to stay hidden for a while.

And create a new identity for himself suddenly a man comes up behind Gerard and calls him rudiger Chelsea the man recognizes him as rudiger and mentions that he's saw him talking to the night earlier this man introduces himself as Wilford an employee at theorn Academy Wilfred explains that he came to greet rudiger because he was concerned after.

Hearing about the train attack he expresses relief that rudiger is safe and offers to escort him to theorn Gerard enters the carriage but he's feeling anxious he's troubled by the fact that they sent someone to personally fetch rudiger especially considering that Wilford doesn't seem like an ordinary employee Wilford has a.

Strong and Fit Body and Gerard didn't even hear him approaching it's possible that Wilford is a knight if Gerard tries to make a clumsy excuses to escape he might appear suspicious and get closely watched Gerard believes he needs to ensure his own safety now Gerard thinks this situation might actually be safer for him he thinks that since his old.

Identity Gerard has been marked as deceased he's practically like a ghost in this country that means no matter where he's taken or disappears to no one will recognize him Gerard considers that having a clear identity like he does right now is rudiger Chelsea might be better for the time being Gerard decides to continue acting as rudiger Chelsea.

And waits for an opportunity Wilford informs Gerard that they have reached their destination which is theorn Gerard is surprised and asks if this whole place is theorn because it's much larger than he expected Wilford says he'll immediately take Gerard to the chancellor Wilford asks Gerard to leave his luggage to him Gerard enters the.

Office and introduces himself as rudiger Chelsea he explains that he's here because the chancellor was looking for him the chancellor sitting at her desk tells Gerard that she's been waiting for him she introduces herself as Elisa Willow the chancellor of theorn Elisa asks Gerard if he's doing okay and mentions that she heard he got caught up.

In the attack Gerard assures her that he's fine and explains that the night order came to help him when things got dangerous Alisa expresses relief and tells Gerard that he is their new professor so it would not look good if he had been injured Gerard finds it unusual that Elisa is openly discussing how things would appear for them to.

Others he suspects that Elisa is not an ordinary person most importantly Gerard senses something strange since he arrived he questions himself if he's overthinking things he wonders if rudiger had met the chancellor before Gerard contemplates if Elisa has realized that he's not actually Rue Digger Alisa adds that it's their first.

Meeting but mentions that he is quite handsome and Tall Gerard guesses that rudiger hasn't met the chancellor before he appreciates the compliment from Elisa even if she's just being polite Elisa predicts that once the semester begins Gerard will become popular among the students she hands him a document and asks him to look at it Alisa mentions.

That even though Gerard was informed earlier it's best to review it to be sure she explains that his contract will last for two years and his salary is specified in the document Alisa also informs him that they will provide him with accommodation and meals Gerard takes the contract and initially thinks he intends to leave this place quickly.

However when he reads that the contract mentions a salary of 30 imperial gold pieces per month he realizes the significant value of this payment in terms of the continent's currency equating to 30 million dinar or 300 million one in Korean currency Elisa asks Gerard how he feels about the contract she inquires if he thinks the.

Terms are quite good Gerard replies that they are not too bad but in his mind he's thinking that it's a fantastic deal even a jackpot however he realizes he needs to stay calm Gerard thinks to himself that this contract indicates that they have high expectations for the professors at theorn Academy he wonders if he can hide his lack of abilities.

Among The Talented students at theorn he sighs feeling that his position is already confirmed and if he suddenly fuses it will raise suspicion he has no choice but to go along with it deception bluffing and reading the situation are skills Gerard is good at he tells them he has reviewed the contract and is ready to sign it Gerard thinks he has.

Enough experience and is not lacking in terms of knowledge Gerard believes he can pretend to be a good professor Elisa extends her hand for a handshake and tells Gerard that's great expressing her anticipation to work with him Gerard shakes her hand and says he feels the same way he thinks to himself that it's just a two-year commitment all he needs.

To do is survive these two years and then he'll be free sitting in his room at night Gerard considers that he has three weeks to prepare before the semester begins he didn't expect them to provide him with an entire Mansion Gerard size realizing that this time he's a professor at an academy it has been 27 years since he arrived in this.

World reborn with only the memories of his past life and no special abilities due to his useless parents he had to rely on himself and face many difficult challenges to survive he never imagined he would become a professor at theorn technically this is not a real job it's more accurate to say that it is like a job he was pushed into but in any case.

Gerard needed a new identity and this rooted your situation is perfect for his disguise rudiger comes from a noble family in the small Kingdom of quaiden he's an only child and both of his parents have passed away the letters Rue didger has from his acquaintances are just simple greetings so he isn't close to them this means that no one will.

Recognize who Gerard really is it's the perfect disguise now Gerard thinks all he has to do is gather the materials for his lectures and learn more about theyorn he decides to explore the area first as he stands up his stomach growls he realizes that he hasn't eaten anything since the train incident Gerard decides he'll do everything tomorrow.

Instead he he starts wondering where they said the restaurant was later he's sitting in a cafe sipping tea and reading a document he thinks to himself that two weeks have passed so quickly time really flies fortunately Gerard has managed to gather the information he needs and his class preparations have gone smoothly there's just one more week.

Until the semester begins and everything seems to be in order suddenly someone enters the cafe Gerard wonders if it's about the time when more customers start coming in he considers going back to prepare for the orientation the person who just entered sits beside him and expresses relief that he's safe they asked Gerard why he couldn't be reached.

For the past two weeks and mentioned that other members were wondering what he as a first order was up to Gerard puts his teacup down on the table and explains that he had to confirm something Gerard starts thinking to himself that he's not mistaken this person is here for him or more accurately for rudiger Chelsea the.

Person Begins by saying that the train attack was an accident they didn't expect the rebel forces to attack at that time Gerard brushes that aside and expresses his need for information about thejorn the person asks for clarification wondering if they didn't send the information already Gerard explains that he just wants to double.

Check that the information he received aligns with what people on the ground know Gerard thinks to himself damn it what's going on first he needs to play along so that they don't become suspicious of him Gerard asks the person if they've taken care of everything is planned the person replies affirmatively and explains that they've already.

Eliminated all the key figures of The Academy they had marked his targets they also mentioned that they've dealt with a traitor within their organization describing a painful fate they fed the traitor to the dog the person asks Gerard doesn't he thinks this is an appropriate end for a traitor Gerard feels uneasy about this conversation and.

Tells himself to stay calm the person then apologizes saying they should have verified things in person and reported back Gerard wonders what this person is talking about he decides to let go of the topic and asks why they are suddenly looking for him the person mentions that it's been two weeks since Gerard arrived here but they haven't received any word.

From him Gerard is wondering why the person took control of things at such an important time the person says sorry Gerard tells them to hush Gerard says to the person that not only did they take control but also their suspicious behavior is bothering him Gerard asks if they're trying to make people more suspicious of them here Gerard believes.

This person is very worried about how he's acting Gerard is sure of it this person is definitely afraid of rudiger Gerard tells the person it's time for them to check in Gerard asks how many people are gathered right now the person says there are currently 31 third orders and seven second orders who have successfully infiltrated they also.

Mentioned that the other first orders have entered and are in their planned position Gerard says everything is ready okay Gerard tells the person that now that he's sure about the situation they should stand up the person tells Gerard that for their next meeting he should come to the agreed Place Gerard asks if they're telling him to go there Gerard.

Asks if someone like them is giving him orders now the person starts shaking and says that's not it they were just but Gerard stops them and says he doesn't want to hear any excuses Gerard says he will decide when another meeting is needed Gerard adds that he will only agree to another meeting if someone of his same rank or hire requested the.

Person asks Gerard if he means the zero order Gerard says yes and adds that apart from what the zero order has to say to him they shouldn't bother him with small things Gerard walks away thinking that rudiger is even more dangerous than he believed he wonders about things like assassinating important Academy figures and feeding a.

Traitor to the dog he finds these ideas crazy Gerard realizes he should leave this place as soon as possible that person calls out to Gerard from behind and asks him to wait for a moment Gerard asks what's the matter the person wants to know how he is going to contact them in the future Gerard hadn't thought about that he asks if he needs to.

Explain it to them the person quickly says no not at all and says goodbye to Gerard rudiger is a fallen Noble and he doesn't have any family he's not just any Mage he's the youngest ranked form age and also teaches at theorn Gerard curses himself because he should have figured this out earlier rooted your surroundings were perfect for a specific.

Reason they were created to make people trust him this is because when rudiger came here he couldn't use his real identity the letters that rudiger gets are likely secret messages in code Gerard's size and thinks he's in big trouble he can't believe that in a hurry he chose something incredibly dangerous Gerard looks at the letters and guesses.

That the coded messages are in the Sweden language Gerard started to suspect something was wrong when he noticed that the letter sentences didn't make sense the issue here is the first order they were supposed to go undercover at Theon Academy as a professor and make Theon Academy like them once they were inside they had to.

Keep reporting on what was happening but Gerard has more to worry about than just the Yorn Academy the Morty thinks about it the more it seems crazy why would an important member of a secret group end up in a terrorist attack and die rudiger was one of these important members sent to theorn Academy as a spy right if he was good enough to be an important.

Member shouldn't he have survived the attack Gerard Figures it's not helpful to criticize someone who's already dead no matter what Gerard has to make sure he doesn't get caught by two groups theorn Academy and the secret Association Gerard thinks it might be a good thing that the secret Association approached him today from what the.

Person Gerard met said the secret Association has different levels like zero order first order second order and third order Gerard doesn't know what zero order is but it's already a big deal that he found out it exists right now what's really important is finding out who the other first orders are if they all know each other they could.

Figure out Gerard is pretending to be one of them so at this moment Gerard just has to hope he doesn't get caught the best thing for Gerard right now would be to use Theon Academy to get rid of the secret Association no matter how powerful the secret Association is they can't easily take on the Yorn which is very strong and important Gerard.

Believes he must share information without either side realizing it's him it's going to be really tough to avoid getting caught by both groups Gerard's size and thinks that the next two years won't be easy in a classroom a student asks his classmates if they've heard the news he says that apparently the manifestation Theory and understanding.

Of elements class will be taught by a new teacher another student is surprised and asks if a new teacher is really going to teach the second year students this student thinks that if so then this new teacher must be very skilled the first student mentions that there is no helping it because the previous Professor quit the other student.

Explains that the professor lost a magical contest to a student right in front of everyone the girl student goes up to Flora who's also in their class and suggests they might be talking about her Flora wonders why they're treating her like this and mentions that all she did was point out a mistake in her professor's spells the girl agrees but.

Seems hesitant the students continue talking with one mentioning that the new professor has an impressive background Not only was he in the military but he's also written many research papers another student asks if the new professor is really amazing and it's clear that he's not an ordinary person the first student asks if they knew that.

The professor comes from a noble family that's lost its status other students are surprised and think it might be easy to get good grades then Flora who's been listening to this conversation thanks to herself is that the only conclusion they'd come to how drab then Gerard enters the classroom and stands near the podium he greets the students and.

Introduces himself as the new professor rudiger Chelsea he explains that since it's still the schedule correction period he won't start teaching just yet instead he has some announcements to make Gerard tells them that although these classes will cover manifestation he won't limit it to theory he plans to focus on how to use magic in actual.

Battles he also mentions that it's not only the second year students who can attend his class first-year students can request to join as well the class begins to chatter and Gerard asks them to quiet down he acknowledges that they might not be happy but he assures them that he won't lower the classes standards so there's no need to worry a student.

Raises her hand and asks why Gerard is allowing first-year students to join the class Gerard thinks he recognizes this student from somewhere he explains claims that as a teacher he believes in treating everyone equally regardless of their year level he also mentions that he's confident his class will be different from the existing ones the.

Girl student insists that it would be hard to convince them without more details Gerard responds that it would be boring to explain everything right now Gerard tells the students that if they're interested in his class they should come to the next one then he gives them a warning he says that if anyone is hoping to get good grades.

Easily just because he's a new professor they'll regret being so overconfident He suggests that those students should not join his class in his thoughts Gerard considers that his life would be easier with fewer students he believes that if the second year students had to attend class with first-year students their pride might be hurt also if he tells.

Them the class will be tough right from the start why would they waste their time with him he finishes by asking if there are any questions the students start gossiping saying they've heard the professor is from the military cherry and that he's definitely different the students begin to wonder if the professor is truly ranked at number four.

Just like the rumors suggest among the students Flora has a multitude of questions swirling in her mind but she can't muster the courage to voice them Gerard informs the class that if there are no questions the semester's opening ceremony will conclude to his surprise none of the students ask anything not even the smallest details about him.

Gerard believes this is a good thing for him but all the information he prepared in advance is now not needed he begins to suspect that maybe the students are deliberately avoiding questions he thinks there is a chance that's the case Gerard thinks that perhaps he should have acted in a more friendly Manner and now he's concerned that he might have.

Hurt their pride as he gazes at the line of students before him he realizes that his initial assumption was accurate then a girl calls out to Gerard confirming if he's the new professor she proceeds to introduce herself as Selena and mentions that she's also a new professor Gerard reciprocates the greeting and asks if there is something wrong Selena asks him.

If he has had a meal yet Bruno greets Gerard and mentions that he's the professor responsible for teaching about gollums in the summoning classes a lady Professor named marilda also introduces herself as the one in charge of teaching about allurement and Illusions in the curse and cursed dispelling classes Gerard responds by saying it's nice to.

Meet them it introduces himself as rudiger Chelsea the professor in charge of teaching manifestation he wonders if this is some sort of meet and greet for new professors one lady Professor comments that Gerard looks even more handsome up close to which Gerard thanks her however there's another professor standing at a distance who seems to be.

Observing Gerard when Gerard looks in his Direction the observing Professor quickly turns his face away miralda informs Gerard that the man is Professor Chris benimore and adds that he's a noble Gerard realizes there are professors from different social backgrounds a noble a fallen Noble himself and three commoners each of them.

Is an expert in their respective fields which raises the possibility that another first order Mage might be among them Gerard thinks that the initial plan to enter the academy first is tuvet Chris the noble expresses his disinterest in staying and explains that he came out of curiosity to meet the new professors but he's disappointed to find.

A fallen Noble in commoners he asks them not to involve him and to play amongst themselves especially cautioning Gerard not to act Superior just because he's a fallen Noble Merrill the questions whether it's acceptable for Chris to openly despise people because he's a noble she advises Gerard not to let Chris's attitude affect him Gerard.

