A NOVA SAGA de BLEACH: Teorias e Previsões sobre o ARCO DO INFERNO 2023

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Bleach was one of the greatest manga of an entire generation, and was part of what we called the “Big Three”, which were Bleach, Naruto and One Piece, due to the great popularity that all these works had, both in Japan and in the West. . In total, Bleach had 686 chapters published in the manga, and in chapter 12 we already had a mention of hell, which led many people to believe that this topic would be addressed. But then, story goes, story comes, Bleach came to an end, and that wasn't addressed. So, this idea of ​​talking about Bleach hell, is something that has been in the minds of fans for many years, and this time it seems that the dream is real, since with the 20th anniversary of the work, a “One Shot” showing how everyone is after the events of the end of the manga.

And as a bonus, it still leaves a plot to start a new arc, an arc focused on hell. Will now the long awaited arc of Hell finally come true? That's exactly what we're going to talk about today, I'm going to show everything we already know about hell, and try to theorize some things that can happen in this possible new arc of Bleach. And you'll see in today's video that one of the ways to go to hell in Bleach is to have committed sins while you were still alive, so to avoid that, already leave an Ultra Like in the video. After all, not giving this video an Ultra Like is practically a sin, and it also helps our channel grow more and more and make many more people become Ultra Nerds as well. Oh, and as always, much of what will be discussed.

Here happened after the end of the manga, that is, if you're only following the anime, you may take a spoiler or another, at your own risk. Without further ado, let's experience Bleach hell!! I imagine that if you entered the video here, you are already a Bleach fan, but if you are not or don't remember the things that were covered at the beginning of the anime and manga, I'll break this branch and explain everything to you. In Bleach, we have the “Shinigami”, which are the “Gods of Death”, or if you saw the dubbed version, “Reapers of Souls”. The Shinigamis basically have 2 functions: to send the souls that are wandering in the world of the living to the Soul Society and to kill the Hollows that appear in the world of the living.

The Hollows, in turn, are spirits that were once human, but ended up becoming these abominable creatures, however, we are taught that when a Shinigami cuts a Hollow with their Zanpakutou, they not only kill the Hollow, but the purify, giving the spirit a chance to go to Soul Society. However, even in the first chapters of the manga, we get to know a slightly different Hollow. It turns out that he was already evil as a human being, and he loved becoming a Hollow, as he could use that to be even more evil, and due to the things he did, it made our protagonist pretty nervous. And in chapter 12 of the manga, or chapter 5 of the anime if you prefer, he is defeated, but his soul is not purified… on the contrary, we have a bizarre and super interesting scene.

In this part they explain that the Zanpakutous only purify the sins committed after the person becomes a Hollow, however, if that person has already committed many sins in life, he does not have the right to go to Soul Society, and his destiny is the hell. And that was practically all we had about hell until the end of Bleach, in its almost 700 chapters. Not to be unfair, originally we were going to have a movie about Hell, or rather we do, it's just not canon. That's because, according to the author of Bleach himself, Tite Kubo, he helped with the story of the fourth Bleach movie that would be about hell, but when the movie came out, the people who produced the movie simply took everything that Kubo put in and left the all different things.

So Kubo was quick to complain about the movie on social media and say it wasn't canon. The movie is called “Bleach: The Hell Verse”, and shortly before the movie was released, we also had a filler chapter in the anime, which was precisely to promote the movie, and this is the episode that was most talked about hell , though he is also non-canonical. THE NEW CHAPTER For years fans have been theorizing and waiting, but we only really had something new after the end of Bleach. Well, the manga was already over and a “One Shot” would be released, that is, a single chapter, in celebration of Bleach's 20th anniversary, and that happened in 2022. Initially, we didn't even know.

That there would be something from hell, on the contrary, we thought it would be another one of those chapters that show how things are in the future, and indeed, a good part of the chapter deals with that. In it we see who are the new captains and vice-captains, how are Ichigo and his friends, but luckily, we also had this new plot involving Hell. And before we start theorizing, I need to tell you a few things that happened in this special chapter, but I'll remember that this takes place after the end of Bleach, so if you're only watching the anime, beware, as there will be some spoilers. The first few pages are already quite curious, because they could be Kazui talking about something real, or they could be something more figurative about another character that we're going to see, or even, it.

Could be both, after all, Kubo always liked to work on that side more poetic in Bleach. “And who is Kazui?”, you might be wondering, and the answer is quite simple and straightforward: he is Ichigo's son with Inoue. In a few frames, you can already see much of Kazui's personality, someone innocent, but who breaks a promise made before, without seeming to have many problems with it. Kazui will meet a spirit, which, by all indications, he was already going there to play with him for a few days, but the boy informs him that he will no longer be able to go out to play, so he will send the spirit to a place he does not know . be alone. He takes the spirit to a shrine, does some kind of ritual, and a portal opens to send the spirit, and on the next page,.

