A Man Wakened Handiest To Be A Fragment-Timer For God

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A man is sitting in the interview room and his name is you damn dog he is trying his luck to get a job one of the interviewers asked him what he would do to purify water dandok replied that he would use a special purifying machine from the government another interviewer asked what his.

Motive was behind applying for that company when he was about to answer the question the interviewer said didn't he feel embarrassed they said if he doesn't have talent how can he apply for a job at a big company like this dandok who is confused asks them if.

That's the case why are they posting job advertisements for ordinary people like him they say that's because of the talentless Discrimination Act and the reality is different from it danduk squeezed his pants and complained again and again that Dan Talent was a hindrance for him.

He remembers after the dungeon suddenly appeared on Earth abilities manifested people called this ability as talent and due to this Talent civilization developed rapidly some called the revelation of talent a blessing to humanity and dandok also believed that as well until he found out that he had no Talent.

The interviewer said their company doesn't need talentless people like him and he should at least have some conscience with a flat face he told them this was discrimination against talentless people feeling cornered they disgrace him more saying they are tired of useless people like him.

Suddenly damn dog quoted them to apologize and said I have recorded all our conversations and if this recording was spreading this would definitely be a discriminatory statement against talentless people and you guys have already been admitted to posting a false recruitment ad afraid of being exposed they beg damn.m.

Not to do anything and they will apologize on the spot but damn duck fended their hands away and told them to wait to see what the human rights committee would do damn duck left the company angrily he stepped on the gum without realizing it and even an old man accidentally splashed him with water.

He could only look at the sky while cursing his very unlucky day when he returned home he immediately called his mother and asked if today's food at the hospital was good but his mother only apologized because she had been sick for a long time so danduk had to work really hard she also said that if only damn Duck's.

Uncle had paid back the money he borrowed everything would be easier for both of them hearing that damn duck became angry and told his mother never to talk about his uncle anymore he was sure that his uncle had run away with their money after that he lied to convince his mother that his job was smooth and he.

Had a lot of money feeling tired after calling his mother Dan duck intends to smoke and leave the house but unfortunately Heavy Rain suddenly fell and it made him more upset he slammed down his lighter and his rage-filled self began to curse God why do you keep injuring me.

I don't want to live like this is not my fault someone has to take responsibility for my bad luck suddenly a bolt of huge lightning flashed doesn't care at all he kept raising his middle finger and still swearing at God unexpectedly a huge Thunderbolt hit him.

And he could only think if he would die at that moment his charred body lay on the street but he only thought about what would happen to his mother if he really died some time passed and Dan duck opened his eyes and was grateful that he was still alive but he was surprised by the notification.

Screen above his head he looked up and was confused to see the words hiring notice there the screen moved strangely and turned into the gods are awaiting you in his room dandak is thinking hard about whether God really exists and what happened to him before after swearing at God whom he never.

Denied nor accepted their existence he got hit by lightning and now he sees random things is this what people call Heaven's judgment when people get struck by lightning people mostly just die but there is no single scratch on his body he again saw the floating message above.

His head and kept thinking what is actually that screen it looks like the status window that talented people see he grasped the situation and thought maybe the lightning was his Awakening Talent but when he called the status window nothing happened.

Dan duck is even more surprised if this isn't a status window then what exactly is this why does the screen look like a part-time job notice suddenly the system turned into a globe and more complex system Dan duck who saw that could only be surprised and convinced himself that the.

System seemed to have changed to a part-time job notice he laughed as if he was mocking himself that in the real world or in the system he could only get a job as a part-timer he sighed and tried to think positively he didn't have anything to lose anyway so this seemed like an opportunity to him.

Dan duck looks at the system screen and randomly presses a part-time job but the system pops up a warning explaining that access is denied because he lacks divine power feeling confused danduk can only wonder what divine power is the system then told him that divine power refers to the energy used by the.

Gods since he's just a human of course he wouldn't have something strange like that even Talent is something Beyond his level sensing that the system looked very similar to the app he used when looking for a job danduk started scrolling through the screens and looking for jobs.

That didn't require divine power luckily he found a job that suited him a part-time work for creating a dungeon Thor is the employer and it's a simple physical work with the lowest class God allowed to work when he read the word dungeon he started to get confused isn't the dungeon a place where monsters gather.