Assures everyone that he's fine and mentions that since Chris doesn't want to eat with them Gerard suggests they go ahead and eat on their own Selena agrees and brino expresses his interest in doing the same Gerard is content with the idea that he won't have to eat alone later in a room at night a magical messenger appears it brings news about.

The new professor rudiger Chelsea he's the youngest to achieve Rank 4 and has a military background he's even known for hunting Cryptids and making a name for himself as a freelance Mage in the magic Tower the girl in the room hears this information and wonders if it's all true she's determined not to let it affect first order Nim's lesson and plans to.

Make sure as many students attend it as possible the girl wonders if she should believe this information or not on his way to class Gerard thinks that today is finally the first official lesson he's curious about how many students from the last class will attend Gerard believes he warned them enough about how his class will be challenging so he expects.

Many to avoid it those who do attend might not have other class options he thinks there will probably be a maximum of 30 students however when Gerard enters the class he is surprised there are many more students than he expected he wonders if it's filled to the maximum of 80 students it's clear that there are also more first-year students Gerard is.

Puzzled and wonders why so many students chose his class as soon as the professor enters the room the student sense a change in the atmosphere they believe the rumors that he used to be a military officer are true Gerard wonders with the first-year students not feel stressed about studying alongside the second year once he thinks that maybe someone is.

Trying to cause trouble for him however Gerard considers another possibility they want to track some of the brightest students on the continent perhaps they are drawn to the challenge he offers and that's why so many have enrolled in his class Gerard realizes he has no other choice he introduces himself once more since there are new students in this.

Class stating that he is rugig or Chelsea and will be teaching manifestation he is determined to give his best to his students a student raises his hand indicating he has a question he asks when Gerard mentioned the overall process was he talking about all four main types of magic Gerard gazes at the student and tells him not.

To ask questions without permission he lets it slide this time since it's the student's first time but warns that in the future interrupting the lesson without permission will result in point deductions however he also mentions there will be opportunities to earn points however Gerard says since a question is asked he would answer that.

And tells yes he will be teaching all four main types of magic these four types are released attributed elements telekinesis and strengthening these make up the four specializations within manifestation Flora thinks that usually a professor would find it difficult to teach just two specializations but here this new professor is claiming to teach.

Four of them Flora honestly feels like the professor is exaggerating Gerard tells them that since this is the first lesson he will demonstrate something interesting he uses his wand to create a rank 3 fire element magic called Flame bolt Gerard explains that it's based on manifestation and he adds seven factors heat combustion condensation.

Acceleration expansion and diffusion these factors work together to complete the technique Gerard tells them that what he just showed them is a method to make their magic appear at least three times faster than the usual methods students are surprised because the professor is making it quicker to use their magic techniques they wonder if.

That's even possible they think it sounds like the professor might be lying Flora's benchmate asks her if what the professor is saying is true Flora says she thinks it's impossible unless you change the fundamental structure of the technique she explains that there are two ways to do it using a scroll with stored magic or using the reverberation.

Of memories but both methods have downside because they are limited Flora would be really disappointed if the professor was talking about these two things Gerard says it seems like they have a lot of questions he tells them I'll take a few questions a second year student named Alex saline asks what Gerard means by reducing the.

Manifestation time Gerard explains that it means just that reducing the manifestation time he asks if there are any more questions a first-year student named Dahlia asks if that means they will be improving the technique Gerard clarifies that's not what he meant if they change the technique it becomes a different magic technique altogether.

He's showing them a method to keep the technique the same while making it manifest faster Flora tells the professor that what he claims is impossible this makes the other students worried thinking that the professor is in trouble Gerard mentions that he hasn't allowed any comments other than questions but he agrees to listen to.

Flora for now he asks her why she believes it's impossible Flora explains that making spells slower using the techniques they have can only be achieved through lots of practice she tells Gerard that he's saying he can do something that even Geniuses haven't been able to do you she personally finds it hard to believe Gerard then asks.

Flora to consider the possibility that it's not that they couldn't improve it but that they chose not to Flora is puzzled and asks what he means Gerard goes on to explain that magic hasn't progressed much because people have put too much importance on tradition and history Gerard explains that while science has been constantly advancing it.

Now poses a challenge to Magic's position he wants to make it clear that he's not saying science is better than magic but rather that magic still has Room to Grow he tells Flora that she's mistaken no one has really tried to make magic better and he wants to be the first to do so Flora asks if he's serious and she wonders why he's so.

Confident Gerard responds that it's hard to understand with just words so he plans to demonstrate it himself he asks her if she said her name is flora and then inquires if she knows how long it takes on average for someone to cast a flame bolt Flora answers that it varies from person to person she explains that those who are at the third rank take.

About 10 seconds and as your rank goes up you can cast it in as fast as 5 Seconds Gerard agrees with Flora but mentions that he doesn't approve of the method typically used to increase one's rank he says what he's talking about is something that he's made suitable for students who attend his lectures Flora responds saying it would take at least.

Five seconds although she can cast it even faster Gerard shuckles and Praises her confidence he then asks Flora if she can demonstrate her speed from this platform Flora agrees and stands up she uses her wand to cast a flame Bolt the students are impressed with some remarking that Flora is really fast and must take after her father lumos Gerard.

Checks his stopwatch and says that including the manifestation it took Flora only 4.87 seconds he mentions that it's a speed that's hard to believe coming from a second year student and commends her for the Flawless execution however Gerard tells her that it's still too slow Gerard explains that the fastest recorded time for a third rank.

Is 4.41 seconds he finds it very slow Flora says she'll improve with practice Gerard emphasizes that he is saying those 4.41 seconds are still too slow the students wonder if he's serious and how much faster he can be Gerard asks them to watch closely as he demonstrates casting a flame bolt he uses his wand to cast the spell Florida is confused.

Because what Gerard did isn't the right technique for a flame bolt all the students are surprised and wonder what's happening Gerard's flame bolt didn't even take a second Flora realizes that the technique Gerard used wasn't for a flame bolt he skipped all the necessary steps Gerard asks Flora if she saw that and tells the class that he'll.

Demonstrate again in case anyone missed it Gerard creates another flame bolt he notices that the student's Expressions have finally changed he explains that the flame bolt he cast earlier took only 0.24 seconds to appear which is very different from the current record however Gerard also acknowledges that it's strange that the technique he used.

At the beginning didn't look like a typical flame bolt he clarifies that it was in fact a flame bolt to be precise he says it was a technique to use another technique the students are puzzled wondering what that means Gerard goes on to explain that it's like having a blueprint magicians use their boundaries as Hardware consume magic.

Power as data and follow programs called techniques to activate the software called Magic it's a way to get a specific result when you input something Gerard explains that he calls this source code Flora is curious and has never heard of magic like this before she wonders who this professor really is Gerard then asks Flora if her doubts.

Have been resolved Flora says yes Gerard tells her that she interrupted his class without permission because she was too close-minded he asks if she agrees and Flora does Gerard informs Flora that her actions were a clear challenge to a teacher's Authority as a result he's imposing a penalty of 10 points Flora's classmates worry about her as she's.

Being penalized Flora starts walking back to her seat but then Gerard adds that the flame bolt she demonstrated was perfect so he will give her 10 points as well Gerard assures Flora that he doesn't have a problem with talented students he Praises Flora saying that she's excellent Flora clenches her fist and thanks Gerard the students are.

Relieved because the 10-point penalty is lifted and they breathe a sigh of relief Flora returns to her seat and her friend Cheryl asks if she's okay Flora reassures Cheryl and thanks her for caring Cheryl admires how Flora can handle things so easily as expected of her Gerard takes off his coat and announces that it's time to begin the.

Class he tells them that he will teach the source code to a select group of students who do well Gerard adds that if they want to learn it they should work hard one of the students sitting among the others had heard negative things about this professor and he was worried he had chosen a bad class however now he believes this professor is amazing and.

He feels like he has come to the right place at theorn later Gerard announces that the class for today is over and tells everyone to go back and review this student is in awe of Gerard thinking he's incredible this student can't believe he got to learn about something like source code today another student overhears and thinks that being.

Impressed by something like source code shows this student's shortcomings he says that this is why commoners are worthless one student who is a commoner asks another student if he was talking to him the second student questions if the counter student was mocking him the counter student denies this saying he wasn't then the second student asked the.

Counter student if he dares to look down on the eldest son of Baron fellio the counter student in insists that he wasn't doing that at all another student joins the conversation and asks if by Baron felio they mean the territory at the Empire's border the eldest son of Baron fellio looks at this student in size commenting on how theyorn allows.

Such students to enroll nowadays the other student responds by saying it's better than letting some foolish kid from a Barren family in this makes the eldest son of Baron fellio very angry and he starts using strong language to express his frustration he asks this student how he dares to insult a noble and threatens to make him pay this.

Student challenges Baron felio's son to try it and see what happens if he attacks him he warns Baron felio's son that theor might not ignore the matter just because he's a noble this student also questions Baron fellio's son that didn't he receive a notice about this issue before enrolling He suggests that Baron felio's son should look around and.

Realize that there are other people here too the student asks Baron felio's son that does he not realize there are other people here Baron felio's son responds by telling the student to wait and see then walks away the counter student's size and relief thanking the second student for his help the counter student introduces himself as Aiden the other.

Student Leo tells ID in his name Leo mentions that there's no need for Iden to thank him he explains that he was just unhappy with how Barron felio's son acted arrogantly due to his Noble status Aiden compliments Leo saying that he's a kind person Leo questions if Aiden was even listening to what he just said Leo States he's leaving Aiden suggests they.

Go together Leo asks Iden if he even knows where he's going Hayden points out that the textbook Lee was holding is for the Alchemy class which is also iden's next class Leo tells Aiden to do as he pleases and then adds that Aiden should be less obvious Aiden doesn't understand Leo explains that Aiden shouldn't make it so clear that he's from a rural area.

A commoner and not good at learning magic Aiden responds by saying he didn't know about all that he admits that he's clueless about such things Leo tells Aiden that he needs to understand how things work if theyorn he explains that especially from the second year onwards there are students who are incredibly powerful Leo starts by mentioning floral.

Lumos from the second year the girl who went up to the Rostrum during class he warns Iden to be careful because Flora has a difficult personality and there are rumors that the previous manifestation Professor quit because of her Leo then talks about the third princess of the auxilian Empire a render Von exilian he advises Iden that it's.

Not a good idea for commoners like them to get involved with royalty like arender Aiden remembers that a render was in their class lastly Leo mentions the leader of the largest group of nobles among the second year students poydon Wahlberg Aiden asks Leo if by wolberg he means one of the three greatest Duke Family.

Leo confirms it and adds that they see commoners like them as insects so it's best not to get involved with freuden Leo suddenly realizes that Baron felio's son appears to be part of the same group of nobles he wonders if they've already gotten on their bad side Aiden responds saying there's probably nothing they could have done about it and he asks if.

There's anyone else Leo says he can't tell if Aiden is brave or just dull Leo tells that he has a few more to share as they walk Aiden agrees to listen as they walk and asks Leo if he'd like to have lunch together later Leo questions why he would do that walking towards his office Gerard reflects that the reactions have been better than he.

Expected he hadn't anticipated this at all he thinks about how this world is similar to Earth in the 19th century considering there's magic here scientific progress is not as advanced as it is in the 21st century in many areas so source code was created by combining both magic and science to art honestly didn't expect such a positive.

Reaction when Gerrard's teacher first sought his ideas he said they weren't that bad so Gerard didn't have high expectations while source code allows one to use magic more quickly and accurately it's limited to rank 3 and is also quite complicated to create Gerard can't just teach source code alone if he doesn't want to be exposed is a fake he.

Needs to prepare more things to teach Gerard reaches his office and wonders if this is his personal office and enters it to find the Lisa inside she greets him and asks how he likes the place mentioning how beautiful the interior is Elisa informs Gerard that theorn provides all professors with their own personal space and that he's free to use.

It however he likes Gerard understands and asks why Elisa is here Alisa responds by asking if she's not allowed to be here Gerard clarifies that he was just curious about her presence and finds it a bit burdensome Alisa explains that she's here because Gerard is a valuable professor at theorn she mentions that as the chancellor it's her.

Responsibility to take care of him Gerard wonders why his body itches every time he makes eye contact with her Alyssa questions that isn't he being too calm and tells that she expected him to be shocked Gerard apologizes but says he's already quite shocked he Compares this situation to being more shocking than encountering a ghost at night he's.

Puzzled about why she was in his office when he opened the door Alisa reveals that she visited the other new professors in their offices as well and mentions that Gerard is the last one she's visiting Gerard wonders if Elisa also went to see the other professors in their offices more importantly he questions why he's the last one she's.

Visiting he starts to wonder if she's on to him Gerard thinks that even if the secret Association is well hidden Elisa as the chancellor might know about any suspicious activities in theorn Gerard wonders if Elisa is suspecting him however it doesn't seem fair to Gerard because he's an executive of the secret Association but he doesn't really belong.

To them Elisa brings up Gerard accepting new students for his lecture Gerard confirms this and says he doesn't intend to limit his class to only certain year students Elisa reassures Gerard that she's not blaming him in fact she supports his teaching method she mentions that there are some exceptional first-year students this time and they.

Are even using unique Magic Gerard asks if that's the case and mentions that he had just received the list of student names Alisa tells Gerard that since the princess is in his class he should ensure that there are no problems in his class she emphasizes that she's not asking Gerard to give the princess special treatment but mentions that it.

Would be Troublesome if anything bad happened to her Gerard wonders who the princess in his class is Elisa expresses her high expectations for him and mentions that she's relieved because the student's feedback hasn't been negative Gerard offers Elisa some tea but before she leaves but she declines explaining that she has a lot of work to do she.

Thanks him for the offer and hopes he continues to do well Alisa exits the office and closes the door behind her outside Wilford asks Alisa about rudiger wondering if he can be trusted Elisa tells Wilford that she doesn't really know what's going on she explains that she's mainly paying attention to the people who make her feel most uneasy but.

She also mentions that she hasn't found any clues yet Wilford asked her is she sure about this he thought things would get better once the chancellor herself arrived Alisa agrees with Wilford she didn't expect ruviger to remain unfazed by her Charming looks she believes that if he were at Rank 4 he might have fallen for it however rivager's.

Resistance to her gaze suggests strong willpower which he finds interesting Alisa is deeply involved in that trained terrorism case related to recent undercover operations at theorn she's determined not to miss any small details in this case she also wonders if the train incident might have been a diversion allowing the person to get.