We have him with a happy, smiling face and Soul Society in another frame. At first glance, it looks like it's a portal there, but the portal itself is quite different from any we 've seen so far, and those weird eyes appear during the ritual, so save that information, it's going to be important right away. After that, we're going to have a bunch of scenes involving old characters and introducing some new ones, and most of the things shown here are kind of cool, but not really interesting for theory building, so let's skip to the parts that really matter here in the video . . Renji invites Ichigo to a ritual that will be done for the former captain Ukitake, then he explains that captains killed in combat receive this ritual 12 years after their death, a kind of ancient tradition, not even Renji knew about it before, after all,.

Isn't it ? so common for captains to die in battle. Renji also explains that they've already done Unohana's and Yamamoto's rituals, but that as Ichigo was closer to Ukitake, it would be cool if he went. The ritual itself is quite strange, it involves capturing a Hollow in the human world to kill it there at the ritual site, in front of the body of the person who died. Then we have a few more scenes to present news, until we arrive at the moment when the ritual will take place, all the captains are gathered in the place, while all the vice-captains go to the human world to get a Hollow. Ichigo ends up confusing what was said, and goes there to help the vice-captains, but Renji tells him that he was supposed to be with the captains in the ritual, and not there.

Here we meet the new vice-captains too, and some of them are very interesting, however, let's focus on one specific one, Yuyu Yayahara. And I bet everyone thought the same thing here, she must be Urahara's daughter with Yoruichi, because of her name and the way she fights. While the Shinigami are talking, Renji's daughter who went to the human world in hiding, looks at them and notices that a bizarre monster is standing right there behind everyone, and that apparently no one noticed. Here things start to get really interesting. Apparently, the Shinigami cannot feel the Reiatsu of these creatures, it has not yet been explained if it is because they do not use Reiatsu, or if it is something similar to what happened to.

Ichigo and Aizen, when Ichigo reached a level that was on a plateau so different from Aizen, that he no longer felt Ichigo's energy. The fact is, this monster and others who were there, managed to attack some Shinigami, but after they were noticed… let's face it, people… there's a group there that is very powerful, so it wasn't that difficult to beat these creatures. And then the plot starts to move… out of nowhere, a portal with teeth opens on the ground and Szayel Aporro comes out, wanting to take revenge on Renji. For those who don't remember, he was Espada number 8 and fought with Renji, Ishida and captain Mayuri, being defeated by him. But the character was very different, and here he explains to us that when Hollows go to hell, their holes go outside their bodies.

Now let's take a deep breath and suppress the fifth inner series that we have! rs The hole of a Hollow is of great importance, as well as the mask, after all, the name “Hollow” means “Empty”, an allusion to the fact that Hollows no longer have a heart, and therefore gain that hole in the chest. In the case of Hollows that go to Hell, instead of having this hole in the chest, or in other parts of the body as it happens in many Arrankars, this hole actually becomes a type of Ring that is part of the design of these creatures. In Szayel Aporro's case, this ring is behind his head. According to him, this is not just aesthetics, since when the hole goes outside the body, it also means that they are losing everything that made them a Hollow in the first place,.

Such as pain, anguish, and those feelings that are common in Hollows, stuff that we learned a lot in the saga of the Arrankars. And in that we also discover that the ritual that the Shinigamis are doing, in fact, sends the captains to hell. We also discover that Ichigo has a small part of the blame for the portal to Hell being open, after all, what kept it closed was a balance of powers. But as Aizen and Yhwach were defeated or had their Reaitsu sealed, and at the same time great and powerful Shinigami were sent to Hell, this destabilized the balance, leaving Hell's gates wide open for people to leave, as was the case. from Szayel. And if you were thinking the chapter had little twist… out of nowhere we have a giant.

Ukitake sword coming out of the gate of hell to impale Szayel, and he says that Ichigo and the vice-captains who were there helped to carry out the ritual. After all, they killed the creatures of hell facing Ukitake, and then we have the big twist, that this happened because of the Shinigami emblem that Ukitake gave to Ichigo and served to watch over the protagonist's steps. Congratulations Ichigo, you've just once again indirectly cooperated for the hell arc! And it is also revealed that the “Infernal Butterflies”, or “Butterfly from Hell”, do not have that name for nothing. The chapter ends with little Kazui walking smiling and serenely while looking at some of these butterflies, and as impressive as all this is, the most incredible thing about this page is there very small,.

Written like this “and the story continues”. Then you must imagine how the fans were, right? For now, we still have no news about the possible new arc, but with the great commercial success that Bleach has had with its new anime, I would not doubt if the manga definitely returns soon, maybe not weekly anymore, but it is very likely that it will return . WHAT CAN HAPPEN IN THE NEW SAGA? Now that you are already well understood on the subject, let's discuss about what can happen. First of all, did you notice that the eye of the giant skull that is at the gate of hell is exactly the same as the eyes that appeared during Kazui's ritual? Yeah, it looks like Ichigo's son is sending good spirits to hell,.

