A particular person i save in the rain Chapter 32 (English Sub)

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I thought you'd be happy toget rid of that bastard today just tell nonsense you forget thatwe haven't publicly see this of my engagement with him it's not timeto celebrate it will happen soon what I mean it's almost lunch time it's almosttime to eat what do you mean join hand brand won't be your boyfriend can I what your [__] now lookat what you have said I know you will be with me yes sir okay we will come back soon hang up thesecond master the vacation is over what I am here just for one day my big brother gave us a vacationfor one month how cold he go back on his words I'm so disappointed with my brick powderhow can you deceive our feelings like this my facing holiday is good that's what the bossmeans he wants you to go back and ask for the.

Company as soon as possible hey wait that's bigbrother want to take a stake in Prince group brother was busy cooking and asked us to movethings in the office who did he do this for what do you mean the second master my brother'ssecret is much more interesting than the company don't worry the company will be given totwo old men in the name of me as an acting president and I will be responsiblefor exploring my brother's secrets coming to this our company may continue to run butyou must be punished talk carefully and humorously what a handsome man and beautiful woman recentlyit was revealed on the internet that Anna the artist director of the G entertainment hasresigned there is news that Anna has set up her own company and she transferred her sales inthe GE entertainment effort of the star company.

Entertainment has not yet met any responsehe will continue to play close attention I didn't expect ever to be so good now everyoneknows the news and brand is obviously afraid to go out you deserve it itself inflated after wanderingfor so long do you want to have a good friends no I promise to have a child get thedress I feel good to be touched go ahead is extra cutting starlet's go and have a look I'm glad to

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