A man i keep in the rain Chapter 25 (English Sub)

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News film press conference of the Gentertainment what why is it held so early I didn't get the notice untilthis morning did you know it today what's going on Emily didn't you letus prepare for today's press conference me it seems that someone pretendedto be me to hold the press conference needless to say I know who did it whatshould we do now we didn't prepare at all we will simply push the boat with the currentthere will be surprised I won't let them done it's a Pity that you can play these two good TV dramasthis time it doesn't matter I and Scott will always support you now let's welcome one of thetwo entertainment's Founders Miss green to speak Anna you are the traffic inspector of twosectors so what as for the G entertainment.

Is not your call I will help Sally debut anywayMr Bean Miss green told me that Siri needs to go on stage this time what in order to trainmore excellent actors I had to be announced the truly important new place of the Gentertainment will be styled by new actors new actors or hotel C they used to decideto use Siri right it doesn't matter as far as I know and as actors are very goodI'm looking forward to these two plays Aina how could you decide yourself didn'twe agree that Sally would play both so you are worried that I won't give herthe chance so you absorb your power and perfectly informal reporters to hold the pressconference how dare you you are humiliating me since her acting skills are so poor she startswith some low cost place I will never give her.

These things just because she is my sister friend I can't help the gender timer but I can destroy it too don't provoke me oh the man nextto me screen is so handsome what a perfect couple I brought coffee for everyone let's share itMiss Green what happened Emily who warned you I just can't forget your request to Mr Brownyesterday and today he asked me to resign Ana it's working time you don't goto work and bring men to the company are you still interested in your fiance mesister this is not our Brand's fault it is Emily who doesn't fulfill her dutiesas the secretary and ignores Mr brain that's the reason why Mr Brown fired her youslap her Anna why do you hit me sorry this is my business with Brent keep away from us youhave other than me again and again that's enough.

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