Swapped amidst all the chaos Elisa asks Wilford for his opinion Wilford replies that he's not completely sure yet but he believes the person they're dealing with is not an ordinary individual he mentions that it's more of a gut feeling based on his experience Alisa shares that she trusts wilford's skills in observing people however Elisa expresses.

Some doubts about rudiger's words and suggests she needs to keep a close eye on him to be sure meanwhile Gerard is sitting in his office feeling angry he dismisses the idea that the so-called private interview is anything other than an interrogation he's frustrated but decides to focus on finishing what he was reading he looks at a list of.

Student names and notices that the lumos family is clearly the highest ranking Noble family Gerard thinks that despite their earlier incident there's no way they put pressure on the lumos family Gerard believes that the lumos family wouldn't take their earlier incident too seriously in fact he even gave a merit Point as an apology moving on Gerard.

Thinks there are many impressive kids just like the chancellor mentioned there's a diviner supported by the magic Tower and a princess from the auxilian Empire however when Gerard looks at iden's photo he wonders if this guy is the odd one out he has a feeling he's seen this guy somewhere before even though he can't remember exactly where.

He thinks he will remember later Gerard decides he can't let his guard down because judging by their behavior he believes they still don't fully trust him Gerard also considers another option should he align himself with the secret societies he thinks back to the person who referred to him as a first order and wonders if they saw rudiger board the.

Train this means that he naturally accepted the change in rudiger's appearance Gerard starts thinking that if the real rudiger is an expert in changing how he looks and sneaking around then Gerard should good but Gerard quickly dismisses this idea because he imagines what might happen if he gets caught doing such things he.

Believes there's no guaranteed it would spare his life even if he tried to help their Organization for now Gerard decides he should stick to the rules and do his best in his current role suddenly a man arrives and tells Gerard that he has something from him it's the patrol schedule the man informs Gerard that it's Mr rudiger's turn for patrol today.

Gerard realizes that he vaguely remembers something about this in the contract The Man Hands over the schedule and then leaves Gerard checks the schedule and thinks that Patrol Duty isn't a big deal in a training Hall at thejorn one student dinama asks another student Renee what she said Renee responds that she mentioned she has no.

Reason to leave as this place is meant for everyone to use freely Renee then questions why dynema doesn't leave if she's so uncomfortable with it Dynamo retorts by asking if Renee is talking back to her and calls her a vulgar commenter Renee reminds daima that theorn doesn't separate students based on their titles or bloodline and asks if.

She doesn't know that Dynamo dismisses this idea claiming that such sayings are just there to make commenters like Renee feel better daima's companions make derogatory comments about the citizens being unintelligent and how lower ranked individuals crawl up quickly Renee realizes that no matter what she says these kids have no intention of.

Listening to her Diana tells Renee that if she understands she should apologize for her behavior considering she's a commoner Rennie doesn't say anything and starts walking away daima's friends comment that the commoner is leaving and laugh because they expected this outcome dining of becomes angry wondering how Amir commoner can ignore her words she.

Calls Rene a derogatory name and tries to cast a spell to hurt her using her wand this worries Dynamo's friends right before the spell reaches Renee another spell interrupts it and makes it disappear Dynamo demands to know who dared to interfere Gerard steps in and questions what dynama thinks she's doing he asks if she dares to fight in a place.

Meant for training your skills he corrects himself saying it can't even be called a fight to cause such a big problem already at the start of the school year and asks if she thinks theorem Academy is a joke Gerard says to daima that if it was a fair fight he might have let her go with a warning but what happened here is clearly an unfair.

Attack dynema asks so what's the problem with that she says she was only protecting her Noble family's honor Gerard responds by saying that at theorn all students are considered equals he emphasizes that it doesn't matter how Noble her family is he can't ignore this incident Gerard then tells daima to come with him right away dyneema becomes very.

Angry and insults Gerard by calling him a puny Fallen nobility bastard this upsets everyone in the hall Gerard turns back to dynema and asks her what did she say Gerard asks daima to repeat what she just said she becomes frightened Gerard questions Fallen nobility bastard a student goes to get Professor Selena and Gerard raises his hand Selena tries to.

Intervene but Gerard puts his hand on Dynamo's shoulder and acknowledges that what she said is true Diana looks at Gerard in disbelief Gerard explains that he is indeed a fallen Noble as Dynamo described however he reminds her that this place is called theorn Academy and he is a professor here Gerard tells daima that her statement challenges his.

Authority as a professor and asks her if he's wrong he continues by acknowledging that dynema is still a student and may find it challenging to adapt to this new environment therefore he decides to overlook her comment as a slip of speech with a warning however he assures her that she will face the consequences for her actions against her classmates.

Gerard turns to Renee and asks if she's hurt anywhere using her name Renee replies that she's not injured Gerard expresses relief and tells Professor Selena that he's leaving the rest of her Selena agrees and Gerard walks away Renee wonders if Professor rudiger actually knows her name and if he remembers that she's in his class she.

Considers herself just a commoner among the 80 students in the class however she recalls Gerard's earlier words about everyone being equal at theorn Renee feels that despite rudiger's intimidating first impression she can trust and follow him she decides to work hard later that night Gerard sits on a bench outside with his head in his hands.

He takes some medicine and says that he feels a lot better now Gerard thinks to himself that he would have been in great trouble without his medicine Gerard thinks it was really unfortunate that the incident happened at that precise moment he almost embarrassed himself it started with some signals in his body at the first training area at least he.

Could handle it But as time passed the symptoms got worse and he had to leave quickly however it was just when Dynamic spoke so loudly that he couldn't pretend he hadn't heard Gerard thought he managed things okay even though he knew his facial expressions were probably not right as he holds the medicine bottle he realizes this is the last of what he.

Brought it might last him around five days but he might need to use magic in between the problem is if he uses a pharmacy there will be a record and that's risky Gerard believes he has to contact that guy as soon as possible the next day in the dining hall Gerard asks Selena if she's talking about a werewolf Professor Selena confirms it saying that.

Students who went to leather belt yesterday saw a dark figure moving on the building rooftops in the fog of the night Gerard comments that it sounds like a ghost story from the city Selena agrees and mentions that there might be a witness at theorn as well Gerard is surprised and asks if it is inside theorn Professor Selena responds with a.

Yes adding that it could be just people imagining things but there's a chance it's real strange things can occur because of the Magic in theorn Selena also mentions the seventh theorem ghost stories Gerard asks if there really are stories like that and Selena confirms it asking if he didn't know Gerard finds it curious that Selena knows so much about.

Ghost stories but Selena explains that it's not just her many people have researched these stories in theorn she explains that she was only researching to find interesting topics for students to discuss so she did some light research on it she wants to clarify that she doesn't have a specific interest in Ghost Stories Gerard thinks he was just.

Giving her a compliment he asked Selena to please calm down Selena tells Gerard that it's not about that then Professor marilda joins the conversation and compliments Gerard she mentions that he explained things quite elaborately on the first day of teaching particularly something about reducing the time for magic composition merola asked Gerard.

What that was called again Professor Selena helps out saying it's called the source code Merrill to remembers and asks Gerard if it's true Gerard confirms that it is true Meryl that is amazed that it was real and Professor Selena reflects on how incredible it is to think that such a thing is possible in the dining hall everyone notices their.

Conversation Merrell that tells Gerard that everyone is curious about his magic Gerard asks his magic and then understands what she means marilda asks Gerard if he's sure he can share such a unique kind of magic here Selena adds that he could have applied for a special patent at the magic Tower with it Gerard replies that he's not very interested in.

Things like that he thinks to himself that it's better not to apply for a patent he explains to himself that if he doesn't watch his back it's easy for others to take advantage of him or steal his ideas Gerard adds that unless the magic Tower approaches him first the problem is that some professors especially Professor Chris benimore are.

Actively seeking him out Gerard starts thinking about the werewolf he's outside at night and realizes it's getting late so he decides to check his surroundings for safety suddenly a werewolf appears and tries to attack Gerard from behind when Gerard turns to look the werewolf swiftly runs away and Falls Gerard asks the werewolf why it came so late and if.

It was waiting to play this trick the werewolf curses and asks Gerard if he couldn't have at least acted surprised since it's been a long time the werewolf calls Gerard hyong Nim Gerard responds by saying it's been a while as well and calls the werewolf hands Gerard says to Hans that he's still causing trouble just like in the old days Gerard asks.

Hands what he's done now Hans asks Gerard if he thinks he wanted things to turn out like this he explains that he didn't expect a bunch of dogs to come charging at him when a woman was holding them Gerard teases Hans telling him that he's naturally funny Hans asks Gerard not to laugh because it's not Gerard who ended up in this situation he feels like.

He's cursed at this point Hans is a human who has a special ability whenever he gets beaten by an animal he takes on some of its traits and turns into a form of that animal whether he wants to or not Hans asks Gerard if he brought an antidote Gerard shows him an injection and says yes hands thanks Gerard because he doesn't want to walk around looking.

Like this Hans uses the antidote and changes back into a human he thanks Gerard saying he would have struggled for days without Gerard's help Gerard mentions it's just like when they first met he had a commission to deal with a Cryptid but instead he encountered a giant Chihuahua which turned out to be Hans at the time hands expresses relief.

That the situation was resolved or he might have died he tries to call Gerard by his name to say something but Gerard interrupts him and informs him that his name is now rudiger Chelsea hands realizes that's what the letter said he asks Gerard when he created the identity of a theorem professor and why they're meeting in leather belt instead of the.

Capital he wants to know what's going on after listening to Gerard's story Hans bursts into laughter hands admires Gerard saying that if it were him he would have been nervous and stumbled over his words Gerard explains that he had no other choice if he wanted to stay alive Hans also finds it amusing that this rudiger guy is part of an unknown.

Secret organization Gerard confirms that it's called the first order Han starts thinking about this organization Gerard asks if Hans knows anything about it Han says it's definitely in his memory he mentions that there have been some new people in the Underworld recently who called themselves some kind of order Gerard is sure it's the same group and.

Asks Hans for the name Hans tells him it's the black Dawn Gerard is certain that's the right name Hans asks Gerard if he can keep surviving unluck alone since only one mistake could get him caught Gerard agrees and says that's why he must be well prepared Gerard asked Hans if he brought the suitcase Gerard requested hands hands over the suitcase.

And Gerard notices that it hasn't been opened Hans explains that he wouldn't dare to open one of Gerard's bags that would be crazy Gerard reflects that Sheridan was also waiting for him Hans points out that no one could have predicted something like this happening Gerard tells Hans that since both of them rely on medicine they could have.

Met right away when Gerard arrived two days ago Gerard asks Hans why he asked in the letter to wait Han seems puzzled and asks Gerard what he's talking about Gerard explains that there were rumors about a werewolf two days ago Hans protests that he just arrived in leather belt today and asks why he would stand around for two whole days then they both.

Look up hands get scared and asks Gerard if what he's seeing is real Gerard confirms that it's indeed a werewolf Hans exclaims omel it's real He suggests that the werewolf hasn't noticed them yet and they should leave quickly but Gerard disagrees saying that if they move the werewolf will definitely notice them he thinks the werewolf is searching.

For nearby prey Gerard spots a chain around the werewolf's neck and tells Hans that he needs to go check it out hands becomes frightened and asks Gerard if he wants to capture the werewolf Gerard explains that there's something shiny on the werewolf's neck and someone might have put it there on purpose Hans wonders who would do such a thing and.

Gerard takes out his gun he says they have to check it now Hans mentions that he hasn't seen Gerard use the gun in a while and recalls the last time Gerard used it when he was an active Cryptid Hunter he asks Gerard about his Alias back then Gerard reveals it was Van Helsing and his full name was Abraham Van Helsing the werewolf watches as.

Gerard gets closer it growls then suddenly leaps and lands in front of Gerard Gerard expected this the werewolf has a restraint on its neck he's curious about many things but he'll discover when he catches this monster the wolf attacks Gerard who steps back to dodge the attack each step he takes back leaves a magic circle on the ground the.

Wolf steps into one of these circles and screams in pain before falling to the ground hands wonders why the werewolf is acting like this all of a sudden did it eat something bad Gerard explains that he produced a supersonic sound that regular humans can't hear and it must be causing the wolf intense headache Gerard mentions that there's no need to use an.

Expensive Silver Bullet instead he takes out an injection and says they should find out where this thing was made suddenly Gerard hears police approaching and he wonders why it had to happen right now the wolf quickly leaps away but Gerard uses a chain to jump behind it and follow he's determined not to lose it a police officer shouts that.

There's something on the roof and orders the arrest of anyone suspicious in the area meanwhile Gerard is chasing the wolf at full speed he tells the wolf that he had planned to capture it peacefully but now he has no choice Gerard throws a blade at the wolf but the wolf manages to dodge it Gerard praises the wolf for its sharp senses.

Gerard brings out another blade intending to finish off the wolf with a single blow he also casts a spell on the wolf and charges toward it Gerard attacks the wolf with his stick but the wolf grabs the stick in its mouth eventually Gerard lands a successful final blow on the wolf on the other side Hans is trembling with fear grateful.

That he didn't get caught Hans remembers that Gerard mentioned wanting to capture the wolf he wonders when Gerard is coming back suddenly the severed head of the wolf Falls in front of Hans Gerard appears and asks if Hans is surprised hands requests that Gerard at least let him know before appearing out of nowhere he then asks if this is the same.

Werewolf from earlier hands pleads with Gerard not to leave it here Gerard replies that he doesn't need it anymore since he's finished his investigation Hans questions why Gerard brought it then to which Gerard responds that he wanted to surprise Hans asks if it's payment for earlier Gerard explains that after checking he found out the wolf.

Wasn't a real Cryptid it's an artificial test subject created by someone Gerard tells Hans that he thinks they need to accelerate some of their plans Hans asks Gerard what he means by that Gerard explains to Hans that they should find a place to settle down he thinks this place is better than the capital in many ways they have to stay in the city for.

Now hands is concerned about the Yorn unknown secret organizations crazy experiments and street gangs in this big city Gerard tells him that's exactly why it's better with all the chaos going on attention will be divided making it easier for them to operate without drawing too much notice Gerard asked cons to gather important information for.

Now Hans asks if he has to do it alone Gerard explains that he's under suspicion right now so he can't move around freely he asks Hans to keep him informed and once they have the necessary information he'll take further action hands understands and says it's his specialty anyway Gerard emphasizes that they can't wait for the situation.

