A man who eats monster to turn out to be Stronger!

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Hello and welcome to our channel Crown Manga. In this video i will be explaining the seriesKaiju no. 8, first arc The Man Who Became a Kaiju . Sowithout further ado, let's start the video. So the series is set in a kaiju country japan,Kaiju's are huge monster like creatures that appears in some cities creating havoc. The story starts when a huge kaiju appearsin yokohama city, but suddenly gets subjugated by the members of third division. Where as our protagonist kafka hibino is ina cleanup corp. So thir duty is to clean up the mess afterthe kaiju's are subjugated.

So as their work suggest they start the cleanup of the kaiju that has been killed. Kafka gets a honourable spot for cleaningthat is intestines, just joking it is the worst position to work due to what could befind there as well as the foul smell. After the full day of work, kafka is layingdown on the bed while complaining about the lingering smell in his nose. While the television was broadcasting thenews about the third division captain ashiro mina, he starts to remember his promise thathe made with her friend ashiro mina. Yes thats right the captain of the defensecorp third division is a childhood friend of him.

He wonders why he is on this side but againthinks that cleanup is also a very important job. The next day, he is met with a 18 year oldboy named ichikawa reno who aims to join the defense corp. Well now he has joined as a new part timerat the monster sweeper. The man tells reno about how kafka tried along time but gave up and become a old timer. To which Reno asks why did he gave up, kafkareplies that everyone has their own limits and he realized his extent of capabilities,he also adds that he will understand once he get older.

Reno unsatisfied with the answer replies thathe will never give up, and will not understand. Which makes perfect sense as he is a man ofmorales and principles. So moving on, now we have kafka and othersgetting their duties and in which Reno and Kafka gets assigned to the intestine duty. After their work, in the lunch break kafkais shown to care for his co-worker reno and they have some quarelling about things heshould wear before work and his lunch. The day is nearly over and reno thanks kafkafor his help to get him through his first day at work. Further adding the details that they haveraised the age requirement for the defense.

Corps to age 33 so he might have a chanceto apply and join them. Kafka was glad and thought Reno as a muchbetter guy than he thought but they suddenly get attacked by an auxiliary kaiju. kafka saves him from being eaten and adviseshim to run and make a report and he will hold the monster as long as he can. Ichikawa hesitates first but later thinkingthe situation thoroughly he rans. As he was being attacked by the kaiju he rememberedhis promise with mina about who will become a cooler corps member. Turning back into reality, the kaiju crusheshis leg.

At the very moment the monster who was tryingto eat kafka, gets saved by a blow hit by reno. and tells him that he has made a reportand further adds that if if he left senpai here and ran away he will never be able tojoin the defense corps. With the arrival of third division the kaijugets exterminated and kafka gets transported to the nearby hospital. While he was resting he thought of how minais just amazing and have gone out of his reach. He gets interupted by reno and states thathe would have died if he hadn't helped him and says that he really is cool and encourageshim that he has the courage needed too be a defense corp member.

Just when he decided that he will try to joindefense corp one more time a small kaiju appears before him who talks in a human language getsinside his mouth turning him into a kaiju with a human like figure. there are some humourous panels about howthey both are shocked by his appearance. While the old man who heard their screamsvisits them, upon seeing kafka as a kaiju he trembles in fear and files a report tothe authorities. Seeing the outcome reno exclaims that theyshould run. Meanwhile we are shown mina remembering herdays with kafka and their promise and claims that he is a liar.

Her phone rings and talks about the appearanceof a kaiju, mina states that she will deploy her forces and have it killed. Elsewhere, Kafka shouts out, what the hellis going on and tries to explain reno that he is kafka, as they were talking the oldman falls and reno asks kafka to give him a smile which clearly didn't work. While he placed his hand on the wall, theroom gets destroyed. So kafka escapes the hospital in some flashyway. Just when they were escaping they recievea message that a smaller kaiju has appeared in the city.

There are some humourous panels again abouthis transformation and finding more about his new body. He questions himself if he could even jointhe defense corp now, Suddenly he notices a presence and claims that it is the samethe one which attacked them. Kafka sees the kaiju in front of him and useshis great physical strength to eliminate the foe. To your surprise our hero just got the titleof one punch man. Sending the kaiju in the air and also makingit explode in mid-air. Reno was atonished to see his strength thatgreatly surpasses everyone and further adds.

That it is something that should never beaimed at a human. After the incident Reno suggsets that he shouldgo and he will take care of them. To which kafka replies that he will not giveup after all. So with this our video has ended as the entirefirst arc of the manga series Kaiju Number 8 has been covered and i hope we meet youguys in the next video. To watch the next part, hit the subscribebuttton and comment down below your thoughts about the first arc.

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