Dandok who was very shocked started to sweat coldly he didn't expect that dungeons were made by gods this would be really shocking news for every scientist the system explains that the payment for this job is twelve Thor he is sure that Thor is the currency of the god and wonders if he can exchange it for dollars so he can use it on Earth.

Without hesitation he pressed accept and decided to try being a part-timer for God a bright light descends from the sky with a powerful force dandok comes out of the light with a very confused face he didn't know what was going on especially now that he was standing in the middle of nowhere he felt like it.

Was just a dream without him noticing something was watching him from behind and immediately ambushed him when he looked back a disgusting monster tried to attack him the scared damn doc reflexively closed his eyes but someone caught the monster that person told the monster to be a.

Good boy while choking him he then stared at the damn dock with his creepy eyes the man asked if Dan duck was a new employee but danduk who was scared could only remain silent the man introduced himself as Odin's son God of Thunder Thor Thor patted Dan duck on the shoulder and.

Said that he was very famous so dandok must already know him he then dragged damn duck to the contraction site dandok who was still quite surprised could only glance at Thor he has a massive body with a huge mustache a hammer that should be mjolnir he can only mutter whether this person.

Is really Thor suddenly said judging by damn duck appearance he should be a god from Asia even more shocked danduck asked himself if it was normal to see him as a God and not human while he could only see another God there they were so different from him he doesn't know what kind of God they.

Are but they are definitely not human and he only wonders if he's the only human here feeling compelled to act he explained that he came from a small mountain and was not a well-known God unexpectedly Thor patted danduk shoulder hard and said he had heard of the god of the mountain he also heard that the god.

Of the mountain like to help people who are in danger but he never thought that the mountain God would be deeply immersed in human culture to the state where it would use human clothing realizing this dandok admits that he feels to learn about human needs and culture therefore he feels clothing is.

The right way to feel that way hearing that answer though replied that damn doc must cherish the humans a lot so is he sure he can do the work since his job is to make a dungeon a place for humans to suffer danduk can only look down and say that he can definitely do anything Thor again asked if damdock had ever.

Heard of the minotaurus's Maze and the question was answered by a nod from dandok Thor smiled slightly and glanced somewhere Dan dot glanced too and his eyes widened at what was in front of him though explains that this is the concept he came up with for the dungeon this.

Time and danduk will be building that maze with all of them some time passed damduck who was working stopped at a place that he thought was extraordinary another working God called him and told him to hurry up because they were busy he just replied to the call while continuing to glance at a stunning big.

Door after that Dan duck came out of a hole and immediately ran to get the next job seeing danduk who is too excited and working hard the supervisor became really scared because he has never seen God who is a workaholic like him in a room danduck asked if their work there was finished and someone replied.

That everything was settled and they were going to the carriage after taking a short break on the carriage The God Who worked with him asked if the Asian gods were as enthusiastic as him and he could only answer it's all depending on their personalities that God said that there are already.

Lots of compliments from several places about him feeling arrogant he said to himself that hard work is his charm and maybe Talent is not a thing if he has a Godly socializing skill with the Gods that God told him to get down and walk by himself from here since there would be many traps there and the stupid.

Carriage won't even be able to avoid a single trap after that the working God told damduk to be careful he explained that all traps have a sign in damn dock must always keep an eye on it he taught damn duck everything about traps so they wouldn't get hurt there.

Again he explained that this was a valuable lesson for damda because low-class Gods like them need to do this kind of work and always be careful since the dungeons must be built constantly it would create an infinite amount of workload for them so lower class Gods can always earn money he then told damn duck to enter a room.

That another working God had just finished but when he entered the place dandok could only be speechless this huge Stone chamber was built in only a few minutes and he can only wonder what magic they used to make all of this insanity Dan duck put a box there and another God.

Opened it seeing its contents he asked why it contained only a round-shaped rock but the other God said it may look like a simple Rock but spiders would spawn from it by the time these spiders get spawned this dungeon would be painful for humans Dan duck then went to a chamber and.

Asked what monster was sleeping there amazed without realizing it his hand moved towards a strange glitch on the lizardman's neck but the other God stopped and ordered him to be careful because that monster had not completed its embodiment and that neck was their vital spot hearing that dandok just apologized and.