To resolve itself even though he can't start moving immediately Gerard thinks that he should gather allies as soon as possible just in case he believes that creating a werewolf in this day and age especially with the signs of an experiment suggests that it's not the work of a normal group or individual regardless Gerard has dealt with the.

Werewolf and he wants to avoid getting involved in any more Troublesome situations later Gerard reads a newspaper mentioning that an unidentified killer is still active in leather belt just last Sunday five more people were killed bringing the total number of deaths to over 10. Witnesses claim to have seen a terrifying creature.

With black fur but the police insists it's just a crazy killer and Promises to capture them soon however the citizens are still living in anxiety Gerard wonders how this could be happening on Sunday when he got rid of the werewolf for sure on Saturday he begins to question if there might be more than one werewolf involved in a meeting Hall.

Selena calls out to Gerard and asks him to come over two professors are discussing if this person is rudiger Chelsea one Professor has heard that rugiger invented some incredible magic and wants to know if it's true the other Professor mentions that rudiger is a fallen Noble and it seems like he's creating quite a mood Selena asks Gerard.

If he's heard the news she informs him that two first-year students were attacked the previous night thankfully their lives were saved but they suffered severe injuries that looked like they were caused by a beast the student who regained Consciousness mentioned being attacked by a terrifying creature Selena believes that the rumors from last week.

Week were true and adds that there have also been victims in leather belt a professor reminds everyone to be quiet because the chancellor is coming Selena tells Gerard that this is Professor Marios who teaches pharmacology and has been at theorn for over 20 years Alisa enters the hall and informs them that the reason she has gathered everyone for.

An urgent meeting is that she has an important announcement to make Alisa mentions that she heard there's been an attacker in theorn recently and two new students were seriously hurt last night Elisa explains that they don't know who the culprit is yet but according to Witnesses it's a werewolf Cryptids work a professor disagrees saying there's no.

Way it could be cryptic and Elisa must be mistaken Elisa asked Professor Hugo borutag if he has something to add Professor Hugo points out that they are in theorn Academy a place protected by the exilian Empire and questions how a werewolf could be here He suggests that Elisa shouldn't believe the ghost story circulating among the Stu students Elisa.

Counters by mentioning the two victims Hugo acknowledges that he heard about them but insists that he believes even more strongly that it's not a werewolf He suggests that since both of the victims come from noble families the culprit is likely a Theron student specifically a commoner Elisa asks Hugo to explain his point Hugo says he's.

Wondering if Connor students might be responsible for the attacks he questions why out of all the students only the noble ones were targeted Hugo finds it more believable that someone is pretending to be a werewolf meanwhile Gerard is thinking about how he underestimated the black Dawn's Advantage he's surprised that their.

Encouraging Rebellion when they don't have enough power in the first place he wonders if this is the reality of thejorn the continent's greatest Academy as Gerard is lost in thought a bug lands on his shoulder he picks it up and it turns out to be a tiny letter the letter states that three test subjects are on the run and requests immediate.

Suppression or removal Gerard worries that if the subjects are captured it could pose a threat to his identity he wonders why he's facing a trial like this Selena notices Gerrard's concern and asks if he's feeling unwell Gerard dismisses it and thinks about how this situation is connected to the black Dawn he realizes that this event was beyond.

Any predictions while they were affected as well the main problem is the risk of his true identity being revealed Gerard decides he can't just stand by he needs to eliminate the subjects before theorn takes action if he gets caught everything will be ruined Elisa tells Professor Hugo that he has the right to express his opinions but he should focus.

On his assigned tasks Hugo asks if Elisa plans to increase patrols Alisa confirms this and requests that they warn the students not to wander around at night Hugo can also issue demerits when necessary Alisa informs everyone that this order comes directly from the chancellor Hugo acknowledges that he understands Alisa says that's good and.

Concludes the meeting for the day encouraging everyone to keep up their good work later Gerard is outside and calls out for someone to come out from hiding it's a student who emerges from behind a tree Gerard thinks this student is likely the first one who approached him and he's surprised it infiltrated as a student Gerard asks the student what's.

Going on but then He suggests they go somewhere else he invites the student to follow him and asks if she likes coffee they head to a cafe and Gerard inquires about her name she introduces herself as Sanita lotion Gerard assumes that since she has a noble sounding name she didn't enter as a commoner Gerard asked her to tell him her real name sane Ida insists.

That sanidolashin is indeed her real name Gerard realizes that it's not a fake name he then assumes that she followed him because she has something important to say and asks her to speak up Sanita is concerned that people around them might overhear their conversation Gerard reassures her that he has soundproofed the area with magic.

So they can talk without worry say neither acknowledges his abilities referring to him as the first order however Gerard requests that she doesn't call him that anymore he asked her to stop using that title Sanita wonders if that would be disrespectful Gerard asks her and she plans to use that title in front of others as well he insists that.

It's an order and Sanita agrees to comply Gerard tells Sunita that they should get back to the main point which is the situation say Nida explains that the recent werewolf incidents were caused by groups affiliated with their organization she says that they are conducting Cryptid tests related to Black Magic and shama studies Sanita.

Clarifies that the Sheamus studies were expelled from the organization due to their unethical experiments so she doesn't have all the details however one of their test subjects escaped through the drain pipes and caused the incidents at theorn she quickly apolog energizes for talking too much Gerard reassures her that it's okay and encourages her to.

Continue sanida mentions that since it's his responsibility she initially fought to leave it alone but she heard that it was somehow related to him so she decided to find him sanida explains that another member of the first order Victor dreadpool requested to let rudiger use that name Gerard acknowledges that he only borrowed the name and didn't expect.

Things to turn out this way Gerard takes note of the name Victor dreadpool Sanita suggests that since the situation has become uncontrollable they should deal with it as soon as possible she starts to say something about the three subjects but Gerard interrupts and corrects her saying that there are only two subjects he shows her the shiny.

Object he retrieved from the wolf he killed cenita asks when Gerard killed one of them Gerard explains that he caught one two days ago in leather black Senita compliments him saying it's as expected of Professor rudiger Gerard reflects on sanida's abilities and wonders why someone as useful as her is still only in the third order of their.

Organization he speculates that Sanita might feel out of place because she comes from a noble family and this anti-society organization may not favor Nobles Gerard thinks that Sanita might be used like a puppet and discarded after her usefulness is over Gerard had observed the balance of power in Theon previously and now seeing the power.

Dynamics within the black Dawn he considers this an opportunity to gain something through Sanita sanida suggests that since they entered through the drain pipes they should investigate that area Gerard questions if theorn doesn't already have this information saneeta confirms that they don't but she's uncertain how long that will remain the.

Case Gerard acknowledges her information and assures sanidolashin that he will take note of it he adds that if the opportunity arises he will meet her again he compliments her for her improved communication skills from the last time they met and encourages her to continue improving Gerard walks away and say Nida thanks him outside the Cafe.

Flora watches them and wonders what just happened she Ponders if it was some form of magic a conversation that required magic Flora is curious about the identities of these two individuals Flora is sitting in her class and she's thinking about magic she saw through the cafe window she could tell it was a spell that stops sounds from coming.

Through just from its color regular people can't usually see the color or smell Magic Flora wonders why professor rudiger and sanida used his spell to block sounds she's curious about what they talked about then her classes professor says they're done for the day the professor tells them to believe strange rumors and not stay out too late.

She warns that if they get caught they'll get demerits the students in the class start talking about the werewolf one of them asks if the others are curious and suggests they should try to find it another student reminds him about the class announcement saying they'll get in trouble if they're caught wandering around the first student says.

If they want to avoid demerits they just have to be careful not to get caught he mentions that the city is even offering a reward to catch the werewolf Leo asks Iden for his opinion Aiden asks about what Leo is referring to the werewolf rumors Aiden replies that getting caught would lead to demerits so they should probably stay away from such activities.

Leo expected Aiden to say that Aiden then asks Leo what he thinks Leo says he does isn't like causing trouble either and since there have been victims they should let the professors handle it tasty comes over to them Aiden greets her with a good morning tasty questions I didn't about why he's saying good morning Leo asks tasty if it's not time.

To stop since she lost last encounter tasty insists it was a tie and asks Leo not to interfere in her and iden's Affairs tasey then suggests to Iden that they should have a real fight and she insists that they don't hold back any power this time Aiden responds saying he doesn't think he can do that tasty raises her voice and asks him why not.

Aiden explains that he has daytime classes and at night they can't move around freely because of the werewolf tasty questions Aiden asking if he's using that as an excuse to run away she also asks if he's scared Aiden admits yes let's put it that way tasty proposes an alternative a competition involving the werewolf she suggests that whoever.

Catches the werewolf first wins she asks if they agree Aiden hesitates saying that it's a bit but Leo agrees and says sure tasty warns them not to back out because they're scared Leo tells tasty the same goes for her and teases her not to cry when she loses after tasty leaves Aiden asks Leo why he agreed to something so absurd Leo says he was only.

Going along with what tasty was suggesting he adds that the professors will handle the werewolf situation anyway Aiden shares that he thinks tasty he was serious about it Leo questions Aiden asking why tasty would do something so risky alone unless she's foolish Aiden honestly responds that with tasty it's possible she might.

Actually do it Leo expresses doubt saying there's no way then they both look out the window and see tasty outside Aiden wonders why she went all the way there Leo asks isn't that's the path to the dorms and adds that he's relieved thinking tasty has some common sense but then tasty changes her Direction and goes the other way this.

Worries and shocks both Iden and Leo at night Gerard is outside thinking about how many people are searching for him today Gerard asked Professor Hugo if in exchange for helping restore rudiger's family's reputation Hugo is requesting him to watch over the noble students Hugo tells Gerard that he's simply suggesting they should be a bit more.

Adaptable Hugo tells Gerard that the condition isn't too bad Gerard thinks to himself that it's surprising Hugo came to talked to a noble whose family has fallen from Grace Hugo is basically hinting to Gerard that being close to the chancellor is a good thing Gerard tells Hugo that in theorem Academy there are no Royals or Nobles he makes it.

Clear that he won't change this Gerard then asks Hugo to excuse him because he needs to go on patrol Hugo tries to stop him but Gerard walks away Gerard thinks to himself that if he goes in that direction his true identity might be revealed so he decides not to go there he also doesn't want to upset the chancellor for no reason Gerard comes.

Across three students outside Gerard questions the students asking were they not told to go back to their dorms right away the students try to explain but Gerard decides to give all of them five demerits Gerard realizes that this is the 20th student he's encountered he had heard about a reward for finding the werewolf but he didn't expect so many.

Students to be out and about the threat of getting demoritz doesn't seem to deter the students in fact it might make things worse Gerard needs to handle this situation before it gets out of hand Gerard finds himself inside the sewage treatment plant near theorn he remembers that Sanita mentioned the werewolf using the sewers the sewage pipe he's in is.

The only one large enough to hold a werewolf Gerard notices that it seems no one has been here yet as he looks around he spots the werewolf's Footprints and he realizes there are two of them one big and one small both heading in the same direction Gerard starts following the footprints hoping they don't disappear he comes to a point where the.

Werewolf's Footprints split into two paths the big Footprints are going towards the academy which suggests the werewolf might be hunting in that direction right now the biggest threat is this larger werewolf Gerard worries that someone might be attacked at any moment suddenly Gerard here screams he realizes he won't make it in time if he.

Continues following the footprints instead he decide to run towards where the screams are coming from Gerard finds the werewolf attacking two students Renny and irender Von exilian he knows he won't reach them in time so he uses his magic to create a very bright light blinding the wolf Gerard then approaches the wolf the students Renee and arendir.

Breathe a sigh of relief when they see Professor rudiger there however Gerard tells them both that they will receive five demerits this shocks Rennie and arendir arendir asks Gerard to wait and she shouts at him she thinks Gerard should have checked if they were okay first Gerard responds by asking a render what good she has done to be yelling.

Like this a reender explains that she tried to send the students back to safety Gerard comments that he can see a render's mouth is still working even though she couldn't take care of her own safety a renderer suggests that Gerard should at least save Renee from getting demerits Renee chimes in and explains that she accidentally fell asleep while.

Studying Gerard tells Renee that he appreciates her dedication but she should have been aware of the situation Remy apologizes a render notices a change in the professor's attitude and wonders why he's acting differently Gerard asks a render to take Renee back to the dorms and tells them both that he won't give them demerits a render asks.

If he's serious about not giving them demerits Gerard asks a render if she's refusing he says if she doesn't want it he'll just give them demerits quickly a render tells Renee to come along they both walk away telling the professor that the wolf is in the vicinity Gerard faces the werewolf and informs it that he's aware of its presence the wolf runs.

Away Gerard then tells arender and Renee to quickly find a safe place to go to after that he follows the werewolf the werewolf takes a big jump and lands on top of a building Gerard uses a chain to follow it and jump up to the rooftop Rene asks if the professor is using levitation Magic a render thinks that's what he's doing the wolf jumps from one.

Rooftop to another and Gerard follows closely trying to catch it the wolf attempts to attack Gerard but he uses his magic to fend it off the wolf tries to run away again leaving Rene in awe a render wonders aloud if what they're witnessing is a battle between Mages finally Gerard gets close to the wolf and uses his magic to make it fall to.

The ground he continues to use his magic to harm the wolf but Gerard is starting to feel tired using too much magic power isn't good for him Gerard realizes that he can't use magic in front of the students he needs to end this fight quickly and deal with the other Wolf the wolf attempts to growl at Gerard again showing it still has some strength left.

Then surprisingly the wolf uses a tool Gerard is shocked because he didn't expect a werewolf to know how to use a tool the wolf runs away and Gerard is left thinking that this is a werewolf that can use tools since it's based on a wolf it shouldn't have the intellect to use tools Beyond measuring its enemy's strength Gerard starts to question.

Whether this creature is truly a werewolf meanwhile Aiden and Leo are on the lookout for tasty they're calling out her name in an attempt to locate her Leah suggests to Iden that maybe they should give up because they can't seem to find tasty anywhere Leo thinks that perhaps tasty went back on her own but Aiden reminds Leo that they can't be.

Sure they also feel responsible for not properly declining the BET Leo asks Iden if he truly believes that tasty is still out searching for the werewolf Aiden replies that maybe no one else but tasty would do such a thing Leo agrees to keep searching for tasty for another 30 minutes but if they can't find her by then they should just go suddenly they.