And apparently he doesn't know. But if he really doesn't know, who would have taught him that? Still talking about Kazui, another thing worth noting is how he transforms into a Shinigami, which is much more reminiscent of one of the Fullbringers that Ichigo used, and not really a Shinigami costume. And Kazui, in addition to being the son of a Fullbringer, he also had his mother attacked by a Hollow, which is one of the criteria for inheriting the Fullbring power. Another detail is the fish that Kazui uses to walk around the city, which is one of the points that makes us believe that that initial fish scene that was Kazui speaking, so maybe this spirit fish is his Fullbring, who knows? But since we're talking about the fish, that page could refer to.

Another character, in this case Ukitake. For those who don't remember, his Zanpakutou is called “Sõgyo no Kotowari”, which was translated as “The truth of the Fishes” or “Law of the Twin Fishes”. And if we notice, at the end of this chapter we have a giant Ukitake sword , but only 1 of them, and he has 2, so maybe it's related. Another thing that is being theorized a lot by fans is the fact that Szayel Aporro is not the only Hollow that we know of that will be present in Hell. In the manga and anime we didn't have a deepening of what life was like for the Hollows before they became Hollows… we even had one or another Arrankar who was shown the past, but a past in which he was already an Arrankar, so looking at that side there's no way of knowing who might show up.

But if I were to guess, there's a name I'd bet on, Espada number 9 Aaroniero. I think this not because he is an incredible character, but because in chapter 299 of the anime, which is a special filler to promote the movie that would talk about hell, we have Szayel and Aaroniero in hell. And as I said earlier, initially Kubo helped with ideas for the movie, and if Szayel appeared both in the movie and in this new chapter, there's a chance that the character was one of Kubo's original ideas that was kept, and if so thus, there are chances of Aaroniero being too. But, forgetting logic a little and speaking more with the heart, a saga of hell where we can see the Arrankars again is a full plate to see some characters that we love,.

Such as the very powerful Ulquiorra, or who knows the former king of Hueco Mundo, Barragan. And if Kubo is really good, maybe even a Coyote Starrk, after all, he is by far one of the coolest Espada and that was super poorly used. However, hell cannot be full of Arrankars alone, because as we saw, the former Captains are also there. And we already have Ukitake, Yamamoto and Unohana confirmed, and look, if those three are enemies, this saga is already extremely dangerous. But they may not be the only ones. Renji said that it is not common for a Captain to die in combat, but maybe he forgot about squadron 11, the squadron where we have Zaraki, and at the very least, the previous captain was killed in combat, as this was already confirmed for us in the anime and in the manga.

And yes, I said the least, after all, in other works like the Novels, we already had confirmations of other dead Kenpachis. But here I'm talking about certainties, however, we recently had official material released showing the original Gotei 13, and this material was also used in the anime, where we can see some of these former captains in action. We don't have confirmation, but if any of them died in battle, they can reappear in the new saga, interesting, isn't it? But if we remember the Karakura war, we did have dead captains, like those who were on Aizen's side, like Gin and Tousen. There's a good chance we'll see them again. And if we really do have a new race over there in hell, will Kubo keep his.

Tradition of tying them to a specific language? In case anyone hasn't noticed, Shinigamis are represented by Japanese, Hollows by Spanish, Fullbrings by English, and Quincys by German. So what language could we have in a hell saga? Many fans bet on the Italian, after all, the most famous work referring to Hell, “Dante's Inferno”, is from Italy. And look, it makes a lot of sense, after all, the worlds of Bleach have a great similarity to how Dante describes the afterlife, being divided into Paradise, Purgatory and Hell. I may even have my doubts if Soul Society should be a paradise, but Hueco Mundo is very similar to Purgatory, and what is missing is precisely hell. Okay, we talk a lot about villains, but what about the good guys?.

As I said earlier, the Yuyu Yayahara is one of the novelties and one of the characters that people have theorized the most. In addition to having dark skin like Yoruichi's and hair that resembles Urahara's, at least in the parts she doesn't paint. She fights much like Yoruichi, a very agile physical combat style. But it is not because of these details that she necessarily has to be Urahara's daughter, after all, there are other children who live with Urahara and we know that they are not his children, so for this Yuyu to also be a somewhat suspicious creation, isn't it very difficult. Also, we'll be able to see Hitsugaya and Rukia mastering their Bankais better. And we still have several promoted characters that we know practically nothing.

About their strengths, like the former vice-captain Iba, who is the new captain of squadron 7. We also have some characters that even gained prominence in the Novels, such as Hisagi 's case , and I bet there are a lot of crazy fans to see his Bankai in a Manga, and not just in the Novel. And that's it folks, here are the main theories that are floating around while we don't have the arrival of this new arc. I would like to ask you again to give that Ultra Like and subscribe to our channel, it really helps a lot! Oh, and now I want to see what you guys think about this new arc. Comment there what you are most looking forward to seeing in the new arc and if you have an opinion on any of the theories or maybe you have a theory that we haven't covered here, comment too,.

Who knows when the new arc actually comes out we'll get it right some stuff here in the comments!

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