Said he didn't know about it they then walked into a new room the goblin hiding shelter if humans arrive at this point they are close to the Final Destination danduk felt something beside him so he glanced to the side and saw a strange shadow suddenly something opened its eyes and.

Jumped screaming at him he could only scream in Terror and fall to the ground but the goblin that had frightened him just laughed out loud the other gods also laughed and said that the goblin was just messing around for now but it would be a completely different story when the dungeon is already opened.

These goblins are intelligent and clever which makes it hard to confront them a few minutes from there danduk finally came to the end of the labyrinth they are now in front of the boss's room from nowhere Thor came and greeted them both he said that he heard a lot of compliments about damn duck and he was.

Pleased to have a worker like him he then asked the other worker God about how the dungeon was progressing at the moment the worker God explained that all procedures had been completed and the only thing left was the last procedure impressed Thor said that he was very pleased with the results of the dungeon.

This time he took out his hammer and used a bit of his lightning power surprised by everything that happened Dan duck asked what was going on there though it just smiled and thanked danduk for his hard work he slammed his hammer and a huge explosion occurred.

What happened next was dandok who was curled up on the floor in his house he opened his eyes and was shocked because it turned out to be Thor's way of sending him home he said it was crazy and almost thought he was being punished for being caught lying to God dandok looks at his hand and is grateful.

That it really happened this isn't a Daydream or stupid delusion maybe it's a real Awakening he screamed with joy realizing he had truly awakened the system appears to explain that his salary has come in trembling he opened the system wanting to see his first paycheck.

The system opened the gods shop and dandok could only gape at its contents the system displays various kinds of legendary weapons and armors there Dan dock is stunned and confirms that this is the actual store for gods besides weapons and armor skills are also available such as Thor's lightning power and hephaestus's Flame power.

Seeing all this he couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat imagining that if he could by such power he would become a God that many people worship and it would be possible to become a god with a human body with firm determination he said he would change his Destiny from now on but in reality he is just a poor person.

Let alone God's money he doesn't even have a dollar the cheapest skill is Thunder Power with seventy thousand Thor money he scrolled through the shops hoping to find something he could buy but what happened was that he was very shocked to see various talents being sold there.

He was very excited to see the talent he once thought was extraordinary in fact being sold there more importantly the skills price was very cheap enough with his previous salary he felt a little suspicious how could there be such a huge price difference between skill and talent.

But when he saw the comments he understood why the price could be so cheap no God wants to buy talent because all they want is God power not Talent like ordinary humans have annoyed danduk said it was all because the talents sold were SS class not talents usually owned by humans he opened the talent list there and.

Decided what talent he would buy because danduk used to like swords a lot when he was a little kid he decided to buy the sword Talent after purchasing the talent a light suddenly came from his body but he still couldn't believe he could get an SS class Talent this easily the system suddenly appears and.

Congratulates damduck for successfully purchasing the first item from the shop and because there is a OnePlus One event the system will give him a gift with the same class as the item purchased seeing that he could only cry happily because he could get SS class talent for free then he chose a combat Talent as a prize.

Talent from the system while having fun he suddenly felt very dizzy and lost his consciousness he felt excruciating pain all over his body and the system only explained that his body was getting strengthened to adjust to his new Talent his lung capacity is increased his muscle strength is also increased and.

The last thing he remembers is the system telling him that his body is successfully strengthened when he opened his eyes again danduk was confused about why he could fall asleep he then remembered his new talent and panicked because he was afraid it was all just a dream he immediately opened his status window.

And saw his talent and job really there but when he saw his job as the lowest class God he finally realized why he could work in the dungeon a talentless man like him becomes a god life is really unfair and unexpected suddenly his phone vibrated and he saw his mother's name on it he answered the phone happily but all he.

Heard from his mother was her voice telling him not to come to the hospital today danduck asks why his mother told him not to come today but his mother simply replies that he doesn't need to worry someone took her mother's phone and said that the hospital residents were in a bad situation because there was a sign.

Of a dungeon near the hospital so they kept contacting him but damn duck only answered the call now hearing that dandok immediately ran as fast as he could and screamed in his heart that he didn't want to lose the only person who loved him so that is the end of the chapter if you enjoy content like this don't.

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