Hear a voice Leo immediately rushes towards the voice and Aiden asks Leo if he heard that noise Aiden mentions that it sounded like Tasty's voice Leo agrees in points in a Direction saying they should go that way they both run in that direction and find tasty sitting there tacy asks Iden why he's here and he replies that he heard someone screaming.

Tasty raises her voice insisting that there was no screaming just then they hear another sound tasty hushes them and asks them to follow her they notice a small creature in the bushes and wonder if it's a werewolf to their surprise it's a baby werewolf tasty asks what do we do with it she claims that she won the BET Leo corrects her explaining that.

She found it but the BET was to catch it tasty is determined and says she'll catch it right now Aiden tells tasty to hold on for a moment tasty comments that it seems like Aiden doesn't want to lose either Iden clarifies that it's not about winning or losing he thinks the baby wolf might be hurt and unable to move that's why it's hiding under leaves.

In such a hidden spot Aiden asks tasty if she believes the baby wolf could have hidden like that all by itself tasty questions I did asking if he's suggesting there might be another werewolf nearby Aiden says he's not sure but if someone helped the baby wolf then Aiden notices something shiny around the baby Wolf's neck and wonders what it.

Could be meanwhile a larger wolf is standing behind them the wolf starts to Howl at them and everyone panics and tries to get away tasty realizes it's a real wolf and tells them that she's going to take it down she's willing to do it to restore her family name but Aiden tries to protect tasty from the wolf and jumps on her to save her and.

Leo calls for him Aiden asks if Tasty's okay tasty asks why he did it and Aiden explains that he can't just sit back and watch his friend become less defensive the wolf turns in the opposite direction and Aiden tells tasty that he thinks the wolf is protecting its baby in case they're in trouble Aiden asks the wolf if he's right tasty asks Aiden what he's.

Doing tasty says there's no way a wolf would understand him Aiden reassures the wolf that it is all right and that he won't hurt it the wolf relaxes Aiden says that he thinks the wolf may have overreacted to the baby earlier tasty asks if the werewolf really understood Iden Leah warns them that you never know when a wolf will show its true colors.

Answering Tasty's question Aiden says that he knows that he sounds crazy but that they should trust him he tells Tassie that he will not hurt the wolf he asks wolf if the baby isn't in pain he shows werewolf a medicine and says that the effect might not be strong but it will make the baby feel a bit better if wolf uses it he hands the werewolf the.

Medicine the werewolf is about to take the medicine when it gets attacked and it screams out loud in pain Gerard arrives and asks them what they are doing here tasty gets scared that Professor rudiger has arrived Gerard says he'll ask them about it later and tells them to stand down for now as Iden approaches Gerard he asks him to wait a.

Moment Aiden tells Gerard that the werewolf can hear what people say so he asks him not to kill it Gerard asks Aiden what kind of nonsense is he talking about Aiden says it's not nonsense that the werewolf could Gerard notices something and quickly pushes item aside Aiden asks what happened that the professor's expression suddenly.

Changed the professor uses magic to kill and vanish the werewolf Gerard tells everyone that he'll ask about the deviation tomorrow Gerard tells them to go back to the dorms the next morning tasty Iden and Leo are sitting side by side thinking they are doomed Leo says that why out of all people it had to be Professor ruviger that caught them tasty.

Thinks that she just couldn't take the werewolf down because she was weak she can't do this she looks at Iden who is sitting silently Alisa shows up and asks them if they waited long they are shocked that the chancellor herself showed up Elisa tells them to sit comfortably tasty and Leo think if the chancellor showed up then it means it.

Won't be a normal punishment Elisa asks them why they think she called them Leo says he doesn't think it's just for demerits and Gerard tells Leo that he is right he says that the three of them need to understand how careless they were last night Gerard informs them that someone could have died if things had gone wrong and Elisa pleads with him not.

To look so distressed Gerard tells her that they shouldn't dismiss what these students did and Elisa tells him that it turned out well and that Gerard had explained the situation to her in detail Elisa informs Aiden that she heard he threw his body to save tasey and Aiden tries to explain her that it wasn't that way but she intervenes and tells him.

That his actions are dangerous and wrong and that is why she has given them all 10 demerits so far however Elisa adds that she doesn't know how to criticize their actions and decisions in such a situation she then informs them that she is going to give them all 20 merits all three students are shocked they ask her seriously and Elisa asks if Gerard has.

Any objections Gerard tells her that it's fine if that's what the chancellor wants Elisa asks the three of them to pledge to continue their efforts in the future and they thank the chancellor Aiden glances at Gerard before leaving Elisa asks Gerard if he is satisfied she tells him that she had no idea he would ask her to be gentle with the children.

Gerard tells her that it would be a bad idea to reveal his request she tells him okay she asks him if the werewolf really did not have any abnormalities he tells her yes he says that no matter how hard he thinks he doesn't remember feeling anything wrong Elisa tells him there's nothing they can do about it then she thanks him again because she says nobody.

Has died because of him she says she will expect the same from him in the future Gerard starts to remember that at that time the werewolf was definitely an unaltered human body he realizes that they weren't using wolves to create werewolves they were capturing people and turning them into werewolves Gerard isn't sorry about his choice because he.

Could have been harmed if he didn't remove the werewolves the werewolves hurt humans even at the end this fact doesn't change this is why things ended the way they did with that outcome Gerard's magic communication ball glows Gerard uses it to tell Hans that it's him he asks Hans for a favor Leo is still finding it hard to believe that.

They got rewarded instead of getting in trouble tasty asks Leo how his arm is Leo says it's better now but he needs to be careful for a few days tasey notices that Aiden is sitting quietly she asks Iden if something is wrong Aiden says no it's just that yesterday's baby werewolf there was a strange leash-like thing around its neck tasty get surprised and.

Asks really Leo tells her to speak more quietly Aiden explains that's why he tried to stop Professor rudiger he thought someone might be controlling the werewolves Leo adds that thinking about it now he heard a strange rumor about suspicious people hiding in theorn tasty asks weren't those rumors false Leah says he's not sure it's odd for a.

Werewolf to have a leash on oh and Aiden wants to say tasty interrupts and asks if Aiden wants to talk about Professor rudiger Aiden confirms and says he doesn't want to accuse Professor ruviger but he seemed a bit strange last night Aiden says that at that time Professor rudiger definitely saw something tasty asks Iden if he's suggesting that.

Professor rudiger was trying to hide something Aiden says he's not completely sure but he has a feeling that Professor rudiger knows something Aiden wonders if he's just imagining things because there's no good reason for a professor from theyorn to do something like that but what if his feeling is right what if Professor rudiger is actually connected.

To the rumor tasey tells Aiden that he's being silly she tells him he's overthinking things tasty reminds Aiden about what the chancellor said she says Chancellor Elisa mentioned that Professor rudiger explained everything to her in detail if Professor rudiger was really hiding something like Iden thinks why would he explain it to the.

Chancellor tasty tells Aiden that even though Professor rudiger acted like he didn't care he actually looked out for them tasty wonders if Aiden is suspecting Professor rudiger like this Aiden agrees with tasty saying he thinks she's right and adds that they don't need to worry about it for now he mentions he's hungry and suggests they.

Go eat something Leo agrees mentioning it's lunchtime Aiden invites Stacey to come along and she asks if she can join them Aiden says that's the idea frenzy together he asked her if they aren't already friends tasey responds that she guesses she can go with them Aiden expresses his happiness and Leah lets out a sigh in a different scene.

Hans asks Gerard if he checked all the files hand sent him Gerard confirms that he did Hans shares that the people who recently went missing in leather belt along with the places where these specific people met are connected to a group of big individuals frequently entering and leaving a nearby abandoned Factory Gerard is confident and says.

He's certain it's there he Praises Hans saying he did well Hans lets Gerard know that he also looked into the other thing Gerard asked him to investigate Han says that some workers on the outskirts of town recently went missing Gerard asks if among them there was a family of three Hans confirms that yes that was the only case where an entire family.

Disappeared Gerard acknowledges this and tells Hans he's leaving outside of building two guards are stationed one guard complains to the other that he's incredibly bored and wonders how much longer they have to stay there the other guy replies that he doesn't know maybe two more days he adds that the situation is frustrating because of the people who.

Escaped the first guard asks how they were managing things inside if they allowed them to escape like that the other person says that the child they had taken wasn't given enough drug they had to take him out to give him more dosage but he started shouting crying and throwing a fit the surprising part is that no one thought that his parents.

Would make a huge noise after seeing their child like that the other person asks if the parents were still able to recognize their child even though they had become werewolves the first person explains that yes the parents recognized him and that's why they caused a commotion and got away he informs him that they asked a reliable person to.

Handle the cleanup the other person asks if that child is the reason why they're facing difficulties the first person agrees and says that if he had been there he would have just scolded the child suddenly they hear someone coming close in an instant Gerard arrives in and defeats both of them Hans wonders if Gerard has arrived he remarks that.

Gerard is wearing impressive attire Hans notices that Gerard seems fully ready Hans asks Gerard if he's planning to go alone Gerard inquires if Hans would have helped if he asked him to Hans responds that he could handle a few less skilled folks Gerard assures Hans that he's okay going by himself Gerard then asks Hans how many of them are there Han says.

There are about 40 people Hans explains they're getting ready to leave and if Gerard and hands were even three days late their efforts would be wasted Gerard asks Hans about the strength of these 40 people Han suggests it's best to assume each person has a gun a round three have strong armor and two are skilled dark Mages hands lets Gerard.

Know that he can use the sewer drainage to get in Hans wishes Gerard to take care Gerard asks Hans about the family he mentioned earlier particularly the child's age hands responds that the child was seven years old a very young kid Gerard listens and enters the building inside he starts fighting and defeating the people there advancing.

Deeper into the building a bee buzzes behind Gerard a man within the building notices and comments that there might be an undercover person among them another man gives an order to the security team instructing them to stop what they're doing and send all their men to that location the man expresses doubt that it's one of the security Personnel the.

Other man says it's probably better if it's not one of them he adds that this way he can eliminate them without anyone caring the people with guns shoot at Gerard but none of the bullets hurt him the shooters realize that there's no sound when they fire they figure out that Gerard is a mage since bullets aren't effective they decide to take out.

Their knives Gerard then reveals his own gun one of the shooters mocks Gerard saying his weapon won't work in this situation however Gerard shoots and kills him the other shooter becomes scared when he realizes Gerard used magical bullets then a person wearing armor arrives holding an electric gun he tells the shooters to step aside it's.

His turn now this armored person warns Gerard that if he gets hit by the electric gun he's done for even if he's a mage the person in armor shoots at Gerard and asks how it feels but surprisingly Gerard uses a type of magic called Alchemy added metal Elemental Magic this confuses the armored person because high-powered electricity doesn't.

Work on metal Elemental Magic Gerard then uses his magic to attack the armored man turning him into ashes Gerard wonders if he has dealt with 20 people already he know this is the B Gerard had a feeling something was watching him he realizes that someone was observing him using an insect Gerard thinks it might be the insect Brothers.

From the Black World Gerard can tell they're waiting for him inside he consider is dealing with these insects first he Stomps on the ground creating a magical Circle that eliminates all the bees around him the bee on the man's hand inside the building also dies the man notices that all the signals coming from the insects have been stopped.

Before the signals were cut the man felt a vibration it was a sound magic derived from wind Elemental Magic the man figures out that Gerard uses both metal and wind Elements which might be a problem he understands that the smaller elements are weaker Against the Wind element he decides he'll need to bring out the stronger ones the man tells.

Someone named Baron to get ready he says that based on Gerard's path he's likely to come here they should prepare to welcome Gerard suddenly the lights go out the man gives the order to turn on the backup generator he informs his brother that he thinks the bastard Shenanigans is behind this situation his brother doesn't say anything in response.

The man turns to look at his brother and sees that his brother's head has been taken off this site shocks the man it Dawns on him that Gerard is already inside the room the time since the Lights Went Out hasn't been very long the man decides he has to strike Gerard first and takes out a crawling insect from his sleeve but then the man.

Realizes that Gerard is behind him the man notices that Gerard is using close combat skills even though he's a mage this surprises him he starts wondering what kind of Mage Gerard is the man realizes the situation is dangerous so he needs to create some distance between them Gerard activates his flame bolt magic the man becomes frightened when he.

Realizes that Gerard has finished casting such a powerful spell in such a short time Gerard uses the flame Bowl to burn down the man Gerard aims his gun at the man and asks him who he is the man's group of Fighters is standing nearby frightened because Gerard took down the man so easily tirard then looks at the man who seems to be leading the group.

Unexpectedly the man's headless brother attack tax Gerard using an insect's lay this man holds onto his neck where his head should be and says that it hurts this man's hand has a mouth that talks saying it was a surprise to get attacked like this the hand explains to Gerard that he managed to kill brino before this man could intervene Gerard realizes.

This individual is in the form of an insect Gerard notices that this insect form is still fine even after its head was removed the insect form explains that its body is beyond human limits the insect form mentions that it's not sad about its younger brother Bruno's death but it warns Gerard that it's going to tear Gerard apart as payment for that.

Loss the insect form transforms completely into a gigantic insect its group of men become scared and run away to save themselves Gerard asks the insect if it doesn't care about its own followers the insect responds by asking Gerard why he's worried about the followers when he himself won't stand still Gerard takes out his gun and.

Shoots at the insect but the insect isn't affected by it then Gerard uses his flame bolt magic to try to stop the insect but the insect manages to avoid it even though it is of large size Gerard uses all this strength to cast a powerful magic attack on the insect but even after being hit directly by the magic the insect Remains unharmed the.

Insect informs Gerard that if he wants to burn it to ashes he'll need to use a magic of the fourth rank but suddenly Gerard disappears leaving the insect confused about where he went Gerard leaps and lands behind the insect the insect notices that Gerard moves quickly like a bothersome insect Gerard realizes that using guns and third ranked magic.

Won't work anymore it also seems like the insect won't give him time to cast a fourth ranked Spell Gerard didn't want to do this but he doesn't have a choice meanwhile outside Hans is feeling cold and regrets not wearing warmer clothes he thinks Gerard should have finished by now hands guesses that facing two powerful dark Mages at once must have.

Been difficult for Gerard hands then notices light emanating from the building the entire building starts burning with flames Hans realizes that Gerard has actually used the real magic after all hands Ponders over the term real magic and wonders what it truly means Gerard appears Hans questions Gerard about what's happening inside the.

