A person i build within the rain Chapter 38 (English Sub)

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Speak quickly when you are finished go back tothe company your parents have been asking about your whereabouts recently if you don't tell mewhen to go back how can I tell them it's okay for your parents but Daniel Smith has fully taken theSmith group and all Smith announce his retirement Daniel is asking for your news everywhere itseems that he got what he want by using me so boss you have to go back quickly and preventDaniel from bullying us the cell phone is ringing OK I will come up pudding stand up Suddenlyputting right okay I will take it for you later you go back as soon as possible and let myfather manage the company first in addition my whereabouts are confidential to Danieland user pay close attention to his situation but you weren't like this beforewhy do you stop working for a woman.

Wait I can go back and tell his parents thatboss is looking for their daughter in law don't make mistakes in file distributioncheck the poster logo quickly and bring it after confirmation Emily how was the secretaryand this company Miss green I have checked it again it is a former offices company withno record of violation and loss and crimes okay I see you are Slayer to come to my officelater okay Miss then the contract is even stronger do you have anything to do with me how's theprofit of the new actors going I have selected two there are so many people you just pick up twowhat are your characteria my standard is according to yours because I eliminates are not in linewith your eyes aesthetic they are getting close is it am I to blame for this yes of course letme see if they are really ugly or not as good as.

You pick off what is I say is true you can do thepeople because you are tall right you are so both you did better not see it give it to me

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