Building Gerard informs Hans that everything has been handled including the test subjects Hans learns that there was no way to change the test subjects back into humans as they had hoped Gerard confirms that the most compassionate approach was to end their suffering without pain hands holds the drug that turns humans.

Into werewolves hands comments on how frightening the world can be he finds it hard to believe that such a large-scale experiment involving humans could happen without someone supporting it from behind the scenes Gerard reassures Hans not to worry and shares that he has already discovered the identity of the person responsible Hans has many.

Questions but he decides to Let It Go understanding that it's something he can't really stop anyway he tells Gerard that he will move forward on his own Gerard watches his Hans leaves inside of big house there's a man who is very mad at his housemates he asks them if what they made can really be called food he throws the plates away because he's so.

Angry he tells them that all they want is his money he doesn't think anyone here does their job properly the man calls them really bad names and says they're not worth his money he walks away and says he doesn't like any of the people here this man gave a lot of money but they couldn't take care of us single test subject the man thinks whoever did.

It should be thanked for getting rid of the subject the man still believes progress is happening he thinks a real result will come to him soon the completion of the medicine that will make this man's old body young again is almost done not only will he be young but he'll also be stronger and better this man named Bellport Rixon used his.

Life's energy to make a special medicine while he's thinking Gerard calls out to him from behind Bellport wants to know who Gerard is but suddenly Gerard jumps on him and makes him fall down scared Bellport calls for his security but Gerard tells him that the security won't come because he has soundproofed the room already Bellport is surprised and.

Gets really mad Gerard then tells bellboard that he's going to ask one thing Gerard says a seven-year-old child's parents turned into monsters even in that terrible situation the child had to survive this child was even smiling as if he was saying thank you to them Gerard wants to know what Bellboy thinks about the person who had to burn.

That smiling child to death Bellport starts laughing and asks Gerard if he's the one who took care of the subject who escaped Bellport says to Gerard that there seems to be a mistake in their understanding Bellport wants Gerard to put him down and have a conversation Gerard asks Bellport to reply to his question Bellport asked Gerard if he's.

Concerned about looking after the subjects Bellport tells Gerard not to worry Bellport mentions that common people like that child don't matter much he says it's more like they provided an opportunity in their lives that didn't have much meaning it was a chance for the progress of humans a big sacrifice Gerard tells Bellport that's enough he.

Doesn't need to say more Gerard injects Bellport with a drug Gerard tells bellborg that he was overflowing to the point that he's not even Angry Anymore Bellport asks Gerard what he did to him Gerard tells Bellport that he read the records from the research Research Center and they were very fascinating Gerard explains that they found a drug.

That can turn a person into a werewolf even with a small amount however Gerard wonders about something else he asks what would happen if someone took a very strong drug like that all at once in a big amount suddenly Bellport changes into a huge monster Gerard tells Bellport that no matter how much Gerard talks Bellport wouldn't understand.

Gerard's feelings so Gerard wants bellboard to experience the same pain instead the security team outside the room becomes curious about what's going on inside bellport's room they enter the room and are surprised to find a monster inside the security team is really surprised to see such a big monster they're wondering where it came from the.

Security team decides to control the monster first they tell those who can't use magic to go find bellboard they try to use Firepower and Magic to defeat the monster the scene changes hands is looking at a storage locker and wonders what's all this Gerard tells Hans to take some for himself and hide the rest for now Gerard then goes away Hans tells.

Gerard that he worked really hard to get this place Hans asks Gerard why he doesn't check the place first Gerard says he will come back later Gerard says he'll return with a new identity that fits in with the black World Hans tells Gerard that he should take a break Gerard walks past a canal and squeezes his hand tight reporters are outside.

Bellport's house they're wondering if the famous billboard Rixon was really consumed by a monster someone mentions that when the security team got there they didn't find Rickson just the monster they speculate that maybe the rumors about Bellport being involved in dark magic were true another person asks what happened to the monster someone.

Else answers that the security Mages took care of it they explained that it took an hour of continuous fire to get rid of the monster the reporters are shocked when they see not only the National Security Bureau but also the Nightcrawler Knights and leaving them is the head protector Grand Master Tarina lyonhal the reporters are thinking is.

This situation really so important that even the National Security is here it seems like they won't get an exclusive Story one of the reporters thinks he should write an article about the National Security instead Tarina gives an order for the door to be opened the guard tells Tarina that they were told no one can go inside Tarina asks the.

Guard again to open the door the guard listens and opens the door inside a senior inspector named teberan welcomes Grandmaster Terina Terina tells teberen that from now on the National Security Bureau will take over the investigation Tarina asks tepperin to hand over all the evidence and clues he has and then leave tepperin hesitates a little and.

Then agrees Tarina tells everyone to step back and go away tarina's teammate Enya breeds a sigh of relief and says it was difficult to create the right atmosphere her other teammate Lloyd tells Enya not to act silly Enya tells Lloyd that they don't need to pretend when nobody is watching Lloyd says that even when no one's looking they should.

Always be prepared for any situation as nightcrawlers Tarina signals Lloyd to be quiet and mentions that they just need to avoid looking too relaxed however Tarina reminds them not to forget the reason they came here for both of them assure Tarina that they understand Terina gazes at the burnt body of the monster in comments on how sad it is she.

Adds that there were rumors about Bellport being involved in dark magic and being a Cryptid as well so it can't just be a coincidence that he was killed by a monster Lloyd reads from a report that states a monster appeared and Bellport Rixon was killed Lloyd informs Tarina that the statements from Witnesses are all consistent Tarina.

Closely examines the monster's body and notes that it's burned both outside and inside Taryn suggest your team search the inside of the place more carefully they begin their search Tarina looks at a painting on the wall and notices that its frame is crooked but the wall is clean when she moves the painting she.

Finds a hidden space behind it Tarina sees that there's nothing inside that hidden space she figures that the hidden spaces size and position seems suitable for a secret Locker or safe Anya wonders why there would be a safe Lloyd explains that Bellport Rixon was known for being an evil businessman he might have had black money to hide terraina agrees and.

Suggests that he might have kept emergency funds or hidden money in something like this she thinks that there should have been a safe there until the night before at least Tarina mentions that the clean floor suggests something isn't right like the sudden death the monster and the missing hiding place it's too much to just be a.

Coincidence someone played a part in bellport's death but how did they manage to leave no traces like this Terrain Arena suggests that the only person she knows with enough skill for this is arsene Lupine Lloyd asks who Tarina tells Lloyd that it's nothing then she asks Lloyd if there have been any unusual incidents in leather Blick.

Recently Lloyd tells Tarina that there was one an abandoned Factory that burned down he adds that the timing of this incident isn't far from when Bellboy died Tarina believes that there's definitely a connection she tells her team that they should investigate further and suggests they get going Gerard is sitting in his room dealing.

With the effects of using magic it's causing him a lot of pain and these effects are really serious for him that magic he used is really strong and uses a lot of his magic power because Gerard's magic power leaks out even when he breathes if he didn't have special pills he would have been in a lot of trouble when he takes the medicine he.

Starts feeling better terrar thinks that now he doesn't need to worry about the werewolves anymore because he birthed them all completely he she remembers that there's one person left Aiden Aiden was there until the end and he blocked Gerard it looked odd to see Gerard getting rid of the werewolves so easily and Aiden was the closest person to.

Gerard at that time even though Gerard burned the werewolf very quickly he wonders if Aiden might have seen something even if it was just for a moment darn it Gerard didn't expect things to get so messed up like this he can't be sure Iden won't tell anyone about this Gerard thinks about what to do and the only option he sees is does.

He have to kill Aiden he remembers Iden saying to the werewolf that he won't harm it Gerard clenches his hand and decides that's not a good idea because Iden is a student of feyorn and harming him is risky Aiden is also watched closely by the chancellor and Gerard doesn't want the chancellor to suspect him Gerard decides he should rest for.

Now and focus on getting better he remembers that Aiden mentioned learning a special kind of magic from a Wandering mage when he was young Gerard wonders if this is just a strange coincidence meanwhile Tarina arrives at the burned building and comments that she thought it would have been like this Anya mentions that everything is burnt Lloyd.

Adds that it's going to be difficult to find any clues in such a damaged area Tarina asked how a fire could happen in a factory that's already abandoned and it happened at the same time as Billboard's death 2. Lloyd suggests that maybe the factory wasn't really abandoned but just marked as abandoned terraina agrees saying that otherwise it.

Wouldn't have caught fire so suddenly Anya wonders if maybe dark Mages or Cryptids were being researched here and they set the place on fire after they were discovered terena agrees that it's a possibility but they don't know who found them out terena knew about the place but she hadn't planned to investigate it yet she starts thinking.

If this means they went to such lengths to hide evidence from someone or could it all be just a coincidence there are too many thing things to consider for that though Tarina asks Lloyd if there are any other unusual cases like this one Lloyd says there's only one the werewolf that caused trouble a few days ago it appeared at theorn Academy Tarina.

Asks theorn Lloyd confirms it and explains that the werewolf came through the sewers terraina understands because the security there isn't strong but she's concerned about the students she also asks about the werewolf situation Lloyd informs her that the werewolf was dealt with after three students were hurt a professor took care of it Tarina.

Comments that theor and professors are really capable and she asks if they verified the werewolf's corpse Lloyd says no there was no corpse left everything was burnt Torina is surprised by this and asks burnt Lloyd wonders if Terina has an idea and suggests they go to theorn Tarina decides that nil they should stay and gather evidence here.

Tarina starts considering the situation a burn Factory and a burned werewolf connecting them with just one similarity might be a bit of a stretch but she's keeping it as a possibility the Nightcrawler's purpose is to remove any threats to the Empire after all in a classroom of thejorn students are having a discussion one student asks if.

Professor rudiger really hunted down the werewolf another student explains that Professor rudiger comes from the military and has been involved in dealing with Cryptids the first student is amazed and says they had a feeling Professor rubiger was special right from the first day meanwhile Renee is figuring out what to do she doesn't have.

A place to sit there are empty seats in the middle but it seems like other students would not moving to make space after the incident everyone has been avoiding Rene she notices an empty seat outside suddenly a render calls out to Renee and asks how she's been Renee sits next to her and answers yes she's grateful that the only open seat is next.

To princess arender students start talking about Renee saying how a commoner like her dares to sit next to a princess someone mentions how close Renee was acting with the princess another student wonders when they became so close Renee looks at the princess and remembers the night she asked if Professor rudiger would be okay the.

Princess reassured Renee saying rudiger is a true professor at theorn and she shouldn't worry princess asks Renee why she's out so late Renee explains that nobody woke her up the princess gets annoyed and says that's not right she should go complain to the librarian but Renee says it's okay it's her own fault for falling asleep Renee then asks a.

Render what a princess like her is doing there and rendier explains that she's helping students who are outside to get back to their dorms Rennie is surprised that the princess is doing this herself a render tells Renee to just call her by her name and that at theorn everyone is treated equally Renee can't believe that the princess herself is patrolling and.

Talking to to her a commoner so easily Renee feels shy and uncomfortable being next to a princess she's worried that something might happen if she lets her guard down Gerard comes into the class and announces that the class is about to start Gerard Begins by telling them that he's going to talk about a trait of manifestation the basics and principles.

Of Elemental attributes he explains that Elemental attributes are one of the four main aspects of magic and are really important they're like the most basic building blocks of magic and many new students already know about them but Gerard is there to teach a new way to understand them Flora gets curious about the new way she wonders what Professor.

Rudiger is going to show them this time Gerard goes on to explain that this new way can help increase their elemental power from 20 to over 80 percent the students start to wonder if such a method really exists they don't think Professor rudiger would lie though Gerard talks to a student named Anthony and asks what kinds of Elemental.

Attributes he can use Anthony answers that he can use water ice and plants Gerard then asks Anthony to show the element he's most confident with so Anthony starts using manifestation magic to make ice appear Gerard tells Anthony that his ice manifestation is okay but not outstanding Anthony thanks Gerard Gerard explains that this means.

Anthony's ability to use his manifested element isn't very strong Anthony feels a bit sad about this Gerard wants the students to watch him carefully as he demonstrates he beautifully creates a snow crystal using his magic tasty asks Leo if the snow crystal Gerard made is really from the same magic power Leo says the efficiency of Gerard's magic is.

At a much higher level Gerard notices that now all of them seem interested he tells them he will start by explaining the theory behind it Gerard talks about how Elemental attributes have a long history in Magic they used to be considered the basis for all types of magic but now they're a part of manifestation magic Gerard presents the.

Class with the four major Elements which are much simpler than the more than 10 elements they know today then he asks the class if anyone knows why Elemental attribute magic has become so important Gerard offers five merits for whoever gets it right and uses the fire element as an example one student answers that fire was used to chase away Darkness.

Gerard replies that it's not right and he asks for the next answer another student says that fire was used to burn down in clear forests Gerard acknowledges the answer but asks for another one a student says that fire was used to get rid of the original fear that humans had Darkness Gerard says that this student could be good at.

Writing poems then floral lumos raises her hand Gerard asks her what her answer is Flora says that fire was used to burn people and kill them Gerard confirms that her answer is correct fire water wind and electricity were used for war in and fighting but amidst all that fire became a symbol of survival in the cold water-powered water wheels wind moved.

Windmills and electricity lit up the darkness the purpose of the elements can change based on what people do Gerard advises the students to work towards making the world better and that's the attitude they should have when learning about Elemental attributes Gerard then says he will start the class he instructs everyone to create an.

Elemental sphere using their magic Gerard specifically guides Joseph because his magical skills are still quite an experience for his level he then turns to Arena carrollman and asks if she's trying to make a sphere with a plant attribute Gerard compares her attempt to a dried up leaf on the ground during late Autumn he encourages Arena.

To think of a new plant sprouting from the ground Leo notices that Professor rudiger is being quite persistent in his guidance Leo notices Aiden and asks him why he's not using any Elemental Magic Gerard walks over to and wonders why he's acting this way he wonders if Aiden is trying to rebel against him because of the werewolf incident but Gerard.

Doesn't think that's true Gerard asks Iden if he's not experienced in using Elemental Magic Aiden admits this and feels embarrassed about it Gerard realizes that's the case he thinks about it Aiden is a student of thejorn known for being special yet he doesn't even have the basics of Elemental Magic down Gerard doesn't feel responsible for.

Someone who can't even manage the basics it's not a big issue if Aiden falls behind in class but Gerard asks Iden to mention the elemental attributes he can use he asks Iden if he knows them Aiden replies that he can use fire water and wind Gerard proposes they try with the fire element Iden looks confused Gerard clarifies that it means he'll teach Iden.

He says he can't leave students behind right from the beginning Gerard instructs Aiden to gather his magic power and then asks if a knows how to do basic magic manifestation Aiden says yes Gerard tells Aiden to think about turning that magic into a specific element in this case fire Aiden agrees to give it a try Gerard advises Iden not.

To rely only on his mind but to try and feel the attributes of a flame using his senses Gerard advises Aiden to remember the brightest flame he has ever seen he wants him to recall its shape the sound it made how it felt and even the smell Gerard recalls a memory from eight years ago during a snowstorm he he remembers the smells of burning firewood charcoal.

And cooking stew he also remembers the sounds of his sister's whining his mother's anger and his father's arrival the memory holds the feeling of a harsh season with little food and cold winds but the fireplace's flame offered Comfort to Aiden to Aiden that warmth feels like it happened just yesterday Aiden opens his eyes and sees that he.

Has successfully manifested a flame in his hands Gerard Praises Aiden saying he did a good job Gerard describes the flame Iden created as warm and gentle instead of being hot and destructive he mentions that he can understand what Aiden was thinking of other students are surprised by Professor rudiger giving compliments Gerard explains to Iden that.

The flame in his hands is the exact fire that Aiden thought of it's not just a regular Elemental fire it's iden's own special flame his personal magic Aiden is surprised to realize that this is his own magic Leo advises Aiden to remember that feeling Gerard adds that he believes everyone understands now that the method he's teaching is about using.

Their own experiences and senses while having basic knowledge about Elemental attributes is important like knowing that fire is hot and ice is cold that's something even a three-year-old knows a true Mage needs to add something special Gerard that instructs the students to try manifesting their element by recalling an intense moment from their.

Lives he asks them to use all five senses to feel that element the students are surprised that this technique actually works and makes their manifestation different from before Flora believed she already knew this much and thought Professor rudiger would teach something new she guesses it wasn't anything significant she wonders.

Why he's putting so much effort into teaching a freshman in so much detail and praising him just for manifesting an element Flora wonders were the person who embarrassed her in front of everyone during a first class is gone she had planned to go unnoticed but she decides to manifest in element as a challenge to professor rudiger she wants to see if he.

Will praise her too her benchmate asks if she's using overwhelming magic and if she can already do that Flora considers trying to use wind magic to create a Whirlpool with her element Flora successfully creates a Whirlpool her Benchmade asked her asks if it's safe to do that she tries to tell Flora to stop Flora realizes that the situation could.

Become dangerous and she needs to control it she understands that she must create a barrier to protect others from the potential explosion the other students start running away to keep themselves safe Gerard approaches flora and encourages her to focus he advises her not to give up and to control her magic power he offers his help Flora's.

Magic starts becoming more stable with Gerard's guidance he urges Flora to keep concentrating because the task isn't finished yet he points out that if she stops now her magic will disappear without achieving anything Gerard asks Flora if she's okay with that Flora replies to Gerard that since she's already come this far she will finish.

What she started people usually have two main ways of looking at Flora With Envy or jealousy Flora doesn't pay attention to those negative opinions about her she steps over them and ignores them what's tough for her is when her father looks at her coldly as if she's not even there Flora remembers the time when the professor told her that he would give.

Her 10 demerit points that experience didn't just make her feel defeated it also brought back a painful memory from her childhood that she wished to forget although she couldn't see professor's face since she was turned away she's certain her father looked at her with the same cold stare he often has the lumos family always remembers their.

Anger and Grudges on that day Flora promised herself that she would someday defeat rudiger with her skills she was determined to do that Flora's magic which was unstable in color began to stabilize she continues to work on it a bit more and eventually succeeds Professor tells Flora that what she did was a foolish action he explains that.

Failing an image attempt is fine as anyone can fail sometimes but making other students suffer because of it is a different matter Flora apologizes Gerard points out that this is especially true since her ability to combine two elements is not very good Flora is surprised and asks for clarification Gerard explains that it seems like she.

Tried to combine Fire and Ice elements Gerard explains that it's challenging to mix two elements that are opposite to each other Flora agrees and mentions that she actually succeeded in doing it she acknowledges that she went too far when attempting to combine three elements however she believes she did perfectly when combining Fire and Ice.

Gerard demonstrates the correct way to do it he tells Flora that she should recognize the difference Gerard Praises Flora's combined element as beautiful because she managed to freeze a Burning Flame however he adds that it ends there he asks Flora why she uses magic is it just to impress others Flora doesn't respond and her friend Cheryl becomes.

Worried about her Gerard uses magic to create a snowfall effect Gerard explains that he combined the stability of fire with the coldness of ice to create a magic that's great for stopping fires Flora realizes that Professor rudiger managed to use the same elements to make a more useful magic she feels like she's lost completely Gerard assures Flora.

That he's not criticizing her for lacking skills Flora is confused and asks for clarification Gerard clarifies that he genuinely finds her ability impressive he mentions that he hasn't seen any one of her age manipulate magic like she can however he does have a concern that goes deeper according to Gerard Flora's magic seems to exist only.

For the purpose of showing off to others Gerard mentions that he doesn't really have the authority to tell her how she should use her magic but he hopes she discovers a deeper purpose for it Beyond just impressing others he encourages her to find a way to live up to her own value Flores eyes brighten up with realization Gerard instructs all the.

Students to go back to their seats Flora notices that the professor wasn't making fun of her or disappointed in her he truly cared about her she thinks about how even her own father never looked at her with that kind of concern Flora's head starts to ache Cheryl comes over and Flora assures her that she's okay she's just feeling a bit dizzy from.

Using too much magic power Flora starts to feel like she might faint at any moment she also wonders if the professor is all right he must have used more magic power than she did just now Gerard is relieved that he had the medicine in his mouth he feels like his head is about to burst he realizes that Flora not only managed to combine elements but.

Even came close to performing a high-level Magic by combining three elements this reminds Gerard of a time when his teacher confronted him for being too arrogant he remembers that memory and thinks he might have been too harsh on Flora he hopes she doesn't feel hurt by his words regardless of that he wishes for Flora to overcome challenges.

And succeed he believes the advice he gave her was an empty talk as he looks around he wonders so this is theorn where everyone is doing well Gerard recalls that Chancellor Elisa mentioned this year's freshman had a lot of talent a so-called golden age of students Gerard looks at Rennie and asks her if something is wrong he notices that an.

Elemental attribute isn't appearing for her he clarifies that there isn't any element appearing at all Rennie agrees with him Gerard concludes the class and assigns homework for the students to review what they learned today he then asks Renee to come with him to his office inside the office Gerard asks Renee to wait there Renee starts to.

Wonder why the professor called her she's unsure if this is a personal meeting she worries that maybe the professor wants to remove her from the class she thinks it's reasonable considering she can't even manifest her Elemental attribute Rennie doesn't want to leave Professor rudiger's class though Gerard returns with a document in.

His hand Renee wonders if it's a form to change classes she had a feeling this would happen that the professor wants her to join a different class with another professor before Gerard can say anything Renee quickly speaks up she promises to give her best effort and do whatever he asks she pleads with him to let her stay in his class Gerard asks.

Her what she's talking about and hands her a book Renee realizes that it's not a form for changing classes Gerard tells her that she's been saying strange things lately Renee takes the book from him Gerard explains that she should read this book and study it from now on it's a book about understanding non-elemental magic he tells her that it will.

Introduce her to a new method she probably hasn't considered before Renee asks him where he found such a book Gerard responds that he knows certain people and this book is the result of their lifelong research Renee expresses surprise that there are others who can use non-elemental magic like her she asks about the person who wrote the book.

Gerard sadly informs her that the person is already passed away Renee questions Gerard If this means she won't be able to learn different types of magic Gerard replies based on his knowledge and inquires if she's disappointed Renee confirms this and admits she still wanted to work with an element even if she wasn't very good at it Gerard then.

Asks her how she perceives someone who specializes in just one element Renee wonders if that person isn't very talented Gerard clarifies that it's not accurate he explains that someone who focuses on just one element is actually immensely skilled with it their magic can even influence natural events because of their Mastery that's how.

Proficient they are with their chosen element Renee then understands what he meant Gerard agrees and asks Renee to consider how non-elemental magic might work Renee mentions that it should mean there's no element involved Gerard clarifies that it's not yet confirmed if non-elemental magic truly lacks an element he mentions that the 10th metal.

Element used to be grouped with the Earth element in the past so Gerard advises Rene not to be overly concerned the world and Magic continue to evolve he assigns her the task of reading the book He's giving her Gerard believes that non-elemental magic is intriguing and he recognizes that Renee possesses the sight of judgment he's surprised to.

Witness the eyes of someone who can distinguish between good and evil however this Revelation is prior to over full Awakening and Renee seems unaware of it for now Gerard shares that the book she authored is reaching Renee in this way and he considers it fate Aiden is practicing magic and he believes he's almost done with it the technique that.

Professor rudiger taught him has been a significant help Aiden remembers that when the professor was dealing with magic his eyes seemed kind and wise Aiden wonders if it was a mistake for him to doubt Professor rudiger he thinks that someone who enjoys magic couldn't be a bad person Aiden notices that all the aristocratic students are gathered.

Around a particular boy he's curious about who that might be likely someone accomplished meanwhile jevin arrives and inquires about the situation looking at Iden he mocks Iden for not being able to manifest his own element and for hanging around an arrogant child Leo gets upset and raises his voice at jevin but Aiden asks Leo to stay calm and let Aiden.

Handle it Aiden tells jevin that he doesn't know why jevin is so bothered by him but Aiden is willing to apologize now Aiden asks given if they can move past this issue jevin responds with an offer saying they can if Aiden does one thing Neil tasty intervenes telling jevin to stop and asking if he isn't ashamed as a noble jevin dismisses tasty.

Calling her a fallen Noble and suggesting she acts this way due to her lack of Education this angers tasty and she threatens jevin asking if he wants her to kill them Aiden tells jevin that it's okay for jevin to criticize him but he won't stand for jevin speaking ill of Aiden's friends jivin taunts Iden asking what Aiden plans to do jevin asks if.

Aiden wants to fight Gene throws a glove to Aiden and jevin agrees saying all right jeevan challenges Iden to a Magic Duel Leo asks Aiden what his plan is Aiden responds by saying that if he wins jevin has to apologize to Leo and tasty jevin doubts iden's ability to win jevin tells Aiden to prepare to kneel just then Gerard arrives and addresses both.

Of them Gerard asks them what they're doing and they become frightened Aiden thinks Gerard is like a hero from a manga Gerard asks jeevan to explain the situation jevin says it's a fair duel he asked for it officially and the opponent accepted Gerard says a Magic Duel between first-year students is not a good idea jevin questions if first-year.

Students can't have duels Gerard wonders why jevin is acting like this and realizes jevin wants to impress the popular boy Gerard tells them he won't punish them for something that didn't actually happen and ask them to return to their dorms Professor Chris advises Gerard to Let It Go as it's an abuse of his teacher's Authority Professor Chris.

Explains that a teacher can't actually stop a duel between students if they both agree to it students realize this is true Gerard isn't sure what Chris is planning but he feels like he's losing the situation Gerard mentions that he still can't ignore the possibility of students getting hurt Chris suggests that if.

Gerard is worried they could just watch The Duel Gerard asks Iden and jevin what they think about this they both don't mind and agree to be watched Gerard then tells Chris that if both students are okay with it they should do as Chris suggests Chris adds that there's one more thing Chris asks Gerard if he wants to make a bet Chris notes that Gerard.

Doesn't have to agree and it might seem silly to vet when the outcome is obvious but still Gerard says okay he accepts the BET from Chris Chris is surprised that Gerard agreed to the bet so quickly Chris then asks Gerard whom he thinks will win the duel Chris shares that he'll bet on jevin felio as he sees him as a pretty skilled Mage jiven feels.

Happy about this Chris wonders if Gerard was also going to bet on jevin Chris suggests changing the BET to focus on how jiven will win instead Gerard says it's not necessary and reveals that he was going to bet on Aiden Aiden is surprised by this Chris laughs and the grease mentioning that he doesn't understand Gerard's confidence Chris.

Then proposes deciding what to bet since both of them are in charge of manifestation classes how about exchanging documents about their research Gerard asks if Chris is also teaching manifestation classes this angers Chris greatly Chris warns Gerard not to think he can get away with humiliating Chris like that Gerard is.

Still wondering about Christ teaching the manifestation class Gerard suggests they hold the duel four days later Chris agrees that this time frame works and leaves the scene Hayden tells Gerard he's sorry Gerard tells Aiden to focus on finding ways to win the duel Gerard mentions that jevin has an upper hand but it's not the time to quit Gerard.

Points out that variables can happen during a fight Aiden asked about these variables Gerard tells Aiden that he already possesses that surprise element he just needs to use it at the right time Aiden realizes he can win if he employs it however Aiden expresses his desire to win solely based on his abilities and asks Gerard to teach him.

Gerard tells Aiden to remember what Gerard taught him but not to show it off carelessly Gerard also warns Aiden that if he does show it off he might get involved in dangerous and tiring situations Gerard tells Aiden that Aiden is like his source of nourishment Gerard asks Iden if he wants Gerard to go hungry and suffer on the streets Aiden.

Agrees and Promises to remember this then Gerard clarifies that he's not saying Aiden should never use what he's been taught Gerard advises Iden not to hesitate if he's in a situation where he really needs to use these skills Gerard adds that there will come a time in iden's life when he'll need to make a choice and at that point Aiden should.

Follow where his heart flows meanwhile Gerard is wondering why he's even giving this advice Gerard guard only agreed to iden's request due to iden's Specialty Ogden wants to win using his own strength now is that special skill not his own strength Gerard's size thinking he'll still assess iden's abilities Gerard tells Aiden okay he'll teach.

Aiden how to have an advantage over a mage in a fight Gerard mentions that it might not be mortifying but there's also no promise that Aiden will succeed Aiden responds saying he's up for it anyway Gerard says if that's the case they'll start training right away Aiden is a bit unsure at first but then he agrees Gerard thinks that the other side might.

Already be celebrating their Victory Gerard is curious how their expressions will change in four days later Aiden lies in his bed feeling exhausted the training was much tougher than he thought he can't believe he has to go through this for two more days Aiden wonders why Professor rudiger is so confident that Aiden will win after all.

Not many people know about Iden specialty Aiden Ponders what the professor might have some inside information eventually Aiden falls asleep meanwhile Professor Chris is burning a piece of paper using a candle's flame he's thinking about professor rudiger and how rudiger might be secretly teaching that commenter.

During his free time Chris is quite certain that rudiger is doing this even though rudiger doesn't show it Chris believes he's really eager to win Chris tells jevin that jevin already knows the reason Chris asked to meet jevin agrees saying it's to defeat that confident commoner Chris explains to jevin that it's not just about.

Winning the battle he wants jevin to show the huge difference between commoners and the Nobles Chris doesn't think jevin will lose but it's good to be cautious then Chris hands jevin a magic amplifier and tells him to drink it before the fight jevin worries if he'll be disqualified if caught using it Chris reassures him saying it's a.

Special item from benamore there's no way it will be detected Chris adds that since the cheap commoner might use any method they should respond in kind jiven gets it he places the amplifier in his pocket agreeing with Professor Chris jevin's Pride feels a bit hurt but it's better than losing to a commoner Chris tells jevin that he he's made a good.

Decision on the day of the battle everyone gathers at the training grounds wondering who will win they believe the noble jeben has a better chance someone mentions that the new commoner student Iden isn't too shabby either they also note that Aiden was connected to the werewolf incident another person corrects them saying Iden didn't catch.

The werewolf himself it was Professor rudiger who did that but it's true that Professor ruviger taught Aiden it seems Professor Chris is supporting jevin another student asks who Professor Chris is the new professor the other student explains that both Professor Chris and Professor ruviger are experts in manifestation so people often compare.

Them the first student comments that Chris seems to have bad luck this makes Chris angry Chris thinks that rudiger's overconfidence will come to an end today Chris plans to defeat rudiger in front of everyone Chancellor Elisa arrives with Professor Hugo and greets Chris wonders why she she's here in this place Elisa explains that she heard something.

Exciting was happening and wanted to join she then greets Gerard mentioning that it's been a while and asks if he's been well Elisa says that she heard about the BET and asks Gerard who he placed his bet on Gerard answers that he bet on iden's side Elisa figures that Chris must have bet on jevin then she expresses her anticipation for the.

Outcome while the student's safety is the most important Professor Marios assures Elisa that there's no need to worry the protective gear they're wearing creates a shield that prevents injuries from impacts the players start coming out Aiden is wearing armor Leo and tasty cheer for Iden jevin also enters dressed in armor and the crowd.

Cheers for him too a professor informs them that he will check them over before they begin Aiden reminds jevin about the promise he made jevin tells Iden to save that request for after Iden wins a professor checks Javen and finds everything is okay with with him then the professor turns to Iden and asks about an item he's holding Aiden.

Explains that it's his personal staff for the battle the professor takes a closer look and comments that it resembles a sword Iden clarifies that it's actually a staff designed to look like a sword after examining it the professor realizes that it's blunt and safe for use he gives Iden the green light to use it and Aiden expresses.

Gratitude the professor then announces the rules of the match whoever's magical power disconnects from their gear first loses he instructs Iden and jevin to prepare themselves and the duel begins they both start using their magic their casting speed is equal and they're both quite fast as expected jevin starts off with Fire magic Aiden thinks that jevin.

Probably chose the element with the strongest power to begin with however Javen soon realizes that Aiden is more skilled than he initially thought just by looking at the matchup jevin is in a not so good position but that's only only when they have the same magic strength jevin releases a strong burst of magic and Aiden manages to avoid it.

Jevin points out that this shows the difference between them he goes on to call Aiden a pathetic commoner Iden uses his staff to counter jevin's magic Leo notices that Aiden is being pushed back Aiden worries that he might lose if things continue like this he believes it's time to use the techniques he learned from Professor rudiger jiven.

Taunts Iden asking if he's giving up already Professor Chris starts thinking that the match is about to end however much to this surprise Aiden begins to make a comeback Professor Chris asks if the skill Iden is using is called maneuver moving he's surprised that Aiden who isn't a combat Mage is using this skill Chris wonders if Professor.

Rudiger taught Aiden this skill in the past three days more importantly he's puzzled about how a commoner learned maneuver moving in just three days Chris is really curious about what exactly happened meanwhile jevin is thinking about the basics of magic he knows that magic requires concentration and if Aiden keeps moving around it would be.

Tough for Aiden to stay focused on casting spells jevin tries to calm himself down he had already cast a spell to break iden's concentration but add in skill doesn't waver which surprises jevin then unexpectedly Aiden strikes jevin on the forehead with his staff Aiden says to jevin that it's his turn now jevin tells Aiden to wait but Aiden.

Doesn't listen the crowd cheers as the professor announces Iden as the winner Leo shouts out saying Aiden is really cool and that this Victory is the result of iden's hard training one of the noble students seems disappointed and comments that jevin is tarnishing the reputation of nobles his friend responds that she never expected much from him to begin.

With jevin a noble student is proudly displaying his status as a member of a Barren family yet he ended up losing to a regular person someone remarks that jevin is a loser who has brought disgrace to the Nobles jeevan is shocked questioning whether he actually lost he clenches his teeth feeling that something is wrong jevin thinks that the.

Commoner Iden must have used some sneaky trick how else could he cast spells while moving frustrated and angry jevin warns Iden saying he'll make Iden pay and he launches a stronger spell toward Aiden tasty shouts asking what jevin is doing Leo calls jevin a psychopath the professor steps in between them and tells Aiden to dodge Aiden remembers.

What Professor rudiger told him about how there will be a time when Aiden has to decide and should follow his heart's Instinct Iden steps forward and confronts the spell using his staff to counter it and he succeeds other students start to wonder what just happened did Aiden somehow cut the magic Gerard thinks that Aiden was quite.

Stubborn but he used that anti-magic without hesitation when it was necessary this type of magic erases other their magic Professor Chris is baffled wondering how Aiden managed to use anti-magic along with maneuver moving Javen is defeated and Aiden approaches him delivering a strong punch that knocks him to the ground Aiden remarks.

That he expected jivin to at least admit defeat honorably Hayden also adds that he didn't anticipate jevin to be so lacking in skill Henry wonders how someone could lose and behave so dishonorably she asks freuden if she's right and he responds that he doesn't know poison admits he wasn't really interested in that Barren kid to begin.

With however he adds that he's going to keep a close watch on Aiden Aiden has consistently proven that he's better than the typical Noble poident tells Henry that they should leave meanwhile Professor Chris still upset approaches Gerard and asks if he knew that Aiden could use anti-magic Gerard confirms it and questions if there's a problem.

Professor Chris exclaims if Gerard is joking with him Gerard expresses his confusion about why Chris is so angry Gerard points out that Chris is a professor for the first year students and asks if he hasn't checked their records Gerard mentions that in any case the use of anti-magic didn't impact the outcome of the battle Gerard stands up.

And adds that after all the BET was related to academic research Chris agrees and inquires if Gerard wants something Gerard replies with a simple no stating that there's nothing he wants Gerard explains that he didn't want anything to begin with he mentions that he doesn't like the idea of stealing someone else's work through a bet Gerard.

Then walks away Chris is left confused and upset with rudiger Chelsea outside Sandy that congratulates Gerard on winning the bet she wonders if he's okay with the increased attention he'll receive now Gerard replies that it's all right actually it's a good thing sanida is curious and asks for clarification Gerard explains that the chancellor.

Finds him suspicious and they are aware of their presence he adds that it's going to be difficult to clear his name from the list of suspects even with his identity as a professor Senita remarks that there's no way especially since he became a professor to avoid suspicion Gerard agrees but mentions that with this Victory he has managed to make a.

Positive impression on the chancellor Gerard is aware that changing the Chancellor's view of him won't be simple he asks Sunita for her assistance explaining that seeing her frequently with an average student might draw attention but if a professor Associates with an exceptional student it's more natural he instructs Anita to do her.

Best to become an exceptional student sanida acknowledges this as a direct order from the first order she promises she'll do it even if it means risking her life and dying Gerard tells her not to die Sanita agrees and assures him she won't die even if she has to die Gerard is a bit lost for words but concedes saying it's okay however he's becoming.

Anxious now because of him the recent happening allowed Gerard to make them believe he was on the Chancellor's side he also sent a message to Black Dawn saying he can't act hastily but he can't continue this way forever Gerard thinks he should create his own Organization for that he needs to start with suddenly Gerard's magic communication device.

Lights up he lifts it and asks Hans what's going on hands informs Gerard that he checked the nearby areas like Gerard asked Hans wants to know what their plan is for holding their position Hans admits he's unsure about the situation at the black Alleyway Gerard decides it's time to use his abilities Hans remarks that Gerard catches on.

Quickly in a somewhat unpleasant way he agrees with Gerard that they need to use Force right away Gerard thinks this is the right moment he tells Hans that he'll head over there immediately Hans asks Gerard if he's not too busy Hans mentions that this doesn't seem like a quick matter Gerard reassures Hans not to worry saying he'll make it end.

Quickly later that night inside a bar duturi who leads the red Society is really angry the bartender asks if duturi is okay due to requestions whether he looks okay he's upset that Bellport didn't give back the investment money and is dead do Turi complains that all the money they spent on bellboard is now wasted the bartender suggests that.

They should find another way while they still have some money left tuturi lets out a sigh and a grease that's why he called the bartender duturi informs him that they're planning to expand their business on a larger scale he mentions starting with dealing with the black rose group suddenly duturi notices someone approaching the bartender.

Questions what's up with the approaching guy he tells the guy they are closed and he should go away due to retalks to the approaching guy who turns out to be Gerard duchery mentions that they are closed but Gerard doesn't seem to listen Gerard asks doturi if he is the leader of the red Society duturi doesn't recognize Gerard and wonders if they've.

Met before Gerard quickly says they haven't met he explains that duturi is well known so that's why he seems familiar Gerard is in a different appearance and apologizes for not introducing himself earlier he claims his name is James Moriarty due to requestions if he is the famous James Moriarty who is crime consultant and who.

Controlled the back alley in the Kingdom of Delica duchery finds it strange that James went into hiding years ago so why is he here now do Turi decides to confirm this person's identity he laughs and says he has heard a lot about Professor Moriarty Gerard responds saying he's pleased to hear that however duturi then mentions that he's unsure if.

He can believe James words Gerard asks if due to he suspects that he might be pretending to be someone else duturi explains that James suddenly appeared in a place like this which raised doubts Gerard acknowledges that duturi has a Val reason to be suspicious he advises duturi against having his gun then draw their weapons due Tori's gunmen are.

Aiming their guns at Gerard from behind Gerard turns around and compliments the scene unfortunately Gerard doesn't believe this plan will work duturi commands his men to shoot Gerard in the shoulder they pull the triggers but their guns don't fire they are all surprised and Confused Gerard stands up and explains that this is why he warned.

Them duturi wonders when Gerard activated fire silence Gerard smiles and uses his magic to attack due to his men a huge werewolf enters the scene scaring everyone the werewolf stands beside Gerard due to his men are stunned that Gerard has werewolves under his command they wonder if Gerard was behind the previous werewolf situation previously.

Outside a building Hans notices that Gerard has arrived looking just as Gerard had described before Gerard asks Hans to explain the situation first hands informs Gerard that the place they're in the black Alleyway is divided among four dark groups the largest one is a gang known as the red Society they're involved in all sorts of shady.

Activities and have a lot of control over the black Alleyway Gerard concludes that they should Target the red Society then hands agrees saying it would be easier if they took on the red Society but he also mentions that the red Society is too powerful for them to defeat easily Hans wonders if they should start from the lower ranks Gerard.

Disagrees thinking that's a waste of time he believes it would be much quicker to go straight for the head he explains that if they take down the leaders the smaller members will likely submit on their own hands disagrees saying that now isn't a good time for that approach he mentions that the red Society has become more organized lately.

Gerard questions if this happened right after Billboard's death he has a realization and asks to pause for a moment Gerard figures out that there might be a connection between Bellport Rixon and the red Society he believes that the various incidents and concerns involving Rixon were possibly a result of the red Society doing the dirty work.

For him Hans finishes Gerard's thought by stating that an important member of the red Society Bellport died leading to their current anger Gerard sees this as an opportunity since the red Society is now gathered together making it a perfect time to eliminate them all at once Hans asks Gerard to wait because the group they're dealing with is not an.

Ordinary gang Hans explains that their strength is similar to that of mercenaries or maybe amateur nights Gerard points out that even though they might have such a label it doesn't necessarily mean they have real nights their forces might not be that significant Hans questions this saying it's Gerard who's making the statement.

So Hans assumes it's true Gerard thinks to himself that this doesn't mean they're weak but he doesn't say it aloud Gerard then tells Hans he will need his help this time Hans is surprised asking if Gerard means he wants help from him Gerard clarifies that he can't create an intimidating presence on his own so he's bringing along a big beast Hans to.

Frighten them however Hans thinks that if he does this he won't fit the role of the initial Target perfectly inside the bar the werewolf Beast Hans Whispers to Gerard that as he already mentioned he's planning to escape if a fight breaks out Gerard agrees saying it's all right if Hans creates the right atmosphere due to reconsiders that this person named James.

He's not sure if he's genuine or pretending but duturi can't underestimate him either way duturi expected that James would have magic but he didn't expect James to have a werewolf servant as well do churi realizes that Gerard is indeed the real James Moriarty duchery says sorry for not recognizing a noble Gerard comments.

That it looks like he has proven his true identity now Gerard wants to discuss the main reason for his visit Gerard explains that he's planning to start a new business in the city duturi wants to know what kind of business James has in mind he adds that he's more than willing to assist him Gerard expresses his gratitude for the.

Willingness to help he lets them know he also has something to share Gerard states that he doesn't like unpleasant and dirty matters like what's going on here to put it differently he's saying that the red Society will no longer exist in this place after today this statement angers due Tori and He commands his men to attack Gerard.

Instead Gerard strikes duturi himself causing further anger among deutery's men Hans asks Gerard what he'll do now since these guys aren't retreating Gerard instructs Hans to prepare to escape Gerard Taps the ground with his stick and then there is dark everywhere duturi and his group are confused wondering what's going on they can't see.

Anything due to recalls for someone to turn on the lights but his men reply that they can't because they can't see anything themselves in the midst of this Darkness Gerard brings out a shining sword we really hope that you enjoyed this manwa make sure to like And subscribe for more

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